Toys are Us Ch. 03


Brenda and Ron got a shower together. They spent a lot time soaping each other up. Ron teased Brenda’s breasts, sex, and asshole and Brenda explored Ron’s body, especially his dick, which she felt stiffen and get hard in her hands for the first time. She marveled at its hardness and how hot it was.

She liked the way Ron groaned and shivered when she ran her hand up and down the shaft for to long of a time. She used her hand to caress the spongy head, which made him groan even louder. With one hand she cupped his ball and rolled them gently. They were heavier and bigger than she had imagined.

Ron’s slippery soapy hands on her breasts made her shiver, as did his hands on her sex. When he brushed her clit, she moaned and when a finger touched her asshole she came up on her toes with a loud groan.

Their exploration ended rather suddenly when the hot water ran out. They were laughing like school kids as they hurriedly rinsed soap off and got out to dry each other off. This ended with them kissing deeply and passionately.

Ron finally broke the kiss, scooped his wife up in his arms, and carried her to bed. As he deposited her on the bed, he asked, “Well, where do we begin?”

“We already have in the shower. I got to touch and feel of your dick and you had me on the ragged edge of an orgasm with your fingers on my ass, breasts, and sex.” Brenda whispered.

“Ok, then where to now?” He asked climbing on the bed with her.

Brenda’s hand jumped to his hard dick and she whispered shyly with a blush, “What would you say, if I said, I wanted to kiss, lick and maybe even suck on this?” She gave his hard shaft a gentle squeeze for emphasis.

“I’d, uh….” Ron stammered and then he took a deep breath. “I’d love for you to.” He got out and then blushed deeply.

Brenda had never seen him do that and smiled as she slid down in the bed until her face was right in front of his manhood. “I tried this on the toy but I have no idea if the same things I liked to do to it will feel good to you. So you’re going to have to tell me what you like and what you don’t like.”

Ron nodded quickly and then took a deep breath before he said, “I’ve often dreamed of you doing this, but I was afraid to ask about it.”

“Have you ever thought about doing it to me?” Brenda asked in a low whisper. Ron nodded and she shivered heavily. “I was hoping you would say that.” She added a little louder, just before her tongue flicked out and brushed over the spongy head of Ron’s dick.

Ron groaned deeply as his hips jerked forward, bumping the head against Brenda’s soft lips. She kissed it and then swirled her tongue around the flange. Ron groaned even louder and trembled heavily.

“Oh God, that feel so good.” He whispered in a strained voice.

Reassured by what he said, Brenda swirled her tongue again and then tickled the notch on the bottom side of the flange with the tip of her tongue. Ron gave out with a barking yelp as she felt the shaft of his manhood swell. Then he was coming for all he was worth, his cum flying out in strong jets that carried it high in the air.

Most of his cum landed on his belly as he jerked and twitched through his orgasm but some of it landed in Brenda’s hair. At the moment she really didn’t care. She felt like the sexiest and most powerful woman in the world. She had gotten her husband off faster than she could ever remember it happening.

She grinned broadly and then sucked the spongy head into her mouth and ran her tongue all over and around it. Ron gave another yell and lifted his hips high off the bed. This thrust forward caught her by surprise and half his dick went into her mouth.

Brenda sucked on it and fluttered her tongue over the large vein on the bottom of the shaft. Her mind was more on the salty, musky taste that filled her mouth with such a different flavor. It was the flavor of her husband and she was savoring it. She just wished she hadn’t missed the start, but then again….

Her mind tried to shy away from the question of did she really want that in her mouth and then what would she do with it. The simplest thing would be to swallow but was that wise. She filed it away for later as something to ask Rose about.

She continued to suck and swirl her tongue around as Ron’s hips slowly lowered back to the bed. When his dick came out of her mouth, she sighed deeply, licked her lips like a kitten after eating cream, and then smiled lovingly down at her husband.

Ron was lying perfectly still, his eyes were closed, and he was breathing raggedly. Brenda looked at the globs of creamy stuff on his belly and used a fingertip to stir it around. It was slippery, very slippery she found as she rubbed two fingers together.

Without letting herself think about it, she raised the fingers to her lips and sucked on them. She shivered as Ron’s musky tangy flavor once again filled her mouth. It was a flavor that made her thighs and pussy clench up tightly.

