True Love Ch. 07



I felt myself stir in my sleep. I could feel the warm air around me. It was morning now. I was at peace, a common feeling I had in these past months. I was no longer a virgin, at least my ass wasn’t. It was then that I noticed the searing pain in my rear. Sound now filled my ears and I was aware of the world around me completely. I was alone in the bed once more. I could tell I was even before I finally opened my eyes.

Despite the pain in my ass, I was happy. Colors seemed brighter, the bird’s chirping was more melodic, and the air smelled sweeter. Music was playing around the house, pop music from the sound of it. The music was muffled by the closed door though. I glanced over at the end table and noticed a note laying on it, most likely from Sam.

“Good morning lover. Last night was amazing. I’m so glad we were finally able to do that. Get some rest and be ready to return the favor tonight. I want you to be at 100% before it’s my turn to get it from my man. I’m sorry about leaving you so early, but my parents wanted to treat me to breakfast. Your mom said she’d be making you breakfast. Clean up and spend the day with your family and I’ll see you tonight. I can’t wait to be alone with you tonight. Love you – Sam”

Her note sent a tingle through my groin at the thought of tonight. I felt rested enough and decided to hop out of bed. Only problem was that I found it to be a bad idea because as soon as my feet swung around to touch the floor I felt a pressure in my rear. My asshole clenched tight in both pain and the urgency to us the restroom. I fidgeted into a pair of underwear and shuffled into the bathroom.

As I struggled to use the toilet without wincing I drifted into my thoughts. Is this what I’ll have to deal with each time I have sex with Sam or is this just from the first time? Will Sam go through the same pain as me or is it only this painful because of her size? I had a blast last night, and I’ve never felt better in my life. There is a warmth in my chest and my heart feels so full of joy that it could burst, but if this is what I have to go through every time is it worth it? I already know the answer in my head and of course it is, but if that’s the case then why do I feel any doubts at all? God, what the fuck is wrong with you Alex?! You love Sam with all your heart and soul and you two just shared a wonderful evening and experience together, you shouldn’t be questioning anything at all. This is silly. I know how I feel and I know that I loved what we shared last night and will gladly deal with this every time if it means being with her.

Eventually everything worked itself out, both on the toilet and in my head. I hopped in the shower and proceeded to soap up and scrub the filth off of me. When scrubbing my ass I couldn’t help but wince as my finger grazed my hole, and yet I felt compelled to feel inside myself. It was the first time I had ever fingered myself and I was surprised at how easy my finger slipped inside. It stung a little but my fascination had a hold of me and I just had to do this. My mind trailed to last night and how it felt when it was Sam’s fingers and I imagined it was her finger instead of my own inside of me now. When I tried to drive deeper though there was a pain that shot through my wrist and I snapped out of it.

After drying off and getting dressed I rushed downstairs, compelled by the smell of delicious bacon. My mom had prepared the same spread that Sam had made yesterday and it was just as delicious. We ate and she told me about the Thanksgiving party. When she finished I told her about my day with Sam, leaving out the dirty details. It turns out that my dad had a massive hangover from the party and was still trying to sleep through it. Mom had a personal bet at who she would see emerge from the room first, and judging from her story, it would be a miracle to see my dad anytime soon.

“If your father ever wakes up, me and him have the whole day off, what did you wanna do today?”

“Well Sam and me usually go for a run to start the day and then after lunch we go to the gym. If I have the free time I usually practice baseball by either watching film or playing around with my swing or something.” I was trailing off towards the end, my thoughts drifted to how much I didn’t have a life besides for Sam and baseball.

“You really love her don’t you?” My father’s voice snapped me from my thoughts.

“More than anything.” I meant it and my words carried that weight.

“I can tell.” He smiled at me before breaking off. “Alrighty then, what’s for breakfast?”

We spent the next couple of hours laughing about their party. We talked about Sam and me as children. It was nice to think back on all the things we had done together. Mom told me about how she had explained to me what Sam was doing when she wanted to be like the other girls. She recalled me being perfectly happy with it. I told my mom that I thought Sam would be a great girl and going on about vbet how when we played together she was always the best at role playing.

