Trials Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Justin was no typical nerd. He looked like a typical nerd, tall and lanky and awkward. He dressed like a typical nerd, jeans and t-shirts and glasses. And like any true nerd, he had no real friends. The one thing that made him different from all the other nerds, the thing that made him truly special, was that he was a certifiable genius. When he was ten his parents had his IQ tested, and he was off the charts. He skipped several grades, and became the youngest member of his class at Harvard. By the time he turned eighteen, he had already graduated with honors, and was attending graduate school.

While everyone else his age made friends, and poor decisions, Justin worked on his little projects. He knew he would be a great inventor someday, and only wondered if the day had come yet. Most of his inventions were cool, but either not practical enough, or just too out there. The one that he knew would be a huge success if he could ever get it to work, was the pills. After doing a lot of research, and then a lot of chemistry most professional chemists would be baffled by, he had come up with several chemical formulas he was happy with.

The pills were meant to help sexual propriety. First, he had created a formula for a pill very much like Viagra. That one hadn’t been hard, no pun intended, as there had been ample research done and products already made. Justin just had to tweak it a bit to make his own version. The other pills were more difficult, and took more time. Some of the pills were for men, and some for women, but they did similar things.

Justin made a pill that if taken over time, would increase the size of one’s sexual parts. The one for men would give them a bigger dick, and the one for women would give them bigger tits. These were the hardest pills to test, as it was nearly impossible to judge such things on animal test subjects. Justin knew that he wouldn’t know if these pills worked until he started human trials.

Another set of pills was meant to increase the release of orgasm. The pill for men would give the man a much bigger load. The pill for women would make it much easier for them to achieve orgasm. With these pills Justin also developed a long term and short-term version. It was hard to tell, but the trials he had done on animals suggested that these pills were a great success.

The final set of pills was meant to affect one’s attractiveness to the opposite sex. Again he had made a short term and a long-term version, as well as male and female versions. They all worked the same way. These pills made the user release natural pheromones that would attract the opposite sex. These ones had been nearly impossible to test thus far.

Justin worked tirelessly, first on his formulas, and then on the actual pills themselves. It took the better part of two years to actually complete. Once he had his pills ready, he knew it was time for human trials. He also knew that there was no way in hell he would get permission to run human trials. He was too young, the science was too untested, and it would take a decade or more to go through the proper channels. Justin also knew that if he tested his products, and they worked, it wouldn’t matter. The red carpet would be laid out before him, and all roadblocks would be lifted once companies saw that it worked.

Like many great scientists, Justin decided to use himself as the Guinea pig. If it went bad, there wouldn’t be any consequences except those he brought on himself, and he was confident in his work. If it did work, then he would be able to test it on others without as much concern, and he would get to have some fun in the process. Justin started taking the long-term pills, and began seeing results after only a week. A month later the results were undeniable.

Justin had always been average when it came to sexual prowess. He had virtually no experience with girls, but he watched enough porn to know. His dick was an average five inches. His loads were a normal shot or two with dribbles, and he had never seemed to be very attractive to ladies. After a month of the pills his dick had grown to over nine inches, which he absolutely loved. His loads had seemed to grow even more. He now shot at least seven thick ropes of cum every time, even if he went more than once in a day.

The results he was getting were very encouraging, and he knew it was time to involve more people. Obviously the best thing to do was find some women to help out in the trials, but he didn’t really know any. In high school he had been 3 to 4 years younger than everyone else, and had made almost no friends. In college he had done little better, still being a kid. The only girls he knew were his sister and her friends. They did seem like they would be a good fit for this, all being young, hot, and popular, but they also scared the shit out of him. In the end they were the only people he could even think of to ask, so he went to his sister.

Elizabeth was twenty-three, and a senior in college. She was the polar opposite of Justin. All the natural gifts he had been given mentally, she had seks hikayeleri been given physically. She had always been a top athlete, and was in school on a full athletic scholarship. But she wasn’t just good at sports; she was also stunningly beautiful. She was tall for a girl, at 5’10, and her athletic build looked perfect. She had long strong legs, and an amazing ass, as well as rock hard abs. The thing that had driven Justin crazy for years however was her tits. They were huge, even for how tall she was.

