Tina’s Massive Breasts


This is about a patient who came into my office a few years back named “Tina”. Tina was a victim of a sort of perfect storm of medical issues. She had the most severe case of Macromastia I had ever heard of, likely due in part to her off the charts levels of estrogen. Her extremely high estrogen levels caused an elevation of prolactin so that she was lactating despite having never been pregnant. Tina also suffered from haemophilia which made surgery significantly more dangerous and she had a tremendous fear of hospitals. As much as her enormous breasts affected her life negatively, the surgical solution was something she wouldn’t consider. She confessed that if she could wave a magic wand and make them disappear entirely she would do it without a moment’s hesitation but the surgical approach terrified her to the point where it wasn’t even an option.

Tina came into my office wearing a large, loose fitting coat despite the fact that the weather was in the low 70’s and it was immediately clear that she was layering in order to confuse people as to what was going on underneath. In fact, if you weren’t paying attention, Tina might walk right past and you wouldn’t even notice that you were in the proximity of two of the largest natural breasts on the planet. Removing her coat revealed a shapeless, green, ankle length dress. Anyone seeing this image would likely be confused as our natural inclination is to relate what we’re seeing to something we’ve seen before. Her dress ballooned out just below the crotch giving the impression that she might have some very wide hips or a large amount of belly fat, possibly due to pregnancy. Except that the bulge appeared too low and everything else about Tina suggested that she was a thin woman. Ironically, if you assumed that what you were seeing was hip or belly fat then that would mean that Tina was actually extremely flat chested because where one would expect to find breasts there appeared to be a completely smooth surface.

If I saw Tina on the street and was completely ignorant Bostancı Fetiş Escort as to her medical condition I would probably assume I was seeing some kind of breast implant disaster. To my eyes, they look like grotesquely large implants that have plummeted from their weight. She removed her dress and I noticed from the moment she entered my office that every movement was slow and awkward. I was also struck by the fact that she was thin all over except her breasts. Most cases of Gigantomastia correspond with obesity but in Tina’s case, she could have been anorexic and would have still had massive breasts. She removed her dress to reveal the most unsexy, utilitarian bra possible. It was a dull, cream color and would more appropriately be called a sling or harness. The design of the harness created a mono boob appearance which only served to further confuse people who saw her clothed.

In order to remove her bra, Tina would lift up on her straps which were a good three inches wide, slide them off her shoulders and then slowly lower her breasts. The moment Tina lifted up on her straps you could see that the weight of her breasts was a burden even when removing her undergarments. I also noted that beneath her bra was a second bra. As she lowered her breasts I found myself wondering how low they would go. The bottom of her breast sat below her crotch with both bra’s on but with one removed they descended to her mid thigh.Tina kind of crunched up her face in a look that I took as mild personal disgust and almost seemed to be gathering her energy for the removal of her second bra. This time, when she lifted her thick straps she was lifting the entire weight of her breasts and you could see the strain in her face.

Her breasts dropped lower and lower until they finally came to a rest more than halfway down her shin. Her breasts also spread outward and at the bottom were significantly wider than her hips or shoulders. Picture this, a woman standing before me with head and shoulders exposed and breasts Bostancı Gecelik Escort covering nearly the entire rest of her body besides part of her shins and feet. Even her arm disappeared behind her breasts when she held them close to the side. Tina’s breasts were amazingly free of discoloration or other issues related to Gigantomastia including asymmetry. Speaking as a woman, they were amazingly well formed given their enormous size. Tina was almost entirely free of stretch marks and even the veins were much less pronounced than I expected. They dropped down like a white cascading waterfall of heavy flesh.

Her dark areolas were the size of manhole covers at the bottom of her pendulous breasts and there was a distinct separation between the areola and the breast. At the center of her massive areolas were nipples were almost as large as hen’s eggs. The further up you went on her breasts the tighter the skin was from the sheer weight and after a moment of standing Tina leaned forward against my examination table allowing her breasts to literally rest on the floor. Despite being in her early 30’s her breath was labored from the weight and I suggested she continue our conversation from a seated position. She sat down indian style with her breasts laying in front of her in two large mounds covering her legs entirely. One of the reasons for her being in my office was for a breast examination but the logistics was something I had never had to deal with and I would need to improvise.

I honestly didn’t know how to perform the examination. Her breasts would never fit inside our mammogram machine and there was so much breast tissue that any kind of lump could be buried in 6 to 8 inches of tissue. I laid a blanket on the floor and began to use my hands to examine Tina’s breasts, kneading them like bread. This is definitely not the ideal way to check but I didn’t really have a choice. There was a lot of real estate to examine so we began conversing.

Tina talked about how she didn’t want her Bostancı Genç Escort condition to rule her life but her breasts had become the center of everything in her existence, particularly the way people treated her. On the occasions where she was in public, nearly every eye was upon her, including many who made no attempt to even pretend not to be staring. She hears comments everywhere she goes from both men and women who either think their voices are softer than they are or don’t care. She would attempt to wear such shapeless clothing that it would confuse people but to those who figured out that under her clothing was a massive set of breasts, the women were much worse in their comments. It was one thing to overhear lascivious comments from men but the women were expressing out and out disgust. I actually got a negative vibe from Tina towards women in general and couldn’t blame her.

Despite being attractive, Tina had only been out with a couple different men and had only one romantic relationship for any length of time. She admitted that she could be very moody for variety of physical (and hormonal) issues as well as the overall treatment by strangers. She preferred to stay indoors and avoid the comments and stares as well just to avoid the physical effort of carrying her ponderous breasts. The moment she got home she would remove her bras and watch TV on the couch with her breasts sitting on either side of her. She might even mound one of her enormous breasts in front of her and lean into it for comfort. During the warmer months she would do this entirely topless because the heat of her breasts could be unbearable. When visitors were over she let them know that she’d be hanging out although she would wear a tent like dress to hide everything.

Tina had worked in an office but managed to get a position where she could work at home but her breasts were a continuing source of issues, particularly among managers, both male and female. She still works part time but confessed to me that she was supplementing her income by having dinner with men. For a long time she resisted but when the numbers got into the six figures she could no longer turn them down. As Tina said, when they’re paying that much money they expect something in return and what they expected was full access to her breasts.

To Be Continued…