Triad Ch. 05


Chapter 5

2013 continued

I woke up early sure of two things. First, from the angle of sunlight trying to get into the room behind the room darkening shades I guessed the time to be about six a.m. Second, someone had their warm lips wrapped around my morning wood, and they were making love to me in their own way.

I cranked both eyes open and looked down my body. A naked hot A-list movie star was between my legs and having a virtual field day bobbing, lapping, sucking, and otherwise romancing my cock. I could see Anna’s curves in the dim light. She looked up at me and without breaking lock with her mouth gave me a little wave with two fingers. The corners of her mouth twitched up into a smile of sorts.

I glanced over at Abby. She had one eye weakly open and a smile on her face as she watched the blatant sexual act right next to her. With our running around and busyness, we’d gotten out of the habit of waking each other in Anna’s L.A. home with sexual gestures like this – blowjobs or cunnilingus, and occasional fucking.

We seemed to have more time at the Cape for this type of thing. In the back of my mind was the knowledge and pain I’d felt the days before about Anna’s month with Sean Jordan, but I suppressed those emotions, and just lived in the Now.

A few minutes after she started the wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through me and I ejaculated into Anna’s sweet mouth. She cleaned me up, and I held my arms open to her. She came to me and we kissed, and tongued a little with her, even tasting the salty muskiness of my own spend.

Eventually, Anna smiled and she slithered down my body, but then abandoned me and went to Abby. Abby had rolled onto her back and pushed a pillow atop part of her head to block out more of the light leaking into the room around the edge of the shades. One leg was straight and the other bent, leaving her pussy exposed.

Anna looked at me and grinned, the first smile since she arrived. She nudged Abby’s leg slightly, and then locked her mouth over Abby’s slit, being sure to include her clit and other pinkness in her initial assault.

Abby moaned. “Oh, God, that feels so good – so loving. Eat me.”

Anna moved her tongue around, and added saliva to make the area slippery and sloshy. She added two fingers, curved in a way to be sure to stroke against Abby’s G-spot. Watching Abby’s writhing body, and Anna’s handiwork, I got hard again. Abby soon crested in a serious orgasm that left her panting and gasping her thanks. The pillow still covered half her face, but her hands were stroking Anna’s head.

Anna moved up and kissed Abby. I heard her words, “Abby, I love you.” They were pure and simple, and obvious.

Anna had her back to me, and I pulled her back against me, wrapping an arm under her so that I cupped a breast in my hand. I nudged one leg up in the air, and slid my hard-on into her vagina. She was wet – sopping wet. She’d delivered, and now it was time for lovely payback for the pleasures delivered.

As I slid to full depth into her, Abby moved and cupped Anna’s face in her hands and kissed her. I reached around Anna’s body and fingered her clit as I slowly moved in and out of her body. Anna was panting and mumbling little words of happiness between kisses.

I could feel Anna’s pussy start to spasm, and that was all it took to push me over the brink a second time. My cum exploded from my body as she moaned the heavenly pleasure of her orgasm. We were again complete.

As our afterglows overtook us, I pulled Anna to me, and brought her head onto the same pillow I was using. I kissed into her hair, and we drifted back to sleep. Anna held Abby’s body to hers and extended an arm to cup one of Abby’s breasts and nipples.

I woke a couple of hours later, only I was wrapped around Abby. Anna was nowhere to be seen. I slipped out of bed. Abby moaned and slid under the light blanket that had become scrunched into a mass in the middle of the bed.

I stopped by the bathroom, and then wandered downstairs. I walked into the kitchen where Anna stood with various ingredients for waffles on the counter. She wore one of my t-shirts, and I was nude.

She turned and kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you,” she said. “Do you know we have company for breakfast?”


Anna pointed to part of the kitchen I hadn’t glanced at. Abby’s mother Jean sat there grinning and on the verge of hysterical laughter. She was nicely dressed in shorts and a halter-top.

I gasped, “God. Jean, I’m so sorry. Be right back.” I bolted from the kitchen making a dash for the bedroom.

A minute later, I returned wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and blushing a scarlet color reminiscent of the red in the American flag.

“Jean, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect anyone other than Anna to be here. We’re used to each other and often walk around nude.”

