True Desires Unleashed Pt. 05


As I watched Alice ingest cum from three black men she just fucked In front of me, I started to realized that this what she wants. Thoughts started to creep into my head that she would accept a totally submissive cuck husband. All of the secrets I kept from her, both what I had done and desired to do, I hid because society taught me that a husband must be dominant and manly. I knew there were women that wanted a cucked partner but I had to be sure before admitting that I’m game, especially to the woman I married. After the events of this day, I was growing confident that Alice was game too.

As I said before, I shared my submissive tendencies with a few other women in the past, but only those that I met on the web under full disclosure. Alice and I met in a bar. I needed more assurance before disclosing my sissy desires that I hid from my wife. My assurance came in the form of four black bulls fucking her while I watched in her underwear. I was now sure enough to embrace everything to come for the reminder of trip without feigning protest. I had a growing confidence that not only would I keep my wife, but we would be happier.

She clearly preferred all the black dick she was getting and was beyond turned on by the humiliation I suffered. So was I. So, I resolved to willingly obey whatever her new black masters commanded. That is not to say that I enjoyed everything that had happened so far or all of what was to come. But in the end, there was a plethora more good than bad, which was an acceptable cost for this lifestyle. At that moment I wanted to never use my pathetic cock again to achieve sexual excitement.

As my wife continued to scoop and slurp cum off her body and out of her holes, I was fiddling with my little pecker on my knees on the patio. It still hurt a bit and never reached its full hard 4-plus inch potential! I figure the three gangsters that just fucked my wife would leave and I could clean up, jerk off and get some rest before dinner. However, that was not the case. They were still naked with their still impressive semi-erections bouncing about.

Instead of leaving, Steve and Michael walked towards me on the patio. I was alarmed at first by their angry faces as they came towards me with purpose, but realized that this was their natural expression. I was relieved but confused when they walked past me and started moving the furniture inside. There were 6 chairs around a big table and 2 chaises lounges with a small side table in between. Although confused, I realized I better get out of the way. They were not gonna say excuse me to lingerie-clad white sissy blocking the door.

The spectators who just watched these mandingos defile my wife were still there. About 10-12 people witnessed the event. Three hot women among them finally got a good close look at the perfect bodies and horse cocks of these stallions. Steve and Michael were sweaty and glistened in the low angle sunlight of the last few moments of the day. With each movement you could see every muscle clearly defined in their legs, abs, arms, etc.

Their cocks were softening slightly but still impressive. As they worked, their cocks looked like sides of beef in a meat locker swinging back and forth. In fact I think it was even more impressive to observe their manhood in a flaccid state as both their members remained so meaty. It was so masculine. As their erections subsided further, they pointed down but did not get much smaller.

One of the four women clearly turned on was a beautiful white British woman in her early 30s. She was with her husband and although they witnessed almost the entire event he now appeared uncomfortable. These naked black beasts were steps from his wife and she was clearly mesmerized by the motion of their swinging black shafts. She stared at their cocks and occasionally glanced at their face with fuck-me eyes. Her very good looking male companion finally had enough and he grabbed her arm and left abruptly.

Two of the other women of note were together, also white and also with a good looking young male companion. He was not as upset that the two women he was with found the animalistic Jamaicans sexually attractive. The two women looked alike and I would later find out that they were sisters. One of them was married to the good looking young man. Her sister was traveling with them but we learned later that her husband thought she was in St. Louis for work.

The sister had her cheeky Brazilian bikini moved to the side so she could finger her clit as she watched the men work. Steve and Michael glanced at them casually as they worked, with their pillars of ebony man meat and low hanging balls swayed. Steve and Michael’s looks exuded confidence, saying with their eyes that even though the sisters are beautiful, they would have to beg to get stuffed by their dicks.

The sister couldn’t take much more and she approached Steve when he went to clear the last chair. She did not beat around the bush (no pun intended, illegal bahis she had no bush). She said “my sister and I will fuck you both right now”.

