To the Edge and Back 02

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It was with some trepidation that I knocked on our neighbor’s door. It had taken me a couple of days, but eventually Ky’s persistence won over and I told him I’d go. I knew he was feeling bad for me that I was stuck at home alone, but it wasn’t truly that bad.

Rachel opened the door and gave me a cross look, “Nichole,” she said in a voice filled with faux exasperation, “this is why we have the side gate, just come over, you don’t need to knock.”

I smiled uncomfortably but followed Rachel inside as she gestured me in. “Thank you for the invite,” I said more formally than I’d intended.

Rachel waved dismissively, “No need to thank me, you’re always welcome here. I’ve been bored to tears with only Marcus to keep me company. And you, home all alone all day by yourself. You poor thing–that’s awful.”

“It’s not so bad,” I protested and shook my head. “It’s given me some time to update my resume and do some networking.”

Rachel laughed, “Oh, that sounds entertaining,” she said with a jeering grin. She paused and looked towards the kitchen, “Alright, the refrigerator’s over there. It’s always got cold drinks in it, so feel free to just come on in and take what you want.” Rachel paused and looked at me, giving me an almost penetrating stare, “And I’m serious, Nichole, you need to let the formality go and just accept that this is your second home. It would make me so happy if you would come over and take something out of the fridge.”

I couldn’t help but smile, even though I could never see myself doing that. But I nodded anyway.

“Good,” Rachel said, taking my hand and pulling me towards the couch. “Marcus is off surfing with a friend, so it’s just the two of us.”

“You have a lovely home,” I said, admiring the décor. “Did you take that?” I asked, looking at a large picture hanging in the family room. The photograph showed a gorgeous sunset taken at the beach.

“No, that’s another one of Marcus’ hobbies. He’s always loved photography.”

“I share that interest,” I admitted. “I think my camera is the most expensive thing in our home right now–and it’s not even that nice.”

“I’ll have to tell Marcus to show you his equipment then,” Rachel said, “You two can go talk about sunlight and exposure this-and-that. That’d be great actually, then I wouldn’t have to act like I’m interested in what he’s talking about.”

I laughed but the suggestion was appealing. It was rare I could find someone to talk with about photography. “Please don’t think this a criticism, but you and Marcus are very opposite in a lot of ways.”

Rachel smiled and nodded, “Opposites attract, right?” she said with a shrug, “but you’re right. I can’t stand to talk about photography, and Marcus refuses to talk politics. I have no interest in surfing, but I can’t get Marcus to join me on a bike ride to save my life. I like gardening, he hates it. He likes scuba diving; I’m scared to death of it. I could go on and on like this,” my host said with a wink.

Rachel gestured towards the couch and we both sat.

“We’re a bit like that, too,” I admitted as I sat on the leather surface of the couch. “Ky looks up maths online to solve–for fun. Who does that?” I said and got a laugh from Rachel. “He loves to talk about politics, but I try to avoid it because we don’t agree on anything. And he always wants us to go camping, but I’d rather sleep in my comfortable bed.”

We sat on the couch and chatted the morning away, and I felt more comfortable as time went on. Rachel had such an open personality that she was easy to like and even easier to talk to. It wasn’t long before she had me in her home salon, a spare upstairs room they’d converted into a makeshift salon and was giving me a manicure.

“Have you ever thought of laser hair removal?” Rachel asked, pointing to a machine in the corner of the room. “That’s the gold standard when it comes to hair removal. It works extremely well.”

“Rachel, this is too much,” I protested, “I can’t let you dote on my all day.”

“Of course, you can,” Rachel said, placing a hand on my shoulder and guiding me to lay back down in the chair. “Now, we’ll do a couple of sessions a week.” Rachel began to explain, rolling her chair back and pulling the machine across the floor on its castors.

“Does it hurt?” I asked, looking at the gun-looking device she held in her hand.

“Everyone reacts differently, but it’s really no more than a small sting,” Rachel placed the tip of the wand against my thigh and pulled the trigger. It felt like someone pinched me.

“Not bad,” I said with a shrug.

Rachel marked the tops of my legs with a light marker and then began her work. It surprised me how quickly she went over the skin. In less than fifteen minutes she was done in the area and asking me to turn over. She talked while she worked, and the time passed quickly. With my legs done below my shorts, Rachel paused and looked up at me.

“If you want to remove the shorts, we can finish all the way up,” my host said, her brow lifting as she asked the question.

