Tif Finally has Sex with Colin

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Story ten: Tif Finally Fucks Colin

This is the tenth independent story of our teenage whore Tiffany “Tif”. This story accompanies the Katherine “Kat” storyline. The timing of this event aligns with the second night of Module Two Chapter Six in the Kat series. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters with this character have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, ass-to-mouth, and/or cum sharing, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


Colin and Tif head to the elevator having just left Kat in the hotel restaurant. Colin comments, “I hope she is going to be alright. You don’t think I made her mad do you?”

Tif replies, “Colin you are so sweet. Remember whom you are talking about. Kat and I are very strong and independent. We are both perfectly okay if you want to spend time with the other. She will be fine.”

As they exit the elevator and head to his room Tif continues, “I’m really proud of you for asking for what you want. Especially recognizing how concerned you are over how Kat would react.”

Colin replies, “I need to get better at it. But I’ll be honest. Kat was my first and it was just a few nights ago. So I am wading into uncharted waters.”

Colin lets them into his room and they drop their stuff. Tif approaches Colin looking to initiate. But Colin holds her off. As Tif looks worried, he says, “Listen. I am very excited that you are here. But I want to tell you something. I told Kat this already.”

Tif backs away a little to give him space. He continues, “I have come to a realization, after a lot of thought about what happened the other night, me losing my virginity finally and all of the things that led up to it.”

“Okay. What is it Colin?”

“I am really happy. I thought I would be worried. I thought I would overanalyze it. I thought I would tear myself down and convince myself that what happened was not good and that I didn’t deserve it. Or I thought I would be freaking out thinking that you and Kat are going off to school and that I am going to be alone again.”

Colin pauses and Tif asks, “And did you have all of those thoughts?”

Colin responds, “Yeah, all of them. And you know what? I let my happiness flow through.”

Colin pauses for a moment to smile, “I get it now. I get what you and Kat have been trying to do. And I appreciate it immensely. You have hand held me through the experiences I needed and was not confident enough to do on my own. You were patient with me and I appreciate that.”

Tif starts smiling. Colin continues, “But the other night was a real breakthrough. I think finally having sex and having it be such a wonderful experience with a super awesome person, broke me through this self imposed barrier.”

Tif nods and her smile gets bigger. Colin continues, “You are incredible. Kat has been incredible. I asked Kat this too. If it is okay with you as well, I feel funny asking but, I’d like to keep seeing you both for a little while until you go off to school in whatever capacity you’ll have me. I’d like to continue to get some practice in and try new things and build my confidence.”

Tif shakes her head in agreement and says, “Of course Colin. I am so glad to hear you say this. I am so happy for you. Of course we will still spend time with you. You are wonderful and we enjoy you.”

Colin relies, “Awesome. That’s exactly what Kat said too.”

Tif replies, “Do you think we could celebrate your new found confidence?”

Colin takes that as a queue canlı bahis and closes the gap with Tif and leans down to kiss her. They work their way closer to the bed stopping to shed clothes. It is not long before they are naked on the bed making out. In a brief pause, Tif asks him what he wants to do tonight. He replies that he wants to lead.

He leans in and resumes the kissing. His hands wonder around Tif’s body. He grips her handful of tits and squeezes them gently. He playfully pinches her long sensitive nipples causing her to moan.

The kissing intensifies as he moves his hands around to her butt and eventually around to her pussy. Tif reaches down and starts stroking Colin’s above average manhood. After several minutes of shared stimulation, Colin changes positions. He sits up and maneuvers over to the middle of the bed and lays Tif on her back.

Colin sits on his knees for a minute with a big grin on his face. Tif asks, “What Colin? What are you grinning about?”

Colin answers, “You are incredibly sexy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be intimate with someone as sexy as you. And yet here I am.”

Tif smiles at him and responds, “You are a great guy Colin. You will have your share of sexy women. Now come enjoy this one.”

Colin smiles again and says, “Yes ma’am.”

To Tif’s surprise, Colin lies down in between Tif’s legs and pushes them apart. He leans in and kisses her inner thigh deep inside her sensitive area. She thinks how grateful she is that she did a deep cleaning of her pussy to remove any evidence of last night’s action.