Steve took her hand by the wrist and put it on his cock. She quivered and exhaled sharply. While she was fondling it, feeling it’s power and massiveness even in a flaccid state, Steve replied “you see I’m busy bitch? You want dis dick den give me you room number and we come by later to fuck you, if we got da time”.

With that Steve pulled his still slippery cock from her hand and went back to work. A few more people had dispersed. Still remaining in he crowd were the two sisters and there Ken-like companion, a couple in there 40s (this was the man that asked if he could film) and a single guy about my age who had been cranking his dick in his pants the whole time. Now that the sisters had indicated there willingness to submit to these black sex gods and they were just moving furniture, the remaining crowd was readying to move on. However, after the furniture was gone, something happened to make them realize the show was not yet over.

Steve and Michael approached me aggressively again but did not walk past me. They stood on both sides of me, facing me about a foot in front of me. Steve was on my left and Michael the right. They took there dicks in heir hand and aimed the tips to point about six inches from my knees, and started to piss on my patio.

The piss came in a strong stream and started to splatter on my legs. I was shocked and started to get up. The boss, also still naked, was walking towards me. He said “get da fuck back down bitch” in a menacing aggressive tone. I complied of course. Steve and Michael then aimed the stream closer to me, inching towards me. The piss splatter off the hot concrete was now steadily hitting my legs and filling the patio with a puddle. The stream was getting closer until they just aimed at my slightly flabby belly and cock. They were pissing on me. I loved it. It felt so warm and good.

When the boss got within range, he took his recently-in-my-wife dick in his hand and started pissing on the towel that I was kneeling on. The towel was absorbing it more than the concrete but it was splattering upwards hitting my lower ass checks and inner thighs. When the towel was soaked he aimed his dick upwards to hit me directly. The stream hit my tiny white cock first, traveled up my torso and ended at my face. I closed my mouth and eyes and took the piss in the face happily for about 10 seconds before the stream weakened.

At this moment I realized what was going on. The furniture removal, the pissing, Robert planned to have me sleep on the piss stained hard concrete and I assume he will fuck Alice all night.

At that moment I was turned on but not hard, not that my hard on is impressive! It’s hard to explain my mental state. This is what I always craved, true submission in my sex life with a wife I love. But it was intense, and although I resigned just moments before to be a total cuck, there was a bit of fear and embarrassment. I had lived with secret desires from my wife, at least that I thought were secret, and here I am in her panties being pissed on by horse-hung niggers that fucked her. I guess what I’m saying is that I craved this debasement but it was moving fast.

After the boss was finished splattering me with his piss and soaking what I assumed was the only comfort I would have for the night with his stream, I sunk down placing my ass on my calfs on the piss stained towel. I honestly needed a break. But then I saw Alice, scooping cum from her face and licking it off her fingers while she stared at me.

The boss motioned for Alice to come to the patio and the sisters. They all responded obiedently. He told them to pop a squat and piss on the patio. They all complied. All of them spread their lips with their index and middle fingers and losses on the patio around me. The single sister straddled my legs and pissed on my chest. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out to taste my humiliation.

The next thing that happened was insane, even in the context of this day that just saw three blacks that fucked my wife piss on me. My bags were mostly still unpacked but I had taken a few things out. The three men started packing what I had unpacked and were clearly going to take all of my clothes. My mind got even more cloudy. This was what I craved, but what the fuck! They were taking all my favorite things. But what should I do? Act tough? I’m in pink panties and there were six people behind me that just watched three black guys much tougher than me fuck my wife. Part of me wanted to let them go and see what happens. Part of me wanted to walk around in panties all week and submit and show the world my inner sissy. I knew I couldn’t be aggressive because each one of them would best me physically. But I didn’t want them to take my things.

I stood up and slowly entered the room, piss soaked, cucked, casino siteleri with words written in my body, my balls still hurting slightly from my wife kicking them, and pleaded with them to leave my bags. I started speaking and told them they could have my wife’s pussy all week but can we talk about them taking my things?