I was surprised when dad told me about the first time I told Sam she was pretty. Sam had just gotten back from clothes shopping with mom and Steph and Sam was wearing a white dress with green flowers on it. She had a matching flower band in her hair, which was naturally curled outwards past her ears. They had applied make-up to her face and red polish to her fingers. She wouldn’t stop twisting her foot in nervousness and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. I told her that I thought she was beautiful and she was a really pretty girl. Dad said that we were both blushing and Sam kissed my cheek and said her thanks.

Thinking back on it now, it is the only true first memory I had of Sam. The only other memories I had were those that were told to me or ones I saw through pictures. I had only ever known Sam as a woman. As soon as she saw the other little girls in our pre-kindergarten class, she knew who she was. It’s funny how simple it was for her. There was no question in her mind as far as who or what she was meant to be.

Then when we started going through elementary I noticed other girls in our class would wear clothes that boys would wear. Other adults would call them “Tom-Boys” and I would think that what Sam did was normal. I thought that maybe it was normal that some boys would act like girls and some girls would want to act like boys. Sam wore a different dress every single day. She never wanted to be like the boys. She would sit and watch form the sidelines when we would play kick-ball or play in the dirt. I started to join Sam on the side of that little dirt field and we would play other games like tic-tac-toe or slaps. We started to make our own fun and just like at home, we were inseparable.

It’s easy to look back on your life and ask “What if?” Most people I know have asked that question and wondered how their life would be if they decided to do something else instead. I don’t think I’ve ever had that concern. Sam has always been there for me and I have done my best to do the same. I really wouldn’t want it any other way.

After relaxing for the first part of the day, my dad decided that he would go jogging with me. We ran for several miles before the old man finally gave in and we walked the final couple miles home. It was nice to spend time with my dad. He was a working man and I always loved him for all he did for my mom and me. We had our obvious troubles after the other night, but I couldn’t hate him for it and still appreciated everything he did.

When we got home and showered we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the living room and watched old movies together. We were busy all the way up till dinner watching the original Star Wars trilogy. It was a family favorite. In between movies we would take a break to eat lunch, and I missed the first half of the final movie working out at the gym.

I was happy with my drama free life. It always seems that people are surrounded constantly by endless fields of problems that needed to be solved. I knew that I would need to start working a part-time job soon, but it didn’t concern me. For some reason I knew I would make it through with Sam by my side.

After dinner my parents were content to let me go. They knew how much being away from Sam was killing me on the inside. I thought they were being a little dramatic, but I wasn’t going to say no. I changed into my PJ’s and walked next door and knocked on the door. I could see Sam’s father walking to open the door.

“Hey Mr. Summers. Is Sam…”

“She’s in her room, keep the noise down. Steph isn’t feeling well.”

I agreed to keep it down and ran upstairs to Sam’s room. I knocked before entering and quickly came in. Sam was in the middle of an online match of Call of Duty. She was using a headset and so I simply took up a seat on the floor beside her and tried not to disturb her match. Her room was the same clutter it had always been growing up. The walls were bright pink. Her desk in the corner was a scattered mess of psych books and random notes. The plain white carpet on the floor was covered with several pieces of clothing. She would never pick up her clothes after trying to decide on an outfit. I could tell from the scattered protein bar wrappers and scattered water bottles that she had spent nearly the entire day locked in this room. Her hair was tied up in a bun in order to keep it out of her face. She was wearing one of her science shirts and a pair of boy shorts. I could see the distinct outline of her flaccid member in the bright red panties. Through her shirt I could see that her nipples were poking visibly through her top. The image of her perky breasts sitting naked under her shirt flashed in my mind.

“Hey sweetie.” I tested to see if she was too distracted or not.

“Hey babe.” She leaned her head over for vbet giriş a kiss before her next respawn.

“How’s your mom?”

“She’s gonna be okay. She had some bad seafood at the party.” She paused while focusing in on a kill. “Thanks for asking. How was your day with your parents?”