Colin continues gently kissing around Tif’s pussy teasing her for a few minutes before settling in. He gently sucks in Tif’s tiny folds and licks up and down her slit. He makes sure to focus his attention on her clit once a while each time sending a shock through her body.

Tif starts to moan and run her hands through Colin’s hair. This encourages him to do more. Without breaking his lock on Tif’s clit he slides a finger into her tight box. Tif moans again. Colin works his finger in and out of her gently before adding a second. Very soon after Tif groans and cums in Colin’s mouth. He sucks in her sweet juices.

Colin kisses his way back up her body, stopping to show her hard nipples some attention. As he makes his way the rest of the way up, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him in for a kiss. She can taste the remnants of her orgasm on his tongue.

As they make out, Colin starts rubbing his erection on Tif’s wetness. They grind for a couple minutes before Tif breaks the kiss and says, “Please Colin. I can’t wait anymore. Slide inside me. I want to feel you.”

Colin reaches down and positions himself at her tight entry and pushes. As the head of his cock pops through Tif moans a long ‘yeeeees’. Colin pulls back a little and pushes in again. Tif wraps her arms around Colin’s neck and moans again. Colin repeats this process several more times pushing more of his erection in each time.

Colin finally gets his manhood all the way in. Tif moans and says, “Oh Colin. You feel so good.”

Colin replies softly, “You feel amazing Tif. I don’t know if I can last very long.”

“It’s okay. Enjoy me. Feel me. Cum inside me.”

Tif arches her hips a little more allowing Colin a better angle. He pushes in and out filling her with his fat cock. As expected Colin soon slows down and grunts and his body shakes. Tif squeezes her legs around his waist and clinches her pussy muscles.

Tif moans as she feels his cock pulse over and over filling her pussy with warm cum. At least a couple minutes pass before Colin finishes and bahis siteleri comes back to the present. He looks at Tif below him and smiles. She returns the smile and they gently kiss.

Tif asks, “How was sex with your second person?”

Colin responds, “Amazing. I don’t want to get caught up comparing you and Kat. That would be rude.”

“It’s okay Colin. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed me.”

“Absolutely. Maybe too much. I am sorry I did not last very long.”

“It’s okay Colin. You are not done yet. Slide yourself out of me slowly and climb up here and straddle my chest.”

Colin does what he was told. He pulls his limp manhood out of Tif’s gooey pussy. He gently climbs over Tif’s legs and straddles her chest. She reaches out and pulls him into her.

Tif opens her mouth and accepts him in. She sucks hard and licks the juices off of his tool. She proceeds to clean him up and in the process, and very intentionally, gets him hard again.

“Looks like your manhood is ready for action again.”

“You know I can’t resist you when you put your mouth on me like that.”

“What position would you like to do now Colin?”

“Is it okay if we do doggystyle? I know it is a little impersonal.”

“Of course. It is one of my favorite positions.”

Colin crawls off of Tif and off the bed and stands up. Tif sits up and rolls over to the edge of the bed. She gets on her hands and knees and arches her back slightly giving Colin an easier angle.

Colin grips his hard cock and lines up between her cheeks. He rubs his cock up and down her wet slit and pushes gently. It takes him a few tries before he finally gets it right and pushes it in slowly. Tif starts moaning again, “Colin I really love the feel of you inside me. We will have to do this more often.”

It only takes a few strokes before Colin is buried deep. Tif tells him. “Put your hands on my hips and pull me into you.”

Colin takes the direction and starts getting comfortable with the rhythm. He starts moaning and breathing hard. Tif starts moaning a little louder each time he bottoms out.

Tif says, “Colin … harder. Do it harder.”


Tif lowers her head down to the bed raising her ass high. Colin grips her hips a little firmer and starts pounding into her harder.

“Harder Colin. Fuck me.”

Colin starts going as hard as he can. Tif moans and says, “Yeeesss. I’m going to cum. Ahhhhh.”

Tif grips the sheets hard and groans as an orgasm fills her body. Colin continues to fuck her hard for another minute until his orgasm hits. He groans and slams in one more final time and fills her insides with his second load of the night.

