Things That Go Hump in the Night

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In the United States, we make a big deal out of Halloween. It seems like it must be a federal law that kids have to dress in weird costumes and go door-to-door begging for candy. A lot of adults wear costumes and make-up to work and to parties, some of which can get pretty wild. Another thing people like to do is go to theme parks whose sole purpose is to scare the shit out of people. This story is about a young man who gets a job at one of those places.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“But, Doc, I just don’t understand why I’m in so much trouble,” I said. “I mean, it isn’t like I was the first one to….”

My advisor, Doctor Patterson, put his hands on his desk and leaned over toward me. “David James Michaels, don’t even start that shit with me about how everyone’s fucked Teri Richards. I’m sure almost everyone has – hell, she asked me if I wanted a blowjob at the department Christmas party!”

“Yeah? How did you like it?” I asked.

“David! I’m not that damn stupid! Don’t you know who Teri’s grandfather is?”


“You’re dumber than I thought. Her grandfather is Dr. Miles Hemmings, the Dean of the College of Surgery here at the university. YOUR Dean, David! The man that has made or ruined the career of every resident surgeon here for the last twenty years. He knows what you did. You are officially fucked with your pants on, my boy.”

“He knows? How the hell did he find out?”

“Dr. Hemmings seems to think posting the video you two made on Spring Break on a porn site wasn’t appropriate. He roasted my eardrums on the phone about it an hour ago. As I remember, the nicest thing he called you was ‘that deviant med student’,” Doc said.

“What am I going to do?”

Doc looked at me hard for a few seconds before he said, “I suggest you drop out of school.”

“Drop out? What am I supposed to do then?” I asked. “Sell medical supplies to doctors’ offices? Carry around cases of free logo pens and memo pads in the trunk of my car? I’d rather go back to working construction!”

“Okay, calm down,” Doc Patterson said. “There’s some good news in all of this. Old Doc Hemmings is retiring at the end of this semester. Some of the school’s trustees are very glad to see him go. He won’t be missed.”

“So? He retires but doesn’t get a big party. Woo Hoo. My career is shot before I ever get started,” I moaned.

“David, listen to me. I’m sure that, once he’s gone, it will be very easy to get you back in here. In fact, I’ll give you my word that I’ll call in a few markers to get you re-instated in the program. You just need to take the semester off.”

“Do you really think I can get back in after the New Year if I drop out?” I asked.

“It’s a very safe assumption that you will make a fine surgeon with the training you’ll get here after your few-month ‘vacation,’ Doctor Michaels. Keep in touch,” Doc Patterson said, gesturing toward the door.

Well. I have been working hard. I haven’t had more than four hours sleep a night for years. Maybe it really is time to take a vacation from all this and spend some time in the real world.

I went home to my little apartment. Flopping on my bed, I decided I’d worry about what I was going to do to fill my time until January after I took a nap.

Except for a one-minute break to take a piss, I slept until dawn.

After a long shower and a decent breakfast at the odd little coffee shop around the corner, I began to consider my options.

It went without saying that I would still spend a lot of time reading the stuff I was going to need to know. I wanted to be a trauma surgeon – one of those guys who really makes a difference in the length of someone’s life.

But what was I supposed to do with the time I had spent in lecture halls and labs, or in the hospital itself? I had conditioned myself all these years to working twenty-four hour shifts. I wasn’t going to be doing that until after the holidays? Four months? I was going to go nuts.

Pretty soon, it became apparent that I needed to find a job. It wasn’t a case of work or starve, so the type of job was more important to me than the hourly rate. Maybe I could find something that would actually be fun.

On my third day of casually surfing the web for jobs, I saw an odd little posting: “Persons needed for seasonal work at Halloween attraction. Work includes maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair, ticket sales, operating concession stands or rides, or working as an actor in vignettes and short skits. Apply online, if you dare, at”

The Grim Reaper’s Farm? I know that place! The Barn of Death, the Silo of Torture, the Hayride of Horror, people running around with chainsaws or dressed as vampires! What a cool place to work!

I filled out the online application, and then called the office. Apparently, the posting had only gone up a few minutes before I saw it, and I was given an appointment for an interview in the morning. All right!

After breakfast, I drove to the farm. The parking lot was deserted, so I parked in a spot right at the main gate. I could hear sounds coming from somewhere inside, but I didn’t see anyone. When I walked past the empty ticket office, I was startled by a voice calling out to me, “May I help you?”

An enormous young man wearing bib overalls and a John Deere hat was walking toward me. His hair, face, and clothes were matted with gore. Even in daylight, the sight of him made my blood run cold.

“Don’t worry, it’s make-up, dude,” the guy laughed. “Our people have to do some actual work when they’re in costume, so some of us wear the stuff all the time in the pre-season to test it.

“Oh. Sure. Right” I said. “Well, I have an appointment with Mrs. West.”

“Seth West’s my name,” he said sticking out a meaty hand.

I took his hand, surprised by the warm, firm, but gentle handshake of this giant. “I’m David Michaels.”

“Mom’s going to interview you. My family owns the place. Come on. I’ll take you to her office,” Seth said.

Mrs. West’s office was in a large, windowless building hidden behind one of the fences of the theme park. The only clue patrons had about it was the locked door in the fence. We walked into a long hallway, at the end of which was a tinted glass door.

“Hey, Mom!” Seth called as we entered a small, lushly furnished, dimly lit reception area.

“What, honey?” a female voice answered from deeper in the building.

“David Michaels is here for his interview.”

“Be right there!” the woman’s voice said.

A moment later, a breath-taking woman came into the reception area. She was tall, nearly as tall as me, athletic and curvy at the same time, with creamy skin displayed in the areas not covered by her black yoga tights and sports bra. A model’s face was accented with a few stray wisps of thick, luxurious, long black hair from her simple ponytail. If you looked in an illustrated dictionary under the word, “cougar,” her picture would be with the slang definition.

“Hi, I’m Laura West. Please excuse my appearance, but this is a family-owned, family-run business. I’m putting up new shelving in my office. I completely forgot I set up our meeting for this morning.”

“I’d be glad to come back at another time,” I offered.

“No, if you can stand me without make-up and decent clothes, I could use a break, so I’d like to talk to you now,” she said.

“Great!” I responded.

“I’d better get back out there, Mom,” Seth said.

“Okay. I want to talk to David a little. When I’m done, I’ll get one of your sisters to take him on a tour.”

“See you later,” Seth called, as he closed the door to the hallway behind himself.

“Do you mind sitting out here?” Mrs. West asked. “My office has shelf parts all over it. We completely re-did this section of the building over the summer, but I’m behind schedule on my part. Anyway, sit down and tell me about yourself.”

“I’m a med student at the University Hospital. I’m taking a semester off, and I need a job. I’m good with numbers, good with computers, and I worked summers in high school and college doing construction, so I know my way around a hammer and a shovel.”

“Are you single?” she asked.

Odd question. “Yes, ma’am, I am.”

“Oh, please, call me Laura. Ma’am sounds so old.”

Considering that Seth appeared to be in his early twenties, Laura had to be at least forty, but she looked anything but old to me.

“May I ask why you’re taking a semester off? From the information you gave us online, I would have thought you would be entering your residency soon.”

“It’s kind of complicated. But I do intend to go back after the New Year, and I’ve been assured I will be welcome,” I said.

“Fair enough, David. I suppose the question was pretty far out of line.”

“No. You have every right to know. Frankly, the Dean of the college of surgery took a strong dislike to me because of something in my personal life, and my academic advisor suggested that I withdraw until the man retires at the end of the year. After that, I should be able to continue my training at the hospital.”

“All right,” Laura said. “If we hire you, you could do construction and maintenance work, or, if you like, we can use you in some skits. Have you ever done any acting?”

“A little. I was in my high school plays, and I had some roles in a couple of drama club productions in college, until I decided I liked the set and stage work, too.”

“Perfect!” Laura exclaimed. “I’ll get one of the girls to show you around. If you like what you see, she can bring you back here and we can talk again. Let me call my daughter.”

She dialed her phone. “Michelle? Do you have time to take a young man on a tour of the farm? Oh, I didn’t think the electrician was coming until this afternoon…. No, no, that’s fine. I’ll call Cassie. Talk to you later.” She hung up and dialed again.

“Cassie? It’s Mom. I have a young man here who needs a tour…. You can? Great, see you in a few minutes. Bye.”

Turning to me, she said, “Cassie’s my middle child. She’s only a year older than Seth, and less than two years younger than Michelle. She’s a fashion design major. A lot of our costumes are either her designs or her actual handiwork. She also helps her sister with a lot of the set construction. When the season starts, the girls pretty much run the Barn of Death and the Silo of Torture attractions. Depending on your skills and interests, you may wind up working with one or both of them.”

