Through Thin Walls

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Author’s note: Like my other stories, this one is pretty silly. Despite how unrealistic it is, this story was immeasurably improved thanks to the thoughtful feedback and encouragement from Ravenna933, LostLittleLamb, swiftlytilting, hisvixenkiki, 1moeannie, and EditingAlix. Thank you all for your support.

Disclaimer: Although not stated explicitly, all characters are over 18 years old.

* * * * * * *

As Ashley drove us up the quiet mountain road, the late afternoon sun dappling her face was far more captivating than the autumn scenery around us. Over fifteen years of gazing at her and I still never tired of it. She tucked her golden hair behind her ear. I couldn’t help smiling.

“What?” she said.

I looked her up and down. “Just having a leer at the sexiest woman in the world,” I said.

She rolled her eyes, but I saw the flash of a smile. “Give me a break,” she said.

“I’ve been studying you for years now,” I said. “I’m the world’s foremost expert on how smoking hot you are. You can’t argue with science.”

“I think ‘science’ is just horny,” she said, shaking her head. No matter how many times we had this joking argument, she’d never admit how appealing she is.

“Obviously,” I said. “That’s the inevitable outcome when I see you. As I said: science.”

She laughed. “Well, ‘science’ better calm down because I think we’ve arrived,” she said as she pulled off the main road. The long driveway took us up a low hill to the house we had rented. Our friends Mal and Dante weren’t there yet. They had the keys, so we explored while we waited. The far side had a deck from which we found a fantastic view of the whole valley.

I pulled Ashley into a passionate kiss. Damn, she was a good kisser. I helped myself to two handfuls of her perfect ass.

“Ben!” she scolded, laughing. “Somebody might see!”

I held my arms out and spun around. “It’s just us here, Ashley. I don’t care if we are seen!”

“But Mal and Dante might arrive any minute,” she insisted.

As if on cue, we heard the crunch of tires on the gravel driveway. We hurried over to greet them.

Mal and Dante were our best friends from university, but we rarely saw each other as we lived in different cities and raised families. We’d never really lost touch thanks to an overactive group text chat, but it wasn’t the same as being in person. It had been years since we’d gotten together, all four of us. That’s why we’d finally committed to a long weekend in this vacation rental.

“Ashley!” Mal called as she sprang out of the car and pulled my wife into a big hug. I always forget how short Mal is, probably because she has such a big personality. She’d grown her dark hair longer than I’d seen before. It looked nice.

As she turned toward me, I was caught off-guard by her low-necked top. Mal’s breasts were substantial, and the sweater was struggling. She’d never shown this much cleavage before. I did my best to keep my eyes elsewhere, but I saw from her smirk that I’d been caught.

“Oh,” Mal said, putting on a show of acting disappointed. “You brought this loser?” She meant me, of course, but despite her words I got just as big a hug.

“I’m as surprised as you are,” I said.

“Dante, I love your beard!” I heard Ashley say. She held his face, admiring it after she hugged him. I chuckled to see him blushing. It wasn’t only the beard that was new, though. He’d always had a powerful frame, but his arms and chest looked bigger than I remembered. He’d been working out. Somehow he even seemed a bit taller.

“I like the beard, too,” I said. “The gray makes you look almost wise.”

Dante laughed, striking a thoughtful pose with his hand on his chin. “‘Wise’ seems a stretch.”

“Distinguished, then,” I said, giving him a hug. “Which is another way of saying ‘old.'”

“Asshole,” he laughed back at me.

We explored the house. It wasn’t big or fancy, but the views were truly spectacular. It had two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Mal insisted that Ashley and I take the one with the balcony overlooking the valley. After the cars were unloaded, we sat in the front room watching the autumn evening descend on the mountains while enjoying Mexican takeout and the margaritas Dante made. In spite of the time since we’d all been together, we easily picked up where we left off.

When the food was finished, Mal drained her glass and drew herself up for another story.

“So,” she said. “Has Dante told you about the little beach trip we did this summer?”

Dante’s eyes widened. He gave Mal a look of warning, but she ignored him.

“Well,” she continued with a wicked smile, “After years of trying, I finally convinced Dante to take me to a nude beach.”

“No way!” Ashley said. “Nude, like, everyone was naked?”

Mal laughed. “Yes, the naked kind of nude. I’d always been curious and… I don’t know. We’re not getting any younger, gaziantep lezbiyen escort you know?”

