Trip with Brother Pt. 01

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Chanel Preston

All characters are at least 18 years old at all times.

Trip with Brother

The date of Hannah Russell’s graduation from high school coincided with her 18th Birthday. She had worked hard in her studies throughout high school and was particularly interested in American History. She had been awarded as the best History student in her class and had been offered a full scholarship to State University.

Her teachers and family were particularly proud of her. Hannah’s brother, Joe, was already majoring in History in college. He had always been proud of his little sister, for her success playing basketball; for her good grades; and, especially that she was a good person, always eager to help others. Her parents, Don and Julie were, of course, proud of both of their children.

Hannah had played point guard on the basketball team, having been a starter for 3 years. She was a fierce competitor despite her relatively small size. Joe had been a good basketball player, as well. Most afternoons saw the siblings playing against each other on the court marked out on their driveway. Joe didn’t take it easy on Hannah – he played aggressive defense against her for he knew that she could shoot much better than him. She usually won, but it was only a slight embarrassment to him.

Hannah had short, golden blonde, hair and green eyes. She was about 5-4 and weighed around 110 pounds. She was very shapely, though petite. She wore a B cup, had a small waist, and a firm bottom. She was very pretty – most would describe her as “cute”. Hannah was satisfied with her looks – she even considered herself attractive – but never considered that a priority. She rarely wore makeup at all, even to cover her light freckles that spread across her nose and cheeks.

She had been raised in a very strict, religiously fundamental, environment. They went to church 3 times a week and the entire family was involved in the activities of their local congregation. Hannah and Joe had been taught that sex was for marriage, only. They had also been taught not to try drugs or alcohol. Hannah had never even had a beer, but Joe had started drinking a little with his college friends.

Hannah, until recently, rarely thought about sex. After all, that was something that only married people were supposed to do. She was usually too busy to dwell on things like that. Recently, however, she had begun to notice how handsome her brother was and how sexy his muscles were, now that he was lifting weights. She sometimes made an excuse to feel of his biceps and longed to touch his pectoral muscles, his back, and his legs. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. At first she felt guilty, but had now begun to allow herself to think more about it.

Joe was six feet tall and very slender. His chest, arms and legs were muscular, however, from weight training. He had very light brown hair that looked almost blonde from being in the sun and he had dark brown eyes. He had freckles and was generally considered “cute”, if not handsome.

Joe, however, spent a great deal of time thinking about girls. He, too, felt that sex was for marriage, but he didn’t feel too guilty for noticing the nice bodies of just about any female that popped into his mind. This included his teachers, girls in his classes, Hannah’s friends, and, sometimes, even Hannah herself. He thought she was way prettier than any of her friends and he had noticed her shapely body on many occasions. That went for his mother, as well. Julie was only 40, but looked even younger. She was blonde with blue eyes and had a very nice body, in his opinion. He had often gazed at her, and Hannah, when they lay by the pool in their bikinis. He thought they looked more like sisters than mom and daughter. He knew that it was incest was a very taboo thing but, for some reason, that made it all the more interesting to him. As he got older, the topic interested him more and more. He liked to find stories online that featured incest. His favorites were mom-son and brother-sister.

On Hannah’s 18th Birthday, her parents threw her a Birthday/graduation party. Close friends, family members, and friends from church were in attendance. Hannah got a great many gifts and everyone had a wonderful time. When everyone had gone, Hannah noticed that her parents and Joe sat around the kitchen table grinning at her. “What’s up? What’s so funny?” she asked.

“I haven’t given you my gift yet,” Joe said. He brought out a hefty package, shaped suspiciously like a large book, or books, and put it on the table.

Hannah eagerly tore into the package and discovered 3 books, all three on Civil War battles. One was on Chancellorsville, one on Antietam, and one on Gettysburg. Her face showed her genuine pleasure. She loved books, she loved history, and her favorite period was the American Civil War. “Joe! There’s nothing, except maybe a new car, that I would love more!” she laughed as she embraced him and kissed his cheek.

She examined the books more closely as her family continued to stare at her, seemingly on the verge of laughing. “What, olgun gaziantep escort y’all?” she asked in her adorable southern accent. “What are y’all grinning at?”

“Look inside the front cover of the Gettysburg book,” Joe said, eagerly.

Hannah opened the book, noting that it was the Steven Sears account of the Gettysburg Battle, a book that she had long wanted to read. Inside the front cover was an envelope containing a card. “Aww, you got me a graduation card, too? Or is it a birthday card?”

