The Widow

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A story quite different to ones I normally write. A tale of gentle sex featuring older people.

Mary had been busy for almost a month, unpacking her belongings, doing what decorating she was able to manage and settling into her new home. It was now two years since her husband died and she had left her rather large house in the city and downsized, buying a quaint cottage in a picturesque English village. She did have some help, from a man her own age who had offered his services for which Mary was very grateful.

Now had she been, say, half the age she was, the village gossips would have been busy tongue-wagging, as simpletons with nothing better to do would have seen the widow woman as a predator, hunting for a new husband, but as she, and indeed the man, Geoff, had passed their sixtieth birthdays their friendship was hardly mentioned. The gossips where more interested in the blonde housewife who flaunted herself in front of the vicar.

Mary had showed her gratitude by inviting the man over to sit on the patio on warm evenings, having nibbles, she a glass of wine or a gin and tonic and he a glass of strong stout. Like most men who drink strong stout he always found that the first pint created a craving for wanting another pint, and being a long time seasoned drinker of strong British ale his thirst was hardly quenched, which meant he almost automatically cracked open a third bottle. And so it went on. Certainly by the fourth he was completely relaxed and his tongue became a little looser.

Mary, was not at all offended when Geoff, half way through his forth pint and in a state of mild inebriation often drifted away from the subject they were talking about and began to compliment her on how attractive she still was for her age – a backhanded compliment that made Mary laugh out loud.

‘You’d never have been any good as a diplomat, Geoff. I’m okay for my age, am I?’

After more beer Geoff did tend to get a little melancholy, reminiscing, as most people of a certain age do. Occasionally he would suddenly fire a really direct question at his new lady friend.

‘Do you ever miss having sex, Mary? Was your sex life good with your husband?’

Mary smiled. ‘Yes, to both questions, Geoff. I’m not saying it was exciting all the time but we had our moments. He did persuade me to be a bit naughty from time to time. What about you?’

‘Pretty much conventional really. Like yours there was the odd time we spiced it up a little. But yes, there are times when I miss having sex, but not much can be done about it now!’ He laughed cynically.

‘We’re not that damned old, yet!’ Mary exclaimed. ‘We might struggle with the gymnastics and jumping up and down on each other – but pleasure can still be had if one uses a bit of imagination.’

‘My goodness Mary, when you say ‘we’ you make it sound like it’s going to happen between us!’

Mary, looked him in the eye. ‘It wouldn’t be a sin if we did! We don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone.’

It had been a long time since Geoff had been sexually aroused in such a direct way by a woman – he’d had to rely purely on his own lewd thoughts generated by the written word or explicit photographs. He didn’t mention his arousal to Mary – but she knew!

Almost a week later Geoff offered to pop round and fix a couple of troublesome kitchen drawers and cupboard doors. Mary, who had planned having a lie in that morning was disturbed from her slumbers by a loud knock on the thick old oak cottage door.

‘I wasn’t expecting you so early!’ she sharply told Geoff, who stood with toolbox, looking like a naughty schoolboy.

As he sorted out which tools he needed, Mary put the kettle on to make a pot of tea. She couldn’t help but notice how the eyes of her man-friend kept drifting up and down her body, then realised how sheer her nightgown and nightie would look when she stood against the light.

‘Bet you wish I was a twenty-something year old sexy housewife!’ Mary said, teasingly.

‘You mean instead of an over 60yr old sexy widow?’ Geoff replied.

Mary laughed loudly. ‘I think the word ‘sexy’ is out of context.’

‘Not from where I’m standing,’ Geoff said, staring at her breasts.

Mary stood still and let him look. She began to experience feelings she hadn’t felt for a very long time. The sight of the growing bulge in his trousers made her heart beat a little faster.

‘I don’t think my body’s worth that much attention,’ Mary said when Geoff continued to ogle her.

The man simply carried on staring electrifying the atmosphere with a strong sexual energy.

‘You must have looked amazing when you were younger,’ Geoff stated.

‘That compliment deserves a reward,’ laughed Mary.

She sauntered up to Geoff and pulled the cord holding her robe together letting it fall apart.

‘You don’t get to see the bits that are ageing,’ Mary laughed.