Justin waited for a day that they were both at home, but their parents were out. Lizzie was on the couch, with the TV on, but mainly playing with her phone. Justin walked in and sat down, sweating from how nervous he was. He had planned it all out, but he still didn’t know how she would take it.

“Uh, Liz,” he began slowly, “can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up,” Liz said without looking up from her phone.

“Uh, well, I sort of have a favor to ask you,” Justin said, shifting in his seat.

“What sort of favor,” Liz asked, putting her phone down and looking at him skeptically.

“Um, well,” Justin began nervously, and then stopped, trying to think how best to word it. “You know how I’ve been saying I’m working on a special project for a while now?”

“You mean your weird chemistry stuff, ya, why?” she answered.

“Well, I’ve done it,” Justin said, feeling proud just saying the words. “And it all seems to work really well. But now I have to do human trials, and, uh, I sort of need some volunteers.”

“Volunteers for what,” Liz asked.

“I need people to try out the pills I’ve made,” Justin said. “And tell me how they work out.”

“So why don’t you ask your friends or something,” Liz asked.

“Uh, I don’t really have any friends,” Justin said, turning red. “And, uh, well, I sort of need girls more than guys.” Liz sighed, looking at her brother pitifully. She knew he wasn’t popular, but no friends.

“Why girls,” Liz asked, beginning to seem more interested.

“Well, I’ve already tested most of the male versions on myself,” Justin said. “And they all work really well. Now, uh, I just need to try the female ones.”

“You’ve been giving yourself experimental drugs?” Liz asked, looking surprised that her nerdy younger brother would try any drugs at all.

“Well, ya, but I did all the research,” Justin said, “and they work really well. No negative side effects or anything.”

“You’re sure this stuff is safe right?” Liz asked.

“Ya, I mean, as sure as I can be without trying them out,” Justin said. “I suppose there could be some minor risks involved, but I promise I’ll pay you all really well.”

“Us all,” Liz repeated, “what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, I was sort of hoping that you could get a few of your girlfriends to help out,” Justin said. “I’ll give them each a small stake in my company, which should be worth billions in a few years.”

“Ya, ok,” Liz laughed.

“I’m serious,” Justin said. “Once you take the pills, and see that they work, you’ll agree that it’s worth that much.”

“Ok fine,” Liz sighed, putting her phone down, “what do these pills do?”

“Well, uh, they, uh,” Justin stammered, not sure how to tell his hot older sister what he had made. “They, uh, are sort of like sex pills.”

“Seriously,” Liz scoffed, “you’ve been making Viagra this whole time?”

“No, not Viagra,” Justin said quickly. “I mean, ya, I did make that too. That one was really easy. I didn’t even have to do any work, just copy other people’s. But my pills do other things that no one else’s do.”

“What kind of stuff do they do then?” Liz asked, still trying to figure out if he was serious or not.

“Well, I made a male and female version of most of them,” Justin explained. “And I also made long term and short term versions. So, uh, there’s one that will make a woman’s breasts larger, and a man’s, uh, penis larger. There’s also one that increases orgasms, it works a little different for females, but they should work fine. There’s also one that affects sexual stamina, and another one that affects attractiveness.”

“Ok, seriously,” Liz laughed. “Are you saying you made a pill that will make a guys dick bigger? And another one that will make girls have orgasms? There’s no way. And I’m not going to let you sleep with my friends as some kind of sick joke Justin.”

“It’s not a joke at all,” Justin said seriously, “I really did make them, and they really do work. And no one has to have sex with me. I just need to be given the results. So, uh, you and your friends can try them out on whoever you like, and then tell me how they worked.”

“And how much do we get for this?” Liz asked.

“A stake in my company,” Justin said. “Which should be worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Billions even!”

“This is all a joke, right?” Liz laughed again.

“No, I’m dead serious,” Justin said, “I need your help Liz, seriously. Just tell your friends about it, and if any sex hikayeleri of them are interested, we can start right away.”

“You said you tried the male ones out on yourself, right?” Liz asked.

“Ya, and they all work,” Justin nodded.

“So does that mean you grew your dick?” Liz asked, and then laughed again. Justin turned bright red, and turned his head away.

“Uh, well, ya, it did,” Justin said awkwardly.

“Like how much,” Liz teased, still not really believing any of it.

“A lot,” Justin said, and Liz was surprised at the way he said it.