This was a big mistake. Steve walked briskly towards me, grabbed me by the hair and clenched his fist. He threw a phantom punch stopping right before contact and told me to shut the fuck up. He said in his fucked up English to go back on the patio and kneel down. I had no choice, I turned and knelt back down. Steve followed me, and for emphasize, pushed me face down into the puddles of piss.

I fell forward on my stomach. I have to admit the hot concrete and warm piss covering was not the worst sensation. My cheek was on the ground, looking sideways and I was flat on my stomach. Steve put his boot on the side of my face pointing upwards and told me to stay there until they left. He was putting enough pressure for me to feel his dominance, but not enough to cause a lot of pain. He asked me if understood and of course said yes. Then he said “lie dare and lick up me piss bitch til we go, and when we go, get da money you owe before we come back to fuck your chink wife again. Don’t worry mon, your wife got clothes for you to wear”, and he laughed.

At first I just lied there, waiting for his foot to release my face. After a few seconds Steve reiterated “you deaf boy? I told you to lick the piss.” He rotated his foot on my cheek to make sure I could reach the ground with my tongue. I knew I wasn’t getting up until I licked the piss so I stuck my tongue out and lapped the piss soaked concrete like a dog. There was not a strong taste of piss, although there was an odor. After about four or five laps he pushed his foot downward to assert his dominance and then released me.

After releasing me, he joined the others who had my bags in hand. Alice was watching from a few feet away, standing and rubbing her pussy. She was so turned on watching me humiliated. As Steve walked towards the others, he stopped by Alice, looked at me, looked back at her and pulled her towards him by grabbing a handful of her fleshy perfect ass. He leaned over to kiss her and she stood on her tip toes dying for that kiss.

Before there mouths met, Steve pulled away and said “clean you self bitch, we be back in an hour or so, be ready”. He released her ass, turned and they all left with my bags.

As the three studs that just gang banged my wife and took her anal virginity left, I was lying face down soaked in their piss on my patio. When the door closed, I stood up and walked towards my wife. The panties of hers that I was wearing were drenched in urine and the smell was potent.

Alice still had some cum drying on her face. There was crusty white flakes dried on parts of her body, most noticeably on her inner thigh, her left cheek and there was some in her hair. The six on-lookers were still outside watching, shocked by what they had just witnessed. I spoke to Alice in a low tone that only she could hear.

“Alice, I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed that and enjoy all of these fantasies. But I really want you to go to the gift shop, get me some shorts and a t-shirt and let’s have a quiet dinner and sleep in our room together. I’m really thirsty and haven’t eaten since the airport. Not to mention we need to decompress and discuss today.”

Alice leaned in and started gently rubbing my dick, which she previously kicked, and replied softly “I understand but that is not how this works. I promise you we will talk soon. I know this is a bit much, but I know for a fact you are cum eating sissy.”

That line made me tingle and she continued, “there’s things I know that you don’t and I assure you there is no danger, but do what your told. I have to get ready for tonight which is long from over. I’m not going to get you clothes because I already have plenty of things for you to wear. So let’s get you dressed and get you to an ATM before they are back for dinner.”

Alice then squeezed my still sore cock from the dick kick she gave me and in an aggressive tone said “now go open my small green bag.” As I walked away she added, “I hope you enjoyed that, that’s the last time I’m ever touching your pathetic little dick.”

I looked over at the on-lookers, which dwindled to just the pervy single guy and then proceeded to open the bag. I pulled the green bag from her larger suitcase. The bag was sealed by two zippers that met in the middle. I grabbed one each with both hands and moved them in opposite directions to unzip the bag. I then flipped the bag open and smiled with the similar feelings of excitement and anxiety I felt since Robert first left and the situation became a bit extreme.

The bag was filled with womens clothes, shoes and accessories. There was every type of lingerie one could imagine, poker siteleri tight fitting dresses, mini skirts, colorful wigs, feminine t-shirts and high heel shoes that could accommodate a man with a size 12 foot. I was shocked at the contents but moreso by the planning. I began to get a clear picture of what was going here. Alice had done some research and planning. I don’t think she coincidentally picked up Robert in the lobby.