She opened the card and, printed in Joe’s neat hand were these words: “You need to hurry up and read these books because you and I are going to visit these places in a month. Your loving brother, Joe”

Hannah stared at him. “What? How? Do you mean it?” She looked at her parents. They were smiling from ear to ear.

Julie said, “It’s all Joe’s idea, but we thought it was a great one. We originally were going to go, too, but we just couldn’t work it out. Besides, you two will have more fun without us!”

“Dad and mom are going to pay for part of the trip. You know I don’t have that kind of money. Are you excited?” Joe grinned.

“YESSSSSS! This is great! This is the best present EVER!” she shouted as she jumped up and down. She hugged them all, kissed them all on the cheek, told them all that she loved them – then she cried and they all hugged her again.


The day came for the siblings to go on their trip. Their parents had given them a credit card and some cash to pay for their expenses. They made them promise to let them know where they were and that they were safe. They trusted the kids but knew that they had never been away from home on their own before and that unforeseen things would happen.

Hannah was dressed in a sleeveless, white blouse and cut-off blue jean shorts. Joe noticed that it was pretty tight and showed off her bosom nicely. Her athletic legs were well-tanned. She looked good and Joe was looking forward to being with his pretty sister for over a week.

Joe wore athletic shorts and a knit, short sleeve shirt. The shirt was tight enough to show off his well-developed biceps and his chest. He wasn’t heavily muscled, but he had lifted enough weights to make his upper body and legs look good. He didn’t think of himself as anything but average, but he was proud of the effects of his weight training. His sister liked the way he looked and often blushed and got short of breath when he took his shirt off. She still sometimes felt guilty for thinking of her brother this way, but she had to admit that she enjoyed it.

“First stop, Antietam National Battlefield,” he announced as they pulled onto the Interstate. “That’s about 6 hours from here. Tell me when you need to take a break or get hungry.”

“This is awesome!” she said, enthusiastically. She fiddled with the radio so that she could play her music on her phone through the car’s speakers. “What do you want to listen to? Classic Rock, Alternative, or Justin Bieber?” she laughed.

“Anything but Bieber or rap. I can’t handle that crap,” he replied. “Of course Mom and Dad aren’t with us and would never know, but still, I think it’s horrible. It’s not music!” he opined.

“Alternative it is,” she replied as she put on a playlist of older Alternative Hits. The Cure was telling them that they were feeling like an animal and that they wanted to ‘be with you again…’

“The Cure!” Joe said. “That’ll work.” They talked and played music, told jokes and anecdotes; after what had seemed like but a few minutes, it was time for lunch.

They stopped and got lunch and Joe began to search online at a place they could stay for the next two nights. He figured that they would get to the battlefield, maybe even have time to drive through it, and then they could get up the next morning and take their time touring it.

“I hate to bring this up, Sis, but…” He looked embarrassed.

“What?” she laughed. “What is it?”

“Well, these rooms are like $125 a night. Do you think we should get one or two rooms? It’s totally up to you,” he said.

“One! We’re not wasting money just to have a little bit of privacy!” she replied.

“But what would Mom and Dad say? Do I say you’re my wife, or what?”

“Mom and Dad don’t care, and will never know, anyway. And these hotels don’t care who is sharing your room. They don’t care if I’m your wife, girlfriend, or sister, or what. Get the one room. Save the money.”

“Ok, girlfriend it is,” he laughed.

“You could do worse,” she stated.

“And, if I ever get one, I’m sure I will!”

“Awww! You’re so sweet! You can pretend to be my boyfriend on this trip. How’s that?” she teased.

Joe could feel his cock twitch in his shorts. Thinking of his sister being his girlfriend sounded really hot to him. He called the number of the hotel and, shortly, had the arrangements made. One room. Two nights. Twin beds.

By late afternoon, they had arrived at the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland, the location of the Antietam gaziantep olgun escort National Battlefield. The battle had occurred on September 17, 1862, and was the bloodiest day in American History. As they drove through the park, it was hard to believe that so much violence had ever occurred here. This was a beautiful, bucolic, area.

After an hour or so they decided to find the motel, get settled, and then get something to eat. After checking in, they walked in the room and, to their astonishment, noticed that there was only one bed.

“I told them a room with two beds, didn’t I?” Joe asked. “I’ll call and see if we can change.”

