Three Toppings

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Serenity’s eyes were buckling under the weight of eight hours of college followed by another six delivering pies for Giovanni’s Pizza Palace. The night’s streetlamps, road, and the cars were blurring and splitting into two. Her body was shutting down. Not only that, she had to wake with the yellow brightness of the next day’s first rays.

Such was the life of university students with nothing but lint at bottom of their pockets.

Serenity didn’t have much beyond her brain, which she hoped would lead her to a fulfilling and lucrative career as a chemist.

At the time, it was leading her to drop or rather keel over half-dead before she finished the last of her deliveries. Her parents were paying her tuition though she still had to feed herself, buy toiletries, and other miscellaneous things. Any sign of her not passing a class would mean the disappearance of their generosity. Thus, she found herself studying to the point of passing out every day.

She decided to use what concentration she could conjure to focus on her final pair of stops. She didn’t want to make another delivery to the wrong house and get part of her ass chewed off by her boss like the previous night.

Her car was filled with the aroma of tomato sauce mixed with herbs, green peppers, and onions. When she first started working at Giovanni’s, it had her mouth watering. Now, it almost made her want to puke.

Serenity could only dream of having fun in her life. She couldn’t recall the last time she had a date. Not that she wasn’t a looker. She had naturally curly auburn tresses that rested upon her shoulders. As lovely as her hair was, she was attached to her baseball caps and would usually have her ponytail through the opening in the back. Her breasts were about average and her ass had a nice heart shape. Her athletic build was formed during her softball days. She was the one sister among three brothers so it stood to reason they would rub off on her. Her habit of playing sports, watching them, and going to the games came from them.

That was whenever she had time for that…

She pulled into an apartment complex. The gate was already open and she rolled over a speed bump beyond it. She checked the address on the side of the pizza box. It was Building G, Apartment Number 18. Everyone was home for the evening as evidenced by every space being occupied. A yellow tinge and silhouettes could be seen in the windows of some of the buildings.

Serenity stopped in front of her destination. She made her own parking space in front of a dumpster.

She would have hit the steering wheel like it was a pillow if she stayed a second longer so she grabbed her warming bag, popped out of the car, and headed to the building.

She stood at the bottom of some metal stairs and looked up. Apartment 18 was on the third floor. She might as well have had Mt. Everest in front of her.

“Why couldn’t they have been on the first floor? Life, you really love trying to be funny, don’t you?” Serenity whined as she began started her climb.

A warm, spring breeze flowed into her face and helped to keep her awake.

After hitting the top floor, she heard the muffled sound of music beats and at least a couple of guys hollering. She didn’t know what had them riled up but she wished she was a part of it.

The party grew louder when she approached her destination. She had to know what was going on behind that door. She put some force into her knocks and waited.

She had her back to the door and was looking in any random direction when it flew open. She flipped around and her emerald irises shot out and her jaw nearly fell to the pavement.

The guy standing in the doorway was worthy of gracing the cover of a sports magazine. He wasn’t bulky but was lean and nowhere on his body could you pinch chub. He had a thick mat of brown hair with bangs swept above his right eye. He was in a white tank top and black workout pants. His right earlobe sported a diamond stud. It took a few moments for Serenity to snap free of her daze.

She slid the trio of pizza boxes from her black bag.

“Hi, I have a large pepperoni, a large meat-mania, and a large pizza with everything…” Serenity’s hands were hot but her shakes from being near that guy was the real reason she struggled to hold the boxes.

The young man took the pizzas before her composure was lost. “I got them!”

“Whew, thanks,” Serenity said as she slipped a receipt from her pocket and looked at it. “Um, that will be $26.88.”

She wanted to talk to him on an informal level but her tongue tied into knots and numbed. She grumbled inwardly.

“How is your night going so far?” the young man asked as he sat the boxes next to the doorframe and rummaged through the bills in his pocket.

“I feel like passing out. Sleep is a scarce thing for me.”

“You work a lot?”

“There’s that and I go to the university.”

The guy was flipping through the crumpled bills he brought into view. “Oh, cool. What are you studying?”

“Chemistry. It’s the Taksim escort hardest subject I’ve ever taken in my life but it’s interesting, too. I have to bring my books with me to work and use my breaks for studying or I’d never get my work done.”