I’d half been expecting it, so I slipped çukurambar escort my shorts down and kicked them to the floor. Rachel continued to work as she told me about her extended family and even about which neighbors are best to avoid. As the wand neared my vagina, the stinging became more intense, the flesh much more sensitive.

Rachel again paused, “Do we want to remove any here?” she asked, pointing the wand around my pubic area.

“Uh, I’m not sure,” I confessed, “It’s permanent, right?”

Rachel nodded, “More-or-less, everyone reacts a little differently. Most women need to come in once a year for touch ups. But some never need to come back in,” she explained, “If you like to keep a little strip there or make shapes then it’s better to leave it. A lot of women are choosing to go more natural these days and letting it stay.”

“My husband seems to enjoy me being smooth down there,” I commented, surprised at how at ease I felt.

Rachel laughed, “Mine too, but I’m one of those that’s chosen to keep mine. So, I’m not pressuring you one way or the other.”

I thought about it for a long moment before I decided. Hooking my thumbs through the band in my knickers, I slid them down my legs and let them fall to the floor, joining the growing pile of clothing.

“You go girl,” Rachel said with a smile, and quickly returned to her work.

I felt the laser much more acutely this time and felt myself biting my lower lip as she worked.

“Open your legs for me,” Rachel instructed, pushing my knee to the side so she could gain better access. She was hitting every point around my lips, leaving me feeling extremely exposed. “There we go,” she said, giving the top of my vagina a tap with her fingers. “You’re not shy about nudity today, good for you.”

I sat up slightly, seeing how close Rachel’s face was to my opening and suddenly felt a stab of embarrassment. But it thankfully passed quickly. “I went to an all-girls boarding school from the time I was six years old until I was seventeen, so being starkers in front of another woman feels natural to me.”

“But probably not one between your legs like this,” Rachel said jokingly.

This time I felt a blush explode over me, running into the roots of my hair.

“Oh,” Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise as she moved away and allowed me to close my legs. Handing me my knickers she said, “Please share.”

I laughed and shook my head as I pulled up my knickers and shorts. “I shouldn’t.”

“I’ll make you a trade then,” Rachel said, her smile widening. “You give me the story and I’ll consider that payment for all current and future laser removal services.”

I was about to object but paused for a moment. The idea was appealing. “Alright,” I agreed, standing from the chair, and looking down at my legs.

“They’ll be a little red and puffy for a day or two, and you’ll need to stay out of the sun today,” Rachel explained as she led me back out to the kitchen. “I’ll fix us a quick bite and then I want to hear everything.”

While Rachel was preparing a lunch, I steeled myself and went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water. Rachel gave me a beaming smile and a thumbs up. She was such a nice person, if not a touch mental, but at least the right kind of mental. I took a moment to look around their home. It was tastefully furnished, but still had a lived-in feel to it. I couldn’t wait for the day when we could afford to buy some nice furniture.

Rachel placed a plate in the middle of the table and my brow rose in surprise. “Cucumber sandwiches?”

Rachel nodded, “My great grandmother was born in Leeds, and I remember her making cucumber sandwiches when I was a child. I thought you might like it.”

“Oh, these are my favorite,” I gushed, quickly taking one and biting off the corner. I sagged into my chair in delight. “So good,” I said, as soon as my mouth was clear.

“I’m so happy you like it.”

I swallowed another bite, “My nan would make these, too.” I said, “I haven’t had one in so long. Ky doesn’t like them, so I never make it.”

“Even better, maybe this will get you over here more,” Rachel said in excitement.

It probably would, I thought to myself. Visiting Rachel was quickly becoming something I would want to do more often. We ate for a moment in silence. Once I finished my sandwich, I sat back into my chair.

“I had the same roommate all through my time at boarding school,” I started to tell Rachel, “Emilia and I were the closest friends from the first day we met. I don’t know how it always worked out, but we were always in the same houses,” I paused, and explained, “A lot of boarding schools have houses like, Cranmer House, Hitcham House, or Cawthorne House. And somehow we always managed to be put into the same one. We had our own tricks for getting assigned to the same room.