The door from the hallway opened. A young blond woman came in, wearing a provocative little cocktail dress made of blue satin and lace, and sneakers. “What do you think of this dress, Mom?” she asked.

“Not with those shoes!”

“Of course not. I’ll be barefoot when I’m running around on the new ‘Zombies in the Ballroom’ set. A girl can’t do a zombie fight scene in heels!”

“It will be a shame to get all that gore on such a nice dress,” Laura remarked. “You should save a copy of it to wear to the Halloween Staff Party. Anyway, this is David Michaels. I’m interviewing him, and I’d like you to give him a tour of the facilities. Would you show him around for an hour or so?”

“Sure! Hi, David. I’m Cassie. I guess this isn’t really interview clothing, but I like to wear a new design for a while to see how I can move in it. I just threw on my favorite walking shoes. So are you ready to take a hike?” she asked, shaking my hand.

I tried very hard not to stare. “Of course.” Turning to her mother, I said, “Laura, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me until you see what you’re in for,” Laura laughed. “Cassie, bring him back, alive and in one piece, in an hour or so.”

“Okay, Mom. Come on, David,” she said, hurrying to the door.

Cassie and I chatted as we walked. When we were in the daylight on park grounds, I began to appreciate how attractive she really was – curvy, tan, with shapely legs and toned thighs occasionally exposed by the radically slitted skirt of her dress. The backless top portion sported lace cutouts in almost dangerous places. I was starting to wish we could go jogging.

“We’ll start with the Silo of Torture. Have you been in it before?”

“A couple of years ago,” I said.

“Oh, you’re in for a treat. We change some of it every year, but this year is the Silo’s turn for a major make-over. It’s not all done, but there are some areas that are more or less ready. I’ll show you some drawings and miniatures of the rest, but not today.”

“Yeah, your mother wants to see me in an hour.”

“I’ll just show you the last room in the place. This is the final thing our guests will see before they go back outside.” She opened a side door and ushered me into a rough-finished hallway.

“This hall will be completely dark.” Cassie said. “The walls will be padded like a psych ward room in the movies, where someone’s lying on the floor in a straight-jacket. The holes overhead will house speakers and lighted things that will drop down to scare you. But this,” she said as we entered a large room, “this is my personal project.”

Since all the lights were on, I could see that the room was broken down into a series of small sets in which a skit would be played. There was a dentist’s office, a wood shop, a tattoo parlor, and a medieval torture chamber.

“It doesn’t look like much with these work-lights on, but guests will see it in dim lighting with fog machines going. We’ll have a psychotic dentist, a ghoul drilling holes in a tied-up girl, a woman removing a guy’s tattoo with a carving knife, and actors in hoods and robes using all the toys in the dungeon on some people dressed like guests on the tour. The victims will be screaming at the guests to help them. Should be pretty cool,” she said, enthusiasm obvious in her voice.

We walked out into the daylight, and again I was struck with just how beautiful this girl was. Her outfit gave me a very good idea of the shape of her body, which was sexy as hell, and her face alone was enough to make a young guy weak. She was every bit as beautiful as her mom.

“I’ll take you on the Hayride of Horror route,” Cassie said, pointing to a big new pick-up truck. “Hop in.”

She drove us past empty concession stands, behind the Barn of Death, and onto a packed dirt road through a cornfield. We passed some burned-out wrecked cars with skeletons hanging out of the windows, a number of platforms with spotlights next to them where performers would appear in frightening costumes, and into a barn.

Cassie said, “Check this out. In season, we have a team of about eight performers in here, but you’ll get an idea of the thing just with the props.”

She pressed a button on a small box on the dashboard of the truck. The barn doors closed behind us, leaving us in complete darkness. Soon, eerie music began to play. Suddenly, brilliant lights came on, illuminating a group of mannequins on meat hooks, just overhead.

“When we’re in operation,” Cassie explained, “some of them writhe around, as though they’re real people impaled on those hooks. The ones just outside of the hayride path drip and spurt fake blood, and a bunch of guys with chainsaws run around yelling. All the saws have the chains removed, of course, but a couple of the animated mannequins are rigged so limbs will fall off if you hit them with a saw. Then some guys jump on the steps on the sides of the wagon and rev their saws against people’s backs. A ‘body’ falls on the ground just behind the wagon, and then the doors on the other end will open.”

She pushed another button, and the doors in front of us swung wide. We drove out into the sunlight.

“Oh, good!” Cassie said, “There’s Michelle’s car heading toward the Barn of Death. “Hang on. We’re going to take a shortcut. The rest of the hayride is pretty boring in daylight, anyway.”

Cassie steered the truck off the main route onto a rougher dirt road. “This is one of the maintenance paths. At night you can’t really see it.”

As we bumped along, I couldn’t help but notice Cassie’s breasts bouncing inside her dress, her nipples threatening to slide into one of the lace areas. God, the last thing I needed was to get a hard-on because of the boss’s daughter!

Cassie caught me looking. She started to laugh. “Well, I think this dress has the David Michaels’ seal of approval! It’s supposed to make you look at me. I’ll be wearing it every night in the ballroom scene. I guess this bumpy truck ride proves that the theatrical glue works.”

“Exactly what do you do in the ballroom scene?” I asked. “You said something about zombies.”

“The set is supposed to look like some exclusive new-wave club, a place where you go to hook up. All the girls are going to be dressed in stuff like this, and all the guys are going to be in studly outfits I’ve designed for them,” she explained.

“Where do the zombies come in?”

“The lights come on just as zombies have broken into the club to feed. Lots of terror, lots of gore. The guests will love it. I’ll show you the set when we get in the barn, but first I want to introduce you to Michelle,” Cassie said.

She parked her truck next to a sporty roadster. These people seemed to make a decent living off this operation.

“Mom tells me you’re going to be a doctor,” Cassie said.

“A surgeon. I decided to take a semester off.”

She looked at me and giggled. “Okay, David. I know some students at that hospital. You’re the guy the Dean wanted to kill or something, aren’t you? You’re the guy in that Spring Break video with the girl with the long brown hair. I knew you looked familiar.”

Shit. I’m fired before I even get hired.

Cassie must have seen the look on my face. “David! It’s okay, honest. Mom was the one who first showed it to me. Hell, she showed it to my brother and sister and my dad, too. Don’t worry. We’re a pretty open family about that sort of thing. No one will think any less of you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dad buys you a beer or two after work some night.”

“You’re serious,” I said.

“Yes, dead serious. Look, David, the entire family watches that sort of thing. Usually, we watch alone, or we’ll hear some familiar cheesy background music coming from Mom and Dad’s room, but when we see something special, we share it. Mom saw the university logo on your girlfriend’s thong, and she asked if any of us kids knew either of you. I recognized the girl.”

“You know Terri Richards?” I asked.

“No, but she modeled for a couple of my art classes. Beautiful, sexy girl. You two looked like you had fun. Oh, there’s my sister. Hey, Michelle! Come meet David!”

This one knocked my socks off. She was lean, probably my age, and built like a dancer. Her green eyes almost seemed to have an Asian slant to them, but her lightly freckled skin and wild mane of thick auburn hair made her look like a lusty, healthy Irish lassie. She was wearing a plain white crop top, and a faded pair of jeans that might as well have been painted on.

“Damn stupid electrician. I had to draw him a schematic to show him what he did wrong,” Michelle said as she jogged over to us. “Hi, I’m Michelle West.”

“David Michaels,” I said as she grabbed my hand. I was surprised at the firmness of her handshake. He fingers were slender, the skin soft, the nails long and beautifully manicured. Beneath the feminine appearance of it, this lovely hand spoke of the strength this girl might possess. Some guy was probably very happy.

Cassie said, “Mom wanted me to give David a whirlwind tour of the farm, so we started with the Silo and did part of the Hayride route. We don’t have enough time to tour the whole Barn, but I wondered if we could show him the Ballroom.”

“That’s getting to be my favorite part of the Barn,” Michelle said. “Let’s go.”

We walked through a few maintenance doors, and ended up in a wide area overlooking a room that looked like a nightclub. The walls and floor were splattered with red, and a few chairs and tables were overturned.

“Do you want to show him some of the features of the room?” Michelle said to her sister. “I’ll stay out here and run the control panel.”

Cassie slipped through a hidden door and re-appeared a moment later in the ballroom. “Okay, Michelle,” she called.

Michelle opened a panel on the wall. “I’m going to turn off the lights out here, and then the music and stuff will start. Normally a motion sensor down the hall starts this when guests are coming.”

The lights went out, both in the ballroom where Cassie was and outside where Michelle and I were standing. Club music started blaring from hidden speakers. Michelle came over and pressed against me. Suddenly, the lights came on in the ballroom. Probably because of the fog machines running in the room, the red paint on the walls and floor looked like fresh blood. A chorus of shouts, screams, and agonized groans escort numaraları filled the air.