“That has to be hard! You must be ready for a soft bed about now.”

“I can’t get into one fast enough.”

His bed would have sufficed. There were a few beats of silence. The young guy tilted his head and gazed at Serenity. Her cheeks flushed with a grin as she filled with fuzziness and tingles. Her shyness had her looking at him from the side.

“So, what’s your name?” the object of Serenity’s eye asked.

“Serenity. What’s yours?”

“Brayden.” He extended his hand and Serenity was all too happy to take it. His hands were a little on the rough side and his grip was tight but not uncomfortable. “You have a unique name. Not like Brayden!”

“Aww, it’s not that bad. I like it but thanks.”

Serenity was slipping back into her trance though she did realize they were still connected at the hands.

A few seconds passed before their hands separated. Serenity wanted it back.

Brayden turned his head and yelled into the apartment. “Hey, Darius! The food is here!”

“On my way!” the deep bass voice responded over the music.

Brayden returned his attention towards Serenity. “Darius is my roommate. We’ll be going to university in the fall. We might see each other there.”

“We might. What will your major be?”

“I want to be an architect. I would love to build things. I helped my dad build a deck behind our house and added a spare room next to the garage. Building is in my blood.”

“That’s pretty awesome…” Serenity said as she was rocked with another stun.

Her panties grew wetter as Darius came into view. He was about the same height as Brayden, around six feet, but he had dark brown skin, short, wavy black hair, and a mustache that connected to a goatee. He was in a gray T-shirt and workout shorts. He was about average in frame but he had an air of confidence about him. The way he held contact with Serenity’s eyes as he kneeled to pick up the pizzas had her wanting to know the source of his self-assuredness.

“Who is our friend?” Darius asked Brayden but was directed at Serenity.

Serenity smiled and offered her hand. “I’m Serenity. How are you?”

Darius clutched her hand and gave it a slight shake. He was gentler than Brayden as though he knew the right amount of pressure to apply.

“I’m Darius.” His voice was butter smooth. “I know how lame this must sound but you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen—in the last five minutes.”

Brayden nudged his friend’s shoulder. “She’s the only woman we’ve seen in the last five minutes!”

Serenity wasn’t sure if he was joking or meant it.

That couldn’t be me now…

She was wearing a black Giovanni’s pizza shirt that was bathed in flour. The matching cap and black pants were also doused in a white dusting. So many employees got headaches and called out at the same time that she wound up having to make a few pies herself.

Darius chuckled. “Haha, I’m just messing with you, Serenity, but you do look good.”

Serenity beamed her pink-lipped grin as her heart was in flutters. “Thank you but I look a mess.”

Darius reached towards her chest and she froze as he neared her tits but he patted the white coating on her shirt. “You mean the flour? Nah, it gives you a character!”

Serenity gave a schoolgirl giggle. “Hehe, sure.”

Darius marched to the dining room table, grabbed a pair of long-neck amber glass bottles with ice on the outside, and trekked back to the door.

He held one of the beers in front of her. “Have one and join us!”

The temptation was overwhelming. She wanted to snatch that drink and dump it down her throat more than anything. Well, not as much as hanging with two studs.

It was what she asked for and needed but if she hadn’t been at the end of her boss’s wrath or had to wake up with the sun in the morn, she would have gone for it. Her better judgment won but it wasn’t by much. She wished she could have given herself a swift kick to the ass.

“I’m sorry guys but I can’t. I might not have a job if I don’t get back soon and there’s school in the morning…”

Darius handed Brayden the beer and Serenity curled her lip downward. It was supposed to be hers…

“It’s fine. Maybe some other time,” Darius said after taking a swig.

Brayden stuffed $30 worth of bills into Serenity’s palm. “You can keep it all.”


Darius lifted a finger and jogged into the back hallway. When he returned, he had his brown wallet in hand. He added another $10 to her stash.

“Here. Have a great night,” Darius said.

Brayden tapped Darius on the arm and whispered something.

“Ask her!”

Darius shook his head and pointed at her. “No, you do it!”

Brayden looked at Serenity and smiled. “Um, ah, have a good night.”

Darius Taksim escort bayan shoved him but granted the auburn-haired girl a matching grin. “I hope to see you around. Bye…”

Serenity waved while walking away. “Bye.”