She laughed, “I’m pleasantly pleased to start my day with a handsome buff nude male parading through his own home. Think nothing of it, although bahis siteleri I’m sure to remember the moment for a few decades with great pleasure.”

Her comment made Anna laugh, and I blushed even more.

I spoke in a friendly tone, “And to what do we owe the honor of your presence?”

Jean said, “I’ve been over here for almost two hours. I’m about coffeed out too. Anna needed to talk, so we’ve been talking. We even took a morning walk along the beach.”

“I can guess the topic area.”

Anna got a worried look. She said, “I love this woman. I wish my mother had her insight and could give advice like Jean does. I understand a lot of things better.”


“And, let’s wait for Abby,” Anna sighed. “I don’t think I could do this twice.”

Jean rose and hugged Anna. “Honey, yes you can. Be strong. You portray all these strong women in your movies; don’t get all soft and squishy on us now.”

I resisted the urge to toss in some lewd comments based on Jean’s last comment.

Anna changed the conversation, “I’m making waffles.”

We clunked around the kitchen, and started to eat when Abby appeared. She was equally surprised that Jean was present but she’d heard her mother talking so didn’t arrive inappropriately attired as I had.

She downed half a cup of coffee as her eyes slowly opened the rest of the way. She watched Anna and tried to assess the mood in the house. We were actually fairly light at that point. The drama of the previous evening seemed buried for the moment.

After the waffles had disappeared, I gave Anna a look to signal that it was time to talk.

Anna took a huge breath, even puffing out her generous chest.

“I need to say some things, and Jean said she’d help me. First, I need to say that I love you both even more now than I ever did. I love Jean too, especially for her help yesterday and this morning after I woke her up to talk.

“I can’t explain what I’m feeling, other than to say that the specter of not being with you ever again has given me an appreciation for ‘us’ that I never had before. Second, I fucked up. I said I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to say except I will be on my guard that I don’t repeat the situation.

“Third, although it would tear me apart, I know I broke the trust with you both; if you want me to leave, I will. I will give you the L.A. house, and move out – that would be the least disruptive. Fourth, whatever you decide, I have embarrassed you, and I will do my utmost to minimize what happens in the media so you aren’t hurt; I will take the brunt of this.

“Lastly, I will go into counseling alone or with you if you’ll participate. I’ve realized that I treated you cavalierly, and I never want that to happen again. I don’t understand why, and I need to know. I think it has to do with a mix of things: Sean’s attractiveness, my loneliness on the road, my horny nature, and I’m afraid to say being one of two wives in our threesome.”

Anna’s eyes had gotten glassy with tears again, and she blotted them with her paper napkin.

Jean stepped in, “I’ve had a chance to think a lot about your situation since last evening when you descended on me. I also had a brief talk with Don; he may make it down for the weekend depending on traffic and weather.

Jean got a mischievous smile and looked at her daughter, who suddenly became extra alert. Jean said, “You three, Abby especially, need to know that when Don and I started to date and in the early years of our marriage we had a threesome.”

Abby gasped, “Mother! Who?”

“You know her very well. She was almost a fixture in our home for over a decade, but she eventually moved to Washington – the state, not D.C. Connie Larter.”

“Wow!” Abby said. “No wonder you’ve been so tolerant about us, although Daddy was a little rough when we first started.”

Jean said, “We lasted a dozen years. We broke apart for several reasons. You came along – a very planned event, I might add. I got all sorts of anxious about raising you in a triad environment. I look back at those fears, and kick myself; no one would have cared that much. When you were eight, Connie got a great job offer too, and she even put off doing anything about it for almost two years before she finally gave in.”

Abby said, “Didn’t it hurt to break up?”

Jean said in a somber tone, “Yes, absolutely. I cried everyday for over a year, and nearly every day since. I still love her and so does Don.”

She waved her hand, “This morning is not about me, it’s about you, but I wanted you to know that I have some perspective on what you’re going through. A lot, actually.”

Abby probed one last time, “But … were you sexual?”

Jean smiled and tears came to her eyes, “As sexual as you can get. We lived together, loved together, slept together, had sex together, and moved as one family unit … just like the three of you.”

Abby nodded, but I could tell she was giving up the conversation at this point only to think canlı bahis siteleri of the million-and-one questions she wanted to ask her mother.

