Torturous Boots Ch. 03


Pete was extremely satisfied with what he had done to both James and Marco and he knew neither of them would dare tell any of the other gang members what he put them through out of pride. Neither would risk the humiliation. The next day Pete was all dressed in his leather and boots and enjoyed time at home chatting online to friends and perverts whom he’d send pictures of himself all heeled and leathered up to please themselves. His phone rung so he got up to answer it and it was Bradley the police officer. Bradley really didn’t have anything to report on Sally’s murderers and Pete knew the real reason why he called.

“So you’ve called me to tell me you’ve found nothing?” said Pete strutting around his wooden floor with the phone in his hand.

“Well I was just keeping you updated” Bradley replied.

“Or where you thinking about the other night you saw me in my high heel boots?”

Bradley paused,

“Yeah I know that’s the reason why you called! What’s the matter police officer? I bet you’re really hard right now thinking of me in those thigh high boots aren’t you?”

Bradley still couldn’t reply.

“Listen!” said Pete who pointed the phone downward then started walking around.

“Can you hear my stiletto heels?”

“Yes!” said Bradley.

“I’m wearing those boots now! Are you horny?”

“Yes!” said Bradley.

“Good. I love it when a man admits that I turn him on with my boots and doesn’t live in denial!”

“I would love to see you!” said Bradley.

“But aren’t you married with a son nearly my age?”

“Yes but I don’t care! I want to see you in those boots again!”

“Then come over to my house tonight at 8pm and if you do as you’re told then maybe we can play!”

Pete had no plans yet for the third member of the gang so spending time with a married cop whom was a boot fetishist was something he was looking forward to.

Bradley appeared at Pete’s door at 8pm on the dot and Pete was fully leathered up in his dress, corset, long gloves and thigh high boots. Bradley’s eyes widened with lust at the sight of Pete.

“Come in” said Pete and Bradley didn’t hesitate.

Bradley was dressed as if he was on duty, his badge was visible on his belt and he had his gun.

“Get down onto your knee’s!” Pete ordered and Bradley instantly responded.

“Hmm, looks like I’m in charge tonight Mr Officer!”

Pete began strutting around and the sound of his high heel stilettos sounded, just the sight of him in his boots was enough to make Bradley hard. Bradley loved the boots, they were so feminine yet Pete pulled the look off perfectly. Pete seductively walked up to Bradley and removed his badge from his belt and held it up. Bradley watched as Pete read his badge number and smiled. Pete then slowly stuck out his tongue and gave the shinny badge a nice long lick whilst still looking at Bradley. He then began licking the badge continually and made pleasurable moaning sounds as his tongue slivered against it. Bradley was so turned on as he watched this leathered up sissy boy in stiletto heeled boots lapping up his badge. Pete licked the badge like it was an ice cream and finished off with a soft kiss then pressed the wet badge on Bradley’s cheek and wiped it. Bradley was so turned he was speechless.

Pete then placed one of his leather fingers to his mouth and slowly licked it then rubbed his wet finger slowly down Bradley’s nose. Pete then pulled up a chair and sat down opposite him. Pete was higher up because Bradley was on his knees so Bradley knew his place.

“Take out your gun and point it up to my Bostancı Yabancı Escort face!” said Pete and Bradley pulled out his gun, made sure it was on safety and pointed it up at Pete’s face.

Pete slowly licked his top lip then began licking the tip of the gun. After a few small licks Pete really began licking the gun as Bradley held it and then sucked on it while caressing himself. Pete continued to lash his tongue against the gun, he was in a licking frenzy and moaned and moaned in pleasure as he lapped the gun. Bradley was managing to contain himself but the sight of Pete doing what he was wasn’t easy, Pete was wearing the high heel boots Bradley was so desperate to worship so anything Pete did whilst wearing them was a turn on. Pete had his eyes closed the whole time but when he opened them he looked directly at Bradley and with the tip of his tongue he began teasing him by giving the tip of the gun little licks. Rapidly Pete licked the tip of the gun and finished with a long stroke before licking his top lip again.

“Hmm, that was yummy!” Pete said finishing his licking frenzy.

“You want my booted legs don’t you Mr Officer?” he then said and placed the tip of one of his booted against Bradley’s rock hard cock and unlike James and Marco Bradley showed much application to this action.