He got on the phone and was told that he didn’t specify how many beds and that they didn’t have any rooms left with two beds. “Han, what do you want to do? Go to another place? I can sleep in the floor.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “We can sleep in the same bed. What difference does it make? I promise to stay on my side.” She sat next to him on the bed and kissed his cheek. “I’m sleepy. Can we take a nap before we go eat?”

“Here’s an idea,” he offered. “If you’ll settle for pizza, I’ll go get it and you can take a nap while I’m gone. I kinda want to watch the baseball game, if we can pick it up here.”

“That sounds good to me. I’m tired. I think I’ll take a shower while you’re gone, too.”

Joe began searching on his phone for a pizza place. “What kind do you want, Han?”

“Pepperoni and whatever else you want on it. You know me. I don’t turn pizza down,” she laughed. “And bring me a Dr. Pepper. A big one.”

Joe made the call and was told to pick it up in 30 minutes. He left, after entering the address into his phone. 10 minutes away. All the driving had made Joe crave a cold beer. He knew that, if he brought beer back to the motel room, his sister might get angry, but he really was wanting one and felt he deserved it. After all, he had done all of the driving. He was an adult. She might just have to deal with it.

After picking up the pizza, he stopped at a mini-mart to get Hannah’s Dr. Pepper. He noticed all the varieties of beer and decided that he would risk it. He got a six pack of Dos Equis and two Dr. Peppers for Hannah. He just hoped that she wouldn’t be disappointed in him.

As he entered the room, he noticed that Hannah was curled up in the bed, asleep. She hadn’t even turned the covers down. She was dressed in one of their Dad’s old tee shirts, which was very long on her, coming down almost to her knees. He knew that she never wore a bra under her “nightie” as she called it. It wasn’t that you could see her breasts, but you could tell that she didn’t have a bra on. He also knew, from long observation, that she wore bikini panties underneath. Rarely had he personally viewed them, but you could see the outline if she bent over.

His little sister was more than cute, to him. He thought she was extremely sexy and he loved looking at her and imagining all sorts of illicit activities with her. He realized that she was innocent and he certainly would never do anything “but look”. Still, he had a good imagination. He had seen her in with her blouse off, with only a bra “up top” and had seen her many times in her bikini. She had a shape that would compare with any girl he knew.

The room had no microwave, so he decided he better awaken her before the pizza got cold. He touched her face, gently, then leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Hannah, pizza is ready,” he whispered.

She roused herself, opened the pizza, and took out a slice. Taking a bite, she said, “Oh, Joe, this is great! Where’s my Dr. Pepper?”

She reached for the sack and, upon looking inside, saw the beer. “Joe, what is this?” she asked.

“Um. Well, I… I’m sorry, but I just wanted some beer with my pizza and I didn’t see the harm. Are you mad?”

“No, not exactly mad,” she said. “I am just surprised. I didn’t know you drank. Do you?”

“No!” he said. “I mean, I like to have a beer with my buddies and it’s really good with pizza or Mexican Food,” he explained.

“I don’t like to think about you driving after you’ve been drinking!” she replied.

“I promise, Han. I DO NOT. I wish I had not bought it.”

“Oh, shush. This is our trip. You drink what you want. I don’t care. Just promise – swear to me, your little sister, who loves you more than life – that you will never drink and drive.”

Joe smiled. “You don’t love me more than life, Sis. But, I SWEAR!”

Hannah opened her Dr. Pepper and continued to munch on her pizza as Joe fiddled with the TV remote. He finally found his baseball game, opened a beer and grabbed a slice of pizza, and settled back to watch the game. After his first big swig of the beer, he said, “ahhhhhhhhhhh, yessss, that’s good!” and let out a huge belch.

“You heathen!” Hannah laughed. “Next you’ll be farting. My brother, the sot.”

Joe quickly finished his first beer and opened a second. Hannah regarded him as she ate her pizza. “That stuff can’t be that good. gaziantep olgun escort bayan How many before you are drunk?”

“Well, since I don’t drink much, I can feel a bit light headed after 2 or 3. I don’t know if I’ve ever been really drunk, though,” he answered.

“What’s the most you ever drank?” she asked. “How many?”

“I think four. Maybe five. I was pretty tipsy. I wouldn’t have driven,” he explained.

“But you have six. Are you going to drink them all? Am I going to have to hold your hand while you puke into the porcelain throne? Am I going to have to undress you and put you to bed? Do I have to call AA to see where we can attend a meeting?”