Jean started again, “I want to confirm a number of things, some of which I’ve heard from you three. You can love multiple people at the same time, and I include every dimension of loving in that statement. The one tenet that allows that to work in a relationship such as yours is open and honest communication.

“There’s a mistaken impression by some that open and honest also means agreeable, but that’s not the case. The terms mean just what they say; you don’t hide things, and I sense that you three operate that way, or you have until now.

“What often breaks up group relationships is jealousy, and I think there’s more than a touch of that going around this room right now. Think about it. Jealousy comes in four flavors, as I can attest from past experience.

“First, there’s fear of losing something you have. In this case, I suspect that part of the anger and hurt comes from Jim and Abby fearing the loss of Anna’s affection. Second, is the kind of jealousy where someone else has something you want. Less applicable here, unless you’re worried that Sean in some way has a hold on Anna.”

Jean paused but then went on, “Third, is the jealousy revolving around time – who gets to spend what time with whom? I think this is a factor here, because Jim and Abby were mostly at home, whereas Anna spent much time on the road doing movies and appearances.

“The last kind of jealousy deals with betrayal – a breaking of vows. This is on target for what’s happened here. The result is anger, disappointment, victim mentality, and so on. My advice here, based on my own experience, is to not make promises you’re unlikely to keep, and if you have, in the spirit of love and forgiveness I mentioned earlier, you need to renegotiate the contract you’ve got with the other person or people.”

Anna interrupted, “So, if we’d negotiated some kind of open relationship, you’re saying Jim and Abby wouldn’t get jealous or mad if I slept with someone?”

Jean shrugged and nodded, “Yes. The word ‘compersion’ is a term that many think is the opposite of jealousy. In this case, if I see you having a good experience with someone else – even sex, I feel good about it because I know the person I love is happy and fulfilled in some way – maybe in ways I can’t duplicate, or maybe in ways I can.”

I offered, “You’d have to feel very secure in the love you feel from that person outside of the event you’re watching or hearing about.”

Jean nodded, “Yes, and that goes back to building up a virtual bank account of affection and love with the other people … things they can draw on when other things aren’t to their preference.

“That all leads me to the idea of unconditional love,” Jean said. “Most of the love I see around us is conditional. I will love you and accord you all the benefits that go with that love, ONLY if you behave in a certain way – a certain conditional way. So, here are some conditions: you don’t sleep with anyone else, you cook and clean while I work, you don’t invite your mother to stay with us, and so on – monogamy, exclusivity, roles in a relationship, not doing things that might inspire jealousy, and so on.”

I said, “And that conditional love ties back to the vows and promises we make to each other.”

“Right. If you’ve made promises and broken them, someone will withdraw the conditional love they’ve offered to you. Love doesn’t work too well in an environment where people are pissed off at each other all the time,” Jean chuckled.

Abby said, “So, if we’d agreed to an open relationship and Anna had her relationship with Sean Jordan, we’d celebrate the event instead of feeling bad about it.”

Jean smiled, “You’re learning.”

Abby looked at me, but I couldn’t read her look.

Jean said, “Let me give you one more chunk of philosophy to consider – very real in this case. We are almost schooled that when a relationship vow such as fidelity is broken, there is only one option to settle the situation – divorce. So we separate with further pain and suffering, splitting assets, families, and so on.

“Just acknowledge that there’s at least one other path to follow, one that involves love and forgiveness, renegotiation of the relationship contract based on new information and experience, and learning and growth by the parties involved.” Jean smiled, obviously favoring this approach.

Jean stood, “That’s enough philosophy for now. We can talk more later. It’s time for the three of you to talk.” Leaving us speechless, she strolled to the door, kissing Abby and Anna on top of their heads along the way. I got a wink. My respect for Jean had just risen immeasurably.

* * * * *

Anna, Abby and I sat there in silence for at least three whole minutes looking at each other. No one knew what to say, or where to start, but I could tell our brains were engaged in some güvenilir bahis deep thinking about what had been said.

I finally said, “I guess I’ll go first. I agree with everything Jean said. Given that we’re in a threesome, we need to be more tolerant of each other’s excursions outside of the boundaries we agreed to. I’m still reeling a little by what happened, but over time I will get past this. For me, what Anna did doesn’t justify ending our relationship unless that’s what she wants.”