‘Doesn’t matter,’ Escort Avrupa yakası Geoff, said, ‘I’ve got bits that are ageing – I’m not worried about you seeing them,’

Mary stepped very close to him, her hands shaking. Taking a deep breath she reached out, run her hand gently over the bulge then took hold of his zip. Geoff let her unfasten his fly, then gasped as her hand delved inside and felt his cock.

‘I hope you don’t think I do this with all the boys?’

‘I’m just glad you’re doing it with me.’

As she released his erect penis and gently began to pull on the foreskin, they kissed.

‘Shall we go to the bedroom,’ Geoff asked.

‘No! Take me here, now, against the wall. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a man inside me.’

Geoff lifted her nightdress and took her hard and rough. It had been a long time for him too. Mary took his wrist and placed his left hand over her breasts. Then both her hands gripped his buttocks, as her lower torso bounced up and down to his own movements back and forth. Geoff felt his sperm begin to shoot from the little hole but stayed inside her. Mary, feeling the warm jism inside her vagina, used her pelvic bone to grind her labia against he’s pelvic bone, exciting her clitoris. A breathless two minutes later her body stiffened and she gripped her lover hard – she enjoyed an amazing orgasm.

It took several minutes before they recovered their breathe and could speak.

‘I never thought I’d ever have another orgasm like that,’ Mary whispered.

‘I hope that’s the first of many,’ Geoff told her, ‘That felt fantastic. I didn’t think I’d ever climax like that again – felt like a full pint shooting out!’

‘Hope you haven’t got me pregnant!’

The couple laughed and remained in each others arms for many minutes. When Mary went to shower and dress Geoff hummed a tune as he set about his task of mending the kitchen drawers.

Over the coming weeks the couple acted like naughty teenagers that were just discovering the joys of sex. Sometimes they just lay on the bed, not entirely naked as Mary was self-conscious about what she called her wrinkly bits. She would perform oral sex or simply play with Geoff’s cock as they talked, usually about their past sex lives. Mary liked the feel of Geoff’s rough fingers inside her pussy.

‘What did you mean, when you said you were sometimes naughty?’ Geoff asked her one afternoon while they pleasured one another with their hands. ‘Did you go with other men?’

‘No, ‘Mary answered, ‘But my husband would have liked it if I had. I never agreed to that but I sometimes openly flirted with men and when it was possible intentionally showed them more than they expected me to. It would make my husband so turned on. The most I ever did was to let him watch me kissing other men – sometimes when dancing I’d grind against the man, pushing into their groin and pressing my breasts against them. One Christmas party we were in a room with four other men. I sat on a man’s lap and the others could see my stocking tops. I let them all kiss me and didn’t bother how high my skirt was pulled up. My husband never got tired of us talking about it when we were having sex. But I never had sex with another man – I wish I had been more adventurous.’

‘Wow!’ Geoff exclaimed. ‘I would have loved it if my wife had done that. I’d have wanted you to do the same if I’d have been married to you.’

‘Watch me kissing other men?’

‘And more – watch you have sex with another man.’

The couple became very aroused and their foreplay turned into a hectic sex session.

As time went on both Geoff and Mary confided in each other and talked about their past, their likes and dislikes and even their fantasies.

A few months later Mary told Geoff she intended having the lounge and kitchen redecorated. Geoff immediately told his friend he’d do it for her. Then when Mary suggested it might be too much for him given she had some heavy furniture to move he told her he’d recruit his friend to assist, who also happened to have had some decorating experience. So it was that one morning both men set about the task.

During the first week Geoff and Mary managed to behave and avoided embarrassing Peter, the friend by not hugging or kissing in front of him. However, by the middle of the second week temptation became too much and the few minutes cuddling turned into longer and longer sexy sessions, until the couple, behaving like love-sick teens, began to drift off upstairs to the bedroom when the men stopped work for lunch. So too, Mary became a little lax in her dress, particularly in the morning and often saw Peter paying her attention in a way that was definitely sexual. When, at lunchtimes the couple came back downstairs, Peter looked envious of his friend. In fact, the two men had more than one conversation about it as they worked Ataköy escort away out of Mary’s earshot.

One Saturday night when the couple, lay on the bed mutually fondling and masturbating one another, Geoff spilled the beans and told Mary all about Peter’s envy.