Michelle said, “During the show, actors made up as zombies will come through the door back there and attack the dancers. There will be maimed bodies on the floor and zombies and victims running around. It’ll be a pretty physical scene. We’ll work with the actors to choreograph several different gruesome attacks, with zombies ganging up on dancers, ripping their heads open to feast on their brains. It’s all gory good fun.”

“How do you fake tearing someone’s head apart?” I asked.

“Tricks of the trade, David,” Michelle said, moving so her ass was pressed firmly against my crotch. “You use short-haired performers for victims, make up their scalps with fake gore, and have them wear a wig with fake blood packets inside. A zombie bites or tears at their hair, and it rips off, leaving a matted mess. That’s all the guests will get to see, because the zombies will swarm the victim. We’ll have one mannequin who is already down near the front of the room, with a couple zombies eating strawberry custard out of its skull.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

“It should look pretty real. We’re going to have one male dancer on the floor with a zombie attacking him, and he’ll pull a gun out and blow the zombie’s head off.”

“So, at least one guy gets out alive,” I said.

Cassie called from the ballroom, “No, he gets swarmed and killed. I’m up against the glass at this point, yelling at the audience that it was my boyfriend. That’s why I wanted to make sure this dress stays on right.”

“Yeah, can’t flash the guests,” Michelle said as she ground her ass hard against me. “They might think we’re not nice girls.”

Cassie started running around the room, jumping on chairs, crouching down on the floor, and springing up again. I could almost, but not quite, get flashes of nipples or panties, but the design of the dress and some carefully applied glue kept me from seeing what I really wanted to see. It didn’t matter that much. The feel of Michelle’s taut ass rubbing me was more than enough to have me getting nice and hard.

Suddenly, the lights in the ballroom went out, and a second later, I was nearly blinded by the harsh, hot lights that came on in the hall.

As I was blinking, I felt a hand grip me firmly through my pants. Then Michelle moved an arm’s length away from me.

“You ARE the guy from the video,” she said. “I thought you looked like him, but frankly, every time I’ve watched that thing I haven’t been paying much attention to your face. But now, I know.” She had an almost hungry look on her face, and her nipples were deliciously obvious under her shirt.

“Yeah, Michelle, that’s him,” Cassie said as she joined us in the hallway.

“Does Mom know?” Michelle asked.

“I’m sure she does. She’s the one who found the video in the first place, and she watches it all the time.”

“Oh my God,” Michelle hissed. “This is so cool. David, can you act?”

“I did some plays in high school and college,” I said.

“How do you feel about nudity?” Michelle asked.

Cassie snorted a laugh. “Silly question. We saw the video.”

What the fuck! “My nudity? Me being nude?” I asked.

The girls started to laugh.

“Not completely nude,” Cassie said. “We can’t get away with that.”

“No,” Michelle agreed, “but we have this really good idea. It’s a honeymoon suite thing. A guy in a tux and a girl in a wedding gown will be undressing each other when the lights come up. They’ll get down to, say, boxers, a bra, and panties, and then get in bed. They’ll pull the covers up and then toss the underwear out while they’re rolling around under there. When the clock outside their window strikes midnight, he’ll scream and she’ll stick her face out from under the sheet with blood dripping out of her mouth.”

“Sounds cool, doesn’t it, David?” Cassie asked.

“Um, I guess,” I stammered

“We know you have the body for it,” Michelle asked.

“Let’s see what Mom says. I have to get him back to the office now, anyway,” Cassie said.

We went out to the vehicles, and Cassie climbed into the truck. I hopped up into the passenger’s seat, and Michelle then climbed in and sat on my lap. I knew damn well she could feel me through her jeans.

We parked near the door in the fence that led to the office building. Cassie grabbed my hand and led me quickly down the hall, with Michelle in hot pursuit.

“Mom! Mom!” Cassie called as we burst into the reception area. “It’s him.”

Laura came through the doorway from the back part of the office. “I thought so,” she smiled.

Michelle grabbed her mother’s hand and placed it squarely on my crotch. “I wasn’t sure until I felt this,” the daughter said.

“Michelle, mind your manners. I haven’t even hired him yet,” Laura scolded her older daughter. “Although I’m thinking I just might. David, what do you say? Do you want to work with us?” she asked, her hand still in contact with the bulge in my pants.

“Yes, yes, I think I’m interested,” I said, trying to control my voice.

“Girls, you have work to do, and David and I have to talk through some details about his employment. Come on, David,” Laura said. She took my hand and led me into the darkness beyond the reception area.

“This is my office. Sorry for the mess,” she said. “Sit down, please.” She gestured toward a long, black leather couch. I sat, and she stood in front of me.

“Here’s the deal, David,” she said. “As I told you before, this is a family business. We might not be the typical family you’ve run into before. For starters, none of us are actually related. The kids are adopted. They’ve all known it since they were old enough to understand.”

I nodded.

“My husband and I don’t always follow traditional family values. We don’t mind at all when either of us plays with others. The family is all quite sexually open. I know the girls will probably fuck you silly if you work here. I certainly plan to. What do you say to that?”

I sat there dumbfounded for a moment.

“Oh, and we’ll start you at five hundred dollars a week, plus a percentage based on ticket sales in season. Our better workers take home a couple hundred a weekend just from that. Now what do you say?” she asked.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Absolutely, if you’re ‘up’ to it. Let’s see about that,” Laura said. In seconds, her sports bra was on her desk, her yoga pants were on the floor, and she was yanking my shirt off over my head. She started working on my pants.

“What about your husband?” I asked as my hard cock first felt her fingernails rake across it.

“He’ll be fine. He has several girls to interview today. I imagine he’ll be tired tonight,” she cooed as she rubbed her sumptuous breasts against my chest while her fingers expertly removed me from the confines of my trousers.

“Oooh, that’s a nice one,” she said, grasping my erection in her hands. “I think he likes older women.” She rubbed her breasts down over me as she sank to her knees, pulling my pants down and off as she went. When she was at eye level with my dick, she licked her lips. “Consider this a part of the employee benefits package,” she said as she opened her mouth and took me deep inside.

She didn’t break eye contact with me. There was something penetrating in her gaze. Deep. Magical. I had never gotten head quite like this before. Laura’s sensuality was like no girl I had ever been with. She attacked my cock almost ferociously. She seemed to need to make me cum.

Just as I was starting to give that serious thought, she stopped. “David,” she asked, “are you ready to fuck me? Are you ready to fuck the hell out of me? Because I’m ready to fuck the hell out of you.”

She rose from her knees and climbed up on the sofa, straddling me. “I need my pussy filled. I need you to pump your cum into me as hard as you can,” she said. “Look at me, David, I’m dripping.”

She was. Her pussy was completely bald, smooth, and tight-looking, with a drop of her juice hanging by a thread from the center of her womanhood. Squatting over me, then aiming me with her hand, she sank down hard on me. When our pelvises smacked together, she ground herself against me.

She was slippery, tight, and very, very warm. I’ve had some experience in this department, and I’m here to tell you, this was a real nice pussy. I moaned something completely incoherent.

“What’s that, David?” she asked, sliding herself slowly up my shaft. “Did you say you like your new employer’s hot, wet cunt?” She slid back down. “You are hired, you know.” Sliding back up, she said, “I know I’ll have to share you with the girls, but I’m going to fuck you a lot. Hope you don’t mind.”

She lowered herself to completely take in my throbbing cock once again. “Play with my breasts. I hope you like them,” she said, and then she tightened her muscles and rose up again.

I’m pretty much a tit man. Breasts are important to me. They’re usually the first thing I notice on a woman of any age. Laura’s were exceptional – firm, especially considering her age, large, round, with gum-drop nipples on mouth-watering areolas. I grasped them as she sped up her riding on me.

“Laura, I’m going to cum soon,” I hissed.

“Yes David. Yes you are. And I’m going to cum with you,” Laura moaned, as her mouth latched onto mine.

My hips started thrusting hard, meeting Laura’s movements with bruising force. I was completely out of control, and I loved it. Suddenly, Laura threw her head back and screamed, “CUM FOR ME!”

Ramming upward hard, one more time, I began to spew my seed into her.

“YES!” she wailed, as her strong cunt walls milked me. “YES! FILL ME MORE!”

I did. My cock kept pulsing, long after I could tell it had run dry. It was only after Laura had recovered from her own orgasm that I was able to move inside her at all.

She kissed me hard, running her hands through my hair. Then she softened her touch a little, becoming almost playful as my exhausted manhood began to shrink inside her.

“David, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t talk about this to people outside my family. We have to maintain a certain amount of discretion in the community. There’s a fundamentalist preacher down the road who insists we’re the spawn of Satan here, so I don’t want to give him any more ammunition.”

“Of course. Remember, I’ve learned what bad publicity can do,” I said.

