To the Edge and Back 04

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Just in case you’re jumping into this story without having read my note in the beginning. This is a cuckold story where people make stupid decisions. Sometimes they pay the consequences, sometimes they don’t. I don’t care if you read it and leave bad comments or reviews. Whatever gets you off. But don’t get upset that I didn’t try to warn you what type of story this was. Lastly, this is a fictitious cuckold/hotwife story. I don’t advocate anyone actually try it.


I heard the question, but my mind seemed incapable of processing after what I’d just witnessed and felt. The experience had twisted me inside out to where I felt raw and exposed. In my second of hesitation, I saw a thousand emotions pass over my wife’s face, and each took a bit of my soul.

“No,” I finally made myself say. I strode across the room and wrapped my delicate looking wife into my arms. I hugged her tightly and we didn’t speak for a long moment. I could feel her body trembling against mine, and I realized that, while her emotions wouldn’t have paired with my own, she would have experienced her own emotional roller coaster tonight.

Releasing her, we stepped back from one another, and I suddenly felt awkward, like this was a first date experience all over again. Rachel’s words came back to me that it was these awkward moments when we needed to communicate the most.

“So, we should talk,” I said, gesturing toward the bed.

Nichole nodded shakily, “I need to have a shower first.”

“Sure,” I replied quickly and stepped to the side. Nichole bit her lower lip and avoided my gaze as she walked past me and entered the bathroom.

I heard the shower run and was about to go sit on the bed when I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. I felt a distance between me and Nichole that I’d never felt before. Waiting even another minute felt like a mistake.

Removing my shorts, I stepped into the bathroom and up to the shower door. One nice feature in our new home is that it has a very large shower in the master bathroom. It fits two people easily with room to spare. Nichole had just stepped under the warm spray when she noticed me.

“Ky,” she said, turning to the side and holding her hand in front of her pussy. “I’m… dirty.”

She was embarrassed and felt a need to be clean before she faced me. I could understand that, but I wasn’t about to let another minute pass between us.

“I know,” I said calmly. “It’s fine.” And to prove my point, I stood under the water and again embraced her.

Once we were both wet, I took the soap in my hands and washed her body, starting with her neck and slowly moving down. I sat on the tiled bench so that my eyes were level with her navel and continued to clean. Reaching her legs, I ran my hand between her thighs and washed, moving up until my hand touched her lower lips. She flinched as I touched her.

“Gently,” she said, putting her hand on mine, the finger on her ring showed prominently on her finger.

At first she stood ridged, as if a stranger were touching her. But after several minutes, I could feel her relax. I felt a wave of relief when she reached out and ran her fingers into my hair. Finally, I bent over and washed her claves and her feet. Sitting up, I felt a bit proud of myself for thinking to do this, and I thought I’d done a good job, but the expression on my wife’s face confused me.

“What is it?”

“I have to wash here again,” she said shyly, gesturing hesitantly between her thighs where I’d just washed. “It’s still coming out.” Nichole burned red from embarrassment.

“Oh.” I lathered up my hands again and washed again. I couldn’t feel any difference, but it wasn’t lost on me that I was washing away another man’s cum from my wife’s vagina. In fact, I had to do it several more times before she finally gave me the nod that I’d finished.

“Ky,” her voice hardly more than a whisper. “Thank you for not being angry right now. Are you alright, though?

I inhaled a deep breath and blew it out of pressed lips, “I’ll be alright. It was a lot to take in, and you were right, I wasn’t prepared for it, but I’ll be alright.”

“I’m sorry–truly,” her thumb stroked against my forehead. “I hadn’t planned on doing that, and I can’t believe that I let it happen… I never thought I’d be an adulterous wife.”

“You’re not,” I said, trying to convey nothing but sincerity. The truth was that hearing her call herself and adulterous wife made my cock stir. “If anyone’s to blame here, it’s me. I’m the one that pushed you.”

She made a half-hearted snort, but her features remained stoic. I could see her fighting an internal battle right in front of me, trying to weigh out her morals with what she’d just experienced. Or at least that’s what I thought was going through her mind because it was sure as hell going through mine.

“You might have planted a seed, but tonight I was the one who let Marcus take me upstairs.”