“I love your boots! I want to worship you!” said Bradley.

“Ok then but you will have to obey my every command and if you fail then this session is over!” Bradley smiled with approval and Pete began stroking his boots teasingly and moved his tongue over his top lip again seductively.

“How much do you like my boots?”

“Very much!”

“What would you like to do to them?”

“I want to lick every inch of them! I want to suck those fucking heels and cum all over your boots!!” said Bradley.

Pete licked his top lip for a few seconds.

“Hmm I bet you want to do all those things but first I want you to rub your face on my boots but you are not allowed to kiss or lick them until I say so.”

Bradley crawled up to Pete and pressed his face up against his thigh high leather boots and let of a moan in pleasure. The soft black leather felt wonderful against his skin and he was in heaven! But he was fighting within himself to kiss the boots especially when he pressed his lips up against them. He continued to rub his face against Pete’s boots and his cock was throbbing. Pete sat down on a chair and with Bradley remaining on his knees he began rubbing Bradley’s throbbing cock with the tip of his boot. Bradley was in ecstasy as Pete teased him.

“You like that don’t you?” said Pete.

“Oh yeah!” said Bradley.

Pete slowly moved his booted foot up to Bradley’s face and rubbed the boot-tip under his chin, Bradley was dying for his tongue to make contact with the boot.

“You’re my little play-thing, my pet should I say,” said Pete.

“Yes, I’ll be anything you want me to be!” said Bradley desperately.

Pete began to caress Bradley’s face with his booted foot and Bradley was so turned on he began to touch himself with one hand while his other hand stroked Pete’s soft leather boot.

“Look at you, married with a son and instead of being at home you are here with me being aroused, aroused by a guy in high heel boots!”

Bradley didn’t care he was enjoying every second of Pete’s sexy leather boot pressing against his face and the feeling of caressing the boot with his hand.

“You want to lick my boot so desperately don’t you?” said Pete and Bradley nodded.

“Well let’s kick it up a notch!”

Using Bostancı Yeni Escort his other booted leg Pete began rubbing Bradley’s hard cock with not only the pointy boot-tip but the instep as well so both his stiletto-booted feet were at work. Bradley now used both his hands to caress Pete’s boots and moaned in pleasure. Both of them were turned on and Pete ordered Bradley to kiss his boots!

Bradley pressed his lips against the soft black leather and they smacked off Pete’s boots, Bradley showered the foot part of Pete’s boot that was near his face and the bottom of the knee on the other that caressed his penis. Bradley was in heaven and kissed the boots with such passion it was as if he was making out with a hot woman.

“Oh yeah, kiss my boots Mr Officer!” Pete said licking his lips.

He really used his boot and worked Bradley’s hard penis which was throbbing.

“Ok Mr Officer now lick my boots!” Pete demanded.

Bradley’s tongue emerged from his mouth as quickly as it could and met with one of Pete’s boots. This was the moment Bradley was waiting for, the moment his tongue made contact with the soft black leather if felt heavenly! The leather was so soft and smooth that Bradley’s tongue glided over it leaving trails of saliva.

Bradley started from the pointy boot tip and really enjoyed pressing his tongue on it; he lapped it passionately and worked his way up Pete’s booted foot, tasting the sides and instep. Pete began sucking on his leather index finger and caressed Bradley’s cock using his other boot as Bradley continued licking. Holding Pete’s right boot up Bradley began licking the steel tip of the long stiletto heel before lapping the outside of the heel then sucking on it. Bradley closed his eyes and sucked the sexy heel relentlessly and Pete sucked on his own leather finger harder.

Bradley finally managed to remove the long stiletto from his mouth and while still holding Pete’s leg up he began licking the round ankle before lowering Pete’s leg slightly and working his way up the from of the leg. Bradley’s tongue was gibing across Pete’s boot and his long slurps and worked the sides too. He bent Pete’s leg and gripped the back of his leg squeezing on the leather calf and with Pete’s knee in his face Bradley began kissing the knee of the leather thigh boot passionately before releasing his tongue again and lapped it. Bradley then raised Pete’s leg up into the air and using his hands gripped both sides of the booted leg and began licking Pete’s tight leather calf, his tongue ran up and down it and he moved up to the ankle and began sucking on it before taking in the long stiletto heel again.