“Pretty good actually. Dad and me went on a run together and then we all watched Star Wars together. Good kill. So did you get to do anything?”

“Used the home-gym to work out earlier and then spent my day up here showing noobs how it’s done. Dad likes the new camera, he thinks the home movies are a cute idea.” She zoned out towards the end, focusing on the game.

Her next game had just started and so I moved to sit behind her. When my hands roamed over her shoulders and started to massage, she melted. I moved my fingers along her muscles in search of tension. Her back was full of knots which I did my best to work out.

“Oh Alex, that feels wonderful.”

I tugged at the bottom of her shirt and started to strip it off. She quickly caught on and shrugged it off in a hurry and resumed playing. With the shirt gone I started to knead her entire back. She started to let out little moans as I maneuvered around her tension. Moving closer, I planted kisses on her neck and shoulders. Each kiss was soft and wet. Her shoulders were starting to quiver and the tiny clear hairs were beginning to rise in the cold air. I wrapped my arm around the front of her shoulders and pulled her into my chest. By now she had long since abandoned playing the game. Her fingers had begun to roam over her body, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her panties. Her moans were quiet, but were filled with lust.

“You have to try and stay quiet love, your parents are downstairs.” I whispered into her ear as I nibbled on her ear lobe. “Get on the bed, face down.” My words had sunken deeper and throaty in pitch.

I felt empowered by the sudden rush of control and she only moaned hazily as she got up to do as told. Her ass swayed as she walked and she looked at me over her shoulder once before lying flat and keeping her face buried in her pillow. I stripped naked before climbing onto the bed and straddling her ass. The feel of her ass on my exposed member sent shivers up my spine. The sudden urge to fuck hit me with an impossibly strong force. I had to fight it to keep my intentions in check. I continued my massage on her back, now able to put my weight into each press and squeeze. Her back was now completely relaxed and so I caressed her neck, lightly grazing it with my fingers. My fingers continued their dance down to her ass.

Sam had converted her body into a fat-burning machine, but her ass maintained a supple bubble with an underlying firmness. I took a moment at each pass to grip her ass and spread her cheeks. The warmth from her cheeks enveloped my dick and I had to fight my urges even more. I leaned forward to gently kiss her neck. Sam would twitch, just slightly, when my lips and my breath left the surface of her skin. The subtle scent of berries filled my senses. My hands, on either side of her hips, braced my weight as I glided down her back. The warmth that graced my groin departed as I moved my hips lower. My face was now buried at the start of the crack of her inviting ass. With each nearing kiss I could hear soft squeals of joy come from her pillow. I skipped past my final target of pleasure and planted wet, almost licking, kisses on her inner thighs. The surprise sensation caused her whole body to shake and I steadied her quivering muscles with a light smack on her ass. The only solicited another giddy squeal from my lover. As I buried my face between her thighs, my tongue reached forward to lick the back of her sack. Her balls, large and egg like, pulsed with need. Gone was the scent of berries and the air around my nose was now that of musk. The usual feminine aura that pervaded her essence was replaced with a somewhat masculine, intoxicating aroma. I tasted it on my tongue and drew her loose skin into my mouth. The attention on her balls caused her, equally large, dick to strain against the stiff mattress and caused her to squirm in discomfort. To alleviate her pain, I reached underneath her hips and redirected her member into the open air between her thighs. She breathed a thank you as I continued to focus on her swollen balls while keeping my hand stroking her length. Pre-cum had begun to bead at the tip of her dick and so I moved down and kissed the agonizingly sweet liquid off of her. The newly placed attention on her insatiable dick had caused her hips to begin to slowly drive into the mattress.

