Together Ch. 01

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He met her by the canal with a hug that was pure electric- not knowing how awkward it would be to see her and they walked to their old spot- sitting in the sun discussing her reasons for being back in town. She’d been gone for two years and had missed this tired little town, and the people she’d known here. Two years ago they almost got together, but for one reason and then another neither ever made a move- then she’d left and it had been too late.

A few months ago when her relationship started breaking up she’d called him. After venting her confusions their conversation had drifted onto events from years ago- and ended up in an amaisingly detailed account of the things they would have done to each other. In the heat of the moment he’d admitted his fetish to her, feet. Licking them, kissing, pressing them against his face when he came. It was the first time they’d ever talked about sex, and his interest in her feet had turned her on.

She sat there and found a casual moment to kick off her shoes, stretching her legs out a few moments latter- to skin up on her knees, looking like an innocent move. And as she rolled she be peeked out under her fringe, watching him follow the movement of her feet, the lusty look in his eyes confirming her thought, he wanted her- starting with her feet. As the spliff is finished and lit she brushed that fringe out of her eyes and looks in to his- showing the same thoughts crossing her face. He blushed at the realisation and broke eye contact.

“So” she resumed “he wanted us to calm down- to stop all the games with certain friends, be monogamous… and I told him I wasn’t ready for that- but you know what? That’s not true, I don’t know- I don’t know if I’m not ready for just one person, I think that might even be what I need- but I know it couldn’t be him.” She handed him the spliff, electric still sparking between them as their fingers brushed “I can’t believe I was such a bitch- two years and I move out cos’ he wants a grown up monogamous relationship- I’m a girl, I’m meant to want these things aren’t I?”

“Hell babes- I don’t know, I guess you got to do what ever makes you happy” he told her blowing smoke out his nose, his eyes wandering back to her blood red painted toes “what would make you happy?” he blushed at the undertones of his question.

“Being back here makes me happy, seeing you- just sitting here in ‘our spot’ soaking up some sun makes me happy” she admitted taking back the spliff and inhaling deeply.

“Good!” he declared and there was an uncomfortable pause as he searched for something to say, finally settling on “So how’s the new flat?”

“Great- getting everything unpacked- that’s why I said to meet me here- needed the rest, but you should come see it sometime Sam, and soon” This time it was her turn to blush at the possible meaning of her statement.

“I’d like that” his reply dripped of the same hint. She wiggled her toes as she put out the spliff and reached down to rub them.

“Been hard work all this moving nonsense” she said letting her fingers stretch each toe in turn “My feet are killing” She knew exactaly what she was doing, she wanted to seduce him- right here by the canal in the sun where they’d spent so much time together. She played her fingers over her toes again, the varnish on her fingers and toes blood red, he’d told her it was his favourite.

His mind was bahis firmaları racing as he watched her tug on her smallest toe- pressure built in his jeans as a slight bulge formed there. Should he do it- finally make his move? He’d loved this girl half his life, he’d been devastated when she moved away- he’d been about to tell her to make her stay. Only she’d seamed so happy to be moving away with her new man back then, he hadn’t been able to bring himself to risk hurting her. And now she was home again, right next to him yet he couldn’t ignore what she said- she wasn’t ready for monogamy and that’s what he wanted- to be devoted to only her, to know she belonged to only him. Yet here she was, gorgeous in her summer dress and red nail varnish- offering her self to him in a discrete way and he knew he’d be a fool to miss the opportunity to kiss her even if he couldn’t keep her.

“Sam? You okay?” she questioned as his confusion flicked across his face

“Yeah, I was just thinking…” he let his gaze drift from her feet to her eyes, encouraged by the lust he saw there “that I could massage them for you”

“Oh, I don’t know if that’s the best idea Sam, sure they’d feel great for a while, but they’d suffer again soon enough” she hoped he’d understand she was talking about more than the massage. He shuffled closer to her.

“I could always take care of them again, I mean it’s not like I’m far away anymore”

“Good point, and I promise you I want them taken care of, but what if your expecting more from this massage than ‘my feet’ can live up to?” she countered. She wondered what she was doing, why she hadn’t jumped on him already she had after all been celibate for months now. But this was Sammy. A man shed loved truly as a boy but never told him, and although they’d discussed how sex was just sex what if it meant more to her. Was she ready for that having just moved back after the last relationship fell apart?

“If I know your feet as well as I know you then they’re perfect,gorgeous, pale…” he stopped mid-sentence and reached towards her. Her breath caught in the back of her throat as his fingers gently brushed across her forehead pushing back the errant fringe.

“You’re perfect” he continued abandoning the drawn out metaphor “And I really, really want to massage your feet” that part quite literal. He leaned in sliding his hand to the back of her head and brought his lips to almost touch hers. She felt his heat pounding through his shirt; his fingers tremble slightly as they slipped through her hair and whispered to him.

“Should have done this a long time ago” her breath warm on his lips, then they kissed. Lips soft on lips as he drew her tighter to him, letting his tongue slip in to her welcoming mouth. She kissed him with years of suppressed passion, linking her arms around his neck. When he eventually pulled away he saw the look in her eyes and all his doubts faded away. He’d waited so many years to see her look at him like this, with desire, with longing.

“Defiantly” he replied sliding one hand down her calf, cradling her foot in his palm

“Now about those feet”

His eyes betrayed more than a little of his excitement ad her moved so he could rest one of her feet on to his folded knees. This kneeling position increased the growing pressure in his jeans, and he found liked that- to feel restrained while helping himself kaçak iddaa to her foot. He began to massage the sole of her foot, gently pressing behind each toe- spreading them out and examining them. He pulled her other foot on to his lap and repeated the soft inspection, cradling her ankle between his palms.