What did they want to ask me?

She was certain what it was but she couldn’t have known for sure. She wanted to know but the moment was in the past.

The “moment” she had with the guys left her feeling refreshed. It reminded her of what “living” was like. Those days had been but a memory but a taste had her craving it again. She could wish she ran into some guys like that on another night.

A couple of nights later, Serenity was in the breakroom at work on her stool with her chemistry text in front of her. Serenity’s eyelids seemed to have sandbags hanging from them but the air conditioned chills and the homework due at daybreak motivated her to kick her adrenaline into action. Her left hand was in cramps but she was zipping her pen over her notebook.

She found herself in a zone when her boss burst into the room and reminded her that her break had ended 30 seconds ago. There were mountains of pizzas that needed delivering and that couldn’t be done while sitting on her ass. She smiled but couldn’t wait for her last day of work so she could let him have it.

Serenity stuffed her book and notepads into her backpack and walked into the kitchen to check the rack where the pizzas that were ready for delivery rested. There were a trio of stacks.

Serenity laughed to herself. “Mountain my ass!”

She walked her fingers over addresses on the side of each box. She read the last stack. Her heart ceased for a second and began beating off-rhythm.

Pinnacle Ridge Apartments, Building G, Door


“I know what my last stop is!” Serenity exclaimed. “But, I wonder if Brayden and Darius are partying night…”

About a half hour later, Serenity was approaching the hunks’ apartment. There was mostly silence aside from the faint sounds of their voices and footsteps making creaking noises in the floor.

Her mood dipped a few notches. She was in a constant state of fatigue but this night, it was manageable. The distraction also would be welcomed.

If nothing else, Serenity still had a job to do. She gave the door a few knuckle taps and waited. Flying critters gathered around the light outside their door and she was swatting the ones that migrated towards her until someone came for the pizzas.

Her eyes glistened and she perked up when Darius cracked the door. He stuck his face in the opening.

“Hey! You’re back! Serenity was it?”

He seemed to match Serenity’s excitement.

Serenity took note of the darkness behind Darius. “Yes, that’s me! I don’t hear any tunes coming out of there tonight.”

“Yeah, Brayden is a little sore from football practice. He’s on the couch. He said light and noise were making his head pound. He got his bell rung pretty good.”

“Oh, tell him I’m sorry. That’s awful.”

“Why don’t you come in and tell him yourself? You can stay for a few minutes.”

There was no party but she would be around some hot guys. “Okay.”

“Great!” Darius pulled the door open wider and Serenity stepped on the carpet.

She couldn’t see her own feet as the only light came from over the stove. Some incense was burning a maple aroma. The place smelled surprisingly nice given the occupants.

Darius took the pizzas and carried them into the dining room.

He went towards the refrigerator and pulled on the handle. “You want a beer?”

Serenity leapt at the offer. “Yes! I don’t care what kind.”

“Coming up!”

The bottles clanged together as he pulled them out. He popped the bottle caps and handed Serenity one. The glass was freezing her hand but she couldn’t wait to pour the booze down her throat.

She brought it to her lips and the bitter beverage chilled her soul. The more she drank, the more relaxed she became. She finished hers before Darius could get halfway through his.

Serenity burped for her efforts. “Oh, excuse me! That was good! I needed that more than you know.”

“Wow, you can drink with the best of them, girl. How about a second?”

“Okay, but it has to be my last since I have to drive back to work—at some point.”

Darius placed another beer in her palms but she spent time sipping on it.

He slid open the door leading to the balcony. “You want to step out for a few minutes? It’s a pleasant night.”


Darius and Serenity leaned on the wooden railing and peered into the evening sky. It was dotted with stars both bright and dim. Between that, the alcohol, and being with Darius, there was nowhere else in the world she wanted to be.

Serenity took another swig. “So, what are you majoring in this fall?”

“Sports Medicine. I’m doing it for myself, of course, but it was my mother’s wish that I graduated college. She said that before breast cancer took her away.”

Serenity saw his spirits fade. Escort taksim She empathized with his pain and rubbed his back in caring strokes.

“That’s terrible to lose your mother but especially at such a young age.”

Darius sighed and smiled at her. “Thanks, that actually feels pretty good.”