Deciding I couldn’t stand it anymore, I ventured my mouth to the small button that my lips had never touched. The smell was very similar to the one around her groin, but slightly more feminine. The subtle scent of berries had returned and gave me the courage to inch my lips towards the wrinkled but beautiful flesh. Sam insisted vbettr on the cleanliness of that area of her body more than anything. She had been using baby wipes to wipe herself ever since we were little, and I had to admit that the whole area looked, not only clean nut appealing. With a quick movement I planted my first kiss on her pretty flower. To my surprise there was no taste. I don’t know why I was surprised, but upon the discovery that it tasted like every other inch of skin I dug in. I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted more of her. My hand abandoned its efforts on her now rock hard shaft and both my hands found themselves gripping tightly on her ass cheeks in a focus to pull the flesh apart to reveal more of her hole. Her muffled screams only spurned me on further to drive my tongue as deep into her as possible. The inside of her ass tasted almost sweet. It was such a foreign flavor that I had to have more. Her hips were now fighting to against my hands in order to pull up only in an effort to just drive back down. She was a wreck up pleasure, trying her hardest to orgasm against the soft fabric of her blanket. As much as it pained me, I had to stop before she finished all over the bed. I pulled my body back up to match hers and turned her head to face mine. I kissed her on the lips with her ass still fresh on my own.

“I can’t have you finishing before I deflower you love. Get on your knees sweetie.”

The look on her face was pained with need, but I could see the utter pleasure behind the pain. She pulled herself up onto her knees and her heavy member fought its hardest against gravity to remain erect against her stomach. I began to lick a few of my fingers and took my seat behind her sexy ass. I slowly inserted one of my fingers inside of her and it went in with the simplest of ease. I could tell that she had done this before and the moans that came from her pillow told me she loved it. With little more than a couple of quick thrusts I began to insert a second finger. It too slipped in with a relative ease, but this time there was a little bit of resistance. I tried my best to spread my fingers apart inside of her as I continued the gentle stretching thrusts. When I inserted a third and final finger I felt her body begin to melt under the sensation. Her shoulders had at first slumped low, but after they were fully inserted and I continued my movement I could see her back begin to tense. I felt her ass begin to squeeze tight against my fingers and her moans turned into cries of pleasure.


Without even meaning to, I had driven her to orgasm. I looked down just in time to see her dick erupt with cum. The usually small head had flared to impossible dimensions and opened to with each new blast of cum. With her ass angled into the air the way it was, each huge shot of cum landed in a pool on the blanket around where her breasts were just slightly suspended. When my fingers stopped I was immediately met with Sam’s frantic voice.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop, I want you inside of me Alex!”

Her voice was still high from the throws of orgasm, but who was I to refuse her plea. Still not wanting to harm her I used the only lube I could see and scooped up a handful of her cum from the blanket and liberally applied it to my rock hard dick. The thought that this was crude washed over me, but after Sam moaned that it was the sexiest thing she’s seen I pressed forward.

This was it. This was the moment I lost my virginity. I felt the tip of my dick press into her pucker. Sam took the moment of hesitation into her own hands and slammed her ass back onto me.

“Ugh! Oh go…That…” I was at a loss for words as Sam continued to move her ass along my dick. “Your ass feels amazing Sam!”

“Your dick is perfect. God! Promise me you’ll fuck me every day for the rest of our lives!”

“I promise Sam!”

She felt absolutely amazing. My dick felt like it was on fire from the heat of her ass. I took a ahold of her hips and begin to pull her onto me as my hips began to time themselves with my pulling. Sam and I both were in heaven and couldn’t stop our moans of bliss. Everything about this felt right. I felt at home inside of her. The sensations began to flood my mind and I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer, it was all too much.

“I’m going to cum soon love. I can’t hold it, you feel too good.”

“Keep fucking me baby, I’m almost there!”

I could see her hand moving at a feverish pace along her impressive length. I took her huge member into my own hand and began to stroke her in rhythm with my thrusts. I could feel her swell inside of my hand and I knew she was close like I was.

“That’s it baby, oh god you are amazing, keep stroking me baby.”

“I’m cumming Sam!”

I felt my whole body tense. It struck me such force that I burst forward and slammed into her ass with massive force. Sam cried out that she too was cumming and I could feel her ass squeeze tightly on my dick as it had on my fingers. It felt as if her ass was sucking the cum right out of me and I just kept cumming. I felt as if I had cum as much as Sam for once. When my body finally stopped tensing I collapsed onto Sam as she did as well into the bed.