Trail’s End

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Hi! If you find my story enjoyable, please don’t forget to vote at the end. I write for the pleasure of writing, and your feedback makes it all worthwhile. Thanks 🙂

* * * * *

I can feel him watching me.

It’s been like that for ages, ever since I left the trailhead and tramped off into the wilderness of the Appalachian Trail two days ago.

At first the path had been busy, filled with hikers passing both north and south on day trips along nature’s byways. But this was different…very different. Somewhere out in the profusion of foliage he had been watching me, ever out of sight…his eyes piercing through the filtering gloom as I paused to catch a glimpse of him.

Last night I made camp along the Housatonic, beneath the tall pines that cradle the trail along its route. There, amid the intimate seclusion I felt him once more, his eyes caressing my body as I whipped my fly rod back and forth along the shore, angling for a fat trout to complete my dinner.

He was there again as I banked my fire for the night, his gaze like tiny fingers across my flesh as I slipped out of my clothing and into my sleeping bag.

Who was this man?

That he was male went without question, for every hormone in my body had begun to cry out for him, but what did he look like? Were his eyes as piercing as I imagined them to be? Were his hands large…demanding? Were they soft and insistent or rough and unyielding? Would he touch me in places…

Just the mere thought of him send my blood racing, the mental image of him an aphrodisiac that would not be denied.

Slowly, my hand found the soft flesh of my abdomen, stroking downward…downward until it sifted through the light thatch below. Was he watching now, I wondered? Could he see what I was doing? Was he doing the same?

Gently, I parted the lips of my labia, finding the quivering core that lay beneath, and swirled my finger in tight, tantalizing circles that made my breath quicken…my heart race. How would he touch me, I wondered…with his hands…with his tongue…with the hair-roughened length of his hard, hungry sex?

I felt the first warm rush of fluid against my fingertips, the airless delight building deep in my belly. He had to know, I thought, probing deep inside the gushing well that had begun to flow between my legs. He had to be watching.

Deeper I thrust, his essence filling my mind, driving me…driving me.

A rustle in the bushes…the minute shifting of branches lost in the darkness. Breathing… heavy and rhythmic…the snap of a twig and even the crickets cease to exist.

He’s there.

I arch my back, driving my mound into my palm, desperate for release. How can he do this to me? How can he reduce millions of years of evolution to one basic urge?

I want him.

I want him to bury himself deep inside of me…to take what others only ask for…to fill my body with his seed, here in the forest like two rutting beasts.

I’m shaking now, my body closing around my thrusting fingers, soft moans piercing the stillness. Why doesn’t he come to me, I scream silently. Can’t he sense my need?

And then I slip from the known world into a spiraling swirl of heat and fluid…savage cries rending the darkness…my voice but not my voice.

Oh yes!

Oh please. Where are you?

And then it was morning. The Appalachian Trail was beautiful this time of year, but somehow the allure of nature was lost on me. Ever since I had sensed his presence behind me on the path two days ago, my mind had been filled with nothing but the thought of him, his nearness, the intimate potential he brought to my solitary sojourn into the wilderness.

Last night I felt him near…watching me from the darkness beyond my fire ring, and a longing such as I had never known before had begun to grow in the pit of my belly.

I’d needed him then.

I’d needed the potential to become reality, to become the hard. solid, stuff that flesh and bones are made of…but in the end I’d found no satisfaction beyond that of my own hand drawing out my fevered cries in the ebony darkness of the forest.

Was he there? Did he see? Did he share my need?

This morning I awoke to find a tiny bouquet of wildflowers resting beside my head, a gift from he-who-follows, and the mad rush between my thighs began once more. He’d been here after all, he’d seen me try to fill the need he’d created deep in my wanton body. He knew.

Frantically, I searched the tree line for a sign of him, for some flicker of flannel that might herald his presence, but found instead only the muted shifting of the sun through the dappled canopy of leaves that surrounded me. He was gone. I was alone.

Slowly, I gathered up my belongings and packed on ahead. I had gone a mere half-hour’s trek when I began to feel his presence once more, following just beyond the scope of my glance, prickling my flesh as I made my way through the isolation.

