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That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

After while, just as in any other employment, my assignments developed a pattern and a distinct demographic.

I have had sexual assignations in most of the local five-star hotels. In most instances, the higher the floor level, the better the sex. Also the kinkier.

Wealthy women in their forties – bored housewives and business women, some local, some from overseas, craving sexual excitement and satisfaction.

Some of the more challenging assignments were females with their male partners. Often the female had spent years fantasising about fucking a hung man while her partner watched. Sometimes the male had had spent years fantasising about his partner watching him blowing a hung man.

Another variation was both partners having me, separately or together – obviously experienced and very comfortable in that space.

Another common occurrence was women taking out revenge on their unfaithful partner and making them watch them fucking me.

This Friday night I am meeting three women aged in their forties on the top floor of a major hotel.

They have have clubbed together to cover the expenses and are going to hold a lottery to decide who will have me while the others watch.

To increase the sexual tension they have decided amongst themselves that they will wear only three items of clothing each, heels not included, though their shoes must remain on.

They are all attractive, beautifully groomed women. A brunette and two honey blonds.

One blond, Elle, is a tall, willowy size 12, wearing tight fitting, black leather slacks which highlight her long legs and firm ass.

The size 12-14 brunette, Fiona, is wearing skin tight, white linen slacks with a black, silk blouse. Her thighs and ass look fantastic.

The other blond, Gina, is wearing black stockings (with a garter belt I assume?) and an above the knee white dress.

I am freshly showered and dressed in a short silk dressing gown when the lottery commences.

Their rules are the first woman completely naked can have me any way they wish while the others watch.

They have a small bowl of balls numbered from one to twelve. Whomever draws the lowest number has to have me remove one item of clothing escort karataş bayan of their choice for them.

After between three and seven draws of the lotto balls, simple mathematics suggest I will have a naked woman to pleasure.

“Take my stockings off,” Gina smiles as she loses the first draw.

“Your stockings just count as one item, not two,” the other two tell her as she lifts her dress over her waist for me to unfasten them from the garter belt and remove them.

The three women are obviously very competitive.

“Do you like the way I shave?,” she teases as I ogle her almost bald pubic area framed by her black garter belt, as I slide her stockings down.

“Remove my blouse for me,” Elle tells me on the next draw. Topless with no bra, her modest tits look wonderful as she poses in her black leather slacks.

“My slacks, slide them down to my ankles,” Fiona tells me on the next draw. “Now over my shoes.”

She really has my full attention. No knickers, a trimmed tuft above her cunt, legs and thighs to die for and a glorious, big, dimple free ass.

“Now my blouse,” she whispers as she loses the next draw and I oblige.

“Thirty-six C, she smirks as I ogle her magnificent tits cased in a black cupless bra.

“My dress please,” Gina smiles as I remove it, leaving her in heels and her black garter belt. Any woman looks fuckable in just heels and a garter belt, a blond one especially.

“Slide my black leather slacks down to my ankles,” Elle tells me as I ogle her body in just a just a tiny thong.

Huge sexual tension with just one draw remaining to see who will have me.

“The next draw is to see who undoes Michael’s gown so we can check his equipment,” Fiona tells us after six draws.

One more draw and one of the women will be mine to pleasure while the other two watch.

“Wow, oh fuck, he is huge. We have turned him on ladies,” Fiona exclaims. “We have never had a man that big.”

“Your erection is magnificent. Thick and ten-inches. It looks wonderful hanging out of your gown.

“One of us is in for a treat. And a good fucking.”

I always enjoy flaunting my cock, flaccid or erect. A buzz for me as I stroke it to a full ten-inch erection while three almost naked women ogle it

“Now to the final draw.”

Elle draws number eleven.

Gina is all smiles when she draws number two.

I am elated when Fiona draws escort bayan karkamış number one. “So pleased I won, Michael, so pleased. Only my cupless bra left for you. Apart from my shoes I am completely naked for you.

She has my complete attention now. No knickers, a trimmed tuft above her cunt, legs and thighs to die for and a glorious, big, dimple free ass.

“Thirty-six C,” she smirks as I remove her cupless bra and ogle her magnificent tits. “And forty-one inch hips.”

