Third Time’s The Charm

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This is the story of a mom’s confession. A mom who wanted her 25-year-old son, but found the taboo barrier too strong to break down. Now, after 2 failed attempts she’s finally ready.

The story is broken into 3 distinct parts. First, a prelude from the night before. An admission that she let fear ruin her first 2 attempts to be with her son but won’t let fear ruin a 3rd. She talks describes in great detail how they almost got there last time — almost. It ends with her son dry humping her to completion.

The second part is after the event. They did it! They had sex!

The third is retrospective. She’s now pregnant with her son’s baby!


Part 1: Prelude (Last Night)


Tonight is the night. I can feel it. Tonight is the night that I will finally go all the way with my 25-year-old son. We’ve gotten really close twice before, but I’ve always chickened out right before it became time to take our clothes off and actually have intercourse. It’s always been me who’s pumped the brakes, which is ironic considering it was me who seduced him, not that it took much persuasion.

I don’t know what my problem is. I mean, we love each other, and he’s just a guy like everyone else I’ve been with, but we’re all taught that such things are wrong.

We came so close last week. I really thought I’d be brave enough to actually go through with it, but I just couldn’t. We kissed and made out for an hour on my bed while fondling each other through our clothes. It was when he started to undo the buttons on my blouse to get direct access to my breasts and unfasten the front of my jeans to get into my pants that I panicked.

“I’m sorry, I’m just not quite ready for that,” I admitted, grabbing onto his hand as he unzipped the front of my jeans.

“It’s ok, Mom,” he responded with obvious disappointment. “But… I’m kind of already in launch mode; can I at least dry hump you until I ejaculate?” He asked with no embarrassment. Even that request made me feel uneasy, but I also felt bad about leading him on so far, getting his hormones raging and not going through with it.

Since he was being such a gentlemen and so patient, I agreed to let him dry hump me with our clothes on. My blouse was half unfastened and my jeans undone so he could see and feel my red bra and panties distinctly. He hadn’t even got a glimpse of them the first time we tried, so we were making progress. I finished undoing my blouse so my bra was fully exposed to him, but my pants were still off limits.

He took a moment to study my bra-covered chest before rolling over on top of me to start rubbing his crotch against mine. That was an awakening experience for sure. That was the first time I really felt his boner against me. It poked me here and there from time to time, but never pressed so firmly against me. He wasn’t penetrating me, but it felt much like we were having sex. It was foreshadowing of what was to come when we finally would do the whole shebang.

It took quite some time — at least fifteen minutes — for him to finish. At first, he seemed to have trouble pleasuring himself, so he re-adjusted and started rubbing his hard cock firmly against my leg instead of my cunt. This seemed to pleasure him better. He advanced into a vigorous rhythm rather quickly, rubbing his engorged stiffy against my leg with rapid meticulousness while he felt up my breasts through the outside of my bra.

Minutes later, he starting to release soft, pleasured moans just as his momentum amplified. I glanced down at him and noticed fierce determination on his face. It was evident that he was close to an orgasm. For the first time, I was about to witness my son achieve an orgasm — brought on by me. His breathing and queenbet güvenilirmi grunting accelerated, as did his lunges. He was seconds away from blowing a load in his pants.

He came to an abrupt stop just as his entire body shuddered while he released a seemingly involuntary shriek of ecstasy. He was cumming — right then and there inside his pants with his still rock-hard cock pressed against my leg. I couldn’t feel it. No dampness, nothing. Even with a condom, you feel the pulses. I felt nothing.

He took a deep a breath, assumingly just as he finished his last squirt of semen into his boxers, before crawling off of me and lying on his back next to me. I had a very peculiar cognizance, knowing that my son had just ejaculated inside his pants, as if he had just willingly wet his pants like when he was little. Inquisitive, I sat up to look down at his crotch to discern any evidence of his ejaculation. There was none. You wouldn’t have known that he had wet pants. Nothing was seeping through his jeans.

“Thanks, Mom!” He expressed. “I needed that!”

We hadn’t technically had sex, but it felt like we had. We certainly crossed the bounds of what most would consider appropriate behavior between a mother and her son. We went from feeling up each other and making out to him rubbing himself against my leg to an orgasm.

