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I had this strange experience the other day. Even now I find it hard to believe it actually happened. It was like this…

I was out for a drive. I’m new to the district and I was just motoring around, familiarising myself with the area.

So here I am, driving along a mountain road and taking it easy, enjoying the view. I saw some deer along the side of the road so I’m keeping one eye on them and driving slowly in case one of them decides to cross at just the wrong time.

This little sports car comes racing up from behind and roars past me. Someone was definitely in a hurry and that same someone wasn’t watching the deer, because as the sports job zipped past me, there went a deer, running across the road.

My sporty friend jams on the brakes, swerves and manages to miss the deer, hits the accelerator again and promptly fishtails, banging the side of the car against a rock at the side of the road and coming to a halt.

Doing the right thing I pull up behind the sports car to make sure the driver is OK and to see if the idiot needs any help.

The aforesaid idiot gets out and Oh — My – God.

She was a blonde, early twenties and stacked. And I mean stacked. She had boobs that stuck out to here, legs that wouldn’t quit and everything on display.

Her top was one of those boob-tube things, and it was struggling to hold them in. There are mini-skirts and what they call micro-mini and you can guess which one she had opted for.

This woman was a real stunner. The sort of woman you expect to see in playboy, not standing in front of you.

Oh, yes. She was also in a state of shock. Trembling from the near miss and the subsequent accident.

Doing the good Samaritan bit I steered her off the road and around to the side of her car where I could inspect the damage for her. She was lucky. A nasty scratch and dent on the passengers door, but the damage was really only superficial. The car was fully drivable.

The driver bursa sınırsız escort was another thing entirely. Blondie was still shaking, and I didn’t think it a good idea for her to get in and drive away just yet.

I sympathised with her over the accident, but told her quite firmly that I didn’t think she should continue on until she had settled down quite a bit. If she drove like she was now she was just asking for another accident and she mightn’t be so lucky next time.

“You’re actually suffering from an adrenalin rush,” I told her. “It’s quite common after an accident or near accident and you really need to do something to let it drain away before you continue on.”

“That’s just great,” she grumbled. “What do you suggest I do?”

“Well,” I said, “all you need to do is……” I shut up them, trying to look a little embarrassed.

I started again. “It might be better if you just waited for half an hour. This will give you time to calm down and then you can be on your way.”

She was smart enough to catch that I had changed what I was going to say, and she queried it.

“You started to say something and then changed your mind. What were you going to say originally?”

I find that with a little effort, you can put on quite a good show of embarrassment. I dithered for a moment and then confessed.

“I’m sorry. I was going to suggest that the best thing for you would be a therapeutic bonk, but then I remembered that you’re alone. I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“I should have a what?” she asked.

I explained. “It’s what’s known to doctors as a therapeutic bonk. After a near accident like this and with an adrenaline rush following it the easiest way to relax properly is to have sex. It converts the rush into a harmless climax and the person feels 100% better in no time. But like I said, I couldn’t really recommend it because you’re by yourself. Forget I mentioned it, please.”

Blondie was still bursa üniversiteli escort jittery and shaky, practically bouncing on the spot her nerves were so uptight.

“Does that really work?” she asked.

“Oh, yes. But don’t worry about it. If you just sit and relax for half an hour or so the shock will eventually wear off and you’ll be able to go your way without any trouble.”

“Oh, god. I can’t wait half an hour. I’ll be late. But I’ll admit I can’t drive while I’m feeling like this.”

Blondie bit her lip and the suddenly flashed a brilliant smile at me. “Could you do me a favour?” she asked.

“No problems,” I told her. “I can give you a lift to where-ever you’re going and you can come back for the car later.”

“No!” she said with a rush. “That’s not what I want, you idiot. I want you to have sex with me and help me calm down. You said it was therapeutic. That means like medicine doesn’t it?”

“Well, effectively, yes, it does.”

“Then if it’s medicine it’s almost your duty to give it to me,” she explained.

Before I fully realised what she was doing she hitched up her skirt and slipped her panties off, giving me a superb view of her lovely pussy.

She moved around to the rear of car, with me following as though on a leash. She leaned back against the car, the sporty lines of the car letting her legs move naturally to either side, leaving her fully exposed.

“Please. I do need to calm down so I can get going. It won’t take long and it is a medical thing.”

What could I do? The poor woman was in distress and needed my help. I moved forward to stand before her and reaching down I cupped her exposed mound and squeezed gently.

Blondie gave a sigh of relief. “Oh. I feel better already. Hurry up and do it.”

I started to stroke her pussy, running my fingers along her slit squeezing and kneading the pliant flesh. Blondie is now breathing bursa anal yapan escort hard and pushing herself against my hand.

I eased her lips apart and gently explored inside her, feeling the heat and the dampness. Unzipping, I let my erection rub against her, letting her know that it was there, so if she was going to change her mind now was the time.

Change her mind, hell. She reached down and captured the old fella and started squeezing and stroking him, almost making me come on the spot. Then her other hand was reaching down to spread her lips while she firmly guided me into her.

If that was what she wanted, who was I to tell her no? Now that my cock had started its journey I gave a single hard thrust and nailed her firmly against the car.

She shrieked as I plunged fully into her, and then her hands came scrabbling up to her boob tube, frantically pulling it up and off her breasts.

“Touch my boobs,” she cried. “I need them touched when I’m having sex.”

I took one breast in one and started playing with it while I took the other in my mouth, sucking on it and rolling her nipple around with my tongue, all the while pounding her pussy as hard as I can.

It seemed to me that it didn’t matter how hard I pounded her, Blondie was with me all the way, eagerly pushing up to meet my thrusts, determined to take her full pleasure from what we were doing.

The whole thing was too intense to last. It wasn’t long before I could feel her vibrating with pleasure as her climax raced through her, her internal muscles clamping around me and pulling the trigger on my own climax.

Afterwards I was leaning against her, breathing hard, and taking satisfaction from the fact that she also seemed lost for breath. Then Blondie took a deep breath and pushed me gently but firmly back away from her.

She bounced to her feet, straightening her clothes, suddenly full of life.

“That was great,” she said. “I feel terrific. I never thought of sex as medicine before. I’ll have to remember that. Thank you. Bye.”

Then she was in her car and driving away.

I returned to my car, got in and turned off the dash cam. That is one tape I’m definitely going to keep.

We never did exchange names. I think of her as Blondie.

I wonder if she ever wonders who I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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