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Big Dicks

One reason I came down off the mountain was to find a boyfriend. I found one.

I got this job at Yogurt Galore, a frozen yogurt store where they sell yogurt with crazy flavors, like pancake batter, green tea, and licorice. What gets me is how people think they are being virtuous by eating healthy, when our yogurt is full of sugar and people pile on junk toppings like crumbled Oreos and Reese’s Pieces. They might as well be eating a bowl of ice cream with a glazed donut on top.

Still, the pay was good and the customers were interesting, even if I didn’t care for the yogurt.

One time, these guys were chatting away in line and I was doing my eavesdropping thing, listening hard while I pretended to be minding my own business. One of the guys, Troy, was a 6-foot-plus stud who was wearing a red Huntington Water Polo t-shirt that showed off his shoulders and chest. I don’t know much about water polo except that they play it in a swimming pool and the guys are buff, which is all I needed to know.

Troy said something to his buddies about a free concert that night on the big lawn in front of the college. I decided right then and there to go to the concert and “accidentally” bump into Troy.

After work, I showered and put on tight blue cutoffs, so everyone could get a good look at my legs and butt, and a loose white cotton shirt. I could have gone with a tight t-shirt that showed off my tits better, but I had other plans. I wanted more than a show.

I got to the lawn real early so I could be sure to spot Troy when he showed up. He and a few of his buddies got there early, too. I guess they wanted spots up front where they could see the band real close. I saw Troy right away and I was real happy that he didn’t have a girlfriend with him. I followed him to the front, and stood right behind him. So far, so good.

I didn’t say anything and he didn’t pay any attention to me, just yapping away with his water polo buddies about school, sports, girls—whatever boys talk about. To tell the truth, I wasn’t listening closely. I was just checking out his big shoulders and tight buns, and making sure that nobody slipped in between us as the crowd filled in.

It was a good crowd, so it must have been a pretty good band. Either that, or people had nothing better to do. Me, I was excited. Once the music started, I went into action.

Troy was so much taller than me that I naturally had to bob up and down to see anything over his shoulders. I pinched my nipples real hard to get them to stand out as far as they could. Then I got closer and closer to Troy’s back, until I was so close that my boysenberries brushed him every time I bounced up to see the band. Of course, the constant rubbing kept my nipples nice and hard.

The first couple of times, Troy might have thought it was an accident. Pretty soon, he must have figured out that I was doing it on purpose, but he still didn’t say anything. I think he was afraid that if he said something I would stop massaging his back with my boysenberries.

Finally, he looked over his shoulder and said, “Do you want to stand in front so you can see better?” Yeah, I wanted to stand in front, but not so that I could see better. He turned his body to let me slide by and I did, making sure that I was facing him so that my boysenberries would rub across his chest as I went by.

Once I was in front of Troy, I waited a few minutes, then casually moved back until my butt was touching him. He was still being cautious.

He waited to see if I would move my butt away. I didn’t. He put his right hand gently on my shoulder, testing how I would react. I didn’t say anything, I just made sure my butt didn’t lose contact with him. His left hand went to my other shoulder. Both hands were sort of resting there, not really moving or doing anything that I might object to.

I didn’t say anything. I moved my body slowly to the music, sex izle rubbing my butt lightly on his jeans. Then he kissed me lightly on the top of my head. When I didn’t say anything, he figured that was the green light. He slipped his hands off my shoulders, along my arms, and down to my hips.

We danced like that for a few songs, with his hands guiding my hips softly as I rubbed the bulge in his pants with my ass.

His right hand slipped inside my t-shirt. I pretended that I didn’t notice. I just kept dancing slowly as his hand went higher and higher until it found what it was looking for. He cupped the underside of my right boob. Then his left hand slipped inside my shirt and found my left boob.

Now he had both hands caressing the bottom halves of my tits. Pretty soon, his thumbs were softly moving across my nipples. Over and over, he used his thumbs to lift up my swollen nipples and let them fall back down. I was going nuts.

I wanted more than this crazy teasing. I grabbed his fingers and made him twist my nipples the way I like it. Troy got the idea real fast. He pushed my hands away and went to work on my boysenberries, rolling each fat nipple between his finger and thumb and pulling them away from my body.

The electricity was flowing the way I like it, from my nipples up to my brain, out to my fingers, and down to my feet. There were goosebumps on my arms and legs; my toes were curling; my pussy was throbbing for attention.