He raised her toes to his lips and began to cover them in soft butterfly kisses that tickled as he flitted across her sole to kiss the heal of her foot. She lay back in the warm grass, the hem of her skirt falling along her raised leg offering a glimpse of milky thigh and the small white lace triangle of her underwear. As he ran his tongue up her foot and between each toe she felt her wetness seeping into that insignificant scrap of lace. A contended sigh broke on her lips as he sucked big toe, his tongue lapping and swirling. She imagined what that tongue would feel like sliding over her pussy lips, lapping at her clit and pressed her thighs together in need of some stimulation between them.

“Perfect” he exclaimed when he released her toe from his mouth “I hope the rest of you tastes this good”. He lay her foot down and lent over her- covering her with his body and kissed her deeply. Sam ran his hands down the sides of her body to her hips, holding her tightly against the painfully hard shaft nestled between his legs. She gasped as he pressed against her and wrapped her legs around him so he was rubbing where it felt good. She moaned quietly as he trailed one hand down her hip till it could slip under the hem of her skirt and his nails lightly scratched back upward against the soft flesh of her thigh. He rolled part way off her so he could run his fingers all the way up to the damp lace covering her mound. He let one finger slip under the edge of her knickers and traced the outline of her pussy. His hand’s actions were well covered by her flowing skirt but he checked briefly that they were still alone by the canal before taking hold of the wet flimsy material and pulling it off her body down her legs. His hand was warm when it resumed tracing around her pussy lips, already swollen and begging to be stroked.

Faye had wrapped her arms back around his neck and let one hand drift down to slip up his shirt feeling the firmness of his chest as he pressed a single finger against her and slipped inside the soaking hole he had found. He thrust his tongue into her mouth at the same moment he pushed his finger all the way into her- revelling in the feel of her moan deep in his own throat. Even in the fantasies he’d had about her, and there had been many over the years, but he’d never imagined she would feel this good. Her pussy was soaking wet, warm and deliciously tight around even a finger- he had to stop himself reaching to his fly and releasing his straining cock just to plunge into her. He wanted this to be just as good for her so pushed his patience and kept his rhythmic thrusting into her.

“That feels so good Sam, use another finger- fill me up” she breathed at him, squirming her hips under his exploring fingers as he complied He blushed at her, no girl had ever told him how his touch felt, let alone what she wanted. It turned him on even more to know she was enjoying his attentions. She wasn’t blushing, only smiling through half closed lips as he thrust his fingers into her, his thumb brushing across her cit making her juices flow over his hand. kaçak bahis Slowly he increased the pressure on her clit, rubbing tight little circles around it with now three fingers pushing into her.

“That’s it, o my god Sam that’s good- just mmmmm” her word faded in to a moan as he rubbed against her clit, sliding that little hood of flesh out the way and stroked it with the pad of his thumb. Encouraged by the things she was gasping into his ear he rubbed faster and tried his own voice, husky and thick with lust

“I’ve always wanted to see you come” he confessed as he felt her pussy start to pulse around his fingers “Come for me Faye, let me watch” he begged driving his fingers against her again and again. There were no words in the sounds coming from her mouth and he covered it with his own least anyone hear her cries. All of a sudden her thighs clamped around his wrist and her orgasm broke over his hand in a fresh gush of her juices, her pussy pulling his fingers in deeper still. She forced her legs to relax and her eyes to open so he could see her pleasure in them. He let his pussy drenched fingers linger over her clit a while longer, rubbing with small soft movements that made her gasp and murmur his name. He lay along side her, running his other hand up and down her body, softly fingering the hard buds of her nipples pushed against the thin cotton of her dress.

When she stopped shaking she pulled herself close to him kissing his bottom lip “Sammy, that was, well incredible doesn’t seam to cover it” she spoke between long soft kisses and invaded his mouth with her tongue. Enjoying the blush spreading across his cheeks. She ran her nails down his back and circled his waist, letting one hand drift to cover the clear, hard outline in his jeans “do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you?”

“Yes” he replied with a slight laugh, pressing his cock harder against her hand “I think I understand, but not here…”

“Then maybe now I should show you my new flat?” she asked squeezing him

“That’d be nice” her hand working up and down the constrained shaft of his cock made his breath come hard and ragged

“Is this what you want Sammy? I want you so much, but I don’t want to mess this up…”

“Yes Faye, this is exactly what I want- How long have you wanted to do this?” he asked her honestly, winding his arms around her and pulling her up to sit with him, regretting the loss of her hand between his legs “Is this what you want?”

“I think I’ve always wanted this- always wanted you…” she nuzzled against his neck, her breath warm against his skin.

“I love you” he said hoarsely into her ear, stroking her hair, on hearing his own words he panicked- ‘love’ he didn’t want to scare her with that right now didn’t mean to say that at all, not when he was getting everything he ever wanted promised to him. But it had felt like the most natural thing to say- so he had said it, and hoped she would just think him caught up in the moment. She kissed him again, deep and hard, tugging softly on his lip with her teeth as she pulled away.

“I love you Sam”

“Really? I didn’t mean to say that Faye, I mean, I do- I love you, I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, but I never thought…you… when you were here… before…” she cut him short as his words faded to ramble

“Sam I love you, I came back to see if you still felt the same way” she reluctantly freed herself of his arms and rose on legs that were still a little unsteady. She bent low to take his hand, a mischievous smile lighting up her face,

“Please come home with me …”

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