“Yes, I guess you have,” she whispered as she placed a small kiss on my neck. “My daughters will be very glad I hired you. I’m going to tell them all about you at dinner tonight.”

She lifted herself off me and knelt again. Taking my softening cock in her hand, she licked it, kissed it, and then said, “I’m very glad I hired you. We are going to do this a lot, big boy.”

Laura rose to her feet. A drop of my cum began to seep from her, but she caught it in her hand. She raised it to her mouth and licked it clean. “Be here at nine am Monday. Dress for outdoor work. Quitting time pre-season is usually five pm. You’ll know a couple of days in advance if you need to stay later. It’s a forty-hour week. Anything over that is double time until the season starts. We’ll re-negotiate pay and hours about a month before.”

How could this sexy vixen transform herself from wanton cum-slut to businesswoman so quickly?

“Um, yeah, okay, Laura, great,” I said.

“Good. Now I’m about to drip all over the new carpet, so I’d better go clean up. Do you know your way out?” she asked, as she turned to walk into her office bathroom.

This was going to be a very interesting job.

* * * * * * * * * *

As I was driving to the park Monday morning, my phone rang.


“Good morning, David! It’s Laura. Do you know where the entrance for employee parking is?”

“No. I forgot to ask.”

“Nonsense. It was my responsibility to tell you. I guess I was a little distracted at the end of our meeting,” she laughed. “Okay, look. Just go to the visitor parking area. How soon will you be there?”

“About five minutes,” I said.

“I’ll have someone meet you at the gate. They can take you to the road you should use.”

“Thanks, Laura.”

“When you park, come see me. Whoever brings you to the employee lot will show you the way. Let me find out who’s available. See you in a bit,” she said, ending the call.

There was a man standing at the gate when I drove into the visitor lot. He appeared to be about fifty, well-built, as though he did a lot of physical labor, but he was wearing a park logo golf shirt and khaki slacks. I pulled up to him, and lowered the window on the passenger’s side.

“Is it okay if I just ride shotgun? I have to go back to the office anyway,” he said.

“Sure,” I said.

“Drive back out the access road, and turn left,” he said, fastening his seat belt.


“Laura tells me you’re a med student,” the man said.

“Yes, just taking a semester off,” I answered. “I’m David Michaels.”

“Charles West. My wife, Laura, and I own this place.”

Uh-oh. Laura had told me not to worry about him when she started getting physical with me the other day, but still – I had fucked this guy’s wife! I just couldn’t get my head around the idea that he wouldn’t be pissed off.

“You’re the kid from the video. I think it’s become a family favorite at our house. Laura said she really enjoyed fucking you, and the girls can hardly wait,” he said. “Turn left here.”

What the hell? Is this guy serious? “Mr. West, about that,…”

“It’s Chuck,” he laughed. “I’m sorry to have fun at your expense, but the look on your face is priceless. Turn right up there and stop at the gate. Look, David, there’s absolutely no problem here. My wife and I will love each other for eternity, but we are both the kind that can’t be satisfied with just one partner. It’s not how we’re built. The kids are the same way.”

I stopped the car in front of a gate in a chain-link fence.

He pulled a key fob out of his pocket and pushed the button. “When we get in the office, I’ll give you one of these. Most of us keep them on our car keys.” After a moment, the gate opened noiselessly. “We got the system in the spring. All staff gets issued a unit. We program them like a key card at a hotel. The codes on some people’s units limit access to certain areas. We have a lot of money invested here, you know, and there are some secrets not everyone needs to know.”

I parked the car near the windowless office building. Chuck used his remote to open a door I hadn’t seen before. It led into a hallway with the occasional door on each side.

“The maintenance shop is on the left, and the carpentry shop is on your right,” Chuck said as we walked. “That’s the electrical fab shop,” he said, pointing to another door, “and over there is the paint shop. It looks like the guys are all out in the park, but you’ll get to meet them later.”

We came to a door at the end of the hall, and again, Chuck used his remote to open it. We walked into the back part of the offices.

“Honey, David’s here,” Chuck called as we approached the door to her office.

“Hi, boys,” Laura said. “What do you think of this outfit? Cassie just did my final fitting.”

Laura’s hair was down. Its shiny blackness flowed over her shoulders and nearly to her breasts, which were proudly displayed in a black and blood red corset laced incredibly tight. Black fishnet stockings extended from her knee-high black patent leather stiletto boots, and were held in place by blood red satin garters. Skimpy red panties, edged in black lace, barely covered her, and a black upside-down cross hanging between her breasts completed her outfit. He pale skin almost glowed in sharp contrast to her garments.

She turned slowly, posing provocatively as she went. Then she walked to her husband and rubbed her hand over his groin. “I’m happy you like it, baby,” she cooed as she kissed his cheek. With her other hand, she reached to me. “I think David likes it too, don’t you, big guy?”

There was no way she could not feel my cock stiffening in my jeans.

“You know, David, I’m not the kind of guy to really check out another man’s junk, but Laura tells me it looked pretty good to her. Correction, felt pretty good to her,” Chuck said. “The girls are going to love it.”

Laura, her hand still stroking me through my pants, said, “I know they will. It’s a little longer than Seth’s, about the same as yours, and you know how Cassie and Michelle like yours.”

“Why don’t we call the kids in here right now and see?” Chuck asked. “Seth and I can entertain you while the girls check out David.”

“Later, honey. Remember, we have the meeting with the beverage supplier at ten o’clock, and I want to go over some things with you before he gets here. I’m going to have Michelle take David with her to work on some things for the Honeymoon Suite skit,” Laura said, as she picked up her phone.

A few minutes later, Michelle breezed into the office. “Hi, David,” she smiled as she rushed over to me. “If things work out the way I think they will, we’re going to have to get you a tux.”

“Michelle’s been talking all weekend about getting you in bed, my boy,” Chuck said.

“She wants you to be her husband,” Laura added.

“Mom, Daddy, you’re going to freak him out,” she scolded. “What they mean is that I want to try you out for the role of the groom in the Honeymoon Suite skit. Come on!”

We went out the front door of the building, through the hallway, and into the park. “It’s just a short walk to the maintenance door to the Honeymoon Suite.”

We walked through a door into a mock-up of a luxurious hotel room. There was a large sofa with a coffee table in front of it, which held a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and two champagne flutes. The other major feature of the room was a king-sized bed with the covers neatly turned down. One wall of the room was glass, looking out into the spectator area.

“The whole skit lasts about two minutes,” Michelle said. “We’ll be in here in the dark. When the lights come up, you’ll be unzipping my wedding gown, and I’ll step out of it, wearing a bra and panties. You’ll already be barefoot and shirtless, and I’ll take your trousers off, leaving you in just boxer shorts. We’ll kiss, and then we’ll get in bed and pull up the covers. We’ll do some thrashing around under there, and we’ll toss our underwear out. I’ll go down under the covers, as though I’m kissing your body, and then you’ll scream and go limp. I’ll pop my head back out and leer at the guests with blood dripping from my mouth, and then the lights will go off.”

“Okay,” I said.

“I think we should practice,” Michelle said, pressing herself against me. “Undress me.”

I pulled her shirt off, revealing a white lace bra. She wriggled out of her shorts, showing me her matching thong. Her body was breath-taking, with pale, lightly freckled skin on an athletic shape. The nipples of her firm breasts were straining against the cups of her bra, and her thong did little to hide her cleft.

“For the skit, I’ll be wearing something a little more opaque, so we don’t bring the wrath of the moralists down on us,” she chuckled as she removed my shirt and knelt in front of me to work on my belt.

“We’ll have to keep this looking more-or-less chaste, so I won’t do this during the skit,” she said as she ran her fingers over the growing bulge in my shorts, “but we can certainly do this.” She rose to her feet slowly, rubbing sensually against me as she did. Then she kissed me, lightly at first, and then with passion. “Let’s get in bed.”

We lay down, and Michelle pulled the sheet up over us. “For the skit, we’ll have copies of our underwear hidden in the bed. We’ll fumble around a little and then throw them on the floor where the guests can see them. Since we don’t have props right now, we’ll just have to make do with what we have,” she said, as her fingers played in the fly opening of my shorts.

By this time, I was pretty hard, and her hand was quickly getting me the rest of the way there. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off, and she took off my shorts and her own panties. We were naked, kissing and fondling each other under the sheet.

“During the show, I’ll have a fake-blood packet hidden under my pillow, and I’ll open it when I disappear under the covers. When I have the packet open, you’ll scream bloody murder and then collapse, and I’ll come out drooling blood out of my mouth. Then the lights will go off in here and come on out there. What do you think?”

“Sounds pretty cool,” I said.

“We’re going to deviate a little more from the script now,” she said, kissing me on the chest and moving lower. A second later, I felt her tongue begin to escort pornoları bathe the head of my cock.