Troy was so sweet. He kept asking me if he was hurting me and all I could do was gasp, “No, that’s real nice. Please don’t stop.”

After a while, Troy let go of one boob and slid his hand down my tummy. He popped open the snap on my cutoffs and slipped his hand inside. I was as wet as I had ever been. I don’t know what he thought when he found the sloppy mess between my legs, but I didn’t really care.

He slipped in one, two, and then three fingers and stroked me slowly, teasing me with his long water polo fingers. I closed my eyes and pinned my butt to his leg so I wouldn’t fall over. His three fingers were everywhere inside me, opening and closing and moving in random directions so that I never knew where he would touch me next.

He pulled his fingers out and lightly moved them over my mound, teasing my swollen clit. Then he rubbed firmly and urgently, poking my throbbing clit every which way and pushing me to the edge.

I could feel the orgasm building inside me. My eyes were closed and I was no longer in a crowd at a concert. I was warm and wet, floating in time and space with my body tingling and my pussy ready to erupt. I saw the light behind my eyes and came with a sudden scream. My whole body shook and Troy had to hold me with both arms to keep me from falling to the ground.

I don’t know what Troy’s buddies thought when I screamed. Maybe they thought I loved the music. Maybe they knew that I had just been finger-fucked good. I didn’t give a shit. I was deliriously happy.

So was Troy. That was the day I found out that guys love screamers. There’s this whole male thing about being able to drive women crazy. Guys love it when a woman begs to be fucked. And guys love it when they can give a woman an earth-shattering orgasm.

So, we gals learn that, in order to please a guy, we have to laugh at their stupid jokes, beg to be fucked, and pretend that every fuck was the best one ever.

I wasn’t pretending this time. Troy had rung my bell good.

He whispered in my ear that we should leave, and I said soon, please.

We slipped through the crowd with Troy somehow keeping his fingers inside my pants. I’d say that he was leading me around by my pussy, except that I was in front of him. So, it would be more accurate to say that my pussy was leading him around.

We got to his car (a beat up Corolla) and drove to the grove house. He didn’t have his hand inside me anymore, but he had a death grip fransız porno on my thigh. When we got to the house, it was straight to the bedroom.

I stood in front of him while he slowly undressed me. He kept asking me if he had been too rough at the concert. I kept saying no, I loved it.

He pulled my t-shirt slowly over my head. The fabric rubbed against my nipples, lifting them slightly, then dropping them as they slipped out of my shirt. Troy’s eyes got real wide when he saw how big my nipples were. I guess squeezing them at the concert and seeing them in person were two different things.

He took a deep breath and I thought he was going to launch a mouth attack on my breasts. But he decided to wait a bit for that.

Troy dropped to his knees and undid my shorts. He gave them a big tug and pulled them all the way to the floor. My bush was wet and matted and I’m sure Troy smelled my juices.

When Troy had my clothes off, he stood up and stared at my naked body with the cutest look on his face. This meat inspection was a huge turn-on for me.

It was the first time that a man had ever seen me completely naked. I stood with my hands at my sides, completely uncovered and unashamed. I was offering my body to him. I wanted him to look at my naked, vulnerable body. I wanted him to have a real good look. I wanted him to want me.

My nipples got even harder and my pussy got even wetter. Troy’s eyes kept returning to my plump boysenberries, and they loved the attention. They were big and swollen and begging to be nibbled and sucked. Troy took another deep breath, but he still didn’t move in for the taste test.

Instead, Troy put his big warm hands on my face. I closed my eyes and waited. He gave me the softest kisses on my eyes, my neck, and then my mouth. My lips were tingling and my tongue wanted him. I opened my lips and his tongue snaked inside and danced in my mouth.

He chased my tongue around inside my mouth, and then my tongue chased his tongue. When our mouth dance ended, Troy cupped my bare breasts gently and stared at my smiling face. Then he went down to his knees and kissed my tits lightly, tracing slow circles around my nipples without touching them.

I was ready to grab his head and force him to suck my nipples. Enough teasing. I knew what he wanted and he knew that I wanted it too.

He finally slipped a boysenberries into his mouth. His tongue rolled my nipple around and around, flicking it left and right, up and down. Over and over. Then he clamped his soft lips around my swollen nipple and sucked on it like a baby who hadn’t been fed for days.

When he was done with that nipple, he moved to the other one—pulling it into his mouth with his lips, teasing it with his tongue, and then sucking it like he was trying to get every last drop of warm milk out of his mother’s breast.