“Ok, seriously, how much,” Liz asked again. “I’m not the one who brought this stuff up you know. You’re asking for my help, with experimental drugs no less. So you say this stuff works, then tell me. How much did you grow?”

“Fine,” Justin sighed, turning even brighter red. “I used to be five and a half inches. And after taking the pill every day for about six weeks, I’m now nine and a half inches.”

“No fucking way,” Liz said, bursting into laughter. “That’s impossible. I mean, I believe the five and a half part. But there’s no fucking way you’re nine and a half inches long.”

“It’s true, I swear,” Justin said. “I stopped taking it almost a month ago, and it hasn’t grown or shrunk at all since then. So it worked just how I engineered it. There’s a version you take once, and it will engorge the man a bit more than usual. And then there’s the one I took, that makes you grow until you stop taking it.”

“Justin, this is all ridiculous,” Liz laughed. “There’s no way any of that stuff actually works.”

“It works,” Justin said angrily, “I swear. Now I need to know if the other ones work just as well.”

“Ok Justin, I’ll make you a deal,” Liz smiled naughtily. “Show me your dick, and if it’s even close to nine inches, I’ll get some of my friends to help you out.”

“Seriously,” Justin said, not expecting that at all.

“Yep,” Liz nodded. “Prove to me that the one pill works, otherwise why would we try the others. So, come on, let’s see it Mr. big stuff.”

“Do you promise,” Justin asked seriously. “If I do it, will you promise to ask your friends for me?”

“Yes Justin, I promise,” Liz said with a smile. “If your dick is nine inches, I’ll get my friends to help you.”

“Ok,” Justin sighed, and stood up. Liz looked surprised that he was even going to try. She had expected him to fold at this point, and admit that the whole thing was a big ploy to try and sleep with her friends. Instead Justin unbuckled his pants, and then pulled them down. His dick was totally flaccid, but was hanging down much lower than Lizzie would have ever expected. It did indeed look big.

“It’s nine inches when it gets hard,” Justin said in a slight panic as his soft cock hung in front of his sister.

“Let me see it then,” Liz said, now actually wanting to see how big her brother’s dick could get.

“Seriously,” Justin said again, “I can’t get hard with you watching.”

“Bullshit,” Liz said, and to Justin’s total surprise she pulled her top over her head. Her huge tits were squeezed into her bra, and her abs looked amazing. “Here, I’m sure this can get you hard,” she said as she took her tits and began jiggling them about for Justin. Justin just stared in awe. His dick immediately began to respond. It grew quickly, and before long it was sticking out, pointing right at Liz. Liz couldn’t believe it. It really was nine inches. It looked bigger than any dick she had ever seen.

“Uh, ok, wow,” Liz said, staring at his cock. “So, like, it wasn’t always that big?”

“No,” Justin said, pulling his pants up again. “It used to be five inches. I’m telling you, my pills really work. And if the rest all work this good, then I’m going to make billions of dollars off them, and you and your friends can get it now, while its worth nothing.”

“Ok,” Liz said, still staring at the bulge in his pants. “I’ll get a few friends to help.”

“Thanks Liz, I really appreciate it,” Justin said, feeling relieved.

Justin showed up at Liz’s sorority house a few days later. She had told him that a few of her friends had agreed to do it, and he had brought the pills. He had to steady his nerves before going in. He had gotten used to being around women that were older than him and extremely hot, between his older sister’s friends and being several grades ahead. This felt different though. He was going into a sorority house to discuss explicitly sexual stuff with who he knew were going to be very hot women. He walked up to the house and Liz opened the door before he even knocked. She let him in, and led him into a living room, with four girls sitting around chatting.

“Girls, this is my brother Justin,” Liz said, and they all quieted down and turned to look at him. “He’s in his second year of grad school, even though he’s only eighteen.”

“Seriously,” a very attractive blonde girl laughed, “what is he like some kind of super genius or something?”

“Ya, he is,” Liz nodded, “like actually. His IQ is like 170 or something.”

“174,” Justin corrected.

“Right, whatever,” Liz said, “the point is, he’s a genius, and he invented these pills. Now he wants us to take them, and tell him what happens.”

“And these are all sex pills?” An even more attractive brunette asked, looking skeptical. “What do they do exactly?”

“Different things,” Justin spoke up, thinking it might be better for him to explain than Liz. “There are male and female pills that do very similar but slightly different things.”