The day wore on, and soon it was time to make camp again. This bahis firmaları time I found a pool beside my campsite, and above it the cool, welcoming din of a waterfall beckoning me to join it in its rush to places unknown.

Quickly I shed my pack and set up my campsite for the evening, then slipping gratefully from my clothing I immersed myself in the wet embrace of its depths.

It felt good, so good I thought as I ran my fingers over my wet skin, washing the dust of the trail from my body and feeling the sweet, clean smell of the wilderness fill my nostrils. Slowly, I edged back into the shallows and bent to massage my aching calves, sore and worn from their day’s journey.

It was then that I felt him watching, probing me with his eyes from the camouflage beyond, and I rushed to cover myself. Slowly I backed into the pool, my hands rising to cover my naked breasts as I heard him press softly through the brush, coming closer and closer with each passing second.

And then he appeared.

He was large, my follower, one of the largest men I’d ever seen. Even from my position on the far side of the pool I could tell he would stand head and shoulders above me. His arms were enormous, and the breadth of his bare chest gave silent witness to the massive power he held at bay.

Suddenly, I felt the first stirrings of fear overtake me. I would be no match for this man, no defense against any unwanted aggression, but did I want to be?

He said not a word, standing mutely along the shore as his gaze caressed my shivering flesh. Then, reaching for the buckle of his belt, he began to remove the last remaining piece of his clothing.

I gasped! The length and breadth of his member sent waves of trepidation through me. Had there ever been a woman who could accommodate such a man? Certainly not I! My meager experiences had done nothing to prepare me for such a monstrous invasion!

Slowly he waded into the water, his eyes never leaving my own as he neared, until I began to retreat beneath the waterfall to shield myself from the very magnetism of him. I continued to shy away until I felt the rock wall at my back and realized that my flight was at an end, and I had no other option but to stand and deliver.

There I stood, wide-eyed staring at the unbroken curtain of water, waiting, breathlessly until finally I saw him in the mists beyond. He was close now, so close, and as he parted the water with his body I could see the piercing brown of his dark eyes and the fullness of his hard, dusky lips.

He spoke not a word, his body language saying it all as he continued to approach until finally I felt myself pinned between his hardened flesh and the jut of the rock wall behind.

I opened my mouth to speak, to cry out perhaps, but only silence escaped into the din around us. The moment was his, my surrender total, and he knew it.

Closer he came, his hardened sex pressing into my belly as he ran his hands down the length of my shivering back, drawing me against him. His cock, once seeming so large, now overwhelmed me with its massiveness. Almost as long and thick as my forearm, I cringed once more at the thought of it impaling me here in the primal depths of the forest, the thought of my bestial cries mingling with those of the animals who inhabited this remote place.

He exhaled, as though reading my thoughts, then slipping his hands beneath my buttocks he lifted me against him, pressing me tightly to the wall as he opened my thighs for his onslaught.

I gasped…I struggled, but he held me fast. Then I felt it, the knob of his weapon, almost fist-like, battering at my tiny opening, demanding entry.

I screamed…long and loud, but my voice was lost in the roar of the waterfall. Then, covering my lips with his own, he lunged again and I felt him enter me, rending me in his passage as he filled my body with the hard heat of his cock.

My legs flailed like useless appendages as he thrust a third time, hilting himself in my tortured depths. All of my senses focussed on that single point, the pulsing, pounding center of my universe. The pain…the pain…was delicious as he began to move inside of me. Had I ever understood this before? Had I ever felt this way with another man?

I threw back my head, my auburn hair swirling about us as I gasped for strength. But, I was his captive now. Submission was my only option, and I embraced it with a fervor unknown before.

Once more he covered my lips, parting them as his tongue matched the thrusts of his cock. His hands…oh his hands how they crushed me to him, how they dug into the delicate flesh of my breasts as he lunged over and over into my body.

And then I screamed again, not from pain this time, but a long wail that tore from my lungs like the cry of a beast in heat. He smiled, a look of victory on his face as he thrust one last time and I felt his heat gush deep inside of me, filling me, swirling into the water about me in feathery profusion.

