Thin Loving

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It was almost time for our office Christmas party and I didn’t have a date. Even worse I didn’t have a girlfriend or woman friend to take to the party. To make matters worse, a woman named Lisa from work had the hots for me.

Lisa would hang around my desk and try to make small talk with me constantly during the day. Lisa just wasn’t my type. I like a woman with curves and big breasts. Lisa was none of those. She was thin with no curves and I could barely make out her tits through the dresses she wore.

The day for the party arrived and I went by myself. When I walked into the room where the party was held I looked around for a seat. All I could see were my co-workers with their wives and girlfriends. Then I saw Lisa. She stood up and was waving to me. She had saved a seat right next to her. Oh damn, I thought to myself!

I didn’t want to sit alone so I figured I might as well sit with Lisa. She was smiling to see I had arrived and even more pleased that I was sitting next to her for the evening. I suddenly got this sinking feeling in my gut.

I thought if I consumed enough alcohol it might dull my senses. Lisa had pulled her chair up tight to me. It was going to be a long night. I ended up getting a nice buzz going when I felt Lisa place her hand on my thigh.

Lisa leaned in and said to me, “let’s get a room for the night, I’m paying.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I nodded ‘yes’ to her request. Before you knew it Lisa was unlocking the door to the room. We barely had walked inside when Lisa had her arms around my neck and she began to kiss me on the lips. She had taken me by surprise.

I could smell escort her perfume and she had her body tight against mine. Lisa also had her mouth open and was pressing her tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and we had our tongues locked together. I had to admit with all this closeness, my cock was growing in my pants.

After a few minutes of kissing Lisa dropped down to her knees. She was unbuckling my belt and she got to the point where she pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor. My dick came out and I was hard as a rock. You should have seen Lisa’s face. It was if she had hit the lottery.

She took hold of my dick and brought her lips to my cock head. She surrounded my dick with her mouth and proceeded to take all of my cock down her throat. God, I had to admit it felt so good. You could just tell Lisa was greedy to have my cock all to herself.

She took me all the way to the root. Up and down. From the tip of my mushroom down to the base of my dick. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t cum so quickly. It never quite got to that point. Lisa pulled her mouth away and stood up. We worked our way over to the bed.

I kicked my pants and underwear off and pulled off my shirt. Lisa did a little strip tease for me. Yes, she was thin alright. her pussy was all shaved off and she looked like some young virgin. Her tits were bigger than I thought. They were shaped like small melons with small circular nipples topping them.

Lisa had me get on my back and then she climbed over top of me. She was positioned right above my rigid cock. I felt her hand wrap around me and then she sunk down. God was her pussy bursa eve gelen escort tight. It took many minutes for me to barely get half of my pole into her pussy. It was obvious she hadn’t made love in some time.

My hands went to her hips and I pushed her body down onto my dick. Lisa let out this scream. I had my cock buried all the way inside her. Her muscles felt like a small vise tightening around me. I brought my ass up and I fed Lisa my cock.

One look on her face told me she had waited for this moment a long time. It was a look of ecstasy. She rode my dick up and down squeezing it as we fucked. I pulled my hands from her hips and placed them on her titties. Lisa just loved that. She was moaning and I thought she would cum right there and then.

“Pinch my nipples Rob,” she pleaded with me.

I pinched each nipple and Lisa threw her head back. I had to admit this felt so good.

“You wanted me fucking you, didn’t you Lisa?”

“God yes, It was all I could think about,” she said.

I knew then I could have Lisa any way I wanted and anytime I pleased. I began to fuck Lisa harder and I pushed my dick deep into her belly. Her pussy was going into a spasm. She was gripping me hard and I could tell what she wanted.

“I want you to orgasm for me Lisa.”

Lisa begged me to give her my seed.

“Please Rob, cum inside me, I need to feel you.”

I was getting close. All that hard fucking had brought me close to letting go. I gave Lisa a few more hard strokes and then I blew my load into her belly. The moment she felt my seed, Lisa began to orgasm. görükle escort Her body was shaking as she rode up and down my prick. I pinched her nipples really hard.

Lisa flooded me with all woman juices. We just kept fucking like that, never stopping for many minutes to come. I was surprised how hard I stayed. It must have been Lisa’s tight pussy keeping me hard that way. Finally Lisa collapsed onto my chest. We were both breathing heavy, trying to compose ourselves.

“I love you Rob.”

I just couldn’t tell her the same thing. At least not at that moment. If she was disappointed it didn’t show on her face. We finally got composed and Lisa went to the bathroom and wetted some wash cloths. She cleaned herself and myself up. There was cum dripping out from her pussy.

Lisa then got into bed next to me. We kissed some more and Lisa’s hand went to my dick. She was slowly stroking me. I didn’t think it possible, but my cock was getting stiff again. Lisa looked into my face. I knew she wanted it one more time. I rolled over onto her and lifted her legs up. I positioned my cock into place and I entered Lisa one more time.

I took Lisa again. This time it was slower and I brought Lisa to a high flame. I gave her the longest strokes I could. I pulled out just leaving the tip of my cock in place then I fed her my cock. Lisa was crazed for my dick. You could see it on her face. I fucked her longer this time, but it ended up the same result.

I exploded inside Lisa. I didn’t think I had much left in the tank, but I was wrong. I squirted wads of my baby cream into Lisa’s belly. She had at least three more orgasms that I could tell. We ended up sleeping late into the next morning.

Lisa and I are now steady lovers. I never thought I could fall for a thin woman, but it happened. She gives me all the sex any guy could ever want. Of course, Lisa got what she wanted, a hard cock at night any time she wants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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