“Like what,” the blonde interrupted.

“Well, uh,” Justin took a nervous swallow, and then continued, “I made different versions for short term and long term use. Of the female pills, there’s one that will, uh, make the user very aroused, and especially attracted to the opposite sex.”

“Is that the orgasm one?” Liz asked, and the girls all laughed.

“There’s an orgasm pill,” a short pretty brunette laughed, “I definitely need to try that.”

“Uh, no, actually,” Justin said, “there’s one that makes you horny, and another that makes you have easier and more intense orgasms.”

“Seriously, you invented pills that can do that?” the fourth girl asked. She was also brunette, and extremely hot.

“Yes, among other things,” Justin nodded happily.

“What kind of other things,” the blonde asked.

“Well, one of them will make your tits, uh, your breasts larger,” Justin said, “without making them sag.”

“What about the guy pills,” the blonde asked, “what do they do?”

“Uh, one of them makes the guy horny, like the girl’s one. Another one increases the size of the guy’s, em, uh, his, uh.”

“Jesus Justin, we all know what we’re here for,” Liz said, “just say the naughty words, you’re not giving a presentation. Well, I guess you sort of are, but it’s just to us, and we don’t care what you say.”

“Ok, fine,” Justin said, turning red as his sister scolded him in front of the rest of the girls. “One pill increases the size of the man’s load,” Justin said, and two of the girls snorted laughter. The blonde looked intrigued though. “Another increases the size of his penis, and another one makes him last longer.”

“And you’re saying these pills actually work?” The tall brunette asked.

“So far they’ve all worked great,” Justin nodded. “But I haven’t been able to test them all, and that’s where you all come in.”

“Ugh, seriously,” the shorter brunette scoffed. “Is this all just a dumb scam to sleep with us?”

“No, not at all,” Justin said quickly. “You don’t have to do anything with me. In fact, it’s better that you don’t. I’ve, uh, I’ve already been testing the male pills on myself. That’s how I know they work. Now I need to do trials on the female pills. So I need some females to help.”

“If you’ve been testing these pills on yourself, then you must have a pretty big dick, right?” The mysterious fourth girl asked. “I mean, you said that they work great right? And that they can make a guy’s dick bigger, right? So you must be pretty huge.”

“Uh, I, uh,” Justin stuttered, not sure what to say or do.

“Um, I already played that card,” Liz said, blushing slightly. “I made him show it to me. I think his pills work.”

“You mean he does have a big dick?” the blonde asked with a big smile.

“Ya,” Liz nodded casually. “I mean I don’t know how big it was before he took the pills, but it’s definitely big now.”

“Ok then, let’s give it a try,” the tall gorgeous brunette said, and stood up. “Give me the orgasm pill. I’ve only had an orgasm during sex once in my life, and I was like totally in love at the time. If this kid can give me an orgasm, then I think it works.” Justin knew this wasn’t a good test, as he had also been taking the other pills, but he kept his mouth shut. Liz looked at him, and then shrugged.

“Ok, if you’re sure,” she said to her friend, “go easy on him though, he’s fragile.” The girl began walking towards him, and he began to panic.

“Wait,” he said, and she stopped with an eyebrow raised. “The pill takes about twenty minutes to kick in. Here,” he opened his pack, and took out the right pill, and gave her a small dose. She took it, and swallowed it without any water.

“Have you been taking the pill that makes guys last longer,” she asked, and Justin could only nod, looking and feeling terrified. She smiled, and grabbed him by the collar, and pulled him out of the room. She led him upstairs, and into her own room. Once they were alone, she began to undress. Justin watched in awe as her awesome tits came into view. She took off her bra, and then got down on her knees. She shoved Justin onto her bed, and began taking his pants off.

“Let’s see this big cock of yours,” she smiled wickedly. “I’m Cassie by the way.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Cassie,” Justin said in a breathy voice.

“Hopefully the pleasure will be all mine,” she smiled, “that’s what you promised remember?” she pulled his pants down, and Justin’s hard dick sprang up.

“Holy shit. Well it is big,” Cassie said, and then leaned in and began sucking it. Justin sat back and tried to just enjoy the first blowjob of his life. He could tell the endurance pills had worked as well, as he would have cum in seconds with this girl before. She sucked on his dick expertly for nearly ten minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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