“No wonder Mom calls you ‘big boy’,” she murmured, just before snaking her tongue up and down my length.

Michelle’s approach to giving head was a lot different from Laura’s. She licked me thoroughly, cock, balls, and taint, before sucking me deep into her throat for a moment. Then she repeated the process. Each time she did it, she went faster.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I moaned.

She pulled the sheet down to reveal herself to me. She said nothing, but her green eyes flashed a hungry smile as she took me into her mouth again. Rapidly, she bobbed up and down on me, and in seconds, I knew I was past the point of no return.

When the first spurt of my semen hit her throat, Michelle let out a sound like a soft growl. She pulled back, so that I could see the second shot land in her open mouth. She began flicking her tongue rapidly against the underside of the head of my cock, making my cum go all over her lips and chin.

“You’re delicious,” she said with a smile when I was done. She sat back on her haunches, and carefully cleaned her face with her fingers, licking my spunk off them and swallowing.

This was the first time I had seen her fully naked. Her breasts were firm, perky, with large juicy nipples centered in tiny areolas. Her body was lithe and toned, like a runner. Her thighs were lean and muscular, taut, but very feminine. Her pussy was shaved, but she had a thin landing strip of the same, rich auburn of the wild tresses that framed her face, making the pinkness of her lower lips seem even more inviting.

“Can we deviate from the script a little more?” I asked.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Some role-reversal. Would you lie down?”

“I’d love to,” she said, moving onto her back. When she spread her legs, I could see how wet she already was.

I touched her pussy, cupped it with my hand, and stroked it softly. Warm moisture on my fingers begged me to taste her, and her scent made me feel hardness beginning again in my dick. With the tip of my tongue, I traced a gentle path from her opening up to her hood. She had a light, musky taste, not at all unpleasant. I licked again. There was a sweetness to her that, combined with the musk, made me think of the scent of blossoms in a forest. I had to have more.

Hardening my tongue, I began to probe her deeper. With my thumb, I played around her clit. Michelle began to whimper, and her hands gripped my hair.

It was time to up the ante. I moistened my first two fingers in my mouth, and then rubbed them over her opening. At the same time, I began to suck on her now-exposed clit.

“Please!” she gasped.

“Please, what?”

“Please, David! Please don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” she cried.

“Okay,” I said, working my fingers inside her. She was tight inside, but wet enough that I was able to move in an out easily. I went back to licking and sucking on her button.

Suddenly, Michelle’s thighs clamped around my neck, and her hips rose from the bed. Her rapid breathing changed to a series of little yelps, and then she howled her orgasm.

When she finally released her death grip on my head, she lay back, panting for a minute. Then she looked at me. “David?” she asked.


“Will you fuck me? Will you fuck me like an animal?”


She got on all fours. “Mount me.”

I got on my knees behind her. For a moment, her perfect pink star caught my attention, but then I smelled her juices again and knew where I had to go. With one hand, I gripped her taut asscheek, and with the other, I aimed myself. The instant I first made contact with her wetness, she pushed back so that the head of my cock was almost inside her.

“You’re big, David, but you’ll fit. Just push it in. Just fuck me.” she whined.

I did. Strong, slippery, hot muscles grudgingly relaxed, allowing me inside. Slowly, I slid balls deep.

“Oh, hell, that feels good!” Michelle said, clenching her muscles slightly on me.

“Sure does,” I agreed.

“Fuck me slow and deep.”

“Anything you want.”

I pulled almost all the way out, and then sank back inside her. I let my balls rest on her for a moment, while she worked her muscles on me, and then moved back again.

After a while, I realized she was stepping up the pace. I reached around to grab her breast. “Let’s go a little faster,” she gasped.

Soon, we were fucking deep, hard, and fast. This was mating.

“Fuck me!” she yipped. “Fuuuccckkk meeeeee!

Her screaming orgasm triggered my own, and we pounded our way through them.

When we separated, I heard it. The sound of a single pair of hands clapping.

“Who’s out there?” Michelle called.

The lights came on in the spectator area. Chuck was standing there, a big grin on his face. “David,” he called through the glass. “The last time she came like that, I was pretty proud of myself.”

“How long have you been out there, Dad?” Michelle asked, walking over toward the glass.

“I got here just before he came on your face, honey. I think you might want to save that version of the scene for the website where we first saw this young man,” he laughed. “Nice job with her, David. No wonder my ladies like your movie. Will I see you kids for lunch back at the office?”

“When are we having lunch?” Michelle called to her dad.

“In about an hour and a half. I’ll see you later,” he said, walking away.

Michelle pulled her phone out of her discarded shorts and made a call. “Get your ass over here now,” she said into the phone. “The Honeymoon Suite.”

“Who are you calling?” I asked.

“What? He was talking,” she said, holding out a finger to shut me up. “Of course! … Let’s just say, Mom was right. … Twice, both of us. … I don’t know, but maybe if we work together – oh, just get over here!” She shoved her phone back into the pocket of her shorts.

“You have a job to do, David,” she laughed.

“What? What the fuck is so funny?”

“You have to try to make Cassie cum that hard. She’s pissed at Mom and me, since we’ve both had you. Maybe her feelings are hurt that you haven’t done anything with her yet, so you have to make it up to her. Don’t worry. I’ll help. I’ll start helping you right now,” she said.

Michelle knelt on the bed and stroked her long nails gently down my torso. The feather-light touch of her nails on my soft penis made it twitch. Just before she began sucking life back into me, she said, “My sister’s going to enjoy this.”

I was pretty well restored to full functionality by the time Cassie came running into the room. “Oh no you don’t, Michelle!” she said. “Back the fuck off, bitch. It’s my turn.”

“It sure as hell is! You’re gonna suck his cock to keep it ready, and I’m gonna moisten you up so you can see what Mom was raving about,” Michelle said.

“I can already see it,” Cassie giggled. Her park logo t-shirt and khaki shorts fell to the floor, and her bra and panties soon followed. “You know, David, I wanted you the moment I saw you. I was trying to figure out how to try to seduce you, but now it looks like I won’t have to.”

Michelle went back to licking my cock and balls, not really sucking me. She was cleaning me, teasing me with the caressing movements of her tongue, and it was making me very hard. Cassie crawled up the bed toward me, her full breasts swaying only slightly with her movements. When she got to my eye level, she said, “I want to suck you, and have you cum in my pussy. That’s what Mom did, right?”

“Yes,” I said. The thought of doing the same things with this succulent blond that I had done with her vixen-MILF mother flooded out any ideas I may have had about being sated.

Cassie kissed me hard, and then moved down next to her sister. At first, she let Michelle do most of the licking on my manhood, pressing her sister out of the way for a moment to tease me with her lips, but spending most of her time kissing and nibbling on my stomach and thighs. After a few minutes of this, she must have gotten impatient. “Michelle? Lick me instead.”

Michelle got an almost feral look of passion on her face as she moved around the bed to bury her face in the younger woman’s ass. When the initial look of pleasured shock at the forcefulness of the tongue-lashing wore off, Cassie began sucking my cock with an enthusiasm that may have surpassed her mother’s.

The blond kept this up for a while, bringing me ever closer to still another orgasm, and then backing off to concentrate on her own pleasure. Finally, she whined, “I’m cumming!” and jammed me down her throat as she writhed on her sister’s face. She took a few deep sucks that way, and then raised herself quickly from her partners. Gasping for air, she asked, “Can you cum again, David?”

“Yeah,” I wheezed.

“Good,” she said, squatting over me to aim my tired member. She sank slowly, rotating her hips slightly as she went. When she finally settled onto me fully, she smiled at her sister. “Oh, yeah,” she said. “I like this.” She rose up again and slithered back down. “I like this a lot.”

“Ride ’em, cowgirl!” Michelle laughed. She was bent over into an almost impossible position, cleaning my spunk out of her pussy with her fingers and licking them off. “Damn it!” she giggled. “I feel like a stupid cat. I wish I could just reach it with my tongue.”

Cassie leaned over me so that her nipples were only inches from my face. I raised my head and latched onto one. It was hard, a raisin on my tongue. She grunted softly when I sucked on it, and her humping actually slowed down. Her movements became more gentle, with her internal muscles doing a lot of the work of trying to get me to cum. It worked pretty well.

By the time I had just about finished my orgasm deep inside her; Cassie was reaching the peak of hers. She was grunting again, sounding almost like she was in pain. Her eyes were unfocused, rolled partway up into her head, and her vagina pulsated on me in rhythm with my heartbeat. As my pulse moved toward normal, her contractions lost speed and strength. Even though I was losing my erection, her pussy held me snug in its flooded depths.

Cassie’s appearance was returning to normal again, but she looked as tired as I felt.

“We should go get lunch, guys,” Michelle said, getting off the bed to look for her clothes.