‘That’s silly, given our ages,’ Mary laughed.

‘He wasn’t shy about mentioning how seeing you in your nightdress gets him going! Actually it must be a very long time since Peter even got to kiss a woman, let alone have any sexual contact with one.’

‘That’s a shame,’ Mary said, ‘He’s such a nice man too.’

Geoff’s brain went into overdrive. ‘You’ll have to give him a little thrill – even a kiss, it’s his birthday next week.’

Mary grinned, ‘You’ll get jealous!’

‘I’d get turned on watching you both, especially if he let his hands wander.’

‘You mean if I allowed his hands to wander!’ Mary corrected him.

‘That would be even more of a turn on! Like I once told you, I’d have loved it if my wife had been more adventurous. I must have voyeuristic tendencies! Give him a thrill, Mary, make an old man happy. As for being jealous or possessive, we’ve already talked about that, haven’t we. Neither of us want to hitch up or move in together; we both agreed we’re happy keeping our independence – staying friends – friends with benefits!’

Mary laughed and rolled on top of her lover. ‘You’re trying to corrupt me, you depraved man!’

‘We’re almost in the twilight of our lives, ‘ Geoff said smirking, ‘A little bit of depravity would add a bit of spice to our lives – we’ve no one to answer to, have we?’

They had a most satisfying fuck.

Come Monday morning Mary was very careless, allowing her robe to come apart and fall open, right in front of Peter. Geoff had left the room, or so his friend believed. The narrow gap between the inside of the door and the frame was enough to spy through.

Mary left her robe open and not by chance she was wearing some of her daintiest lingerie. As she put it: partly transparent but opaque and firm enough to hide her wrinkly sagging bits. She knew that many women her age could still look very sexy if wearing the right underwear; and the same outfits she wore for her late husband still fit a treat. She stood still and looked back at Peter, purposely letting him enjoy the view. Her ample breasts were held firm, nipples pointing forward.

Deliberately slowly and obviously she let her eyes lower and focus on Peter’s crotch. She let a little naughty smile become visible as she noticed movement in the man’s trousers.

‘I see everything’s still in working order, Peter,’ she said.

‘Well, you’re a very delightful sight, Mary – you’ve caused a stirring in my loins! But you’d better not let Geoff see you like that, in front of me,’

‘We’re both free agents, Peter. It wouldn’t be a problem.’

With that comment Mary took hold of the two halves of her robe and pulled them wide apart. Peter stepped close to her and she lifted her head back and offered her mouth for him to kiss. Remembering what Geoff had told her about being a long time, she helped Peter overcome his anxiety by taking hold of his hand and placing it on her breast, just like she had the first time with Geoff. Her tongue went into his mouth, exciting him into action before her own hand cupped his bulge then felt for the length of his erection. They kissed and groped each others bodies and would have done more had the postman not knocked on the door and broken the spell. Behind the kitchen door, Geoff felt very disappointed as he had cock in hand pleasuring himself while he peeped on the misbehaving couple.

The two men managed to do some work that morning, though their thoughts were elsewhere.

By the time lunchtime came round Mary had harboured many lascivious and adventurous thoughts and images – all concerning her lovers friend Peter. She was more than annoyed therefore when Geoff told her he had disappeared on an errand; though this gave the couple plenty of time to discuss the situation which left them both in a state of sexual excitement.

On Peter’s return Mary and Geoff nodded to each other, then went downstairs. Geoff and Peter resumed their work while Mary popped in and out of the room. Peter, confused, wondered why she had come downstairs in her robe, though it was no surprise to him that the couple had spent some time in the bedroom. Suddenly he looked down from his steps and saw Mary with her robe open, she wore no dress underneath. Looking up at him she gave a look that made his penis stir, then after giving Geoff a quick glance she left the room.

‘She wants you to follow her upstairs.’ Geoff told Peter.

‘I don’t want to come between you – spoil what you’ve got.’ Peter said quietly.

‘We aren’t an item, Pete, it’s not that sort of relationship. She’s waiting for you in the bedroom if Şirinevler escort bayan you’re interested.’

Peter thought about it for a couple of minutes; then he descended from the steps and without another word made his way up to the bedroom. Mary was reclined on the bed, her robe off and cast aside.