“So pleased you won Fiona. Can I put your bra on again for you? Your magnificent tits look even better spilling out of it,” I tell her as I do up the clasp.

Her nipples are hard and erect as I lick them and suck on them.

“I want a thirty-minute fuck, at least thirty-minutes,” she whispers.

Her two girl friends are both completely naked now apart from their heels, and watching intently as I lick my way down Fiona’s body, belly button, then her clit.

“So good, so good,” she moans as I tease her almost bald cunt lips with my tongue.

One of her girlfriends is licking her nipples while the other is kissing her passionately.

Fiona has my erection between her pursed lips as one of her girlfriends is licking my nipples while the other is kissing me passionately.

“Now fuck me good Michael, really good, at least thirty-minutes,” Fiona whispers.

“What position?”

“On the bed from behind so my girlfriends can watch and you can watch them.”

“Like this?,” I ask as we organize on the bed and I kiss and lick her ass cheeks.

Her two girlfriends are close by on a couch watching intently, as I grasp Fiona’s glorious ass cheeks and slowly slide my roaring erection into her wet cunt lips.

Looking at her two very attractive, naked friends as I build up a rhythm is a huge extra turn for me.

When one of them tongue kisses Fiona and the other licks and sucks her erect nipples as I build up my rhythm, I want this to last all night.

I am sliding my full ten-inches into her now as Fiona returns her kisses while my torso is slapping against her ass cheeks.

Even more exciting as I watch blond Elle, with the long legs and firm ass, open her legs for the other blond, Gina.

The sofa is creaking as Gina licks her way up her long thighs until the tip of her tongue connects with Elle’s clit.

I can feel Fiona tensing as she watches her girlfriends enjoying lesbian kilis escort bayan sex while I am fucking her.

An eye candy bonus for Fiona and I as we watch Gina insert a finger into Elle’s cunt lips as she licks them.

“That is so good, watching my girlfriends while you are fucking me.”

“Did I tell you I am multi-orgasmic?

“Fuck me harder, harder, fuck my cunt harder,” Fiona is moaning as we watch and hear Elle orgasm.

“Did I tell you I am multi-orgasmic?,” Fiona asks again as cums. Then two, three, four, five, six times.

“Now fuck me some more. I want you to cum while Elle and Gina watch,” Fiona tells me as we get off the bed.

Fiona leans on her elbows over a table with her legs apart. Her legs in heels and her ass look fantastic in that pose.

“I told you I wanted a thirty-minute fuck, at least thirty-minutes,” she whispers as she looks at the wall clock.

“Twenty-nine minutes and counting Michael.

“Now fuck me some more. I want you to cum while Elle and Gina watch,” she tells me again.

Gina and Elle are watching side on as I lick and kiss Fiona’s glorious ass cheeks (I really do have an ass fetish).

I still have a full on erection as I stroke it for Gina and Elle.

“Wow, fuck he really is ten-inches. And thick,” one of them mutters as I grasp Fiona’s ass and slam my cock into her.

“That noise is a huge turn on,” one of them mutters as my body slaps into her ass cheeks.

“Fuck me harder. I want you to cum while Elle and Gina watch,” she tells me again.

“You are a sex machine, a fucking sex machine, both of you,” Elle and Gina moan as they watch.

I am watching the clock, I doubt if I am going to make it past thirty-three minutes.

“Fuck me harder. Really hard. I want Elle and Gina to watch you cum.”

“I love your hands holding my big ass while you are fucking me. My first ten-inch fuck.

“Love it, just love it,” Fiona whispers as she orgasms again.

Thirty-three minutes, so close. I am edging myself. Thirty-four minutes.

“Watch me cum, watch me,” I am almost screaming as the clock shows thirty-five minutes and I withdraw.

“Your hand or the back of my throat?” Fiona asks.

“Both, both,” I reply as I edge my erection with the tips of thumb and middle finger close to Fiona’s open mouth.

“Awesome, fucking awesome,” Elle and Gina are moaning as they watch.

The clock is on thirty-six minutes now.

I am counting under my breath as I edge my cock. ‘… four, five, six.’

“Watch me cum, watch me,” I am screaming as the clock shows thirty-seven minutes and I explode with Fiona sucking erection.

“Awesome, fucking awesome,” the three women smile as we compare notes and unwind in the bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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