Trouble for Toby Pt. 04


Aunt Margaret was having coffee with Julia.

‘I’ve had a request,’ stated Julia. ‘The gym mistress at school has asked if Toby could go to their house on Wednesday.’

‘Who are they and what do they want with Toby?’ asked Margaret.

‘Well, Miss Braithwaite the gym mistress lives with her partner Eileen. Miss Braithwaite is gay and Eileen is bisexual. She’s not had cock in years and as it’s Eileen’s fiftieth birthday so Toby is to be her present, Dressed as a schoolboy!’

‘I’m not too sure if I’m at all comfortable with it if I’m honest,’ questioned a flabbergasted Margaret.

‘Don’t worry, nothing untoward will happen to him. They’ve agreed that you can stay while he’s there.

They’ll give you a large glass of wine so you can watch television or read. They only want him for an hour,’ confirmed Julia.

‘Oh well. I suppose…’

‘Excellent, I’ll be over Wednesday morning to get him ready,’ said Julia. ‘It’s Half Term remember so he won’t miss any schooling.’

On Wednesday morning Toby wasn’t milked in preparation for his visit to the lesbian gym mistress and her bisexual girlfriend.

Julia called over at ten o’clock and by noon he was ready. He wore a crisp white school shirt tucked into an old pair of school shorts that were two sizes too small and wearing his school tie tied short. He wore school shoes and white ankle socks. Toby had never felt more stupid.

‘Time to go I think,’ ataşehir escort said his Aunt Margaret as she led Toby to her car for the journey across town. He sank down in the car seat all the way and when they pulled up at the house luckily they didn’t have to wait long before Miss Braithwaite answered the door.

She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. Margaret thought she must be the dominant one as she looked at her muscular arms and legs. She was a good looking woman, she thought, but not especially pretty.

Once inside Aunt Margaret was settled and Toby was taken upstairs to see Eileen who was laying on the couples big double bed wearing only her tan coloured hold up stockings and her nude coloured shoes.

‘Wow, you really are a cutie! Come and lie down here with me,’ she said.

Toby climbed on to the bed and was forced down on his back. The older lady began to run her soft hands over his face, chest and flat tummy.

Her hand slip up his thigh over the tight school shorts and rubbed his swollen cock.

‘Let’s get you out of those shorts,’ she demanded and Toby lifted himself up so she could remove them

She leaned over him and kissed him deep on his mouth, her tongue seeking his as she took his cock and started to slowly masturbate him. Toby groaned into her mouth.

She broke from the kiss and exclaimed, ‘I must have some of this,’ she told the watching Miss Braithwaite.

Eileen ataşehir escort dipped her head and swallowed Toby’s cock deep into her mouth. ‘Mmmm, I’ve not had one of these for a long time. Not a real one,’ she murmured while sucking on his hard meat.

The older woman licked and sucked Toby’s cock like it was her first ever taste. She could feel the young boy’s cock swell and knew he was ready to cum.

‘Give it to me boy!’ she commanded as she wanked him hard. Toby groaned as the first blast hit her large chest. She pulled his cock back into her mouth and took the next three blasts down her throat as she sucked him dry.

‘Oh God, I loved that,’ she exclaimed and she lay back on the bed stroking Toby’s still hard erection.

Aunt Margaret was sitting down stairs with her glass of white wine and trying to read her book but could hear Toby’s moans and cries as he orgasmed. She wondered what they were going to do to him next.

Toby didn’t have to wait long to find out. ‘Fuck me. I need this big hard cock in me now!’ Eileen ordered.

Toby positioned himself between her thighs and he rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He looked down at the older woman and realised she was quite attractive. Blonde hair to her shoulders cut into her face, large breasts with huge nipples and a reasonably flat stomach. He knew it wouldn’t be hard to maintain an erection with her.

‘Stop anadolu yakası escort teasing and push it innnnnn!’ she cried as Toby slipped his cock deep into her tight pussy walls. ‘Oh God, that is so good. Fuck me!’

Toby began to thrust into her until he found his rhythm. ‘Pull his shirt up!’ ordered Miss Braithwaite who was standing to the side of Toby brandishing a leather strap. ‘Arrgghh!’ cried Toby as the strap bit into his bare bottom.

‘Keep striking him Barbara, I’m sure his cock just got harder,’ exclaimed Eileen. Toby humped Eileen as the gym mistress struck his arse with the strap.

Downstairs Margaret could hear everything that was happening and nearly went upstairs to put an end to it but she realised that Toby had not called out for help.

Oh God I’m cumming,’ gasped Eileen as her pussy gripped Toby’s tool and they both erupted in orgasm at the same time.

No sooner had he gotten his breath back than he was hauled off the older woman by the gym mistress and told take his shorts and go downstairs. As he walked out of the bedroom he saw Miss Braithwaite dive between her lovers thighs and start sucking Toby’s cum from the overflowing pussy.

The ride back home with his aunt was quiet. When they went inside he rushed straight upstairs to undress and to put on some boys clothes.

‘When you come down we’ll have some tea then you can tell me all about it!’ shouted his aunt.

That night Toby found himself on his back with his aunt sitting on his cock.

‘Now dear, tell me all about your day as I ride you,’ she said.

By the time Toby got to the part where he was being struck by the strap his aunt was on her second orgasm and fucking him hard.