The girls talked about costumes and special effects that still needed to be completed while they dressed, but I said nothing. I smelled like sex, I was tired and sweaty, and I was going to have lunch with these girls’ parents, my bosses, on my first day on the job. I just couldn’t get it through my thick head that this would turn out well.

Chuck and Seth met us as we walked into the office building. Laura had set out a large buffet lunch in the conference room.

“How did the audition go, David?” Seth asked as we ate.

Before I could answer, Chuck laughed loudly and said, “From what I could see, he did just fine. You know what your sister acts like when she gets off hard.”

“Hey, Cassie liked him too, the little slut,” Michelle exclaimed.

“Yeah, I sure did,” Cassie said. “Mom was right about him.”

Seth looked at me and smiled. “Way to go, dude. Any guy who can satisfy the three nymphs I live with is cool with me.”

“A serious question, kids,” Chuck said. “Can you tone it down when we’re doing performances for the public? We don’t want any trouble here.”

“Oh, stop being such a worrier, baby,” Laura chided her husband. “The girls are smart. We’ve raised them right. We’ve never had any trouble with the kids not being discrete. Innuendo is part of what we sell here, remember. Innuendo and fantasy, along with the stuff of nightmares. It’s all good fun. The kids have always known their limits in public.”

“What about you?” Seth asked, looking at me. “Can you keep it clean in bed with these girls or some other seasonal chick we hire?”

“Seth!” Laura said. “If David has any problems with popping boners at the wrong time, we’ll simply have to tire him out before we open for the night. All performers get a break during the evening, so someone can drain him again. Would that be okay with you, David? The girls and I would make sure it would be a while before you got hard again.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

This was definitely going to be a very interesting job!

* * * * *

The next day, I worked with Seth. We were checking the gas lines which fed the burners in some of the flaming attractions along the hayride route. “Lucifer’s Used Auto Parts” had a number of wrecked cars, some of which would be on fire during the hayrides. There was a large system of burners used for the special effects in the “Toxic Waste Spill” area, too.

As we walked, I asked, “How many people actually work here?”

“Right now, it’s just the family and some contractors, plus you. Mom and Dad always hire one person early, sort of like an intern in the business. That person gets trained in a lot of different stuff, and usually winds up as a kind of supervisor. We need help to manage over a hundred employees and thousands of visitors every night in season.

“Any idea why I got hired early?”

Seth laughed. “It was the video, dude! Mom saw it and showed it to the rest of us. She kept talking about it, talking about you, your cock, what she’d like to do with it. When Cassie recognized your girlfriend, Mom really went off the deep end. Dad knows some of the faculty at the University, since he used to be a prof there before he bought this place.”

“Chuck,… I mean,… your dad was a prof?”

“Bio-chemistry, worked on developing medicines and stuff. At lot of people didn’t like his methodology or something, but anyhow, he made some calls. He got in touch with your advisor, and got a good reference from him.”

“Doc Patterson said I’d be good working at a horror attraction? I’m not sure that’s exactly the recommendation a surgeon-in-training should be looking for,” I said.

“No,” Seth replied, “Patterson said you were smart and hard-working, that you were good with people, that you like to think outside the box, and that you had learned a valuable lesson about discretion. Exactly what Mom and Dad were looking for. Dude, don’t worry. If Mom likes you, you’re set. And you know she does. She’s made my sisters tell here their story about you a dozen times by now.”

“Really?” I grinned.

“Oh, she’s definitely going to attack you at lunch,” Seth chuckled. “That’s why I wanted to get this walking out of the way this morning. You’re gonna be bow-legged and tired this afternoon.”

Seth was right. As it turned out, most lunch times went that way. In fact, most days seemed to start with a session with one of the daughters, followed by an after-lunch romp with Laura, with an afternoon break with whoever I hadn’t cum in or on earlier in the day. Bow-legged? Yeah. But damn happy. Making decent money, doing fun work, getting back in shape, eating Laura’s amazing (and sometimes a little weird) lunches, and sleeping soundly at night. Life was good. Sometimes, I’d stay late to finish a project, and “Mom” would invite me to join the family for dinner. At least one of those vixens would make sure my day’s production of cum would be completely drained before I went home.

A week before the start of the season, we had a luncheon meeting. The family was there, as usual, along with the crew leaders we had chosen for the attractions, maintenance, ticket sales, and security. The women were all on their good behavior. We set up schedules for all of us during the coming season. I agreed to work maintenance in the late afternoons, and then serve as an actor in the evenings. Three nights a week, I would work the Honeymoon Suite attraction, and the rest of the time, I would just run around the park with gory make-up, tormenting people with a chainsaw.

The fourth day of the season was my day off. I decided to go to the park anyway. That sounded a hell of a lot better than hanging around my apartment. In the evening, I could play visitor to the park, seeing the attractions as the public sees them. I called Laura.

“Hey David!” she answered. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I’m kinda bored on my day off. Are you guys working?”

“Chuck and Seth went out to make some changes and repairs to some of the hayride scenes,” she said.

“What are you and the girls doing?” I asked.

“Talking about costume designs for next season. After that, I could probably use a good fuck. Why don’t you come to my office?”

“On my way,” I said.

Laura was waiting at the back office door when I got there. She was dressed in a tight floor-length black dress with a hobble skirt. With her long black hair down over her breasts, she looked like an over-sexed Morticia Addams. “I have a question for you, David,” she said, as she ground herself against me.

“What’s that?”

“Do you know what a reverse gang-bang is?”

“A couple of girls with one guy?” I asked.

“I think it has to be at least three girls,” Laura said, kissing me. “Have you ever been gang-banged?”


“That’s going to change,” Laura said, leading me by the hand toward her office.

Before I got to the door, I could hear Cassie’s grunts of passion and Michelle’s cute yips of excitement. The girls were on the carpet, naked, engaged in an intense sixty-nine.

Laura held my hand and watched her daughters for a while. Then, she moved behind me and pushed herself against my ass. “Don’t you think we should join them?” she murmured into my ear. Her one hand began to caress the lump forming in my pants, while her other played with my hair. I could feel her tongue on my neck. “Do you want to get fucked, David? Do you want a hot pussy on your big dick and another on your tongue? Do you want to cum all over my breasts? Do you want me to lick your spunk from one of my daughters and feed it to the other?”

A few hours later, the ladies all went home to get ready for the evening. Cassie was going to be in the Ballroom scene, and Laura and Chuck were going to do the Honeymoon Suite, since Michelle was going to be working out some glitches in the Torture Chamber skit. I got dressed, after showering in Laura’s office bathroom, and went out on the grounds.

I went over to the hayride area. Seth was driving a large forklift down the path toward me. “Hey, David!” he called. “I thought you had the day off?”

“I do. I was bored, so I came out. Do you need help with anything?”

“No. Dad and I just finished re-arranging the wrecked cars in Lucifer’s area. We added two new cars to burn, since the old ones were so badly rusted.”

“Yeah? I’d like to see,” I said, as I started to walk past him.

“Don’t go back there!” Seth barked.

“What the hell, Seth? Why not?” I asked.

“Dad just hooked up new burners in them and lit them. There’s upholstery and paint burning now. It’s pretty nasty. That’s why I left.”

I could see black smoke rising from an area further down the path. “Where’s Chuck?” I asked.

“He’s back there with a hose, just in case things get out of hand. He wears a breathing pack whenever we do this. Now come on, ride with me,” Seth said.

I crowded onto the step next to him and rode back to the maintenance shed. When we got there, Seth got on his phone. “Dad, how do the cars look?”

“Good. There’s not too much smoke anymore. By the time the ride opens, it’ll be fine,” I heard Chuck say.

“All right. David’s here. I’m gonna buy him dinner and then suit up for tonight.”

Seth took me over to a concession stand that had tables around it. We ate our meal in the early evening chill. Lots of actors were hanging out there, their masks pulled up so they could get a drink or a snack. We could hear a lot of traffic outside the fences. The crowd was arriving.

“Fifteen minutes till the gates open,” Seth called to the crew. “Let’s get this show going.” To me, he said, “I gotta put on my make-up. I’m a chainsaw guy tonight. I’ll be hanging out near the Silo.” He hurried off.

I stayed near the gate. A few minutes later, groups of people came through, couples, groups of young women and girls, carloads of young guys hoping to catch each other being scared. It was going to be a good night.

Wandering over toward the Silo, I spotted Seth. His face was a hideously distorted mask, and his immense size was emphasized by the torn bib overalls and flannel shirt he wore. With blood and gore crusted on his arms and face, he truly looked the part of a murderous ogre. The John Deere hat was the only thing that made me sure this creature chasing teenage girls with his screaming chainsaw was Seth.