“…At least it seemed like you enjoyed it,” I said hesitantly, wondering if I was on safe ground. “Do you regret doing it?” When yalova escort she didn’t immediately speak, a thought occurred to me. “Listen, no matter what you tell me, I’m not going anywhere. We’re in this together no matter what… but I need you to be complete open with me. Don’t try to sugarcoat anything, okay?”

Nichole held my gaze for a long moment and then nodded. In the moment she did, I saw her expression change and she inhaled a deep, cleansing breath. She no longer looked like she was carrying the weight of the world around her neck.

Nichole’s gaze reassured me that we were going to be okay. She then explained, “I used to be very judgmental to people who, when caught having an affair, would say something like, it just happened, or I just couldn’t help myself… but after tonight, I understand how it can ‘just happen’.”

“What do you mean?”

“These last months, I’ve enjoyed my time with Marcus. I’ve loved learning to surf and having someone to talk to about photography–and I confess I find him attractive. But even when you and I were messing about and fantasizing about it, in my own mind I was resolved that I was never going to let it go that far.” Nichole paused and adjusted the tap, increasing the hot water. “But then Rachel went to bed, and you were asleep… and it was only Marcus and me.”

Nichole stopped speaking and I could feel her form squirm uncomfortably next to me.

“Please tell me everything, I want to know,” I said, prompting her.

“We were chatting in the shallow end of the pool and our legs were close together. And… and there was something about being so close to him that made everything so intense. It started out as simple touches, but then he kissed me–and I felt this incredible rush of excitement because you were so close and could have caught us at any second. But I knew you were hoping it would happen, so I justified it. I told myself I would stop it at kissing. I wasn’t going to let it go beyond kissing.”

“I woke up a few times, but I never saw you kissing him.”

Nichole shook her head, “You were snoring by then. At that point I was fairly certain you weren’t going to wake up. That’s when he started touching by breasts, and the way he pinched and rolled my nipples–god he was driving me over the edge. I’ve never felt that kind of intensity before. I couldn’t think about anything else. Even when he started slipping his fingers into me, I couldn’t think. I didn’t want to think–I only wanted to feel.”

“Is that when he took you upstairs?”

“Yes,” Nichole admitted, and her voice trembled, “…but at that point, I wanted him to. I didn’t know it was possible to feel that much, need.”

“When I snuck upstairs, you hadn’t started having sex yet, so I must have woken up just after he took you upstairs.”

Nichol’s eyes widened and her brow rose, “You were upstairs? Did you see us?”

“When I woke up there wasn’t anybody around, so I walked around the house and then went inside,” I began to explain. “That’s when I heard whispering, so I went up to the door. It was dark and the door was only open a few inches, so I didn’t see anything. I only listened.”

“Oh my god I can’t believe you were there. What you must have heard…” Nichole covered her mouth with her fingers.

“I’m not going to lie, it was pretty intense,” I confessed. “I don’t know if I can explain it. I loved it and hated it at the same time.”

“Oh Ky,” Nichole’s fingers pressed tightly to her lips for a moment, “The things I said… you must’ve felt gutted.”

I snorted but pulled her closer to me, guiding her to sit on my lap. “I loved hearing the pleasure and the passion from you. I was thrilled about that. I loved that you let yourself go and simply enjoyed it. I’m ecstatic about that. Hearing how hard he made you orgasm was both incredible and painful at the same time. It’s hard knowing he could make you feel that, and I can’t.”

“Ky, that’s not true, you’ve made me–“

“–No, I haven’t.” I cut her off. “But it’s okay. It’s hard to describe, but even the painful part of what I was feeling was still a turn on for me. It’s like the more intense it got, the harder I got.”

“Really?” Nichole said in surprise.

I gave a short laugh, “Yeah, it’s the weirdest thing. Hearing you in the bedroom, and then seeing him take you outside in the yard. It’s this pain and pleasure feeling–it’s fucking intense… and addicting.”

“Addicting?” she asked in surprise. “You mean there’s part of you that wants to experience it again?”

I sighed and then kissed her temple, “Yeah I guess there is.”

Nichole wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and I could see the extreme fatigue in her features. “Can we go to bed and talk more about it in the morning?”

I nodded and we went through the nightly routine to go to sleep. Dawn was only hours away, but at least it was a Sunday and we’d be able to sleep in. I laid down and Nichole curled into my side as I wrapped an arm around her. I was feeling protective and needed her close. Nichole ran her hand over my chest, yalova escort bayan down my stomach, and over my crotch.