Was he kaçak iddaa done, I wondered dimly in the pale confusion that remained…was he done…would he…

But no. Now he wrapped my legs around his muscled waist and began to back out into the sunlit pool beyond the waterfall. There, he looked into my eyes as if to command my obedience as he plied his will. My legs were to remain as he’d placed them, that much I understood…but what else?

His hands now free, he began to stroke my body, his strong fingers digging into my soft flesh, pressing, massaging, tweaking my nipples until I felt the heat build once more between my thighs and hungered for yet another onslaught. Finally, he took his fingers and thrust them between my legs, deep into my sex, parting it like a ripe plum for his intimate inspection.

He rubbed this thumb over my clit and smiled once more as I whimpered in frustration. What had I become, I wondered, that the mere touch of this stranger could reduce me to a mewling bitch at his hands?

Then, he began to move once more, and positioning me beneath the stream of water from above, he allowed it to beat against my splayed sex, pounding my clit as he thrust his thumbs into my ravaged opening, watching as the water filled me again and again in pink-tinged profusion.

And I came.

Screaming once more, I came, my voice hoarse with the throat stripping savagery of it…I came again. Not the sweet, luscious curl of sexuality I had come to know, but a brutal, hard-pounding orgasm that connected me with the club-wielding animals that had been my ancestors. No flowers and candy here, just hunger and need, flesh and wet, hot desire.

He carried me to the shore then, and lay me atop the scattered remains of his clothing. There, he raised my arms above my head and began to take inventory of that which now belonged to him.

Dimly, I closed my eyes, feeling the rough touch of his hands as they explored my body once more. I knew I should resist. A thousand years of civilization cried out to be recognized, but to no avail. Whatever he wanted…whatever he desired was his. He had but to take it, a tacit surrender from me to him…and I wondered what the rest of my bondage would entail.

“You want this.” he said, a statement, not a question. “Then ask for it…beg for it.”

Beg for it? Me? I’d never heard of such a thing! Why would I beg for it?

And then I knew. The screaming abandon I’d experienced had been like nothing I’d ever encountered before, a release that few women are privileged to know. It had taken something from me, and left in its wake a hunger that clamored to be satisfied. I needed it. I needed him…and he knew it.

I looked up at his silhouette, a flesh and blood outline against the brilliance of the blue, blue sky and knew what he wanted. He crouched on his knees above me, his cock once again full and magnificent and waited for me to pay homage.

Inwardly I gasped. My mouth was no match for his hardened length, his massive knob. Surely I would fail. Surely I would be unable to…

Then I felt his hand in my hair, drawing me forward, pressing me upon his throbbing totem, and the decision had been made.

His taste was as I had anticipated, I thought as my lips parted, stretching in an effort to take him within. He was a beast…something primal and untamed, and he tasted of things wild and natural. The tang of his precum was like the wilderness itself, and I longed for more.

Desperately I parted my lips, stretching in an effort to accommodate his burgeoning tool, but in the end all I could slide into my quivering cavern was the pulsating tip of his manhood.

His fingers tightened and I felt him surge forward, deeper yet until I could feel him battering the back of my throat with his onslaught…and I gagged. I choked, and in my desperation I pulled free and sat gazing at my failure.

“Take it,” he said, “Or I leave you with nothing.”

With nothing? What did he mean? He wasn’t the first man to ever fill my body, to ever touch me. But, he was the first to ever bring me to the pinnacle, the only one to show me the passion that had lain buried all of my days. Did I need him that much?


I did.

If he left now, would I ever know such passion again? Would the primal cries of time beyond memory ever ring from my lips once more? I knew they wouldn’t. I had no choice but to obey or lose everything.

And so I tried again. This time I licked my palms and slid them along his shaft, stroking his engorged length with my fingers, caressing the heavy sac that boiled between his legs. Then, parting my lips, I once more thrust his purple knob into my mouth, swirling my tongue in maddening circles as I felt him probe the back of my throat.

He lunged. He battered. He filled my straining mouth, but there was nothing more I could do. The majority of his sex still remained beyond my ability to please. He was simply too large.

He frowned. “Get on your elbows and knees kaçak bahis then,” he ordered. “And spread your legs.”

Eagerly I did as I was bidden, joyfully anticipating the feel of him deep in my belly once more, but that was not to be the end.