As I alluded to, what had occurred for the past 30 minutes and seeing this bag of women’s clothes was my turning point. I realized that Alice wanted me to become a feminized, subservient Cuckold. I decided at this moment to accept it and just enjoy it. That is not to say I would still have mixed feelings about some of the humiliation I would suffer over the coming days, it was extreme, and in many cases more than humiliation. But no more posturing. My head filled with a titillating thought that maybe I would never use my tiny little penis again. Alice came over to pick out my outfit and I said “no, you and Robert will be happy with what choose”.

I had a beard for basically as long as I could grow one. I said I am going to shower and shave and then get dressed. Alice made a disapproving face and informed me that Robert did not want me to shower. I had the gift of black piss and cum on me and it would be insult to wash it off. She did however think it was a good idea for me to shave.

After hacking away for 15 minutes using just a hot towel and the sink I was clean shaven. I went to the bag and picked out a t-shirt that exposed my belly and was tight. It was lavender and said “girl power”. I decided to go with no bra. Having unleashed the societal pressures of acting like a man in front of my wife was exhilarating. I was starting to get hard again standing in front of her in this sissy t-shirt and my little dick hanging out while I picked a pair of panties and a skirt to wear in public to dinner.

Alice approved of the shirt but not of the choice to go bra-less. Like I said, I’m in decent shape for a 40 something office worker but have a bit of a spare tire and some flab on my pecs. Alice looked at me and questioned, “don’t you think it would be a good idea to either put in a bra to hold in your tits for dinner?”

Without response I took off the shirt and found a lavender bra to wear. I paired them the silkiest lavender thong panties I could find. I instantly went from semi hard to fully erect and I have to admit, I felt sexy. I grabbed a black tight mini skirt and a lavender short-haired wig that had bangs. When I was fully dressed I asked Alice, who was preparing to shower to wash off all of the black sex she just had if she was going to make me up. This wasn’t the plan, but she agreed to do so. She told me that she would apply some lipstick and mascara after she was ready.

Alice was getting ready for the next 30 minutes. I was sitting in a comfortable chair and turned the tv on to pass the time. I wasn’t really watching rather I was picturing the four black cocks that were just violating my wife’s various holes and pulling my pud. I had my legs spread causing the mini skirt to ride up and I was stroking my hard little dicky over the silky black panties. I was positioned as such that I could run my hand along my thong and push on my ass button with my middle finger. I was applying just he slightest of pressure, not penetrating it. I had my first drink of water since the plane and, all things considered, drenched in piss, dick kicked and written on, was a little refreshed.

Alice emerged from the bathroom and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was wearing the sexiest black sheer dress with a black thong underneath. Her dark brown nipples were visible but looked black through the fabric. You could see all the lines of her ample breasts. She spun around and the only thing covering her ass under the see-through outfit was a small triangle of her thong. The dress was obviously revealing yet left enough to the imagination considering where we were. To top it off, she had on a short pink wig and matching lipstick that framed her beautiful face.

Seeing Alice like this and remembering all of her holes stuffed with black cock all day, I wanted to just crank myself and blow a load. I knew she wasn’t gonna fuck me as Robert would be here soon. I also knew I was not supposed to cum. Alice reminded me that we have to get my makeup on quickly because I needed to get money for night before our black master came. As I got up she noticed the water bottle.

I stood up and approached her, unsteady in the heels. Alice’s expression changed and she told me to bend over. I smiled but then realized she wasn’t joking. Alice took a drop out of her bag, hiked up my skirt and whipped me full force. I winced in pain and yelled “what the fuck was that for”. Her answer was two more lashes.

After the third lash I turned and sat on the bed, “what the fuck”.

“Did you ask for that water”, she replied. “Until further notice, do not consume anything or do anything unless you are explicitly instructed to”, she added. “Don’t even suck a cock unless you’re told to, which I’m sure will be the hardest thing for you to abstain from”. She was not smiling and neither was I.