The Way Back


Even this late the party was in full swing. The smell of beer and sweat hung prominently in the air, and Dana was sweating profusely herself, while her face felt hot. A bit of fresh air was definitely called for. She made hasty excuses, and backed away from her group of friends, before wheeling her chair towards the wardrobe. She quickly picked through the jackets until she had located her own.

Dana made her way towards the rather steep ramp. With a few good pushes, she managed to get to the top. This place really needed a new one, Dana thought. She passed the bouncer, gave him a smile and a nod, and then left the club.

Dana welcomed the cool night air, and the gentle breeze. A few people stood in front of the club, mostly grouped together, but Dana didn’t recognise anyone, and wheeled past them. When she’d gone far enough, she stretched her arms, and fingers. From her jacket’s pocket Dana took a knitted hat, and pulled it over her dark, curly hair. Phew. It had been a long night, and her shoulders hurt from all the pushing around, especially on the dance floors. Dana’s heart was still racing, and she took a deep breath to calm herself a little. Her arms shook. She went through her pockets, and produced a pack of cigarettes. She had long since given up on giving up. There would always be another situation that demanded one of these. She lit one, and placed it between her lips.

As predictable as clockwork she felt her arms becoming calmer, and her heart-rate slowing down. That was an addict’s brain for you, Dana thought grimly, and blew a clumsy ring of smoke.

‘Going home?’ asked a voice behind her. It was Jared. He must have noticed Dana’s disappearance and gone looking for her.

‘Don’t know,’ Dana said. ‘It was a bit much.’

‘I bet,’ Jared said. ‘But you had fun right?’


‘Great,’ he said, and leant against a street lamp. ‘I’m really glad you came.’

‘Yeah?’ Dana smiled, and handed him the cigarette.

‘Thanks,’ said Jared, and took a long puff.

Dana looked out over the street. Only young people were moving about now, most of them with coats or jackets over whatever fashionable evening wear they had selected, hurrying from clubs to bars to pubs. It looked just as busy as during day-time.

‘Of course I am,’ Jared said, and handed the cigarette back to Dana. ‘Does that surprise you?’

It didn’t. Jared had always been interested. Dana was aware of that. But things were different now, weren’t they?

‘I guess not,’ she said, and blew another ring.

‘Hey you’re getting good at that,’ Jared laughed.

‘Ha now I know you want something from me,’ Dana said, watching the sad little smoke-doughnut dissipate.

This seemed to catch him off-guard.

‘I-I didn’t mean to,’ he stammered.

‘It’s okay,’ she said. ‘Things have changed.’

‘What? No that’s not it at all. What? Is that what you thought? That I didn’t want to any more?’

Dana looked up in surprise.

‘Um, I mean. Well. Kind of…,’ weirdly she felt embarrassed.

‘I see,’ Jared looked down. ‘Is that how I come across to you? Like I would care?’

‘I… . I guess I just assumed. Sorry,’ Dana dropped her finished cigarette, and wheeled over it with her chair, putting it out.

‘Don’t worry about it.’

But Dana thought about it. Something bugged her.

‘You never said anything,’ she said.

‘Ah yeah,’ Jared looked defensive now. ‘I guess I wanted to give you time. I didn’t quite know how to deal with it, sorry.’

Jared looked dejectedly at Dana’s wheelchair.

‘It’, Dana repeated, and laughed.

‘It’, she said again, now in a spooky, dramatic tone of voice.

‘Ha. Listen to me, telling you how hard it was to deal with for me,’ Jared said with a smile, shaking his head.

‘It’s fine. Most people don’t have much experience in this area,’ Dana said generously.

Jared shrugged.

‘I guess I’ll be heading home too,’ he said.

He was a slow one, Dana thought.

‘You know,’ she said, wheeling closer. ‘I could come with you.’

‘You wanna come with me? Oh! Um yeah sure! Um. Oh!’

His round face seemed to have trouble picking an expression. Dana took his arm, and pulled him down.

‘Um,’ he said.

Wow, Dana thought, and kissed him on the lips. It took Jared a while to properly return the kiss, but it was all Dana had hoped it would be. She caressed his cheek with her hand, and felt their tongues’ dance, warm and intimate, and infinitely comforting. She pushed him back with all of her willpower, and enjoyed his flustered look.

‘Ready to go?’ she asked, and gave herself a little head-start, wheeling ahead towards the tram stop.

Of course Jared had no trouble catching up within seconds.

‘Want some help?’ he asked, strolling alongside her, grinning broadly.

‘Nope,’ Dana said defiantly, and regretted her decision almost immediately as her arms started to hurt again. Oh well, this wasn’t the time show weakness, she thought.