Ashley blushed. I saw her glance at Dante. “Both of you? What… what was it like?”

Mal was delighted to have everyone’s attention. She took her time explaining all the research she’d done in selecting the beach and learning what to expect.

“I have to admit, though,” Mal said, “I was pretty nervous as the day approached. I was feeling old, bloated, and ridiculous.” We all made noises of protest at this, but she shushed us. “After we dropped the kids at my parents’ for the weekend, I told Dante we should forget about the nude beach idea and go to our normal beach instead. Do you know what this sweet lunkhead said to me?” Mal linked her arm with his, holding his hand. “Go on, Dante, tell them what you said.”

Dante was clearly embarrassed. “I just said… It’s nothing. I just said I was… proud of you.”

Mal smiled. “What he really said was that I was the most gorgeous woman in the entire world and he would be proud to show me off.” Mal pulled Dante closer, kissing him on the cheek. “After that, it was easy. Mostly. When we arrived, we walked out wearing our swimsuits like it was any other beach.” Dante shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Mal smirked at him before continuing. “Anyway, on the walk in, we passed an older couple stretched out on a blanket. I couldn’t help staring as we walked by. They were both kinda wrinkly and pudgy, but they seemed so relaxed. They were also both completely…” Mal paused for a second, unsure if she really wanted to tell this part, but then she continued. “Well, they were completely shaved. You know, down there, and it was like… I dunno. Here was this old dude’s cock and balls, plain as day, just… out. Beside him, the woman had her legs spread a little, so it was like hello! But as I was gawking, I noticed they were holding hands. At that point, my heart kinda melted. We never even talked to them, but I knew they loved each other. I knew it. I thought they were so beautiful like that.”

Mal glanced over at Dante. Even though he looked uncomfortable with this story, the smile he gave Mal was genuine.

“Then we simply found a place to spread our blanket and… undressed.”

“What did it feel like?” Ashley asked, fascinated.

Mal smiled. “Wonderful! After putting sunscreen on places that don’t normally need it, we stretched out on the blanket for a while, soaking in the sun. We held hands just like that old couple.” Mal stroked Dante’s arm again.

“Wow,” Ashley said. “You’re so brave. I don’t think I could have done it.”

Mal studied Ashley closely. “Oh, you absolutely could have.”

I felt Ashley tense beside me. It was hard to imagine Ashley undressing in public, no matter the beach.

“Were people staring at you?” Ashley asked.

“Not really,” Mal said. “We went for a walk and passed lots of other naked people. They weren’t shy about looking at us, but it never felt like staring. Honestly, it soon felt almost normal. It was no big deal.”

“Ha!” Ashley laughed. “It seems like a big deal to me.”

“We had such a great time, Ashley. Such a great time. We’re definitely going to do it again. Maybe you two would want to join us?”

Ashley answered with a nervous laugh. I saw her glance at Dante, then look away in embarrassment as she busied herself clearing plates from the table. This prompted everyone else to help clean up as well.

After dinner we watched the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein. This had been a favorite of ours in school. We easily fell back into reciting nearly every line as the movie played. We each had our specialties, of course. My “Dr. Frederick Frankenstein” was passable. Ashley’s “Inga” was exact. Mal could go on all night as Madeline Kahn’s “Elizabeth,” and Dante was inevitably “The Monster.” But the roles were never strict. We all ended up trying to outdo one another and howling with laughter.

By the time we went to bed, I felt worn out from laughing so hard. Ashley and I collapsed together on our bed, still giggling. She looked so impossibly beautiful to me that I couldn’t help pulling her into a kiss. I was already hard, so I pushed the bulge in my pants against her leg and made the “Mmmmmm!” sound like the monster from the movie.

Laughing, she sprang off the bed to turn off the lights and then returned to me in the dark. We quickly pulled each other’s clothes off, making a mess of the bed in the process. Ashley kissed me again as she straddled my hips, and my heart soared. Even though I always wanted to move slower, to relish every second, her eagerness was thrilling. She was on top! I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so lucky. My whole world was her warm lips on mine. Then her fingers gently touched my dick, and I gasped with delight because this was my Ashley. escort gaziantep lezbiyen Kind, caring, and beautiful; my best friend and the most appealing woman in the world. I’ll never understand why I was lucky enough to be married to her. Of course, I was quite hard now. The love of my life was naked, kissing me, and now holding the tip of my dick to her delicate opening. A perfect moment.

