Thomas and Daniel Compare


The fog hung heavy over Victorian London this Friday evening, Thomas and Daniel had been working late finishing the accounts for an important client and had finally completed their task. As they left their office, heading for their respective homes, a boy approached and informed them of an art exhibition with complimentary champagne.

“Let’s give it a whirl Tom, might be fun.”

Having nothing but his rented room to look forward to he agreed. They entered the museum and wandered round, discussing the paintings and sipping bubbly. They both agreed the company was dull and slipped quietly to a side room where the sculptures were housed.

“Those people are terrifically loud.” Thomas said,

“Frightful bores I agree Thomas.”

They stopped in front of a carving of a naked male, and standing close, side by side, they realized they were both admiring it, the contour of masculine muscles, the limp penis and the testicles it rested on, it was quite a long pause in their conversation.

“I say Thomas, How about retiring to my rooms for a pipe? I have some exquisite brandy.”

“That sounds wonderful old boy, let’s.”

Thomas and Daniel had worked together for the past ten years, both in their mid forties,both bachelors, they couldn’t think of working anywhere else. Arriving back at Daniels rooms, they discarded their jackets and after lighting the fire and a few candles, they retired on the sofa and enjoyed their tobacco and brandy. Various topics were discussed and soon came around to the sculpture.

“He was extremely well endowed I must say.” Thomas quipped.

“I don’t know old boy, I wager mine’s bigger.” Daniel retorted.

“He had a handsome physique too.” Thomas said.

Once again Daniel retorted, “I would say I have too.”

“Well having not had the pleasure of seeing it I can offer no comparison my friend.Unless of course you unveil your own exhibit.” Thomas said.

“Agreed. And then you shall give me your verdict.” laughed Daniel.

Standing up he unbuttoned his waistcoat and proceeded to strip in front of his colleagues gaze until he was completely naked apart from his shoes, socks and suspenders. Thomas admired his body,he stood up to and sliding his hand across his friends chest said “You do have a splendid physique.”

“And am I well endowed?”

Thomas’s eyes dropped down towards his friends penis and taking hold of his flaccid cock.

“Indeed.” he said as he admired his pals manhood.

“Fairs fair and all that old boy. Your turn.”

Thomas stripped down to his socks too. Daniel stepped forward and returned the Escort bayan compliment, taking hold of Thomas’s cock, which grew erect in his hand. Both men began to fondle each others penis, stroking and masturbating one another.

“I say old boy lay on the sofa.” Daniel said.

Thomas laid on the sofa and Daniel lay next to him in the opposite fashion and taking hold of his friends stiff cock placed it in his mouth and sucked on it, Thomas obliged by doing the same,licking its shaft and kissing the protruding veins, occasionally kissing his balls.

“I say old man I’m not far from ejaculation.” Said Daniel, and with that his cock exploded in his face, hot, warm, semen spraying all over,as Thomas was watching this, his cock did the same.

Getting dressed and making his excuses Thomas left with a farewell, and a promise of seeing him at work Monday morning.

Monday morning came around again all too fast, most of the morning was spent with the humdrum of the office paperwork and it was only at lunch did Thomas and Daniel find a chance to chat about the weekend. Thomas was perched on the edge of Daniels desk sipping from a cup of tea, while Daniel, enjoying the view and the memory of his friends’ crotch, sat in his chair eating his sandwiches. It was then Mr Beasley, the owner of the company languidly strolled in through the double doors of the office, glancing over the desks, picking up various paperwork and examining tem with feigned interest. Mr Beasley was a portly sixty year old, who having worked diligently most of his life and after building up his interests to a stately degree, now spent his days enjoying the fruits of his labour, which told in his rounded figure. Both men watched as he ambled over to their desk.

“All ship shape and Bristol fashion I presume boys?” He asked.

“Couldn’t be better sir, business is booming” Answered Daniel with a huge grin.

“Good show my lads.” He stroked Thomas on his thigh causing him to rattle his teacup slightly.

“I say sir, when are you next holding a soiree?” Said Daniel.

“As a matter of fact we are having a little get together this weekend. That is actually why I am here, to proffer you an invitation, you must be some sort of mind reader.” He laughed.

“Usual place?”

“And time.” Mr Beasley said.

“I don’t suppose I could bring my friend Thomas here along?” Daniel inquired.

“Why for sure, for sure.” He said, his interest in Thomas becoming keener, “I never knew that it was his cup of tea or else I would have made sure he was never omitted an invitation.” He smiled, remaining amongst them Bayan escort a few moments, his eye lingering on Thomas and then wandered up the stairs towards the general manager’s office.

