Titania , Augustus – The Thrandar Incident (Chapter 2)


Daggers in the DarkAugustus and Titania entered the room they had rented for the evening.  It wasn’t terribly large, or particularly ornate.  A dresser with an oval mirror attached on the top, a bed (Titania had wanted a king-size bed, but the largest they had was a queen), a filled oil lamp sitting on a small nightstand beside the bed, a few pegs along the wall for hanging cloaks, coats, or the like (Titania’s elegant cloak, sporting golden trim and a flourish of peacock feathers about the bottom third, hung from one), and a trunk for temporarily storing belongings if the tenant so chose, were all the furnishing the room contained. To this humble setup, Titania had added her own touches; five jewelry boxes, silver with golden accents, had been placed atop the dresser in front of the mirror.  Next to the trunk on the floor, she had added her large, pleasure chest.  Made from cherry wood, it was intricately adorned with gold filigree and a variety of gemstones.  The first time Augustus ever saw it he had remarked that it looked like the fabled treasure chest every adventurer dreams of finding—his wife’s response was, “It is a treasure chest—a trove of all things that help keep me deliriously happy.” Titania flopped down on the bed, letting her traveler’s cloak open wide as she sighed contentedly.  Her arms reached straight above her head as she stretched luxuriously.  Augustus couldn’t help but let a sly smile stray across his lips as he took in the full view of his wife’s divine figure.Aside from her long traveler’s cloak and leather sandals, Titania wore no clothes at all!  Instead, she adorned her fully naked body with an assortment of exquisite and expensive jewelry.A pearl choker, with a large sapphire in the middle wrapped the base of her throat.  A second necklace, made of vintage gold coins (from kingdoms Augustus figured had long passed) laid across her trapezius and dipped down beneath her collarbones.  A golden chain holding a large sapphire stone at the top of her cleavage topped the other two as her final neckpiece.  Golden armbands shaped like bay leaves wrapped both upper arms just below the bottom tip of the shoulder.  Triple golden bracelets jingled while they loosely slid up and down both forearms as she moved them about.A golden, ivy-banded, solitaire diamond engagement ring sat comfortably on the third finger of her left hand.  It was paired with a wedding band that contained five smaller diamonds.  The outer four were brilliant cut, while the middle one was a small pear cut pointing to bursa escort the finger’s nail.  A platinum ruby ring adorned the middle finger, while a golden emerald ring flashed from the little finger.  The index and thumb were bare.Clamped about the pert nipples of Titania’s bounteous buxom breasts (it would not be an exaggeration to say she carried two small melons) were delicate golden frames shaped into hearts.  Her areola happily peaked through the gaps in the design, while hanging from these shiny clamps, on tiny, delicate, golden chains were blue topaz stones.  They sparkled, shook, and swung as the Elf’s breasts jiggled and bounced about to the movements of her body.A diamond and ruby belly ring sparkled from her lithe, toned, navel, while a pair of delicate golden belly chains wrapped about her hips with tiny diamonds sparkling as they hung at regular intervals.  Finally, golden clips adorned the top of her bare labia lips from which swung a thin golden chain with a small star sapphire pendant flashing in the middle.Taking these adornments along with her earrings, circlet, toe ring, and anklet, there wasn’t a limb or major body part that didn’t sport some jewel bedecked embellishment.The deliriously, delightful erotic sight of Augustus’ wife’s mesmerizing display of skin and jewelry, backed by the exquisitely fine figure and curves of her body, left a lasting impression on any eyes fortunate to see it.  However, contrary to what many might assume, Titania did not like to display her exotic, erotic, feminine charms for all the world to see.  Hence her traveling cloak, fully enveloping her frame, was practically her second skin in public.  It was only in moments of privacy, when only her husband’s eyes could watch, that Titania would openly exhibit and flaunt her fully naked body to flawless, seductive perfection.Feeling her husband’s ogling eyes upon her, Titania smiled sensually.  “Do you like what you see, my Caesar?”  She called him by the pet name she had given him on their wedding night.“You know I do, Tits,” he replied huskily, using her pet name in return.  He mentally chuckled at how neatly it encapsulated her.  It was both a natural contraction of her name and a literal term for one of her particularly prominent physical assets.With a delighted giggle, Tits cupped her girls, slightly squishing them together as she lifted them up a bit in teasing presentation—the dangling topaz stones swinging and sparkling below the pert nipples with erotic effect.  “Here you go, darling,” görükle escort she stated as she openly offered them to him.Unable to resist the siren song of his wife’s peerless feminine charms, her Caesar placed his helmet on the dresser next to the jewelry boxes, leaned his shield against the wall, and crossed the room to her side.  Reaching out, he groped and fondled her mountainous melons as he kissed each teat before burying his face in the middle of her cleavage!  He felt as though he was now drifting on the softest, fluffiest clouds while he closed his eyes and reveled in their silky smooth skin. Her body’s natural citrus scent, a sensual, soothing perfume to Caesar’s tired senses, enveloped his nostrils and rejuvenated his spirit.“I love you!” Caesar whispered to his wife.With a second soft giggle, Tits ran her fingers through his graying hair.  “And I love you, my Caesar,” she cooed back.  A naughty grin playing across her lips, she gently nibbled his ear.  “Do you want to do me for a round while we wait?” She breathed between nibbles.With a wistful sigh, Augustus lifted his head off his wife’s succulent fruit.  “Do I want to? YES!  Can I afford to at the moment? No,” he answered.  “I expect the Black Hand won’t leave us alone long enough for that, and I do NOT want to be caught in the middle of pleasuring you!”“They really are ruining my fun!” Titania pouted sourly.“Did I not promise to satisfy you before bed?” Augustus asked.Titania nodded.  “You did, but that doesn’t change the fact I could be having you right now if it wasn’t for them.  I have half a mind, to let my sylphs shred them for their lack of consideration!”“Now, now, be patient,” Augustus tried to soothe his aroused wife.  “I want to try to learn as much as I can first.  Though it is quite likely your sylphs will get their exercise before the night is through.”Titania wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, interlocked her fingers, and sensuously drew his lips to hers.  Augustus did not resist and eagerly kissed his wife deeply as their lips met.  Their tongues entwined and writhed like passionate lovers as they savored the moment.At length, for want of air, the couple parted lips.  A thin clear, strand of shared saliva stretched between their lips drawing ever thinner as their heads drew apart; till finally, unable to sustain itself any longer it snapped in two—each end retracting to the lips of whom it remained attached.Tits looked up at her darling Caesar, her eyes smoldering with pent-up passion.  “Come on, darling, bursa escort bayan indulge me a little,” she whispered seductively.Her Caesar paused as his wife’s passion kindled his own.  His body wanted nothing more than to take off his armor, drop his breeches, and pierce her with his sacred sword!  However, Augustus knew the enemy was still very near and likely closing in.“Tits—“ Caesar began, trying to temporarily quell their combined arousal.“Shhhh,” Tits interjected placing a ringed finger against his lips.  “Don’t explain to me why we should wait.  Just let it happen, my love!”Augustus knew he was rapidly losing this battle.  He had no true defense against his wife’s peerless, womanly wiles, her sublime figure and form, and her boundless appetite for their evening intimacy.Unexpectedly there was a creak from the roof above.Titania’s beautiful lips curled into a snarl of disgust.  “Ooooo!  They’re getting on my nerves!” she snapped.  With a resigned sigh, she released her husband’s entrapped neck.“Alright, let’s get this over with,” she stated as she rose off the bed.  Her cloak, wrapping around her shoulders again, fully enshrouded her ravishing, naked body as it closed.  “Do you want me to teleport us to the roof and surprise them?”Augustus retrieved and donned his helm, before picking up his shield.  “I like that strategy.  Let’s bring the inquisition to them.” “Very well,” Titania stated decisively.  She walked over to her husband standing by his side.  “Here we go,” she stated menacingly, as she raised an arm above her head.A sudden flash of light from the tips of the Elven sorceress’s fingers blinded all details from Augustus’s view.  The light faded as rapidly as it appeared, but the couple was no longer standing in their rented room.Instead, with a brisk evening breeze blowing across the tiled rooftops, the pair found themselves standing on the gently sloping roof of The Sultry Maid.  Titania let her arm drop back beside her ribs, allowing her cloak to close completely once more against the frigid zephyr that whipped its hem about.Ten men, all dressed in loose black shirts, black Kumarbands about their waists, and baggy flowing breeches with black knee-high boots half-crouched in front of the couple.  Each was armed with curved blades, either a scimitar or twin crescent daggers.  They clearly had been stalking towards the end of the inn, but the sudden flash of light had attracted their attention and now the group was all staring back at Augustus and his Elven wife.  Not much could be seen of their faces as black turbans and scarfs wrapped thoroughly about their features to conceal their identity.  However, Augustus was fairly certain by the look in their eyes that they were all quite shocked to see the pair suddenly standing behind them all.