Tunnel of Love



I suppose that you could call me successful. At 25 I am a highly regarded expert in the IT field and pretty well paid.

I joined the Company direct from school at the age of sixteen. Academic, I wasn’t. They started me off in data input, but I was fascinated by the hardware and software and in my spare time read as much as I could about it. I guess it came naturally; everything I read made sense, all that I read went into my head and was stored.

Then one day the system went down suddenly. It happened occasionally, but this time it seemed that it was down for a lot longer than normal. I was due for a coffee break, so I went for a walk. Out of curiosity I strolled down to the Systems department, which was located alongside the glass walled room that housed the main computers.

I started chatting to one of the staff members, who told me that, “Some idiot accidentally put in a command that caused the Server to re-boot”. The trouble was that it stopped dead during the re-start. It appeared to be coming up normally, but then hung. The screen showed fuzzy lines and nothing more. It was visible through the glass, as were the head scratching technicians.

“We’ve spoken to IBM,” said Ted. “And we’ve done everything they suggested, but it still won’t get past that point.”

He happened to mention the error message that was being displayed on the LCD panel on the front of the computer. It immediately rang a bell. I said, “That’s waiting for input.”

“Probably,” said Ted, but the display isn’t working, so we can’t see it.”

“That’s because it doesn’t know where the display is yet. You need to plug a laptop in using a crossover 9-pin cable. Fire up a terminal emulator and you should get in.”

“What? Where did you get that from?”

“I read it. You might as well try it, it can’t hurt.”

Ted walked back to his desk, picked up his bag from under the desk and pulled his laptop out. He walked straight towards the Computer Room door, entered the lock code and strolled in. As the door was still closing I heard him say, “Got a 9-pin crossover?”

The Techie frowned, then reached across a desk and handed a cable to Ted. He attached the cable and then started the laptop. Once up, he fired up a terminal session. He handed the other end of the cable to the technician, who ducked down by the Server and attached it. Immediately, a menu appeared on the laptop’s screen. Ted pointed at it and then pressed a button. That was all it took. The Server continued booting and the display shifted to the main screen.

I figured it was time to get back to work, as the system was soon going to be available again. I was pleased as punch that I had been able to help.

The next day, my Manager called me into his office. He was sitting with the Systems Manager. “Come in Steve, sit down.”

To cut a long story short, the Systems Manager had heard what had happened, was impressed, needed another member of staff and immediately approached my Boss. Dan told him that I was a good worker, but that he had no idea that I had systems knowledge. I got the job – with an immediate raise.

The first two months were spent learning. I went on courses almost every week, and in my spare time did my own research. By the time I was let loose I probably had more basic systems knowledge than anybody else in the Company. What I lacked was the experience of problem solving – but this was merely an extension of common sense, something that I was blessed with.

Having mastered the hardware, I concentrated on understanding the software. This led to developments that enhanced the value of the system to the business. The Company recognised my abilities and effectively gave me free rein. I met with people from all over the organisation and began to provide the tools that would make the business grow.

By the age of twenty I was the managing the department. The company’s products were good and business was booming and I was more than a little responsible for it’s ability to be able to expand.

At 24 they made me a Director.


Chapter 1

By the time I was 19 I’d left home and was renting a flat. But now I had the earnings to do what any normal person would: buy a house. It didn’t really matter to me; it was just what everybody said I should to do. Anything for a quiet life, I did what was expected.

I ended up buying a property in a small, secluded cul-de-sac of ‘desirable’ properties. A four-bedroom house was probably a bit over the top, but it seemed to be what I was looking for. It was nice and quiet and most of the residents parked their cars in their double garages. It was all very neat and very tidy.

The trouble is, my job took up most of my time. I literally only came home to sleep. I didn’t see any of my new neighbours for almost a month. Eventually, I managed to take a weekend off and actually saw the house in daylight for once. It was spring and the lawn needed cutting, front and back. I’d bought a lawnmower when I moved Eskort Bayan in, but I really hadn’t got a clue how to use it. It was a bit daft to embarrass myself by starting at the front then wasn’t it?

“Excuse me?”

I turned round. A young man was standing at the end of my driveway. “Yes?” I enquired.

“I’m Jonathan. I live next door, with my parents. I used to mow the lawn for Mr and Mrs Jones and well, I wondered if you would like me to look after yours each weekend?”

A feeling of relief washed over me. I didn’t have to do it after all. We agreed how much I would pay him and I left him to it.