“Take it out!” said Pete and Bradley instantly unzipped himself and pulled out his throbbing cock and using his booted feet Pete placed it between them.

Bradley let off a moan as the leather boots sandwiched his penis and Pete began slowly jerking him off with his boots.

“Yeah, there you go Mr Officer! This is what you want!” said Pete rubbing away.

Pete being a pro at giving boot-jobs with his high heel boots was giving Bradley the boot-job of his life, he moved his ankles perfect and ensured every inch of Bradley’s cock was caressed with his boots! Bradley was in a trance and Pete expertly rubbed his high heeled feet together and Bradley exploded with a host of white cum all over Pete’s soft black leather boots!

“There you go Mr Officer!” said Pete as the cum ran down the pointy tip of his boots.

Bradley was breathing heavily and was totally satisfied with the boot-job but did not Bostancı Masaj Salonu want the session to end.

“You have dirtied my boots Mr Officer and I demand that they be cleaned!”

Bradley lent forward and began licking his own cum off Pete’s boots!

“Yes taste your cum you Pig!” said Pete with a grin as Bradley lapped at his feminine boots again.

Bradley thoroughly cleaned Pete’s boots of his own cum and enjoyed it. Pete licked his leather index finger and wiped Bradley’s lips with it.

“Would you like to taste my cum now?”

Bradley nodded approvingly,

“How would that feel for you?”

“It would mean everything to taste your cum Pete!”

Pete sat back, reached under his leather dress and pulled out his throbbing cock, he began jerking himself off and within minutes he was ready to cum. Pete leaned forward and ejaculated all over his boots like Bradley did earlier and sat back in exhaustion. Bradley stared at the white cum dripping down his thigh high boots and was desperate to taste it.

“Go ahead, taste my cum,” said Pete and Bradley dived toward the boots and began licking every drop of Pete’s white cum that ran down his boots.

Bradley was honoured to have licked Pete’s cum and a grin appeared over his face when he was done.

“Ok how about round two Mr Officer?”

Bradley nodded and was ready to cum again so Pete got up off his chair and grabbed Bradley’s police badge again and turned his back to him then got down onto the floor face downward. Pete raised his legs so they were bent at the knees and facing upward.

“Now fuck my boots Mr officer!” he said and whilst remaining on his knee’s Bradley placed his hard again cock between the ankle parts of Pete’s boots and began thrusting back and forth.

Bradley Fucked Pete’s hot boots and while beg thrusted away Pete began licking the police badge again. Pete licked it in motion with Bradley’s thrusts and he gave the badge long luscious licks! Both of them were in their element, Bradley was fucking the most sexiest women’s boots being worn by a guy while Pete was licking the police badge like an ice cream. Not before long Bradley exploded with cum again and his white cum ran up Pete’s booted legs this time. Bradley didn’t hesitate in cleaning Pete’s boots yet again and with long strokes of his tongue he cleaned every speck.

Bradley had cum twice and now it was Pete’s turn,

“Lie on your back Mr Officer!” said Pete and Bradley instantly rested up on the floor.

Pete stood over him then sat on his chest and began jerking himself off yet again. Before he knew it Pete was ready to cum again and aimed it at Bradley’s left eye. Pete exploded and his aim was perfect, all his white cum landed in Bradley’s left eye and after every drop was shot Pete remained sitting on Bradley and admiring his work.

“You will remain on the floor until I tell you to move, and that will be likely when my cum has dried!” said Pete.

Pete got up and left Bradley downstairs, he removed his leather outfit and put on a red top, a short leather skirt with patterned tights with some black leather high heel pumps! He came back downstairs and was ready to go out to see some of his friends, Bradley was still on the floor and his left eye was still soaked with white cum. Pete stood over him in his tights and high heel pumps.

“Where do we go from here?” he asked.

“I want you to be a part of my life,” said Bradley.

“What about your wife and son?”

“My wife left a year ago and I don’t care what my son thinks!”

Pete smiled.

“I promise I will help you find Sally’s murderers also.”

Pete licked his top lip,

“I don’t need any help with that!” he said to himself for he had already done his research and the next gang member on his list was a guy called Clive whom Pete had already set the capture and torture of him in motion.