Trying to Stay Quiet…

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Interestingly, this started out as the least sexy/tantalizing of a whole list of ideas I had originally as far as themes/lead-ins for fantasies about you & me. It was the one I started on, because frankly I thought it was worth maybe a paragraph or two, but no more, and so was easily gotten out of the way. But you can see how my imagination (and sex drive) took hold…

To our disappointment we end up one night in a crowded campground, and lucky to get a spot there. We have to pitch our tent, amidst much grouching and eye rolling, about 20 or 30′ from a German couple on one side, and an American family of 5 on the other – with a wimpy scoutmaster-wannabe dad, a whiny frumpy mom, and three obnoxious, bickering kids – who quickly become our comic relief for the evening, as we reluctantly eavesdrop on their cluelessness.

It’s a muggy evening following a swelteringly hot day.

After we finish dinner and do the couple of dishes by twilight, we sit up drinking beers in front of the campfire – sitting side by side on the cheesy log bench, grumbling about the laughter & music we can hear from the group sites, and cracking each other up with a snarky running commentary on the ineptitude and inaccuracy of American Dad’s efforts to educate his kids on the sights they saw that day, and even more snarky backstories for all our other fellow campers.

We’re pretty resigned (though still a little resentful) at this point that this is going to be the height of our evening’s entertainment. This wasn’t exactly what we had in mind for tonight, nor what we’re accustomed to.

We walk together to the shower block, and part ways with a chaste kiss beneath the moth-encircled yellow floodlight mounted on the cinderblock wall between the entrances to the men’s and women’s showers. There’s still way too much activity audible from within to try any sneaky stuff – no way around it – we’re showering separately tonight.

I go in, undress, and have a quick shower, mostly to wash my hair and rinse off the sunblock and sweat from the day, pulling on a tube dress/swim cover-up and panties when I step out, wrapping a towel around my hair. I make it back out in what I think is record-quick time, only to find you already waiting for me, leaning against the wall with a clean t-shirt on, a towel around your waist, and your hair damp and spiky. I give you a hip-bump on my way past – your skin is clean and soft, and you smell of shampoo and deodorant.

“Damn it!” I grumble under my breath, “how the fuck are you out before me?!”

You grin your cheeky grin at me and tell me you were done HOURS ago, grabbing my ass as I stomp off ahead of you towards our campsite in a pretend huff, biting my lip to keep a straight face.

Back at our tent, we pack away all our miscellaneous cooking crap in the car, grab another icy beer out of the cooler for each of us, and retire to the tent, where we zip up the sides, leaving the top open for a view of the stars (obviously I’m thinking of the design of the tent I have right now…) You shed your towel, and the moonlight shows your dark colored underwear, with your familiar canlı bahis and still so exciting bulges. I slip out to hang up our damp towels on the branches of an adjacent tree.

When I come back in, zipping the tent flap behind me, I see you’ve shed your t-shirt as well. You’re lying back on the pillows with one hand behind your head, sipping your beer. The blankets are folded down past your waist in the balmy evening air, showing your broad, naked torso, and just the top of that most intriguing area inside your hip bones where you have the slight grooves and soft skin that slants down towards your beautiful package.

It’s still hot. I get rid of my cover up and slip under the covers next to you, my eyes following yours up to the screen-covered sky above us, where despite the best efforts of an army’s worth of campfires, there’s still an amazing, cloud-free star-scape overhead. We lie like that, on our backs, uncovered to the waist, sipping beer, talking in whispers about our plan for tomorrow – looking at the stars…until you finish your beer and set the bottle outside, roll over towards me, your hand straying up my belly, across my shoulders and chest, your fingers absently cupping and squeezing my naked breasts as you speak in a low voice about an alternate route we might take to avoid the worst of the tourists.

At that moment, sudden and welcome breeze blows in from out of nowhere – first rustling through the leaves of the trees around, and then with a noisy snap of the nylon above us, blowing cool and fresh through our tent. I shiver involuntarily under the crispness of the wind, my nipples hardening under your suddenly more attentive fingers. You murmur something I more feel than hear, and lean down to briefly suckle and tease at the nipple nearest you, tracing your fingers lightly over the other in a way that makes me shiver all over again, with something very different than chill.

You kiss my neck and whisper a complaint into my ear about how I’m nursing my beer, so I laugh, drain it, set the bottle aside to the low sounds of your approval, and roll over on my side to face you. I kiss your lips playfully, pressing my hand against your chest, then running my fingers over your back, and back down through the hair on your belly, til my fingertips are just tracing under the waistband of your underwear.

I’m taken by surprise as you suddenly kiss me back hard, leaning into me, and thrusting the hardness of your erection between my thighs, which open in an instinctive response. My head goes back and I groan softly as you kiss – almost bite – up down my neck with an insistence that’s completely irresistible…I throw my leg over your hips and pull you into me.

I can hear your breath coming harder and more ragged now as I run my hand down into your underwear and free your glorious, throbbing cock from its restrictions, pulling my hips back so I can run my hand up and down your thick shaft, and play with the drop of precum that’s oozing from the head with the tip of my finger. Without even thinking, I bring the finger up to my lips so I can taste you.