“Oh,” her voice caught with surprise. “Someone’s still awake,” she said, feeling my erection.

“Yeah, I guess I’m still pretty amped up about it.”

“I don’t think I’m up for sex right now, but do you want me to…” she stroked her hand up my shaft over my shorts.

“I wouldn’t stop you,” I said smiling up at the ceiling. Nichole snickered and slipped her hand under my shorts. “Is he that much bigger than me?”

“Ky, no,” she said a little too quickly.

“Nichole be honest. You agreed.”

After a long pause in which she slowly ran her fingers over my cock, she finally said, “A bit.”

“I really did enjoy listening to you. It sounded like you were on cloud nine.”

“… I didn’t know I could feel like that,” she finally admitted. She then doubled her effort, and it didn’t take me long to ejaculate.

“Bloody hell, Ky,” Nichole gasped, her hand still under my shorts after I’d cum. “How much did you cum? My hand is covered. You really were excited tonight.”

I didn’t reply. I simply closed my eyes and exhaled a deep breath. Nichole got out of bed, and I felt a little bad for keeping her up a little longer. I knew she was tired. I changed my shorts again and a few minutes later we were curled back up in bed. Nichole was asleep withing seconds, but I laid there until the sun began to lighten the horizon, thinking of what had just happened and what future it might bring. Marcus’ words came to my mind, ‘we only have control over the choices, never the consequences.”


I was surprised to wake up and find the sun so high in the sky. Looking to my nightstand, I didn’t see my phone in its usual place. I must have dropped it in the closet or the bathroom, I thought. I could see Nichole beginning to stir, so I went to reach over her and pick up her phone.

“Ky, give me a minute,” Nichole protested, her voice rough from sleep. She was probably thinking I was looking for sex I realized.

“I’m just trying to reach your phone. I want to see what time it is.”

Nichole turned and began to reach for the phone, and I heard an audible groan as she did. Without looking at the phone, she tossed it to me as she got out of bed and scuffled to the bathroom.

The phone showed that it was almost noon. That shocked me because even when I’ve been dead tired in the past, I’d never slept in this late. I heard the toilet flush and the sink run, so I looked toward the bathroom as Nichole came back into the room. Her hair was completely mussed, and her eyes were still only half open, but what caught my attention was the way she was walking. It reminded me of how she was moving at the beginning of our honeymoon. We’d had sex countless times that first night, and it had taken her a day or two to feel back to normal. I felt my dick begin to hard at the thought that she was sore from taking a larger cock than mine. How long would it take before she was completely used to it?

Nichole flopped onto the bed and sighed heavily, “I had the most erotic dreams last night,” she said, looking up at the ceiling fan as the blades rotated slowly above us.

“Hate to break it to you, but that wasn’t a dream,” I said, making sure my voice was light and teasing.

She was quiet for a moment and then said, “No, after, after we went to sleep. I had the weirdest dreams of my life. They were brilliant and pleasurable one minute and then terrifying and soul wrenching the next.”

“That sounds about how last night went for me,” I said, thinking the description accurately described my night. I leaned over and gave my wife a light kiss on the lips. “Good morning beautiful.”

Nichole winced but held my gaze, “You still feel that way, even after?”

I nodded and pressed my lips again to hers. The kiss intensified and I almost came apart as I felt my wife’s soft, full lips against mine. Feeling her probing tongue made me feel a modicum of peace. I broke the kiss and moved to her neck, then her shoulders, down her breasts, and finally down to her pussy.

My wife’s hand’s gripped the sides of my head as I descended, forcing me to pause my progress, “Are you sure, you don’t have to?”

“Let me show you how sure I am,” I said, and over the next half hour, took my time and tried to remind my wife that I was still her husband. I knew I wasn’t going to compete in the large cock event, but I had to show her how much I still loved her.

Our lovemaking was slow and gentle. As tempted as I was, I pushed all thoughts and talk of Marcus away and only allowed myself to focus on love for my wife. It was an intense and beautiful experience and it felt like an emotional balm.

It was late in the afternoon when I heard a knock at the back door. It surprised me to see Marcus there. What surprised me more was that I didn’t feel any animosity toward him. I stood from the table and slid open the large glass door. My wife remained at the table, sitting in her chair with her legs pulled up escort yalova tightly to her chest. I think she was working her way through her second pot of tea, which is a lot, even for her.