Going that far is what has emboldened me to actually go all the way tonight. If I hadn’t let him dry hump me to completion, I don’t think I’d feel so confident about tonight.


Part 2: We did it!


Well, it FINALLY happened! I had sex with my son!! We went all the way. Full intercourse. He’s still asleep upstairs in my bedroom, but I’m so gitty with excitement that I just can’t sleep.

The night started just as it had those previous times. We went out for a romantic dinner before retreating home to make out, first on the couch, then in my bed. We kissed and fondled each other through our clothes for awhile; his hands cupping and caressing the fabric covering my pubic mound while I massaged his cock through the outside of his jeans.

I was becoming impatient with his lack of progress, now that I was committed to doing the deed, so I pushed him along to acknowledge my willingness. He finally started to undo my blouse and pants. This time, I let him. I made no attempt to retreat. My blouse flapped over, exposing my red lacy bra beneath. He turned his attention from my bra to my jeans, shakingly undoing them to expose my red lacy panties. With a little help from me, he slid my jeans down my recently shaved legs until they were free my body.

He sat up for a good glance at my nearly nude body, covered only by the lacy red bra and panties. He then removed his own shirt and jeans. His tenting blue checkered boxers were damp with precum, which were reminiscent of when he fully cummed in his pants the week before. His body was so slender and smooth.

He pushed down against me once again, our nearly naked bodies pressed together as we continued making out. I felt his cock stabbing my legs through his boxers. I felt his hand slip into my panties and cup my cunt. Seconds later, I detected one of his fingers slip inside me. I started to feel antsy once again, conscious to the fact that my own son’s finger was inside of me, but I didn’t let it scare me off. Not this time!

He then reached behind me to loosen my bra. It unclasped with ease and he tossed the bra aside, locking eyes onto my bare bossom and hardened nipples for the first time since he suckled me as a baby. His expression was one of wonderment as he became mindful that he was seeing his mom’s bare breasts.

While I was committed to going through with queenbet yeni giriş it, I appreciated the slow pace we continued to take, slowing progressing from one step to the next like it was both of our first times. We spent another ten minutes making out with just my breasts and our underwear exposed before

He pushed down my panties and removed them. I was now fully naked, but he didn’t look down there beyond a simple glance before he continued making out with me. He re-inserted his finger into my vagina and moved it about inside of me in a pleasurable manner. He was definitely experienced at this.

He rolled out the bed and pulled his boxers around his stiff cock and down his legs until they were removed. I was seeing my own son naked for the first time since he wore diapers. My, how the sight had changed, but he was gorgeous! His soldier of manhood was standing tall in the middle of his soft forest of fur, ready for action. I couldn’t help but to stare down there, at his exquisite cock. I felt dirty for liking what I saw.

We paused for a moment while each of us took time to study each other’s naked bodies. His eyes pivoted down my body and targeted my velvet pussy for the first time. “I want to see your beautiful body better, can you stand for me?” He requested.

I got out of the bed and stood in full sight of him, feeling no embarrassment or mortification for standing naked in front of my son. In fact, I felt nothing but excitement and thrill. I felt young again, knowing that my son was so attracted to my nude body. Carter began to massage his cock while he scanned my body almost on instinct.

He moved towards me, took me in his arms and we kissed. I was very conscious that my breasts were being crushed and Carter’s erection jabbing into me, all due to the closeness of our bodies. I wrapped my hand around the neck of his manhood to pump it while he fondled my pussy some more. I then whispering into his ear that I was ready to take his cock.

“How do you want to do it?” He asked. I suggested we do it the old fashioned way that first time, so I lied back down on the bed, this time with my legs spread eagle to open my pink pussy for him. Through my sexual fog, I anxiously anticipated receiving his cock, giving no consideration to using any kind of protection. I wasn’t on the pill and he wasn’t wearing a condom. I was pretty sure I wasn’t at risk of getting pregnant, but to be honest, I was unsure. I hadn’t even thought about that possibility until after.

He took a gulp as he prepared himself, staring straight down at the stretched opening that gave him life. That was the first time I ever detected hesitation from him. Seeing my open pussy must have triggered a sudden comprehension that he was about to have sex with his own mom.