“You’re a smart-ass, Little Sister. No, I can’t drink them all – I don’t think. You can have what I don’t drink.”

“Ugh, no. I don’t have any bad habits and I’m not about to start,” she said, sarcastically.

“I dare you. I double-dog dare you!”

“Oh, the old double-dog dare, huh?” she laughed. “What if I don’t like the taste?”

“You won’t. Take a bite of pizza, then take a sip. Dare ya!” he said as he took a beer out of the bag and screwed off the top. “It’s still good and cold. They don’t taste very good if they’re not ice cold.”

Hannah grinned at her brother. “You don’t think I will, do you?”

“I’ll be surprised if you do, you little chicken. Bok-bok-bok-bok-bok!!”

Hannah took a bite of pizza, then turned the bottle up and took a long swig of the cold beer. She held it in her mouth, her face a mask of disgust.

“Swallow it!” Joe urged.

She swallowed. “Yuck! How do you drink that crap?”

“Oh, come on. You didn’t even taste it. Take a drink without the pizza and don’t hold it in your mouth like that. Just drink it like you would a drink of water.”

Hannah looked at him and turned the bottle up again, taking another long pull. This time she swallowed it. She sat there a minute, considering. “That wasn’t bad. Still, why pay for that when you can have Dr. Pepper?” she giggled.

Joe reached for her bottle, intending to finish it himself. She jerked it away. “That’s mine. Get your own! I don’t start things without finishing them!”

Joe knew this was going to be a fun trip. What a good sport his sister was. She obviously didn’t want to drink, but she was doing this so he would feel more comfortable and have a good time. He adored her. He watched, with amusement, as she continued to take sips of the beer, in between bites of pizza, until the bottle was empty.

“Done!” she exalted, as she lifted the bottle into the air. “Give me another!”

“I think you’ve had enough, young lady,” Joe said, mocking his Dad’s voice.

Hannah reached in the bag, brought out another bottle of the Dos Equis and, with some effort, managed to screw the top off. She turned it up and took an astonishingly long swig. “Ahhhh!” she mocked. “That’s some of the best beer I’ve had in years!” Then she emitted a long belch and they both laughed.

Joe had already finished 3 beers and was on his fourth. He definitely felt a buzz and knew that his little sister, unless she was some kind of freak of nature, was well on her way to feeling the same way. He suddenly had the giggles, especially after his sister belched. He watched as she continued to take long swigs of her second beer, in between bites of pizza. He was actually amazed at her.

Hannah pointed to the TV. “What in hell is that guy doing?” she slurred. Hannah never, ever, used any kind of profanity. She didn’t even say ‘Golly’ or ‘Gosh’ or ‘Oh my Goodness’ because she had been told that these were just sly ways to take God’s name in vain.

“Baby Sister, you’re drunk!” Joe laughed. “You’re using profanity!”

“Oops!” she giggled. “Why the fuck is everything moving?”

Joe was flabbergasted. Even though he felt giddy himself, he never thought he would hear his little sister say the “F” word! It was funny, but it was just not right, either. Still, he laughed at her, and with her.

“Shit, it’s so hot in here!” Hannah said as she got up and went to the air-conditioning unit. “Help me figure this shit out, Joseph!” She laughed again, as if she had just said the funniest thing imaginable.

Joe turned the air cooler and turned the fan to a higher speed. Hannah put her arms around him and kissed his cheek. “You are wonderful! My big brother is fucking wonderful!” She kissed him again, apparently trying to kiss his mouth.

“Hannah!” he unwrapped her arms from around his waist and maneuvered so that she could not kiss his mouth. “You need to calm down. Hear me?” He laughed, but realized that his sister was almost out of hand.

To Joe’s utter shock and amazement, she then pulled her tee shirt over her head and was standing in front of her gawking brother, clad only in her tiny, blue bikini panties. “Hot in here! Hey, Big Brother, you like how I look?” she said as she clasped her breasts and pushed them up, showing them to Joe. “You like my tits?”

Joe was astounded. His sister was luscious. What a body! Her breasts were way better than he had imagined. They were perfect. Her nipples were pink and pointed upward, and were hard enough to cut glass. He wanted to touch them, to lick them and suck them. He wanted to touch her all over, to hold her sexy young body next to his – but she was drunk. This wasn’t right. Even though his pecker was hard and demanding to be released, he knew that he had to find a way to end this right now.

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