I went into the Silo of Torture following two young escort portalı couples. The girls were terrified, clinging to their boyfriends and screaming. The guys tried to tough it out, but the strobe lights, the fog machines, the alternating noise of death metal music and eerie silence took their toll. To be honest, I would have been frightened too, if I hadn’t known how the special effects worked and where the actors were hidden.

Finally, we got to the last room in the Silo, where the dentist’s office was. Harsh light came on, glaring from the stainless steel, the white enamel, and the rich, wet blood of the vignette. The dentist was leaning over his patient, bloody pliers in hand, cackling his cruel laughter at the young woman being tortured in his chair.

A few seconds later, his lights went out, and across the hall, the wood shop lights came on. A woman was fastened to a table with nails and clamps, screaming and begging for mercy, while a hideously disfigured man was making holes in her legs with a large electric drill. The floor was awash in blood and gore, and severed limbs littered the corners of the room.

The next display was the tattoo parlor. A woman dressed like a punk rocker was methodically skinning a man who was stripped to the waist and restrained to a table. With every slice of her knife, he screamed like a banshee.

In the last scene, I was able to recognize Michelle under her hooded robe when she turned to face the crowd. She was tightening the rack on which a woman was tied. As the rollers turned, tightening the pressure on the victim’s joints, the woman shrieked to the crowd, begging for help. Next to her, a man was fastened to another rack, but he was being tortured with hot branding irons. The effects looked very real, and the frantic pleas of the victims caused their tormentors to laugh.

Our group of visitors left the Silo, only to be attacked once again by Seth and his band of chainsaw-wielding monsters. I gave them a wave, and headed over to the Barn of Death. As I worked my way through, I was anxious to see how Cassie looked in her satin and lace dress. When my group got to the Ballroom area, I was able to stand very close to the window into the room. The music began. Suddenly, there was a scream, followed by shouting and the sound of furniture being overturned. The lights came on in the Ballroom.

I didn’t see Cassie at first, but when I did, I was shocked. I had assumed that she played the part of one of the dancers being attacked, but I was wrong. She was one of the zombies. Her dress and mouth were smeared with blood and gore, and her long blond hair was matted with it. Her normally perfect skin was now marred with open sores and areas that looked positively necrotic. She moved around the room, occasionally piling on top of a group of zombies already feasting on a victim, or instigating a kill.

My attention was drawn to a scuffle between two men at the side of the room. It looked like a male zombie was attacking a young man. They were on the floor, with the zombie on top, and the man appeared to be struggling with him. The victim managed to pull a gun from inside his jacket, placed it against the zombie’s forehead, and fired. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to look, and then Cassie threw herself against the glass separating her from the crowd and screeched, “That was my boyfriend!” Then she turned and joined the pack of the undead that swarmed the unlucky gunman.

When the harsh lights in the hallway came on, I was almost relieved. It had been a little unsettling to see the beautiful blond who had been one of the women giving me pleasure only a few hours before, now looking so grotesque.

The Honeymoon Suite skit was another crowd-pleaser. As I had expected, Laura looked fantastic in her sexy wedding gown, and even better out of it. Unlike Michelle, Laura was wearing white hold-up stockings and a blood-red strapless bra and boy-short panties. Her long black hair was down, but looked a little disheveled, as though it had recently been pinned up in an elaborate style. I could feel myself thickening at the sight, and more than one person in the crowd muttered their appreciation of her.

Chuck looked just as good – fit, bulky, a powerful looking bear. A young woman in front of me said, to no one in particular, “I would do anything for that man.”

Laura’s sensuous movements with her husband contrasted beautifully with his easy, powerful ones. He picked her up after she had removed his pants, and supported her with one hand as he played with her hair with the other. She wrapped her legs around him, and he carried her to bed. When they were under the covers, the movements they made were pretty convincing. I’m sure everyone believed that they had actually stripped each other bare, and knowing them, they probably had.

After a passionate kiss, Laura moved completely under the sheet. She appeared to be kissing her new husband’s body, and he certainly looked like he enjoyed it. Her head went lower, further down his body, and he began to moan.

The sexual tension in the scene was shattered by Chuck’s anguished screams. He thrashed, his face a rictus of pain, and then he went silent and still. Laura emerged from under the sheet. Blood drooled from the corners of her mouth, dripping onto the sheet she held over her breasts. She laughed and licked her lips, just before the lights went out in the room.

As I walked outside, I let the feelings about what I had seen wash over me. I worked there. I helped to build some of the sets, train some of the actors, and collect some of the props. I had been an actor for the last three nights myself. I had been made some kind of honorary member of the incestuous family that owns the place, and I realized I was shocked. Grossed out. Upset. Chilled to the bone. Hell, scared shitless. No wonder this place was such a huge success.

The hayride was the last major attraction. It wouldn’t get to me the way some of the other things had, since I had worked there in the daylight and had helped actors to rehearse their scenes and trained them in the use of their special effects. I knew what to expect. Standing in line to get on a wagon, I was amused by the shrieks and antics of the people being accosted by the ever-present chainsaw guys, After a while, I saw that the guy standing next to me seemed pretty unaffected by it all.

“What do you think of The Grim Reaper’s Farm?” I asked.

“I worked here a few years ago. I always come back to see what they’ve changed. It’s pretty good this year,” he said.

“I’m working here this year,” I said. “It’s a pretty cool job, don’t you think?”

The guy shrugged. “I used to think so, but I wouldn’t work here again. Too much weird shit, especially after they built the new office and workshop building. It’s built on an ancient Indian burial ground, you know. This whole place is cursed. You’ll see.”

“Everything seems good to me,” I said.


What a looney, I thought. Cursed because it’s built on an Indian burial ground? Right.

We had been on the ride for a short time when the man leaned over to me. “Do you smell that?” he asked.

“What, the smell of rubber and plastic? They added two cars from some junkyard this afternoon. Seth was worried that people would still smell it tonight. I don’t think it’s too bad,” I said.

“Not really,” the guy said. “Did you see the cars before they torched them?”

“No,” I replied.

“That’s too bad,” he said.


He waved his hand as if to push the thought away, and we rode a while in silence. When we were inside the barn with the mannequins on meat hooks, he leaned over to me again. “I never figured out how they make some of the blood look so real. Do you have any idea?”

“Well, Chuck’s a former bio-chemistry professor,” I said. “He still has a lab here in the shop building. I’ve never been inside, but Seth says he does a lot of the development work on some of their special effects himself.”

“Right,” the guy said.

* * * * * * * * * *

Almost before I knew it, it was Halloween. This would probably be the biggest night of the season for us. I had slept soundly the night before, and I arrived at the park at nine in the morning. It was going to be a very long day.

I walked into the office to find the family in the conference room. “David, my boy!” Chuck greeted me. “Get yourself some coffee and a Danish and sit down. We were just talking about you.”

“Yes,” Laura said. “We have something to discuss with you.”

Chuck said, “Let me ask you a question, David. How committed are you to the idea of finishing your surgical training?”

“Well, it’s what I want to do,” I said.

“Do you enjoy what you’re doing here?” Chuck asked.

“Here’s the thing,” Laura said. “We’ve been thinking about expanding the business by adding another theme building in the park. The money is there, but we would need another full-time, year-round person to help run it. We’re prepared to offer you a junior partnership in the business if you’ll come aboard, and we will increase your stock holdings over a five-year period until you are an equal partner to the rest of us. I guess we’re offering to ‘adopt’ you, just like Chuck and I did with the kids.”

“What do you think, dude?” Seth asked.

“I’m flattered.”

Chuck said, “You’ll probably earn more money here than you could as a surgeon. Your first year, with salary and bonuses, you should clear about $100,000, and it goes up from there. Plus, no malpractice insurance.”

“The employee benefits package stays the same, too,” Laura said.

“May I think about it? This is a big decision,” I said.

“Of course,” Chuck said. “We can talk more at the party tonight. Every Halloween night, the family goes back to our house for a little celebration. We’d be honored to have you join us. It’s kind of a tradition with our most trusted employees.”

“Just say it, Dad,” Michelle laughed. “It’s kind of an orgy.”

“More than just kind of an orgy,” Cassie giggled.

“Please say you’ll come,” Laura said. “I haven’t had all three holes filled at once for a while.”

The day went by quickly. Chuck had given us all strict instructions to save ourselves for our Halloween night party. I, at least, complied. I didn’t even see the others much during the day, and our meals were hurried. We worked like demons, ensuring that everything would be perfect for our big night at The Grim Reaper’s Farm.

It was decided that we would all work as strolling performers that evening, since we wanted to quit work early. After dinner, Chuck, Seth, and I all dressed as chainsaw guys, Laura changed into her Morticia Addams dress, and Michelle put on a blood-spattered nurse’s uniform and armed herself with a blood-covered rubber knife. Cassie appeared, dressed as the Grim Reaper, complete with bloody scythe. We went out and met our guests.