“When you’re younger, you generally have to share a room with five or six girls, but once we were about fourteen, we only had to share a room with one girl — and Emilia and I always managed to be roommates. demetevler escort I truly wouldn’t have made it through school if it wasn’t for her,” I said, thinking back on so many good memories of my friend. “A lot of the girls were able to go home on the weekends — after Saturday classes — but Emilia’s from Scotland, and so she had to stay at the school without going home until the end of term. And for me, it was just easier to stay at school in order to avoid my mother. It was better that way. It was on those long weekends that we would be stuck in our room for long stretches of time, so we, well, started experimenting.”

“You mean actually having sex?” Rachel asked bluntly.

“Not at first,” I quickly corrected. “At first it was just a kiss on the lips — but we were young and didn’t know anything. Then after a while we decided to try it with tongue, and that opened up a whole new book of experiences. And eventually it progressed to touching… and kissing other parts,” I paused again, but when Rachel looked content to simply listen, I continued, “We were sixteen when we had actual girl-sex — that’s what we always called it. For some reason it didn’t feel like what we thought real sex would feel like.”

I shook my head as I thought about that first experience. “Everything changed that day,” I said, gazing at my empty plate for a moment, hearing the sound of the pool’s waterfall in the back garden. “She was the first one to go down on me, and then I tried. We didn’t learn how to orgasm for months, but it felt amazing to connect with someone so intimately. I think we both needed that physical connection.”

“I can only imagine,” Rachel said, her soft voice a comfort.

“We almost never left our room that year,” I let out a sigh and laughed, closing my eyes for a moment, “Other girls in school knew about us, but luckily the house mum and headmistress never found out — we would have been expelled for sure.”

“That’s actually a very sweet story,” Rachel commented. “Are you still close with Emilia?”

I let out a heavy breath and shrugged, “It’s complicated,” I said. “After we graduated, she wanted us to find a flat in London and go to university there. We had always talked about it. It was our dream to go to University College London and live like the upper-class,” I chuckled at the memory. “But then something changed for me… I realized I was in love with her, and it scared me. We were both in love… but that wasn’t the life I ultimately wanted.

“When my parents told me they were moving to California, I think I shocked them when I said I’d go with them. It was the last thing they expected. But I felt I needed a fresh start and wasn’t ready to get serious with Emilia. It broke her heart when I left.”

“How’s she doing now?” Rachel asked.

“She’s married actually–to a woman,” I answered. “We didn’t talk for a long time, but lately we’ve been connecting a little more, which I’m extremely happy about. I still love her in a way.”

“Oh, dear, thank you for sharing that with me. I wasn’t expecting something so near-to-the-heart,” Rachel said. “I imagine you’ve told your husband about that experience.”

I nodded but then shrugged, “Most of it,” I said with a smile. “I’ve kept some back. I like to tease it out slowly when I want to get him going.”

“That’s good of you dear, very smart. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after twenty-five years of marriage it’s that you always have to find new ways to keep things exciting.”

“Any suggestions?” I asked, looking up and meeting the older woman’s gaze. I was surprised when she looked away.

She wouldn’t meet my eyes, but she still wore look of levity on her face, “Nichole, that might be a dangerous subject to ask me about.”

“Hey,” I whinged, “I just told you a deep and personal experience, you can’t hold out on me.”

Finally, she met my gaze, “It’s just that you’re so young in your marriage and have the whole world in front of you. I’m not sure my experiences and thoughts are, well, quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to share.”

“Huh, well now I want to know even more,” I said, pushing a little further.

Rachal sighed, “Marcus wouldn’t want me to share this, and I worry you’ll think differently of me once I tell you.” she said, pausing for a long moment. “If I tell you, just promise me you won’t go tearing out of here with your hair on fire.”

I nodded, “I promise.”

The corner of Rachels’ mouth tightened for a long moment, “You see, we have an open marriage — have had for years.”

“Oh,” I said in complete surprise, trying to make myself look as nonchalant as possible. “I admit, I did not expect that.”

“Most don’t. It’s not exactly common,” Rachel said. “But we’ve found that it works for us. It’s certainly kept things spicy in the bedroom.”

“I’m sure that’s true,” I said more just to say something. After a long silence I finally asked, “Are you seeing someone now then?”

Rachel shook her head, “Not since the pandemic started,” she let out a breath, like she’d demirtepe escort been holding it a while. “It’s been a long time since Marcus and me have spent this much time together with just the two of us. It’s been nice though. One thing we’ve learned is that you have to step away from the life once-in-a-while and reconnect, otherwise it’s just a matter of time until your marriage ends.”