The way to the stop wasn’t far, and they didn’t have Ataşehir Olgun Escort to wait for too long.

When the tram arrived Dana saw immediately that it was an older model. Well. This meant she did need help after all. The driver had seen the pair from afar, and got out of the tram, readying a ramp.

‘Thanks,’ Dana said, and then gave Jared a smile. ‘Don’t worry, my friend can help me up.’

‘Oh, sure.’

Jared took the wheelchair’s handles, and pushed Dana up into the tram. This ramp was even steeper, and Dana let out a little shriek when Jared pushed, and she found herself in an almost horizontal position.

‘Too fast for you?’ Jared smiled. He was a strong as ever, Dana thought.

‘How far you going?’ asked the driver.

Jared told him where they’d get off.

‘Got it. I’ll come back with the ramp.’

‘Thanks,’ Jared said.

‘Wow,’ Dana said when both were safely inside, and the tram had started to move. ‘So you’re keeping up your training.’

‘Oh that, yeah sure,’ Jared said, failing to hide how pleased he was with the comment.

The ride was short, but Dana welcomed the break before she had to push her chair again. She knew Jared would push her if she only asked, but something prevented her from doing so.

Was she nervous now?

Jared looked nervous, which somehow calmed her down a bit. Not that she had any reason to worry, Dana thought.

Jared looked a little more smug when he helped Dana off the tram. She was glad, he could do with a confidence boost. Back on the pavement, Jared talked about their night out, about who showed up, and about his amazing performance playing beer pong. Dana, however, was only half listening.

They arrived at Jared’s apartment building, and he held open the door for Dana.

‘Oh yeah’ he said, realizing something. ‘No elevator.’

‘What? What about disabled access?’ Dana was genuinely surprised. Most buildings she saw nowadays seemed pretty well equipped for wheelchair-users.

‘I guess since no one who lives here needs it, they didn’t bother,’ Jared said with a helpless shrug.

He lived in the third floor, Dana remembered.

‘Well, I hope you don’t mind being carried then,’ Jared said apologetically.

Dana did mind, but she didn’t really want to tell him that, nor spoil their night. Still, she could feel anger rise up inside of her. How could people be so inconsiderate? So careless? Could they have forgotten? Well lucky them!

‘I guess not,’ she said out loud, and Jared perked up.

‘All right then, hold on tight.’

This wasn’t really necessary. He scooped Dana’s petite body up out of her chair, and held her in his arms like a baby. Dana was rather thin, and had been looking up to most people even before the accident. Considering his broad ches, and muscular arms, Dana wouldn’t have been surprised if Jared could hardly feel her weight. Still, she held onto his shoulder in a token way, and Jared strode up the stairs. Dana could feel the muscles tense under his shirt, but he controlled his breathing well, and seemed hardly winded when they reached his flat. He smiled.

‘Can you reach my keys?’ he asked. ‘Um, left pocket.’

Dana raised her eyebrows at him. Suddenly she got the feeling that Jared had planned at least some of this. She felt herself blush, as she reached down to his trousers, and began to feel for the pocket. Her fingers slid inside.

Jared took a deep breath, and looked away with embarrassment.

Hah, Dana thought. That guy hadn’t planned anything. She grabbed the keys, lingering only a little longer than would have been necessary.

‘Got them,’ she said, and Jared bent his knees a little, so that Dana could unlock the door.

They entered the small flat, and Jared quickly traversed it, carrying Dana to his old leather sofa. He sat her down on it carefully, before helpfully taking her jacket and hat. Dana’s legs immediately opened when he let go of them, and Dana wondered whether or not a skirt and fishnets had been the right choice. She laughed as Jared spun around to look somewhere else. Using her hands she quickly crossed her limp legs.

‘It’s fine,’ she said.

‘Uh yeah sure, sorry. I’ll just put on some music’ Jared mumbled. ‘Wait here.’

He went to leave, but turned on his heel.

‘Sorry, I meant…’

‘Just go!’ Dana had to cover her mouth so as to not laugh out loud at his awkwardness, and Jared hurried away.

He returned with a bottle of red wine, two glasses and a couple of records.

He put the bottle and the glasses on the table, and then turned his attention towards his old record player.

Dana grabbed the bottle.

‘Ooh this one looks fancy,’ she said, sounding quite impressed.

‘I guess,’ Jared agreed. ‘It’s one of Gabe’s. Don’t know much about it but it tastes fucking great.’

‘Oh yeah? That’s nice of him.’

Gabe was Jared’s stepfather. Dana knew he was loaded, and that he rather frequently tried to buy the affection of Jared and his younger brother, which they Ataşehir Sarışın Escort seemed to encourage.