‘I’d like it if you got undressed and joined me,’ she told him.

With shaking hands Peter disrobed. Mary was pleased that his nervousness hadn’t prevented his penis from rising to the occasion. To welcome him, she stretched out and opened her thighs – she had already taken off her panties. As the man climbed on the mattress Mary reached out and took hold of his cock. He lowered his body down on top of her.

‘Are you sure this won’t upset your relationship with Geoff?’ Pete asked whispering.

Mary looked up at his face. ‘I can make both of you happy,’ she told him, ‘And you can both give me what I need.’

She guided his cock into her moist vagina and sighed with joy as he made the bed rattle. He knew how to play with stiff nipples and make her groan with pleasure. Mary caught a glimpse of Geoff’s head peeping around the door; but that was okay, that’s what they had planned. Her posterior rose and fell in unison with Pete’s thrusts, she was happy and loving it. Geoff the voyeur was happy too, wanking as he watched.

‘I think I know what you’d like for your birthday!’ Mary said, panting hard as he rammed into her.

It had been a long time but Pete performed well, bringing the widow to orgasm. She loved the feeling of having hot sperm filling her vagina.

Later, during the afternoon Mary went out shopping.

By next morning the two men had a lot to think about. Conversation was stilted and awkward, mostly due to their realisation that the situation with Mary was unusual to say the least. When the men reached a point in their redecorating that was a good time to take a natural break they sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. Mary appeared. Covered in a wrap around dress, with high heels and fully made up, she looked delightful. And the men told her so.

‘I given it a lot of thought and I want to put a proposition before you both. As you’re very good friends and, if I’m right, neither of you are the jealous types – I’m wondering if you’d both be agreeable to us forming a little pact, an arrangement. Would you both be prepared for us to keep our freedom and independence, and have a no strings attached relationship between the three of us. And you both get to share me – sexually.

‘From our little talks it’s obvious we’ve all got used to living on our own and having our own routines – and when we need it, privacy. None of us would want to sacrifice that and live in each others pockets. But just because we’re getting older it doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun. There’s a saying that goes: “youth is wasted on the young”. Well, we can still behave like naughty teenagers – at least while we’re able. Remember the 1960s, free love. Well we’re in our 60s now with nobody to answer to. To put it bluntly, I have enjoyed having sex with both of you guys, I wouldn’t want to choose between you. I still have a strong sexual appetite and would like more. What do you think?’

Both Geoff and Peter were astonished and initially were struck dumb.

‘If you need time to think about it, maybe discuss it, then that’s okay, no rush or pressure to give an answer,’ Mary told them.

‘Speaking for myself,’ Geoff answered, ‘I’m all for it!’

Peter looked more thoughtful, then eventually he gave an answer.

‘Well, we two guys have always got along fine. Now a woman has entered the equation there’s different things to consider. Like you say, if we keep jealousy out of it and don’t get possessive, then it could work. I say we give it a try.’

Mary gave a wide smile. ‘Just one question – you’ve not shy of showing yourselves in front of each other, are you?’

They looked at each other then shook their heads. ‘No!’

‘Good!’ Mary said, ‘Let’s all go upstairs!’ And at the same time unfastened her wrap-around dress.

As it fell open she displayed her latest purchase.

‘Bought these yesterday – though you both might like the outfit. I’ve made sure some bits are hidden and disguised so not to spoil the effect. One thing we have to be and that’s honest about our advancing age and capabilities.’

The guys eagerly ran their eyes up and down her body. Mary was wearing black lacy lingerie that consisted of, little panties, a sexy basque that held her waist in and pushed her tits up, no bra was needed, and seamed stockings. On her feet she wore three inch heels.

Walking behind her the men gazed at her ample derrière, noticing how the flimsy panties had disappeared up her crack. Without any sign of reluctance they began stripping off as soon as they reached the bedroom. Mary stared greedily at the two fully erect cocks already feeling wet between her legs.

‘Which one of us do you want first?’ Peter asked.

‘I have more than one hole and two hands,’ Mary answered. ‘Let’s all lie on the bed and play for a while. Take our time – and enjoy! You know what, fella’s? We’re going to have some good times!’

The End.

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