Colin’s orgasm subsides and he lets go of Tif’s hips. She falls forward and relaxes breathing heavy. Colin looks down at his glistening tool and feels the need to clean it. He heads to the bathroom.

Colin comes back out a few minutes later and Tif comments, “I would have cleaned you up again you know.”

Colin asks, “Why do you and Kat like to do that? I would have thought it would be gross.”

Tif smiles and responds, “We like the taste of ourselves and the taste of you. It is even better if they are together.”

Colin shrugs and says, “Uh. Okay.”

“Come lie next to me.”

Colin lies down on his back on one side of the bed. Tif crawls over next to him and lays her head on his chest. She comments, “I really enjoy being with you Colin. You make me feel very good with that beautiful piece of man handle you have there.”

“Thank you. You are even better than I could have imagined. And I had high expectations.”

Tif laughs and says, “And now bahis şirketleri that I know you feel comfortable going down on me.”

Colin grins and says, “Yes. I do enjoy it. Although I don’t know if I am going to do that anymore. I just came inside you twice.”

Tif laughs again, “Well. I would not expect you to do it tonight. I am saving that for Kat anyway.”

“What do you mean you are saving it for Kat?”

“I am going to go back to our room tonight and feed her your cum directly from my pussy. She is probably going to lick my pussy to give me an orgasm; which makes it come out easier.”

“Whaaaat? Really? No kidding? Why?”

“It’s a long explanation Colin. Maybe we can talk about that another time. I am thinking about something else right now.”

Tif reaches over and starts playing with Colin’s limp dick getting some minimal reaction.

Colin comments, “I don’t think you are going to get him up for a third round.”

Tif cheats and slides down and puts her mouth over his semi-hard cock quickly bringing it back to attention.

Tif pulls her mouth off of him and says, “Ordinarily, I would climb on top of you and ride you home and put you to bed wet. But tonight I have a different request if you are up to it.”

“What’s that?”

“I’d like you to climb on top of me while I am lying flat on the bed.”

Colin nods and Tif gets in position. Colin climbs over on top of her. She pushes her legs together allowing him to straddle the outside of her legs. He leans forward slightly balancing himself with one arm. With his other hand, he grips his manhood and aims it toward her wetness.

Colin’s lucky and he pushes right into her pussy going about halfway in one stroke. Tif moans. He pushes all the way in on his second effort. Tif moans even louder, “Yes. Deep like that.”

Colin puts his other arm next to Tif to balance himself. He pumps into her few more times, slow and deep. Tif comments, “Colin, pull almost all the way out and then go all the way back in.”

Tif arches her back a little more. Colin pulls about halfway out and pushes back in. Tif comments, “All the way Colin. I want to feel your length.”

Colin pulls all the way out and tries to push himself back in. His cock slips into her ass and goes in almost halfway. Tif moans very loudly, “Ah. Fuck. We can do that if you want to.”

Colin pulls out and says, “Oh. I’m so sorry. We can stop.”

Tif is lucky his dick is slick with their shared juices and her ass is still a little loose from the three guys that took turns on it the night before. She looks back and says, “Colin. I love anal sex, especially in this position. Go for it.”

“I’m glad you’re not mad. But can I just go back to normal sex? At least for tonight?”

“Of course Colin. Maybe some other time.”

Tif helps him put his erection back in her pussy and he goes to town. He changes speeds and depths and brings Tif to another orgasm before he unloads his goo in her pussy one more time.

After his third orgasm subsides he pulls out of her and rolls over onto his back. She scoots down to his groin and starts to clean up his manhood. Colin comments, “Please. Don’t bring me back to life again. I am worn out.”

Tif giggles while she has his cock in her mouth. She focuses on cleaning him up, gently of course. Then she takes herself to the bathroom squeezing her pussy hard not to let any man juice escape. When she comes back out Colin is asleep and gently snoring. She walks over and kisses him gently on the cheek, gets dressed and leaves his room.

Less than 3 minutes later she is opening the door to the hotel room that she shares with Kat. She walks in and sees Kat sitting on the floor stretching. Kat asks, “How did it go?”

Tif starts taking her clothes back off and replies, “Quite well. I have something I want to give you. You don’t need to move.”

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