“I literally have a thousand questions,” I said, sounding a little too enthusiastic.

Rachel seemed relieved by my curiosity. She laughed, “Ask away if you want. I’ll answer what I can. But you have to reciprocate.”


“You might have to tell me more personal details about yourself.”

“I suppose that’s only fair,” I admitted, feeling unsure how much I wanted to share.

“Maybe think on it,” Rachel suggested, sensing my hesitancy. “I’m here whenever you want to talk. But you better keep coming over, we’ll do the laser treatment on your arms next.”

“I learned something interesting about our neighbor’s today,” I heard my wife call out from the bed as I was brushing my teeth.

I rinsed my mouth and dried my face with the towel hanging by the sink, “Do tell.”

“Alright, but you’re sworn to secrecy,” Nichole said, leaning against the wall as she sat on the bed. We really needed a headboard.

“Sworn to secrecy?” I asked in surprise. “What’d you find out?”


I nodded, “Fine, I swear.”

“Rachel and Marcus have an open marriage,” Nichole said, shooting me a grin, like she’d just given me the juiciest bit of gossip ever created.

“Huh, that’s interesting,” unsure if my brain had interpreted what I’d heard correctly.

“Interesting?” Nichole repeated. “I tell you our neighbors have an open marriage and all you think to say is, it’s interesting.”

I sat on the bed, wearing my usual sleeping shorts and tee shirt. “I’m not sure what to say. You kind of caught me flat footed there,” I said, my mind again filling with images of Marcus sleeping with my wife. The thoughts were coming with ever increasing frequency. I thought about what I’d just heard for a moment, and my brain started making connections. If they had an open marriage, Marcus has probably slept with a lot of different women, probably married women. My cock began to awaken.

“I spent the day with Rachel. Look,” Nichole said, extending her leg toward me, “She did the laser treatment thing.”

I ran my fingers across the skin of her leg as my wife told me the details of how laser hair removal worked. “The skin looks a little irritated,” I commented.

“It’ll go away in a day or so, it’ll be nice not having to shave anymore.”

I ran my hand up her inner thigh, “For some reason I find the thought of you permanently bare extremely erotic.”

“Good, because I did this mainly for you,” Nichole said and kicked the sheet off her other leg.

I watched as she wiggled side-to-side and removed her panties. My wife then scooted over to me and moved her knees apart, showing me her bare pussy.

“Fuck,” I gasped in surprise. “You did it?” Nichole smiled and nodded enthusiastically. “That is the hottest thing you’ve ever done.” I got down and inspected her folds up close. “I can’t believe you actually did it, and it’s permanent.”

“I thought it would be exciting,” my wife said, rubbing her fingers across the smooth flesh.

“Oh yeah, I’m excited,” I said as I quickly stripped of my shorts and attacked my wife. After a few minutes of foreplay, I slipped my cock inside her. She wrapped he legs around my waist, and I held here there closely for a long moment.

We made love as passionately as we ever had, and I even came twice, which is unusual for me. I tried as hard as I could, but I could only get Nichole to orgasm once. That just seemed to be the way she was. One orgasm and she was content. She never seemed disappointed, but something deep inside me felt she wasn’t being satisfied as much as she could be.

“Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to, you know, be fucked with a bigger cock?” I asked her, my dick still inside of her but rapidly shrinking.

“No,” Nichole said instantly. “Yours is plenty big.”

I chuckled, “It’s average at best babe, but thanks.” I said, not sure what to say. I had all these feelings but no words to explain them.

“This isn’t about Marcus again is it?” Nichole asked, turning to her side as I laid next to her.

“Not exactly,” I said, which was partly true. “I just wonder if I had a bigger cock, then maybe I’d be able to get you to cum more often.”

“Don’t be a git, Ky,” Nichole said, lightly smacking me on the temple. “I wouldn’t change any part of you, but if you keep talking like that, it’s going to make it even harder for me to cum at all.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, truly perplexed.

“For women, it’s mostly a mental thing. If I’m feeling pressure from you that I need to be multi-orgasmic, then it’ll make it harder for me, not better.”

“I guess that makes sense,” I confessed.

We talked for a few more minutes, but it wasn’t long before Nichole had slipped off to sleep. I reached my hand under the covers and into my shorts. I hated the way my dick felt when it was completely soft. It was so small that I could only grab it with my fingertips. Once I started to get hard, it looked more normal. I was certainly a grower and not a shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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