Anna gasped and nearly sobbed, “NO! I don’t want to end anything. I love the two of you more than ever.”

Abby chortled, “You certainly demonstrated that at six this morning.”

Anna replied cautiously, “I was trying to reestablish a physical connection with each of you. I screwed up the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connections enough so I had to try something to show you that I still love you.”

Abby waved her arm, “I get that. I’m still a little pissed, but I agree with my mother. We do have to renegotiate. Are we now allowing ‘excursions’ outside of our threesome?”

I teased, “Do you have someone in mind?”

Abby nodded, “To be open and honest about it, yes. Two men have shown an interest in me: a lawyer handling my side of things in our negotiations, and the VP of trade books at my publisher. I’m also hoping Anna can hook me up with Sean Jordan.” She smirked back at me.

I looked at Anna. “What are your thoughts?” I ignored the Sean comment, although I knew there was some truth spoken there. No doubt, Sean was the hunk of all hunks.

She paused, “I precipitated this mess, so I’m feeling as though anything I say will get me in trouble.”

“It won’t. Do you want to see Jordan again?” I asked.

Long silence. “Yes, but I don’t want to marry him or anything like that. I admit to a physical attraction to him … just the way I have with the two of you. I don’t have the other connections the way I do with you.”

“You don’t love him?”

“Not like the three of us; we connect on many levels; I don’t with him. Both our movie and our intimate moments were hot, romantic, and sexual – that’s what started me on this path. I know this sounds funny, but I have romantic feelings for him, but not love. Lust, I guess. Does that make sense to you? Are you mad at me for my admission?”

Abby checked with me, “I’m not mad. I’d just like to fuck a male movie star, especially Sean since he’s rated as the sexiest man in the world.” The smirk was back.

Anna rolled her eyes.

Abby turned to me, “Don’t you know other women you’d like to fuck?”

“I do.”


I chuckled, “Jess Conners, one my lawyers, and Margo Stanger.”

“Margo Stanger! How do you know her?”

“She was the supporting female lead in Isolation – the movie. We had chemistry.”

“Would she?”

“I have no idea. I never pursued anything with her, but I got vibes that she would have welcomed further attention from me. Instead of pursuing anything, I exercised self-restraint. I might add it was hard to do, because that was one the periods when I was having to be celibate because you two were gone all the time.”

Anna looked embarrassed. “Touché. I have learned I don’t have much self-restraint.”

Abby stepped in, “Anna, how many men have you slept with?”

“Three. A boyfriend when I was in high school, but that was only a half-dozen times; Jim; and Sean.”

Abby shot me a glance and sighed. “Anna, I totally forgive you.”

I added, “Me too.”

Anna looked surprised, “I don’t understand. Why, all of sudden?”

“You may be twenty-seven, but you are totally inexperienced with men.”

Anna argued, “But that shouldn’t exonerate my sleeping with Sean.”

Abby and I looked at each other. She smirked, “It does in our book. You may or may not have been seduced, but in any case you were with Mr. Sex-On-Wheels, naked – or nearly so, and making out all romantic like. Forget about the cameras; I’d still be fucking him if I’d been in your shoes.”

I said, “If I’d been naked like you were and making out with Margo Stanger, I can guarantee that lacking birth control, she’d have my very large family about now.”

Anna said, “But what about us?” She still wasn’t too sure about what we were implying.

I smiled, “I love you. I’d want it all.”

Anna finally nodded and said, “I guess we need to renegotiate then. What do we do, have an open marriage from now on?”

Abby said, “For a while works for me.”

I nodded.

“Do we tell each other what’s going on when we mess around with someone else?”

I suggested, “I think we should, but without details that would tend to make each other jealous. We’re each public figures in some way and need to be prepared just in case we get blindsided with a question in some way.”

“What should we say if someone catches us, as they obviously did with Sean and me?” Anna asked.

After a discussion, we settled on several answers to draw from: ‘Mr. (or Ms.) X and I are just friends,’ ‘We are not having an affair (since my close friends and lovers already know, ergo it’s not an affair which by definition is clandestine),’ ‘I won’t grace such scandalous accusations with a comment,’ and the always popular, with a laugh, ‘No comment.’