He wasn’t perturbed and crawled onto the bed between my legs, slowly easing himself towards my body and guiding his cock towards my accepting cavity. “I’m about to enter you,” he warned just as he pushed passed my barrier and penetrated me, forcing his rock-hard shaft through the outer lips of my vagina into the depths of my forbidden fissure. I involuntarily groaned in pleasure as the tip of his cock pierced my cervix, his balls resting against my soft forest of fur. It was the biggest cock I ever had inside of me, so it was quite intense.

He paused briefly, adjusting to the sensation of feeling his penis buried deep into his mom’s warm juicy womb. Starting with short jabs, his thrusts quickly increased in length and speed until he was frantically ramming his huge aching cock into his mother’s wet depths.

Breathing heavily, his face and body perspiring freely, Carter didn’t hold back and began humping me for all his worth with fierce queenbet giriş fortitude.

Barely a minute into his ferocious fucking, he came to an abrupt halt, without any inclination of a hastening orgasm. He held steady with an engrossed expression on his face. His body shook while he unleashed an uncontrolled grunt of bliss immediately before I felt a sudden spray of semen splash the walls of my womb. There was only one squirt of his juices, however.

He definitely had an orgasm, but it didn’t feel like the full thing. Given the shortness of his session, it seemed to be sort of premature ejaculation, one that he detected and seemed to stop midstream. Frankly, it wouldn’t have surprised me if he couldn’t hold out long. We had, after all, been steadily building towards it for over an hour. The added taboo of having incestuous sex would be enough to escalate anyone’s climax.

He remained stationary for almost a full minute. He said nothing. His entire body, including his facial expression, was static the entire time. I don’t think he even breathed or blinked.

When he resumed slow and steady thrusts, his cock still rock hard, I knew with certainty that he hadn’t achieved a full orgasm. I had already witnessed him achieve one once before, and the fact that he was continuing was further proof that the hormones hadn’t shut off. He must have detected a sudden surge towards an ejaculation, but stopped it just as it was about to peak in an effort to prolong the session, only releasing a small spurt of cum without completely climaxing. Incredible.

He managed to continue for several more minutes. He never lost his erection, but it was as if that mini orgasm renewed him and prolonged another ejaculation. I was about to achieve my own orgasm just as he expedited his pace, pounding my cunt harder and harder than ever before. That threw me over the edge. I felt an electric current jolt through my entire body as he continued pounding me.

He pounded one last time, delving deep into my pussy, hitting my cervix again in the process. I felt his body tense as hot cum began to shoot out of the shaft of his cock deep into my pussy. This was definitely the real thing this time! Through several successive jet streams, his massive load spattered against the walls of my pussy, filling my fertile womb up to the brim with his potent seed. Emptying his balls, he coated the inside of my pussy with his hot, sticky goo.

He remained inside me, plugging his fertile sperm juice until his erection depleted. He rolled onto the bed next to me, and we lied naked and relaxed side by side recovering from our session of intense love making. He fell asleep not long after, and here I am.

I am proud of myself for finding the courage to actually go all the way this time. I have no regret. No shame. No guilt. I love my son — more than anything and that’s who sex is meant for. There is nothing that brings two people closer together than the intimacy of sex. Yes, he’s my son, but that shouldn’t matter.

I actually wish we had done it sooner, even before he became an adult. Our relationship would have become this close years ago.

With regard to the potential for getting pregnant with my own son’s baby, I hadn’t thought about it until just now. For a brief moment, as I felt him injecting me up with his sperm, I did momentarily become aware of the possibility, but it’s only now that I’m really seriously examining that possibility. Would it be so bad if he did get me pregnant? What better product of our love could I ask for?

I don’t know what the future holds. I hope and expect that I will continue having sex with my son. We’ve already uncorked ourselves, so what do we have to lose? If I get pregnant, I’ll face that with my head held high with no shame or regret.


Part 3: Retrospect


It’s now been a year since I first had sex with my son. We’ve continued to have sex. I’m pregnant, now, with his baby, and am hopeful our baby girl will be born healthy.

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