She thought that was an odd reaction but then escort şişli she giggled as she thought about her orgasms as he had come deep inside her. Her pussy should know the taste rather well and probably wanted some now. She giggled again as she dipped her finger again and licked it off.

She was sucking on her finger when she noticed that Ron’s eyes were open and he was grinning up at her. She pulled her finger out of her mouth and whispered, “You taste yummy. Its no wonder my little pussy likes it so much.” She ended with another giggle. Then she blushed deeply as she realized what she had said.

Ron reached up and pulled her down for a smoking hot kiss. By the time it ended, Brenda was breathing as hard as Ron had been earlier. His mouth, his lips, his tongue, and his hands had consumed her with passion. She was so turned on that she never knew when they rolled over.

The first she realized, Ron was sucking and nibbling on her nipples and licking her breasts like ice cream cones. She shivered and moaned loudly. His mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue were shooting lightening bolts straight to her pussy. It was like her pinching and pulling on her own nipples but magnified a hundred times.

His teeth were the worst, she wanted to yell out each time he nipped her nipples. Her hips would jerk uncontrollable and her pussy would clench up tightly. She suddenly wondered if she could come from him biting her nipples. Her hands went to his head and held him in place as he nibbled her left nipple. When he nipped it again, she did yell.

He moved his head over the other nipple and bit it gently. Brenda yelled again as her hips jerked even harder than before. Ron went to bite it again, but this time he raised his hand and pinched her other nipple as he bit.

Brenda came unglued, thrashing around on the bed as she came with nothing or nobody touching her pussy. Part of her thought it odd but another part said the hell with it as her orgasm rolled on. Ron was alternating between nipples, nipping and pinching at random. Brenda kept on coming and coming.

Somewhere Brenda had swatted at Ron’s head and hands and rolled over to curl up on her side. She had reached a limit and couldn’t take any more. Ron curled up behind her and held her tightly as she shivered and shook, her breathing coming in sobs and gasps.

She was aware of him behind her, his arms around her, his lips on her neck, his hard hot dick pressed against the crack of her ass. That last made her shiver and shake harder as she thought of him fucking her in this position.


Brenda’s eyes snapped open and she took a ragged deep breath as a chill ran up and down her spine. That dream had been so real and…. She shifted her hips and felt Ron’s hot hard dick still pressed between her ass cheeks. She shivered, it wasn’t a dream, she realized suddenly.

Memories of the shower, her sucking Ron’s dick and him coming, of him sucking and biting her nipples and the orgasm she had had filed past and got organized. She definitely owed Rose big time, especially if this was just the start.

She shifted her hips experimentally and then wiggled back tighter against his dick. It was so very hot pressed between her ass cheeks. Visions of the new toy with its extra arm floated before her eyes and she shivered. Thoughts of it in her ass and pussy at the same time made her moan softly.

As her ass flexed against Ron’s hot hard dick, she shivered and sighed. Ron’s voice scared her as he asked, “What are thinking about?”

Brenda quickly though about how she should answer and then replied, “I was thinking how hard and hot your dick was pressed against my ass.” She flexed her hips again and then added, “I was thinking of the new toy that has an extra arm on it. It vibrates.”

“Maybe it’s time I saw those toys.” Ron whispered. There was a short silence and then he added, “And how you play with them.”

With a shiver at the thought of using the toys in front of Ron, she whispered, “I don’t know if I could show you. You know, let you watch me. I don’t think I’d have the nerve.”

“You could start by playing with yourself. You were going to do that for me when I came home that night, remember.”

Brenda nodded as another shiver ran up her spine. Visions of her playing with her pussy while he watched made her antsy and an itchy feeling was starting deep in her sex.

“I could do that.” She whispered quickly, more quickly than she had meant to.

Ron shifted his hips back and forth, moving his manhood up and down in the cleft of her ass. Brenda whimpered and moved her hips in counterpoint. Ron’s hand came up and cupped her breast for a moment before he teased her nipple and pinched it lightly. Brenda moaned softly.

“I’m not mad about the toys or anything.” He reassured her. “In fact I’m grateful to them. They’ve already taught us both so much and opened our sex life up.”