“Hey, you two,” Marcus greeted, staying outside the door’s threshold. As usual, he wore a faded pair of board shorts and flip flops. “I wanted to make sure you two were alright, see if you needed to talk or anything.”

I looked to my wife but didn’t see any obvious body language indicating things one way or another. I then turned back to Marcus. “We’re good–just taking things slowly right now.”

“Completely understandable,” Marcus said, and I could easily see the concern on his face. “I don’t want to impose, just to tell you we’re here if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” I nodded, “we’ll let you know.” It came out a little harsh, but Marcus didn’t seem to mind.

He turned to leave but at the last second said, “Nicky’s surfboard’s tied to the Jeep, if she ever feels like going again. I don’t want to come off pushy, just saying there’s always an open invite.”

I nodded once again but didn’t say anything as I closed the door. With a wave, he turned and casually walked back to his house.

Sitting at the table, I looked up to my wife, “Do you want to go tomorrow?”

Nichole put down her tea and turned off the tablet she was balancing on her knees. “Ky, I probably shouldn’t–“

“–But you want to,” I said, holding her gaze to see how she’d answer me.

“Well yes, but it’s probably best if I stop going, or at least find some new friends to go with.”

“You should go,” I told her, knowing that in her heart, she really wanted to keep surfing in the morning.

Nichole bit her lip for a long moment, “It’s been a lovely day today, but we haven’t really discussed last night… do you want, that, to happen again?”

I smirked, “We’re only talking surfing here.”

Nichole rolled her eyes, “Be serious. You and I both know that if I continue to go surfing with him, eventually last night would happen again. Are you saying you want that?”

“Do you?”

“Ky, you can’t put it all on me. It broke my heart to see the hurt on your face last night–and don’t deny it, I saw it there.”

I shook my head, “I’m not denying it, but that was just one emotion.”

“So, what are you thinking, do it once more, twice?” Nichole asked, not giving me any hints as to what she wanted. “Because you realize this is more-or-less how Rachel and Marcus started. It will be easier to stop now than it will be in a few days from now, or a few weeks…”

I thought about it for a long moment. Her point was a valid one. What did I want? “I take your meaning,” I said, trying to think what I wanted. “But I don’t think I’m at a point where I can put this out of my head. I guess I feel like it needs to run its course some more, or I’ll always regret that we didn’t get a little crazy back in the early days of our marriage–you know, someday down the road when we have like six kids and boring, normal lives.”

Nichole laughed, “Six kids?” You better find a better paying job. English boarding schools are expensive these days.”

“We’re not sending our kids to board school,” I said emphatically.

“Probably not the boys, but It’s a good environment for girls to learn in, so we’ll probably send our daughters–but don’t worry, their grandparents would be close by if they needed anything.”

I shook my head, “This isn’t something we need to argue about right now,” I said, but the thought of having kids with this woman made my heart burn with a wholesome and peaceful feeling. “For my part, I think you should keep surfing. I know you’re loving that, and if that’s all it is, great.” I said as sincerely as I could. “And if it escalates and there’s a repeat of last night, even better. I just want you to tell me about it later.”

Nichole appeared pensive for a time. “You’re completely mental, I hope you know that.” She looked at me and I shrugged. “I’ll think about it…”


Ky always left early in the morning for work, and since I’d started consistently surfing in the mornings, we’d fallen into the routine of waking up and eating breakfast together. We’d had such a lovely Sunday together that I was feeling like I was reconciled again with my husband, and that I’d regained control of myself. I’d successfully kept all thoughts of Marcus out of my mind and focused only on my husband.

When Monday morning came, I think I surprised my husband when I got up and began to prepare to go to the beach with Marcus, but I told him it was only going to be about surfing. I liked the sport, I was getting better at it, and I didn’t want to give it up because of one night that went a bit wobbly. I put on my bikini, and because it was a cool morning outside, I put on a loose pair of jogging trousers and an old jumper.

I had seen Ky off to work and grabbed my small knapsack that I carried to the beach, when I heard a knock on the front door. At first I thought maybe it was Ky and that he’d locked himself out of the house or something, and I was fairly certain it wouldn’t be Marcus because I always walked over there when it was time to go. But when I opened the door, there stood Marcus, wearing a pair of black boardshorts and a dark grey hoodie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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