Compared to Ashley, I probably seem like a sex maniac. She’s only ever been interested in getting straight to the intercourse. Wonderful though it was, in my horny imagination we’ve done all kinds of things she’d never want in reality. But I’m not complaining! What she did give me was amazing. While I could always ask for more, truthfully, I don’t need it. Every day I spent with her was a gift. I know I sound corny, but if you met her you’d understand.

So you can imagine how excited I was to have her straddling me. I tried to commit every detail to memory, because the second right before entering her was the best. The scent of her skin, her warm breath, her soft hips, and the delicious anticipation. It contained all the boundless possibilities of what could happen. I longed to bring her all the pleasure in the world, to make her feel just a fraction of the incredible joy she gave me, to make her understand the depth of my love for her.

I wanted to righteously fuck her brains out, and I almost imagined I could.

Ashley slowly lowered her hips. Even after all these years, the sensation of entering her was always better than I expected. What could top having the best woman in the world welcome you inside her? Unfortunately, that sensation contained the seeds of my failure. I was already too excited. The intensity of my desire guaranteed I wouldn’t last long.

The truth is, I don’t know if I’d ever given Ashley an orgasm. I know she enjoyed sex with me, but she never wanted to focus on her own pleasure. I had failed her, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

As her hips settled against mine and I relished being fully buried within my love, she sat up to push me in deeper. The room was dark because, as usual, she was a bit shy when undressed. Enough light came through the window that I could see she was smiling at me. My heart beat joyously in response. I loved how it felt when she loomed over me this way, dominating me with her beauty. Her hair fell forward, hiding her face in deeper darkness. The light revealed the outline of her plump, perfect nipples hanging over me.

My head dropped back on the pillow in bliss just as a satisfied moan invaded the room.

“Was that Mal?” Ashley whispered.

Mal and Dante were in the next room. Loudly through the wall came the moan again. It was obviously a moan of pleasure. It was obviously Mal. I felt myself soften within Ashley at the awkwardness of it all. I couldn’t blame Mal and Dante for having sex, but I sure as hell didn’t want to hear it.

“That’s it!” Mal’s voice came through the wall. “Taste me! Lick my wet pussy.”

I grimaced in frustration. This was so awkward! I didn’t want to spy on them, involuntarily though it was.

“I’m so wet. Oh god, Dante, you make me so wet,” Mal’s deep voice came a bit ragged through the wall. “I need it so badly. Please stop teasing me. Dante, I’m going to die if you don’t suck my clit. Please!”

I’d never imagined Mal talking this way. She was always so self-assured. Wickedly funny, but with a cynical edge. To hear her so earnest, so needy, was a side of her I’d never imagined.

“Please!” Mal’s voice was higher now, full of desperation. “I’m sorry, okay? Oh god, Dante I’m sorry I said that thing. Please, babe. I’m sorry!”

Dante’s voice was barely audible through the wall. “Say it. What are you sorry for?”

“I’m sorry,” Mal said, panting, “I’m sorry I said Ashley would probably love to suck your cock.”

Without wanting to, I imagined my wife Ashley kneeling in front of Dante, her lips wrapped around his dick while her eyes shined with happiness. I stared at Ashley, but her reaction was hidden in darkness. She’d never been interested in oral sex of any kind, which made the image even stranger. Confusion tore through me. Why did I imagine her looking so happy doing this?

“Disrespecting Ashley is over the line, Mal,” Dante said firmly.

“It wasn’t disrespect!” Mal said. She sounded near tears. More quietly, Mal continued, “It was…” but then her voice dropped so low I couldn’t make out any more.

I felt frozen. I was completely soft inside Ashley now. What did she think of me?

I was listening so hard I was startled when Mal cried out, “Yes, oh yes, thank you!” She wasn’t even trying to keep quiet anymore. “Dante! Oh god, Dante you perfect man. Suck it just like that!”

Mal’s cries continued building in intensity. I wished I wasn’t hearing this. How could gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar I ever look at Mal and Dante again without thinking about this? Even worse, I was ashamed to realize part of me wanted to listen. I wished Ashley didn’t see me like this, failing to respect her, failing to respect our friends. Ashley was surely horrified, probably disappointed in me for not putting a stop to this. What if she thought I lusted after Mal?