Brenda nodded and whispered, “I didn’t know a woman could come from having her escort etiler nipples bit and pinched. I didn’t know you would shot off from me licking your dick. I didn’t know how hot you got when you were hard. That’s just what I’ve learned since we came to bed.”

Ron chuckled and stopped moving his hips. “You’re going to find out how hot my cum is in the crack of your ass in a minute if we don’t be still.”

Brenda stopped moving and then giggled. “What if that’s something I want to learn about?” She asked shyly.

“I know a much better way to let you feel it than this.” Ron said with a little hesitation in his voice.

“Oh!” Brenda said and then she asked in a low whisper, “Would you like to show me?”

“I’d love to.” Ron whispered. “Roll over on your belly.”

Brenda rolled over and laid out flat. She was wondering what he had in mind.

“Get up on your hands and knees.” Ron whispered. His voice held a soft quiver of emotion.

Brenda rose up on her hands and knees as Ron moved to the end of the bed and came up behind her. Brenda’s mind was working overtime as a dozen things flashed around in her head, most of them centered on the sensitive ring of her anus.

“Spread your knees a little and relax.” Ron told her as his hands caressed her ass. “I’ve heard about having sex in this position and I’ve always wanted to try it.”

Brenda gasped loudly at the thought and then moaned as his hands rubbed along her back and he pressed his hot hard member back into the crack of her ass. His heavy balls bumped her opening and she gasped loudly again.

In this position, she could feel his dick rubbing directly on the tight ring of her anus and brushing the edge of her wet opening. She shivered and moaned as he flexed his hips back and forth. She dropped to her elbows and he was rubbing her opening even more. He was moving easier as her slippery juices coated the underside of his shaft.

She moved her arms and laid her head on the bed. Now his balls brushed her clit. She gasped loudly and pushed back against him.

“I take it you like what I’m doing?” Ron asked.

Brenda groaned loudly as his dick and balls rubbed across her low-slung clit. “Oh yes!” She almost yelled as her clit was rubbed firmly again.

“It feels good to me to.” Ron whispered as he moved his hips more forcefully.

Brenda was moaning loudly and shaking by the time Ron stopped moving. She made a whimpering sound of frustration, as she was right on the edge of a big orgasm. When the head of his dick touched her opening and slipped inside her vagina, she went off like there was no tomorrow.

She yelled loudly and rammed her hips back hard. His dick went in all the way and her ass cheeks slapped against his hips. Brenda felt like she had the big toy in her, only it was hot and pulsing with life. She went up in smoke with an even louder yell that continued as Ron started to fuck her with full firm strokes.

His hands on her hips held her in place as he fucked her even harder. Brenda was in another world. A world of cascading orgasms as her pussy filled and emptied to the movement of his dick. She could hear her own yell going up the scale and getting louder at the same time. Ron’s hips slapping her ass was a loud clapping in counterpoint to her yell.

Suddenly Ron was coming deep inside her pussy. Deeper and hotter than he had ever been before, she realized. Her orgasm shot up to a whole new plane as she went quiet and pushed her ass back against him hard. She ground her ass against his hip and tried to force him even deeper. She was suddenly so happy that she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Ron’s weight on her ass and back was the first thing she was aware of as she came down from wherever she had been. She was blissfully at peace with the cosmos and his weight was an annoyance.

Brenda slowly slid forward onto her belly and then tried to get Ron to roll over. It took a couple of tries and then he got the idea and rolled over on his side, taking her with him. The both sighed as they cuddled up spoon fashion.

They were both breathing hard and fast. Brenda could feel Ron’s dick rubbing along the walls on her sex and especially over the skin at the opening. She shivered as she realized he was still fairly hard. She marveled at this. He was normally flaccid rather quickly.

Ron mumbled and muttered as he kissed and licked the back of her neck. He paused to take several deep breaths and then blew the last one out slowly. He kissed her neck again and then sighed deeply.

“I’m sorry dear.” He whispered hoarsely.

“What for?” She asked in the same type whisper.

“I was going to pull out and shot in the crack of your ass but I got carried away.”

Brenda started to laugh and then moaned as her sex clamped down on Ron’s dick tightly. After a moment she relaxed and whispered, “It’s quite alright dear, I’m very happy with where you did shoot off. We can always try it again later.”

Ron chuckled bayan escort taksim softly and asked, “That position or cumming on your ass?”