The upbeat tune of a Beach Boys number began to fill the room, and Dana rolled her eyes. Well, there was something charming about his boyish obsession with the group.

‘Oh yeah,’ Jared said, sounding a bit more comfortable.

‘You know you still have to get my chair, right’ Dana reminded him.

‘Yup, on it,’ he said, and made his way back down.

Dana leant back, and took another chance to stretch her arms. She took out her phone, and quickly checked her appearance in the selfie cam. She had chosen a white sleeveless shirt that contrasted well with her dark brown skin. Her black, lacy bra was clearly visible through the fabric. Dana’s curly hair was a bit flat from the hat, and her lipstick seemed a touch faded. Hurriedly, she ran her fingers through the locks, and reapplied the lipstick. On the coffee table, she saw a mostly burned down candle. Why not? She took out her lighter, and put the lit candle in the centre of the table, then put the wine glasses on either side. She took the bottle again, unscrewed the top, and poured some into both glasses, before picking up her glass, and giving it a good sniff. She had only really started to like wine about a year ago, and couldn’t really tell one from the other. Nevertheless, she found the smell quite pleasant.

Jared returned, pushing the chair into the room. A little winded now, Dana thought.

‘Phew,’ he said, and finally settled down on the sofa right next to Dana. She handed him his glass.

‘Thanks Jared. Cheers.’


They toasted, and began to sip their wine.

‘I’m glad I came with you you know. Even though it’s a bit of a hassle.’

‘Not at all. It’s great having you here. After all this time.’

Their eyes met, and Dana blushed a little.

‘Whew, strong stuff,’ she said.

‘A little,’ Jared said. ‘Ooh this next one’s great.’

Dana loved hanging out with Jared. She had almost forgotten how great it could be. He went off on tangents about one song or another, but always knew when to steer the conversation back to Dana, and how she was coping and recuperating. Then wine probably helped, but she felt safe, and brave in Jared’s presence. Like there was nothing they couldn’t talk about. Like there was nothing to get embarrassed about.

Soon they were reminiscing about their school days. Jared recounted his first riding lessons, and Dana mostly laughed, vividly remembering his shortcomings as a jockey. Before long the bottle’s contents had mysteriously vanished, and the question of ‘What now?’ hung in the air.

‘Hey Jared,’ Dana said.


‘Come closer for a second,’ she said, lowering her voice to a whisper.

‘What is it?’ Jared was whispering as well now.

Dana resisted the urge to laugh, and pressed her lips against his. He was quicker on the uptake this time, and ran his hands through her hair. Dana had to hold onto the sofa with one hand, with the other she began to massage his thigh. Jared whimpered a little as she got higher and higher. Gently she pulled her head back a little, and their tongues untangled. Jared put his hand on hers, and pressed it gently. Dana could see the sizeable bulge in his trouser area, and decided to give up on subtlety.

‘I think I’d like to see more of your flat now. Much more of your flat,’ she winked at him.

‘Yeah?’ said Jared. ‘How much more?’

‘Oh whatever you think is interesting.’

He grinned like a schoolboy, and stood up.

‘Dost my lady wish to be carried?’ he asked, and offered his hand in an overly dramatic fashion.

Dana eyed her chair.

‘You know, I think thy lady dost,’ she said, and took his hand.

Jared took a moment to gather himself, and then picked her up again.

‘My steed,’ Dana said, tickling his chin.

‘Hah,’ Jared sounded affronted, but then happily skipped off towards the bedroom.

He lowered her down carefully, and let himself fall onto the bed beside her. The bed was pretty large, but the mattress was old and squeaky. Jared unzipped his trousers, and pulled them down with a little dance. After kicking them away, he took off his shirt with one swift movement, and gave Dana a moment to appreciate what she saw.

She laughed.

‘Proud of yourself are you?’

‘I got every reason to be,’ but Jared couldn’t keep a straight face either.

His physique was impressive though. He was a bit heavy set, but his pecs and abs were well defined, and rather impressive, as were his arms.

Jared rolled over so that he loomed over Dana.

She saw his hand, caressing her thigh. Jared was observing her reaction now. She knew what he was wondering. When she didn’t say anything he pulled back his hand.

‘Don’t stop.’

‘Can you…?’

‘I don’t really feel it. Not like you, but there is something there.’

Jared put his hand back, and moved it up and down her legs again. Carefully.

‘Jared,’ Dana said. ‘I have to Ataşehir Şişman Escort tell you something.’

Jared stopped.

‘This is… . This is the first time I’m doing this.’