You have one arm under my neck and the other cupping my ass under my panties, pulling bahis siteleri me into you, before I feel you reach down the back of my thigh beneath the stretching elastic, and then slide up the front of my eagerly parting legs, teasingly fingering my outer folds where I know you can feel how my pussy has suddenly flooded with warmth and wetness and welcome at your touch.

I try to stifle my delighted giggle as you breathe into my ear that you’re so very sorry, but all social norms and politeness aside, you think that you will, in fact, have to fuck me right there between to the Mid-American family and the Germans.

With one motion, you pull my panties down to my knees, where they’re easy for me to wriggle out of and kick to one side. More clumsily, but no less hungrily, I pull at the elastic and cotton that still covers the base of your straining cock and your glorious balls, until you take pity on me and pull off your underwear.

For a moment, the feel of your naked body pressed against mine takes my breath away, and I can hear you have the same reaction. Your lips find mine in the middle of my intake of breath, and your kiss tells me in no uncertain terms just how much you love me.

I gasp as you break away and give me another quick kiss on my neck while rolling me over onto my back, your body large and protective on top of me, your hips pressing into mine, the head of your cock flirtatiously and teasingly brushing against my outer folds, the covers falling back below the curve of your ass. I breathlessly reach down and pull you towards me, one hand pulling at your hips, the other desperately, thirstily trying to guide the head of your cock into the wetness of my screaming, impatient, painfully empty pussy. You resist one more second – maybe two – while you cover my mouth with yours, gather me in your arms, and then, finally, after what seems like eternity, plunge all the way into me.

You must be expecting my reaction, my all-too-audible groan, a completely involuntary response to the feeling of you thrust so deeply and forcefully inside me: before it’s even past my lips, your hand covers my mouth, whispering “Shh.” You start moving very slowly but deeply in and out of me, holding each stroke at its deepest point, filling me up entirely. I smile, and kiss the palm of your hand that’s pressing across my lips to show you that I’ve remembered where we are and how close are our neighbors.

When you see I’ve got control of myself again, you move your hand caressingly down my neck, to my breast, and down to play with my clit, throwing off the rustling covers and rearing up on your haunches. Your other hand grabs my leg up onto your shoulder, pulling me up onto your cock as you thrust downward, over and over, establishing that perfect rhythm that is at once too rapid for my sensory overload, and too slow for my insatiable, hungry need for you. As I look up at you in the moonlight, your body moving over me and your eyes burning down into mine, is easily the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen.

My pussy starts to sing with the joy of your stroking cock. I clench down on you hard with my muscles mid-stroke, my pussy pulling you back into me just bahis şirketleri as you’re pulling out, and this time it’s my turn to reach my fingers up to your lips to hastily and tenderly stifle the resounding groan that’s nearly wrenched from you in response.

You lean down to kiss me, and with our lips just millimeters apart we both breathe “God I love you,” at the same second, cracking each other up and threatening to dispel the passion of the moment in a flood of silent, affectionate hilarity, and mutual declarations of, “Dude – we’re totally soulmates,” until suddenly you thrust up hard and unyieldingly into me once more, and again, and again, cutting off my giggles with a gasp of overwhelming pleasure. You continue this new pace unrelenting – driving into me with forceful, fierce, inexorable, remorseless, incredibly deep and increasingly intense, insistent thrusts, your breath hot against my face and hair.

When you’re sure I’m not going to cry out in spite of the mind-blowing pleasure you know your pounding into my pussy, you slowly sit back upright again, your hands holding me down on your cock as you shift positions, and then spreading both my legs wide so you can go even deeper. Fucking me hard and deep, you watch from above as I arch my back and bite my lip in mute ecstasy, gazing back up at you as my hand strays down to work my swollen, pulsing clit. The feeling is so incredible it takes literally all my self control to not scream as I ride closer and closer to orgasm on the grinding girth of your cock.

Just when I think I can’t take stand too much more, I see your jaw clench and hear you draw breath, and feel your body shudder and your cock swell inside me, and I let go. My head is thrown back and my eyes tightly shut as I start to come, my lips pressed shut as I concentrate on not making a sound, feeling wave after wave of pleasure roll down my body and ring through my pussy, until I feel you reach down, your fingers at the back of my neck and your thumb against my mouth, compelling my eyes snap open and meet yours as you surge into me, flooding me, filling me, destroying me with your orgasm, the more intense for the near-silence.

When you collapse onto me, toes twitching, I wrap my arms and legs around you, pulling you close and kissing your ear, your cheek, your forehead, your hair, your chin, your lips, as our bodies tremble and we both gasp for breath. You stay there on top of me for a minute, breathing hard into the hair just behind my ear and absently kissing my neck.

A few feet away, we can hear the American mom whine at the kids that they can stop bickering – they each got the same number of marshmallows, and Dad chimes in that they’re going to get an early start in the morning, so they better go brush their teeth and get to bed.

We dissolve into an uncontrollable flood of silent giggles and kisses and caresses as you roll off and lie back on the pillows next to me, still holding me close to you, both of us thinking, in the silence of the campground that follows, about how wonderful it is to have found each other in the midst of it all the absurdity of the world.

We’re still hot and sweaty in the sultry night.

“How about another shower?” you whisper, and as I nod, get up and start to gather my clothes and toiletries together, you add, reading my thoughts exactly, “And maybe we’ll have the shower block to ourselves this time…”

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