Serenity pushed on his shoulder. “I wasn’t doing it for that!”

“I know,” Darius said. His smile displayed all of his pearly whites and was charming. “Anyway, you look like you play sports or workout.”

Serenity took a few gulps of beer and turned towards him. “Is that some kind of way to hit on me?”

Darius slyly grinned and matched her eye contact. “What if I was?”

She enjoyed the vibes and fun energy he was putting off. “Just wondering but yes, I did play softball. I loved it. I wish I could play now but all I have time to do is deliver pizzas and have my nose stuck in my books and tablet.”

Darius nodded as she spoke. “I wish you had time to play. Life is too short not to do what you love.”

“True, but I’m loving my studies, too, so it’s not a real loss.”

“You love studying? Are you from planet Earth?”

“Like you said, why spend your time doing something you don’t love?”


They would go on chatting for about ten minutes. She revealed more about living with three brothers and how they teased her but would protect her to the point of smothering though their intentions were good. It made her feel safe and loved. Despite the cars rolling by and people talking amongst themselves around the building, Darius’ focus never deviated from Serenity. It was like she was the only one in the world. He kept glancing a look at her pink lips but he hadn’t made a move for them.

Darius went on to reveal how he was the one that was always called out for disrupting class or not being there at all. He passed his assignments and tests whenever he decided to do them. Skipping class and hanging out in the halls with other troublemakers was much more exciting. That was before his mother’s cancer diagnosis. With that came the reminder of how precious life was and he got himself turned around and here he was.

Serenity was eyeing him the whole time. He was really trying to make something out of himself after what he’d been through. He also looked hot in that black T-shirt and khaki shorts. She was all but ready to be taken.

A lull in the chat came and they found each other simply staring.

Darius finished off his beer, set the bottle on the rail, and stood with the redhead in his sights. Lust festered in his narrowed eyes.

Jolts and warm feelings filled Serenity as she faced him, too. She was quivering as she awaited the next moments.

He stepped towards her and turned the bill of her Giovanni’s pizza cap aside. She giggled since she was sure why he did that.

He laid his hands on her hips, leaned forward with sealed eyes as she did the same, and their puckered lips met. Serenity’s lips were on fire and her skin sizzled.

Darius kissed her with a gentle softness a few times and she returned them using the same slow pace allowing her to savor every one. She hadn’t laid lips on a guy in over a year and she wanted the moment to last.

He backed Serenity into the wall. The thrill had her so wet for this guy that she went after him with a furious attack of kisses. He was pressing his body into hers to keep her in place as he matched her intensity. By the time Darius pulled away, the thumping in her chest was in overdrive.

“Oh, my!” Serenity was holding her chest as she was recovering from losing her breaths. “That was amazing.”

Darius laid his head against hers. “We’re only just starting, baby.”

They started kissing again and made smacking noises showing how much they enjoyed them.

The sliding door was the only thing that separated the pair. Darius flipped to see his friend in his tank and track pants stumble onto the balcony.

“Hey! Don’t start without me!” Brayden said like he was trying to will himself into party mode.

Serenity hugged Brayden from the side. “You look like you’ve already had a few six-packs, babe. Are you okay?”

Brayden gave her a tighter squeeze. “Very funny! I’m fine. I slept it off.”

Serenity pecked his cheek with an arm around his back. “I’m glad. We can all have some fun!”

Being in the presence of Brayden had shivers dancing along her spine. She desired both boys but didn’t want to be labeled as a slut. She wasn’t sure how they would feel about that. She didn’t want to wreck their friendship but if they wanted it…

Darius stepped into the apartment and waved Brayden over mouthing he needed help with something.

Brayden closed the door. “Hey man. What did you need help with?”

Darius pointed at Serenity who was looking into the night. “Her. She seems to like us. Maybe we both can have some fun with her.”

Brayden grinned and hit his roomie’s arm. “Yeah, she’s nice and hot but how would we do it?”

“Talk to her. Get her warmed up to you and lay one on her. Then, I’ll step in and start kissing her again. We’ll have her after that.”

“How was she?”

Darius pushed him towards the glass doors. “Go find out for yourself. Hurry up before she decides she has to leave!”

“Okay, okay!”

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