After he had pretend-milked my tits dry, Troy picked me up like I weighed nothing at all and laid me gently on the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head, and it was the unveiling of a Greek statue. His upper body was a V, with his no-flab abs leading up to his gorgeous shoulders.

He dropped his pants and shorts and there he was—completely naked perfection. A Greek statue. An Olympic swimmer. And I found him in a yogurt store in Fairvalley! Now I was the one who stared and took a deep breath. I desperately wanted this Adonis to love me.

Troy gently spread my legs. He lay down between my thighs with his head on my tummy. He kissed my belly softly and caressed me with his fingertips. His hands moved lovingly over my tummy, at first so lightly that I got goosebumps and then with slightly more pressure, as if he was trying to comfort something inside me.

Maybe he was thinking about the baby we might make together if this worked out and we ended up getting married. For now, I was on the pill and marriage and babies were a teen porno long way down our love path.

After he had finished worshipping my tummy, Troy’s mouth slid lower. He kissed the tops of my thighs over and over, and then moved to the fleshy insides, licking and nibbling the skin leading to my bush.

At last, he put his mouth where I wanted it, at the entrance to my love tunnel. He licked my hairs and sucked them clean. His nose, mouth, and chin ground against my moist, swollen pussy lips. Around and around and around. I arched my back to tell him I wanted more.

He got the message. His warm tongue darted inside. He immediately found my pearl and flicked it twice with his tongue. I had an itch that needed to be scratched. I would have cried if he stopped now.

He didn’t. He used his fingers to pull my lips apart so that he could work on my clit with his soft tongue. I swear to god, he gave my clit a tongue massage. When he sucked it, I gasped. When he blew warm air on it, I shuddered.

Now his face was buried in my pussy, sucking on my clit, while his finger found for my G-spot. I was starting to shake and I knew a big O was on the way.

His hands moved up to my tits while tongue kept working its magic. He grabbed each swollen nipple between a finger and thumb and started rolling, twisting, and pulling. He gently built up the pressure—squeezing them harder, twisting them tighter, pulling them farther away from my chest.

He still had my swollen clit between his lips, sucking it sweetly. Some people like things sweet and sour, or sweet and salty. I like soft and hard: soft on my clit, hard on my nipples. My eyes were closed as I blocked out the world and savored what I was feeling up and down my body.

I was warm all over, but I shivered. My thighs were shaking, but my feet were locked. My eye lids were closed, but I saw a bright light behind my eyes. My clit was ready to explode, but I rolled my hips trying to get more of my clit into Troy’s sweet mouth.

I came. It started in my toes and rolled up my legs, a tsunami that caused my whole body to shudder uncontrollably.

I grabbed Troy’s hair with both hands and let out a scream, even longer and louder than the one at the concert. Then my hands grabbed the sheets. My butt was flat on the bed and my legs were straight, but my feet were six inches off the sheets, shaking wildly. My head moved side to side as I just kept screaming.

Troy grabbed my butt with both hands so that I couldn’t escape his relentless assault.

When I was done, Troy took his magic tongue out of my pussy. He held me softly, his face turned sideways on my tummy and his hands touching the bottom of my breasts. My legs were limp and still wide open. So were my eyes. Oh my god!

When Troy thought I had recovered, he turned his head to kiss my pussy again.

I pleaded, “Please, please, no more. It’s too sensitive.”

The dear boy moved his head back to my belly. He started to touch my nipples and I had to beg, “No, no, no. They’re on fire.”

He held me softly, his head still on my tummy and his fingers on the small of my back, and mumbled, “Sky, you are the most sexual woman I have ever met. I just don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it.”

I probably dozed off. I really don’t know. I was going in and out of a dream-like trance when I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t taken care of Troy. I had two incredible orgasms and the poor boy who made me shake and shudder and scream still hadn’t had his first one.

I rolled Troy off me and crawled down to his penis. It was soft and wet. Maybe he came while I was busy with my tsunami? I took his penis in my mouth and started nursing it back to life.

Troy put his hand on my face and said, “It’s okay. Watching you come was the best sex I ever had.”

I took his limp dick out of my mouth and asked, “Did you come?”

“Oh yes. While you were yelling. Let it rest a while and we will try again later.”

My God. How did I find this angel? He worried about being too rough. He made me scream twice. His biggest turn on was making me come!

I thought I had found Mr. Right.

I was wrong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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