The week crawled along slowly and without event, Thomas had asked his friend about the function they were due to attend but all Daniel would tell him was that it would be a social gathering which interest and stimulate, so Thomas lost himself in his work and thought no more of it. When the weekend finally did arrive, after washing, shaving and dressing and admiring himself in the mirror, he seemed pleased and thought himself rather dapper. He waited on his doorstep at the arranged time, leaning on his cane and watching the busy London street go by and at the allotted time alighted the cabriolet which pulled alongside him, Daniels smiling face greeting him. They trotted through the winding streets and seemed to be passing through Kensington when their cabbie pulled up at stately looking terrace, after paying their fare they entered under the alabaster columns and knocked on the huge brass knocker.

Greeted by a rather gaunt looking butler, he led them to the main room where the sound of clinking glasses and general conversation filled the air. Thomas searched the room for any familiar faces, there was about eight or maybe nine gentleman, all in formal suits and none which he recognized, he noticed a door opening at the rear and felt a little more relaxed as Mr Beasley, on hearing of the men’s announcement, was striding over to welcome them.

“Don’t worry old pal, no need for nerves.” Daniel reassured him.

He was introduced to most of the men throughout the evening, mainly by his employer as Daniel seemed to engrossed in conversation with a young looking fellow of around twenty. They enjoyed a sumptuous buffet of fine cut meats and various other fancies, the wine flowed smoothly and all seemed to be having an agreeable time. At around 10pm, a bell sounded and the butler announced that should they wish to retire to the smoking room, cigars and spirits would be on offer. All of the men shuffled through to the next room, Thomas caught Daniel as he winked at him and decided to follow too. The room was adorned with all manner of velvet covered chairs, couches and chaise longue’, a fire blazed in the hearth and with men already lighting up cigars, the room had an overwhelmingly masculine aroma to it.

Mr Beasley engaged Thomas in small talk and office banter, puffing out huge bellows of white smoke every so often, as he talked a haze of smoky unreality and insobriety came over him. Certain things began Escort to catch his attention in the corner of his eye as he listened to his boss, two men were kissing in the corner, their mouths passionately embraced, others fondled one another and Daniel was clawing at the young man’s clothes, literally ripping them from his body. He turned his attention back to Mr Beasley, he caught the tail end of his sentence.

“May I?”

“Yes, of course sir.” Thomas said.

Mr Beasley sank to the chair beside him and beckoned Thomas closer. He shuddered as he felt his trousers fall to his ankles and his limp penis engulfed in his employers warm, wet, greedy mouth. Mr Beasley sucked hard, his old wrinkled hands taking each of Thomas’ testicles in his hand, his tongue lashed slurpily around the head of his cock, which was aroused and becoming fully erect. He could see Daniel now, across the room performing the same act on the young man, while another gentleman with a black mustache performed the act on him. Everywhere he looked, the sight of male flesh, muscular bodies and erect and excited cocks filled his eyes, kissing, sucking, sodomizing, he saw all and it thrilled him. He watched as one young man sat on another’s stiff rod while getting his own swollen member sucked on, he watched as a young boy kissed an older man, one arm around his neck, the other rubbing at the fleshy snake that protruded from the man’s flies.

Mr Beasley stopped and stood up, it was plain to see that he desired Thomas to reciprocate the act. Thomas obliged, he fell to his knees, Mr Beasley had already loosened his pants. Thomas was surprised at the size of his employers balls, huge and covered in wispy grey hairs, his penis was actually quite small even though it was fully erect, Thomas place it in his mouth, pulling back the foreskin and taking the purple globe between his teeth, sucked hard on it. He felt a presence behind him, it was Daniel, he felt his friends excited cock search its way in and probe against his rectum, sliding it fully in his anus and begin pumping, Mr Beasley held on to his head as he bobbed up and down , eager for a taste of hot semen. It wasn’t long before he was rewarded at both ends, Daniel shooting his into his behind and Mr Beasley’s exploding in his mouth. The air was heavy with the aroma of cigar smoke and male ejaculate.

The evening carried on in much the same vein, debauchery one moment, rest and recuperation the next. Slowly, members of the party drifted homeward, including Daniel. Mr Beasley was so taken with Thomas he invited him to share his bed, an offer he willingly accepted, he climbed into the luxurious silk sheets, his naked athletic body in sharp contrast to the plump frame of his employers’. They spent the next day fondling and caressing each other’s maleness , Thomas leaving later that afternoon, with a promise of a pay increase.