The Wedding Domme – Seduction


Wondering into the bar that night, I began to question why I showed up there in the first place. Maybe I wanted a stiff drink, maybe I wanted a stiff cock, or maybe—just maybe – I wanted to give a stiff cock to an unexpectedly lucky lady. Either way, when she walked in moments after my second beer and my third game of pool, I knew I had to have her. How would I go about making her submit to my willful and sexual desires?

Feeling like a sexual hunter—my strap-on dildo secured inside my boxer briefs –I cunningly glared at and surveyed her every move while I played my fourth game of pool. She had come along with a group of very attractive girl-friends, but none of them captivated me as much as she did. Her long and curly hair waved just over her spectacled face. Her glasses giving her a submissive tone—shy, lonely, and naïve. Even with all of those other girls surrounding her, she still seemed like she’d rather be somewhere else. It was an ‘anywhere-but-here’ type of vaguely distraught countenance. As she turned to the bar, I decided to eye-up her figure. She had wonderfully pronounced hips, long and seemingly toned legs; although her ruffled jacket hid most of her abdomen, I could still see that she had a decent amount of belly over what looked like toned muscle. She’s probably a college girl; just here because her friends had dragged her along for the ride.

Now it was my time to strike conversation. I could tell she didn’t want to be here, and I was going to give her every reason to leave… with me.

I strode up next to her at the bar, ordered four shots of tequila, slammed two of them with no problem, and walked away. While I began walking away, she touched my shoulder; pretty bold move for a submissive college girl—if I may so say.

I turned in response, “what is it?” I questioned her with a glare, and she went full submissive. I couldn’t help but let a smirk creep along my face. Her eyes widened, pupils dilated and watery with fear, and her arms had just a hint of goose-bumps.

“I think… I think that you left these two shots here by mistake, miss” her scrabbling accusation was too endearing to refuse.

With the aforementioned smirk, “I believe you are correct” I retorted, mom porn “help yourself, if you want them.”

“I’m not much of a tequila drinker” she blanched, and her cheeks grew a bit of blush beneath their pigment.

“What do you prefer to drink, absinthe?” I joked with a snarky attitude, still carrying that smirk from earlier. Her eyes lit up, and she bit her lower lip.

“I usually stick to red wines, or whatever malt liquor I can afford…” still seeming to fumble with her words, she began fingering the ruffles of her jacket; taking this chance I took her hand in mine cautiously, leaned in with my mouth close to her ear, and whispered, “I have red wine at my place. Two blocks from here. Want to join me?”

Her eyes widened at my request, and I could finally see them sparkle emerald-green with light tinges of blue. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not take her in my arms and kiss her right then and there in the middle of the bar. Luckily, she agreed rather quickly to join me for some red wine. Even if I was close to being ten shades of tipsy, I still had enough control to woo this college girl off her feet and hopefully out of her faded jeans. We walked three blocks from the bar to my apartment; opening the door, she walked in after I half stumbled in with key in hand.

“Make yourself at home…” I blurted out as I stepped into the kitchen to retrieve the last bottle of red wine; I can’t recall what the name of it was. To my elation—out of all of the places she could possibly sit –she sat on my king-sized bed at the far corner of my apartment. I ambled over to her, gazing at how gently her slender and pale fingers sprawled over my black comforter.

“I don’t really have any glasses at the moment, sorry…” my voice cracked a tad when I handed her the bottle of red wine.

“That’s fine…” she exclaimed in a cavalier tone with a gentle smile, her fingers wrapped elegantly around the neck of the bottle as she took a large drink from it.

“Whoa…” was my initial statement, “Take it easy there, babe” her eyes closed as she set the bottle carefully to the floor and laid back on my bed.

“I love this bed” her suddenly vocal mood shocked mobil porno my inebriated mind at first, but I took this chance to calm myself down by lying next to her on the bed.

My hands slowly rising over her now revealed midriff, she didn’t seem to stop me, so I continued with my venturing eager hands. I slowly ran my fingernails over her belly and sides, and she let out a small sigh of what seemed to be pleasure. I stood up and removed my shirt quickly; my unhindered breasts drooped and bounced loose into their usual teardrop shapes. She moaned a bit at my absence, but when I returned she lifted her arms over her head and stared up at me expectantly. I slowly guided her ruffled jacket off of her torso, only to discover she was wearing a white undershirt with no bra; her nipples had grown taut from the cool air of the apartment. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes; I couldn’t tell if it was genuine lust, or if it was just the alcohol. I went with lust; she hadn’t even been at the bar for an hour, and I was watching her every order since she arrived.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked her with a smirk, “Once I start, I won’t stop until you tell me to stop…” with my last words, her eyes widened with lust behind her glasses, and she smiled up at me and nodded as I straddled her faded jean-covered waist.

Her hands rose up to my shoulders and she arched her back, “please… Please take me” she fumbled with her request. I quickly removed her jeans, tossing them to the floor of the apartment.

I leaned back to grab the bottle of red wine, and slowly poured a splash of it over her perked and taut breasts. She moaned at the chilling wine as it roamed its way across her breasts and abdomen. I let the bottle clatter to the floor when I leaned down to her; one hand pushing aside her panties and guiding my black rubber cock toward her entrance; my other hand began kneading her left breast while my mouth teased her right breast with my teeth clinching her nipple and my tongue laving over it constantly. She groaned loudly as I forced my faux cock deep inside her, relishing the rhythm I was building as I moved faster and harder with each thrust.

“Oh, xnxx porno fuck!” she exclaimed as I pinched her right nipple between my teeth, her left nipple between my right thumb and middle finger; she started whimpering little pleas when I pressed my left thumb against her clit, now massaging both her breasts and clit while I fucked against her g-spot hard and fast, “please… please, can I—oh, fuck!” was all she could muster when I firmly gripped her hips with both hands and relentlessly fucked her as hard as I could, “oh, my fucking god! Please let me cum! Please? P… Please… can I please cum for you? FUCK!” her last plea was met with a slap across her left breast.

“You will only be allowed to cum when you address me as your mistress! Understood?” I questioned her with more of an ordering tone.

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Whatever you want…” she let out between heavy breathing as I continued to fuck her at a slower pace now, teasing her to the edge of climax, “Can I please cum for you, Mistress? All I want is to please you. Please let me cum on your hard cock. Ple…” I didn’t allow her to finish her plea for climax; I covered her mouth while I fucked her hard and fast once more, pounding against her g-spot every time.

“Cum for me, like a good girl” I commanded, “are you going to be a good girl and cum for me?” I questioned as I saw her eyes widen when I quickened my pace. She nodded quickly, over and over as her climax tore through her body. I held her wrists above her head with one hand, and pounded her tight little college pussy as hard as I could while still covering her mouth with my other hand.

Her beautiful green eyes started to glaze over with lust in aftergasm. Her gorgeous curly black hair now drenched around the hairline of her forehead, and her glasses fogged over from the heat that rose from her chest and blushing cheeks. She arched her back with one last thrust to meet my black rubber cock, and then collapsed onto the bed beneath us, “Holy fuck…” she let out once I removed my hand from over her mouth, “I haven’t been fucked like that ever…” she closed her eyes as she spoke, “Can you fuck me again? Please, Mistress?” her hands wandered up my sides and clasped behind my back as she hugged me at the waist.

“Of course I will. All in due time, little girl” my words were tainted by the coy grin that now took over my face. This little girl has no idea what she is asking for, and I wasn’t about to tell her… at least, not yet.