Shivering, I felt him approach from behind, his rough, trunk-like legs insinuating themselves between my knees. His left hand began to press on the small of my back, bowing my spine and angling my hips in a most submissive posture.

Once more I felt his hardened cock thrusting through my auburn thatch, wedging itself deep in my now dripping depths…and I moaned in pleasure. So deep…so deep…touching me in places I’d never known existed. Drawing out my whimpers as he wet himself in my body.

And then he withdrew, and I cringed in frustration. What had I done? What had I not done? Would he leave me now? Could I make him stay and bury himself in my wet, hungry slit once more.

But no. I shuddered as his intentions became clear, for now he positioned his massive knob against my narrower passage, wedging it painfully at the opening to my rear entry.

“Oh…” I whispered. “I…I can’t. Please…I can’t.”

“Then I’m leaving.” He said simply, and began to withdraw.

“NO!” Was that me screaming?

He paused. “Then tell me you want it,” he growled. “Plead, and maybe I’ll stay.”

I began to beg then. He couldn’t leave…he couldn’t. “Please…don’t go. I’ll do anything. I want it…I…want it. Oh please….”

He smiled, and once more he pressed against my tiny opening, his hardened mass wedging itself into place for a massive assault. Then he stopped.

“You do it,” he ordered. “You said you wanted it, so do it.”

I gasped. Me? How could I impale myself on this monstrous weapon? Could I…could anyone? But once more I knew I had no choice.

And so I began to back against him, wriggling my hips in an effort to impale myself on his massive cock. So big…so big. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the thrust needed to accomplish the act, and I moaned in frustration. And the pain…

I felt his left hand on my hip then, holding me, pulling me toward him…and his angry knob began to force itself between my delicate folds.

I screamed! The torture! Surely I was being torn in half! Against my will, my body began to react, to try and repel the invasion, but the great beast only grunted and pressed onward.

Tears fouled my eyes now as my body took over, both stimulated and repulsed by the onslaught. Then I felt his right hand circle my hip, his fingers seeking the trembling button hidden deep in my curly thatch…and he began to stroke my clit.

My body responded immediately, loosening its grip on his cock…and he slid another inch or two into my besieged portal. Then my body tightened once more, determined to fall victim never again…but once more he touched me. His fingers probing, cajoling, until my muscles relaxed yet another time, and he thrust himself deeper yet.

The pain by now was both the worst and the most divine thing I had ever experienced. I cried. I screamed. I moaned in pleasure and in agony. I wanted him out of me, and yet I wanted to feel the full length of him buried up to the hilt. I was conflicted and torn…overcome by desperate urges that rose from ancient times. I was an animal, and he was the only one who could tame me. I needed him.

He gripped my hips with both hands now, and lunging I felt him thrust the remainder of his cock deep inside. I bit my arm, my teeth leaving angry, red marks in their wake…and then he began to move.

He began slowly at first. Then faster he plunged, tearing the screams from my lungs in torrents of pain and primal release. Again and again he lunged, rending me, plowing virgin ground until with one massive thrust I felt him gush his hot torrent deep in my body.

He grunted and held me fast, his spunk filling me until I could feel it run in an angry river down the insides of my thighs…and still he came.

Finally, I sagged onto the ground before him, my body used and limp, lost in my own delirium. We remained joined in that way for some time, how long I’ll never know, but then he rose, wiped his member in a handful of grass and began to tug his clothing back into place.

I closed my eyes and focussed on the sensuous throb of my body, the memory of his cock impaled in both in my tortured flesh and in my mind.

I lay there…I lay there until the dwindling sun began to fade and the chill of night overcame me, then I opened my eyes and looked about for he-who-follows.

But he was gone.

I knew in an instant that I would never see him again, but that he had opened doors into my body, my soul that could never be closed. I would judge all future encounters by his standard, by the raging abandon he had torn from me here in the forest.

I had begun my journey alone, but the memory of him would become my companion for the rest of my days…the memory of him, and of the primal passion he had elicited.

I was his now, and he was mine as well…and for the rest of my life some small piece of him would forever be my captive.

He’s mine until the end of the trail, and he can never get away.

The End

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