“Both!” Brenda whispered. “Especially that position. I loved it. You were so deep and so hot inside me.”

“I loved it also.” Ron said sleepily. “I love looking at your ass and seeing myself sliding in and out.”

Brenda smiled and snuggled back tighter against him. She was happy in so many ways. That orgasm would always be special to her. It was her first one that wasn’t in the missionary position.


Brenda woke up and rolled over on her back. She wondered at sleeping on her side, she normally slept on her belly or back. Then she remembered Ron fucking her from behind and them falling asleep cuddled up like two spoons with his dick still inside her. She shivered and sat up.

She was instantly aware of two things. One was sore muscles in odd places and the other was how sticky she felt between her legs and on her inner thighs. She grinned as she scooted over and got out of bed. She looked at the sheets and frowned. She would have to change them. But that was for later, right now, she needed a hot shower.

Ron was in the bathroom shaving as she came in. “Good morning sweetheart.” He said cheerfully as he grabbed her and kissed her deeply.

He smelled of soap and tasted of toothpaste. He had been up a while she thought as she melted into his kiss. This was a great way to start the day. He hadn’t kissed her this way in the mornings or even at night in a long time. She loved it.

The kiss broke slowly and Brenda smiled at her husband as she whispered, “I love you. I love you so much.”

Ron smiled back at her and whispered, “I love you to.”

“I know last night was real but it feels like a dream,” she whispered shyly.

“It wasn’t a dream believe me. I have some sore muscles to prove it.” Ron said and then chuckled. “Not to mention the sticky mess all over me.”

Brenda felt herself blush as she told him about her sore muscles and stickiness. He hugged her tightly and whispered, “Get in the shower and get all clean so I can get you messy again in a little while.”

“Promise?” She asked as he released his grip on her. He nodded and then looked down between them. Brenda dropped her eyes and grinned as she saw his manhood standing tall and proud.

She reached out and brushed her fingers over it for a second before wrapping her fingers around it. “Hey now, you need a shower.” Ron said. “I’ll fix us some breakfast while you do. Something light so you can show me how you play with yourself. I still want to see. Who knows, I might just learn something.” He ended with a deep chuckle.

Brenda sighed and released her grip on his dick. Looking up into his eyes, she whispered, “We’ve both already learned a lot and not all of it is about sex directly.”

Ron looked at her quizzically for a second and then grinned as he realized what she was talking about. “Oh you mean the kiss and you touching me like you were. And even my offering to make breakfast. Yes, we’re learning and I’m loving it.”

Brenda came up on her toes and kissed him gently. When she dropped down, she whispered, “Me to, now I’m going to shower, and don’t make to big a mess in the kitchen.” She added with a grin. “I’ve already got to change the sheets on the bed.”

“Hey, I had a lot of help with that mess.” Ron said jokingly to her back as she walked towards the shower stall. Brenda looked at him over her shoulder and grinned as she swayed her hips provocatively.

“Yes, you did as a matter of fact.” She whispered as she paused to open the shower door.


Brenda had time to change the bed before breakfast was ready. Seeing Ron naked in the kitchen had made her heart flutter. Walking around and changing the sheets naked with him home made her wet and wanton. When he smeared jam on her nipple and then licked it off, she damned near jumped him on the kitchen floor.

She had started to put something on to eat in, but he had shook his head and said, “Nope, we’re staying naked unless someone shows up at the door. I like to look at you as you move around. You are such a sensuous, beautiful, and sexy woman. I want to look at you and have you look at me.”

Instead of sitting across from each other as was their norm; they sat next to each other as they ate. Ron would pause eating ever so often to caress her shoulder, or to run his hand up and down her thigh. Brenda felt like she was sitting in a puddle by the end of the meal.

Ron hadn’t made much of a mess in the kitchen and she told him it was her job to clean up since he cooked. He helped her clean up and then stood back as she made the dishwater in the sink. A few minutes after she started washing the dishes, he slipped up behind her.

His hands sliding around her waist was her first clue he was behind her. He moved up behind her close enough that she could feel his hot dick touching her ass. She pushed her ass back against him more firmly and his hands came up to caress her breasts.

When she fumbled a pan for the second time, she leaned back against him and whispered, “I’m gong to break all the dishes if you keep this up and I already need another shower.”