Soon, it was getting close to ten o’clock. My cell phone sounded its alert for a new text message. “cum 2 office now,” it said.

I made my way over to the door in the fence and used my remote to unlock it. Seth was right behind me. “Dude,” he said, “are you ready to get your freak on?”

“What do you think is going to happen tonight?” I asked him as we walked down the long hallway to the reception area.

“What do I think is gonna happen? I know what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna get drained, that’s what’s gonna happen!”

Chuck, Cassie, and Michelle were already gathered in Laura’s office. “Where’s Mom?” Seth asked.

“She went home to get things ready. Come on,” Chuck said. “We’ll take my car.”

I sat in the back with the girls, and Seth got in front with Chuck. We rode a short distance to a driveway leading into a wooded area. The bare limbs of the trees looked gloomy in the lights of the car, and a breeze was making the dead leaves dance as we drove. We came into a small clearing and pulled up in front of a large old Victorian house. Maybe it was the clouds covering the moon, maybe it was the darkness of the house itself, or possibly the fact that it was Halloween, but the entire place made me feel cold and alone.

“Welcome to our humble abode, David. Let’s see what Laura has waiting for us,” David boomed as we got out of the car. He bounded up the front steps and threw open the door. “Honey, I’m home!” he called.

“I’m in the den,” we could hear Laura call. We went down a dimly lit hallway to an open door at the end.

“I brought you a present, babe,” Chuck said, guiding me ahead of him into a room paneled in dark wood. It was lit by candles in sconces on the walls, and a large stone fireplace at one end. “Why don’t you unwrap it?” he teased.

Laura, still wearing her hobble-skirted black dress, rose from a nest of pillows and came to stand in front of me.

“David, my dear, have you given any more thought to accepting our offer?” she said as she ran her fingers lightly over my chest.

“Yes, I have, but I’m just not prepared to give you a decision yet. Can I have a few days to think about it?” I asked.

“Don’t pressure him, Laura,” Chuck said. “David understands the offer. He has to make his decision. Let’s have a drink and get naked.”

He went to a cabinet and pulled out six goblets and a magnum bottle of wine. “David, not all of the family’s income is from the farm. I’m a bio-chemist, developing new drugs and chemical treatments. I have one that is going to be released to the general public next month. It’s going to put the people who make Viagra and Cialis out of business. Clinical trials are completed and double-verified. No harmful side-effects. Pretty short half-life in the human body. Perfectly safe for men from eighteen to a hundred and eight. Not only does it make you hard and keep you that way, it increases sensitivity and doubles your rate of semen production. A guy your age should be able to cum at least a half-dozen times in an evening. Do you want to try it?”

“Trust me, Dude, you’ll love it,” Seth said, taking the pill and wine his father offered.

“Please, David,” Cassie said, rubbing her lovely breasts against me. “I’m going to have to share you with Mom and Michelle tonight, but I really want you to cum in both my mouth and my pussy.”

“Me, too,” Michelle said from my other side, her hand rubbing lightly on my clothed cock.

Laura had shuffled away from me. “David,” she said. She opened the collar button of her long black dress. “It would mean a lot to me.” She worked quickly on the buttons, the fabric parting to reveal her pale, beautiful cleavage. “Besides,” she purred, “you’re going to want to keep up with David and Seth.” By this time, she had opened the buttons over her mound.

“David?” Chuck asked. I turned to see him smiling at me, a pill in one hand and a goblet of wine in the other.

I took them. The pill went down easily with a swallow of the unusual wine. It was heavy, with hints of wood, spice, and smoke. Odd, but delicious. Almost immediately, I felt warmth inside.

Chuck took a pill himself, and washed it down with a few swallows of wine. He set his goblet down and began to undress.

I turned to see the rest of the family, naked, intertwined on the pillows. Laura was bathing her son’s cock with her tongue, and Cassie and Michelle were busily licking each other’s pussies.

“Grab the bottle and join us,” Chuck said as he walked past me, completely nude, carrying the goblets in his hands.

I drank the rest of my wine as I quickly stripped out of my clothes. I had never heard of a medication that worked so quickly. I felt a buzz, a bit of euphoria, and I realized I was as hard as stone. Whatever this shit was, it was making me horny as hell.

“There you are, David!” Laura cried happily. She was wiping cum off her chin with her fingers and licking them clean. “Would you do something to this old woman’s pussy? Nobody has touched her all day, and she really needs some attention.”

The girls had separated by this time. Michelle was riding a re-invigorated Seth, and Chuck was plowing Cassie hard from behind.

I set down the bottle and knelt between Laura’s long, toned legs. At first, I just wanted to sink myself as deep inside her as I could, but the sight of a drop of her nectar at her pink opening made me pause. This gorgeous woman, probably old enough to be my mother, was easily the most sensual woman I had ever been with. Every time with her was an adventure. This time, we were going to start with me licking her.

The heightened sensitivity Chuck had said his formula gave to a man wasn’t limited to the genitals. Even though the feel of the warm air of the room around my pulsing cock was intensely pleasurable, the sight of Laura was even more arousing. Her long black hair was strewn across a pillow, a large lock draped over her one breast, her hard nipple poking through. She stared at me, a look of pure lust in her eyes.

Her legs parted further, bending at the knees. As I moved down, I inhaled the sweet smell that is Laura. Her flavor is something that thrills me every time I taste it – a compelling blend of exotic fruit and spring rain overlying the rich taste of a healthy woman. Tonight, every aroma and taste was bolder, stronger, better. I was losing myself in feasting on her, rewarded by her juices and her cries, when I felt a hand touch my hip.

“Do you mind if I distract you?” Michelle asked.

I lifted my head from Laura’s steaming cunt. Michelle was lying on her back, her ankles on her father’s shoulders as he fucked her. They both gave me an evil grin as they moved so her face was under me. “Fill my mouth, David,” she said.

The feel of her tongue on my manhood started me on the relentless march toward my release. This girl had given me plenty of blowjobs before, and she was very, very good at it, but this time, the pressure from my pleasure built to unbelievable heights. When I started to cum, Michelle grabbed my hip, urging me to pump everything I had down her throat. When I was done, her father pulled her away.

Laura finally urged me to lift my head from her. “I want you to fuck me now. I want to feel you pulse inside me,” she stated.

“In a little while, sure,” I said.

“No, now,” Laura argued. “Look, you’re still hard. Fuck me now. You can do it. I know what those pills do for my husband and son.”

Well, why not? I moved up the bed of pillows until I was on top of her. She guided me to her tight entrance, and I pushed inside.

The human body can only do so much, wonder drug or no wonder drug. After a few hours, we had all slowed down and eventually stopped. I was sitting cross-legged on a pillow next to Laura, sipping some wine, and re-playing some of the scenes that were sure to stay in my mind for the rest of my life.

The three women on their knees, cheek to cheek, with the three of us guys making our way down the row.

The first time I did a double-penetration. Cassie had my dick up her ass, and Seth was in her pussy.

Watching a mother suck her son’s cum off her daughters’ breasts, while her husband explodes into the girl’s womb.

I lost count of how many times I had ejaculated, let alone how many times I had my penis inside some part of one beautiful woman or another.

One by one, Chuck, Seth, Cassie, and Michelle drifted from the room onto the veranda outside. I still felt a little of my earlier “high.” Time seemed to be moving slowly. The wind had died down, and a full moon was shining.

“What do you think, David?” Laura asked. “Will you stay and join us? Will you take what we have to give?

The clock on the mantle over the fireplace began to chime. When the sound stopped after the twelfth tone, I heard noises on the veranda. Chuck came into the room. He was wearing a black cloak. His face had grown hard, angry looking. A huge gold pentagram hung from a thick chain around his neck. “He’s not going to join us, Laura. Let me get rid of him. He may yield some good tissues for one of my projects.”

Cassie appeared in the door. She looked like she did in the Ballroom, sores on her gorgeous face, and rotting tissue on her arms and torso.

“Why did you put your make-up back on?” I exclaimed.

“She didn’t. She took it off,” Seth said as he pushed his way past his adoptive sister. “Same as me. You think all ogres look like Shrek? Wrong dude. And you know something? I’m hungry.” He flashed his large, ugly teeth as he advanced slowly toward me.

A wolf howled outside. Michelle came into the room, her taut, lean body now covered with fur the same color at the mane of hair I had gripped only moments before. As I watched, her face elongated, her jaw became obscenely pronounced, and her large, fearsome canines dripped with her saliva. “You’re such a sloppy eater, Seth. Let me go first. I’ll tear his throat out and eat his liver, and then you can have the rest.”

Laura sat up and glared at her family. She hissed at them, “No, not this time.”

She turned to me and pushed me roughly onto my back. Her eyes blazed red. When she opened her mouth to speak, I could see the fangs. “This one is mine.”

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