Jared raised his eyebrows.

‘I-I’m pretty sure it’s not?’ he said carefully, and Dana punched him in the shoulder.

‘I mean after the accident, you dolt.’

‘Oh right,’ Jared’s face was positively scarlet now.

‘I-it’s just. Be careful, okay?’

‘Of course. Hey. Calm down.’

Jared bent down, and they shared another kiss.

‘You look amazing tonight.’

He hugged Dana, and rolled onto his back.

‘Oops,’ Dana said surprised, suddenly finding herself on top.

Jared’s hands disappeared into her top. Dana watched as he slowly pushed it up. Helpfully she raised her hands, allowing Jared to remove her shirt, and chuck it away. Most of her body was now limply on top of Jared’s. With a skill-full motion he unhooked her bra, and Dana quickly moved it out of the way, so now all she was wearing was her skirt, fishnets and panties. He began to caress her shoulders, and his hands wandered down to her breasts. He squeezed them gently. They were large and soft, and Dana’s nipples became hard almost immediately. One of his hands reached her hips again, and Jared grabbed her ass, massaging it as well. They were already kissing again, and Dana tried to cover as much of Jared’s body with her hands as possible, stroking his stomach and chest, his legs and ass.

‘How does it feel?’ Jared asked suddenly when they had interrupted their kiss for air.

Dana rolled off of him, so they lay side by side on their backs, their bodies pressed against each other.

She reached down all the way to Jared’s knee, and gently brushed it.

‘It’s just a tingling here, just the suggestion of a touch.’

She moved her hand up his thigh, and brushed against his side.

‘All the way up to here, just the mildest of feelings.’

She moved her hand inwards a little, towards his groin area.

‘Here it gets stronger. It’s not really a feeling of touch, but the sensations are incredible, intense and pleasurable, even when nothing seems to be touching you.’

She reached into his underpants at this point, and began to run a finger up and down his manhood.

Jared looked at her, lovingly, pleadingly, with intense desire in his eyes.

She smiled, and her hand continued to move upwards. She carefully traced his abs, as gently as she could.

‘The feeling becomes weaker again, just a suggestion again, of a touch, of a kiss.’

She reached his chest.

‘This is where they meet. This is where all the sensation returns, where I can feel just as you can, where I’m all normal again.’

She played with one of his hard nipples, gently twisting it between her fingers.

‘You’re amazing,’ Jared said.

He leant over her again, and they kissed as Jared pulled down Dana’s assorted leg-wear. He quickly noticed that she wasn’t going to be able to help out using her legs, so he got up, and took them off himself.

‘Well done,’ Dana laughed, and Jared began to shimmy out of his underpants as well before jumping back onto the bed.

This time he knelt down by Dana’s legs, and began to gently caress one, to massage it, and to kiss it. Dana felt her upper body shiver in response to the unique sensations.

‘Oh my god,’ she said, when Jared began to kiss her inner thigh. ‘That feels so great right now.’

Dana was trembling as Jared’s fingers gently brushed through her exposed pubic hair.

‘It’s beautiful,’ he said, and kissed it. Her body reacted instantly. Pleasure surged through her, and she could see herself moistening. Jared gently pulled her labia apart with his fingers, and began to kiss the inside. Kiss. Kiss. Another surge of pleasure as he stuck out his tongue. She could feel it reach inside of her, her lower body contracting and quivering, as wave after wave of sensation swept over her. Dana felt herself trying to will her abs to tense up, trying to reach Jared, to caress him. Instead she remained on her back, looking up, enjoying Jared’s most intimate of kisses.

He explored her, breathed in her scent, tasted her juices, caressed the depth of her womanhood, all the while firmly holding up her limp legs, spreading them apart as far as he could. He began to understand her body, started to anticipate her reactions. He could feel her pleasure, her desire, as it built up more and more, and each time he slowed down, gave her time to calm herself, before speeding up again, his tongue reaching deeper and deeper every time.

‘Oh god, don’t, don’t stop!’

He was playing with her clitoris now, circling it with his tongue, feeling it twitch and quiver more and more. He kissed it and sped even more, his grip on her legs tightening. He could hear her moans, her fists hammering against the bed. The frustration in her voice.

‘Yes, yes! Faster! Faster! Come on!’

He pressed his face against her vagina, enveloped by her scent, he entered her all the way, relentlessly massaging the pleasure centres with his tongue.

‘Oh. My. God. I can’t! Ah!!’

Dana climaxed with an explosive groan. Jared leant back as she began to squirt uncontrollably. She tensed up, and threw her arms in the air, convulsing with ecstasy, before falling back with a sigh of pure happiness.