I should have gotten up immediately. I should have insisted we leave the room and go to the other side of the house where we couldn’t hear. Why hadn’t I done that at the start? There was still time. All I had to do was sit up and whisper to her that we should go.

I hoped Ashley noticed how soft I was, but I knew I needed to take more decisive action. I couldn’t get the unwelcome image of Mal naked out of my head. I feared what Ashley would think if I got hard again.

Mal’s mindless moans of pleasure filled my ears as I tried to force myself to move, but then a slight tickle distracted me. A gentle brushing of my pubic hair, barely noticeable. Was I imagining it? The room was dark, but in the little light available I realized Ashley’s hand was between her legs. The movement was slow, but repeated every few seconds. Back and forth, back and forth. My mind resisted accepting it until the conclusion was too obvious to ignore: Ashley was stroking herself as she listened.

My plan to leave vanished. I felt like my head was spinning. I’d never seen Ashley touch herself before. I forgot the awkwardness and my confusion as I lurched back to maximum hardness within her. Ashley moaned softly.

She was horny! My wonderful wife was horny, and this aroused me like nothing else. I could sense the powerful lust within her, lust like I’d never seen from her before.

A sharp cry from Mal announced her orgasm, but the awkwardness of hearing my friends have sex was irrelevant now. Ashley’s pleasure was all I could think of. It was too dark to see her hand between her legs, but I imagined her fingers relentlessly rubbing her hard clit and I shuddered. It was so overwhelming.

“Oh Dante, your gorgeous cock is so hard,” Mal said playfully through the wall. “How did this happen? Is there something about me you like?” Dante’s answer was too low to hear.

Then, in her Elizabeth voice, Mal sang, “Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!”

I would have laughed if I wasn’t so conflicted about what was happening. Ashley’s hips started shifting slowly with the rhythm of her fingers. The movement made me realize I was dripping with her arousal. She’d never been this wet before.

Ashley leaned down over me with her head beside mine. She radiated heat, and I felt her hard nipples pressing on my chest. Without a word, her hips resumed grinding.

“That’s it, Dante,” Mal moaned. “Fuck me with your gorgeous cock.”

Ashley’s hips were moving faster and her breathing got heavier. Ashley was so wet and slippery inside, I felt more heat than friction on my rock-hard shaft. I could fuck her all night this way. The scent of Ashley’s arousal filled the room and sweetened every breath I took.

“Oh yes, crush me,” Mal continued, “smash me into this rickety bed. Fuck me into the ground!”

Ashley’s temple was damp with perspiration as her hips moved to a controlled rhythm. She was so focused! There were no stray thoughts in her head, no worries or cares. Little cries came from Ashley’s throat, and then they grew louder. Through the wall, I heard Mal crying out, too. Ashley either didn’t care or couldn’t control herself, because her own cries were just as loud. Ashley’s hips abandoned her measured rhythm and slammed into mine with desperation. Automatically, my own body pushed upward when she pushed down, penetrating deeply into her warmth. Nothing existed beyond Ashley’s astounding lust and how amazing it felt to experience her like this.

Mal and Dante’s bed was rhythmically banging against the wall, and soon ours was doing the same. Ashley remained utterly focused, sweating as she strove to increase her pleasure. I gripped her perfect bottom, helping to pull her down into me while I pushed up. I had no idea sex could be this wet or feel this good for so long.

I’d never before felt the power of giving her pleasure this way, the intoxicating rush of being valuable on this primal level. Her deepest need in this moment was to be fucked, and my ego blossomed to be able to fulfill her one solitary need. Each thrust was a heartfelt gift to her, each cry in response an expression of her gratitude.

Through the wall, I heard Mal’s cries peak as she orgasmed again, along with a low grunt from Dante. Unwillingly, I imagined Mal on her back, her large breasts bouncing crazily as Dante’s massive form slammed into her. I didn’t even know how I felt about this image before I forgot it because the most wonderful thing happened.

Gone was the familiar warm embrace of Ashley’s snug pussy, replaced by wild lust-fueled pulsing. I clung to her as though I’d be lost forever in the chaos if I let go. Each wave of her passion reverberated through mine. I felt her pleasure added to my own, overwhelming us both as her rhythmically throbbing pussy coaxed spurts of joy out of my ecstatic cock.

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