Jonathan was living at home while he was studying at college. His parents encouraged him to earn pocket money to subsidise his further education. I managed to find him enough jobs about the house to keep him well funded. Most of the time I wasn’t around, but I gave him a set of keys and left his money on the breakfast bar.

One of the things I noted about this particular neighbourhood was the lack of young children. Some of the residents had offspring, but they had grown up and moved away. Jonathan was the youngest and only one still at home. The ages of my neighbours ranged from early thirties to late fifties. I suppose this was unusual, but that didn’t really occur to me.


At the monthly board meeting in July, the other Directors explained that I was having a negative influence on them. I was shocked when they told me this and asked why. They explained that because of the long hours that I worked, I was putting more pressure on them to perform. In order to do so, they too were also working far too long each week. They told me I had to slow down.

Slowing down was an alien concept to me. They told me to take a holiday, but I’d never taken more than a week off in my entire working life. They said I had to take a break for a whole month.

So, I took the time off. By lunchtime on Monday I thought that I was going to go nuts. By Tuesday I was actually considering popping in to the office, just to see that everything was OK.

It was just after lunch on Wednesday that the doorbell rang. I answered it and found my neighbour on the doorstep.

“Hello Steve. I’m Kerri, Jonathan’s mother. I noticed that you were at home and thought I’d better pop round.”

I’d seen Kerri before of course, but I’d never actually spoken to her. She was around 40, but looked a lot younger. On the few occasions that I’d seen her from my window I’d found myself staring. Close up I could see that she really was a very good-looking woman indeed.

“Do you mind if I come in? I’d like to talk about Jonathan.”

“Oh, OK,” I said. I had no idea what this was about, but it seemed right to invite her in.

I led her into the kitchen and asked if she would like a coffee. As I made it she talked. “I’m sorry about this, but I’ve got some, well, bad news for you. Jonathan finished college and then suddenly got it into his head to go backpacking around Europe for the summer with his friends. I’m afraid it means that he won’t be able to look after your garden.”

“Hey, good luck to him. Wish I’d done something like that at his age. Don’t worry about the garden, I’ve got a month off so I’ve plenty of time to learn how to do it myself.”

“A whole month!” she said somewhat incredulously. “What are you going to do? Where are you going to go?”

“I hadn’t really got that far. I don’t know yet.”

“Well, what about your girlfriend? Has she got the time off too?”

“My girlfriend?” I was confused.

So was Kerri, “But I thought that… well I assumed that you had a girlfriend because you spend so little time at home. I figured that you were with her.”

“No. I haven’t got a girlfriend,” I said flatly.

She looked quizzical, “Oh, I’m sorry. Perhaps you have a boyfriend? Are you gay?”

I blushed, “No! I mean, no I’m not gay.” I explained further, “I don’t have a girlfriend. I just spend very long hours at the office. I don’t have time.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. I mean about working long hours, not about you not being gay. Besides, it would be such a waste if a handsome man like you wasn’t available for the heterosexual women of the world.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. This was typical of me. My lack of experience with women meant that I simply didn’t know how to interact with them.

“But if you work so hard, how do you… well, you know… get laid?”

My face was burning red hot now and I found my mouth opening and closing, but no sound came out.

“Oh, you don’t!”

I remained speechless. Kerri looked at me for a moment and then raised one eyebrow.

“No, surely not! You can’t still be a virgin!”

Before I was sixteen my sexual experience was limited to occasional fumbles with female school friends, but since then, nothing. Don’t get me wrong; I still lusted after women. I still fantasised about them and yes, I masturbated.

We were sitting on stools at the breakfast bar. Kerri leaned forward and put her hand on my knee. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that. If somebody chooses not to have sex outside of marriage that should be admired, not criticised.”

“No,” I said. “I want sex!” I blurted.

“Dear boy! You’ll have to woo me first! I can’t just drop my panties like that!” She winked and smiled at my discomfort. “I’m only joking.”

I blustered, “I meant that it just hasn’t happened yet. I’d like to, but I’m not desperate. Honest.”

“But, you’re not totally celibate are you? You must wank from time to time?”

I couldn’t believe I was holding this conversation with anyone, let alone a beautiful and sexy woman. “Yes, of course,” I whispered.

“Do you think about anyone when you wank? If so, who?” she pressed.

I thought back to the night before last to recall the fantasy to which I had masturbated. It dawned on me then that it had involved Kerri. I became even more acutely aware of the hand on my knee.

Kerri seemed to read my mind, “You weren’t thinking about me were you? You were! You naughty boy.”

I tried to stammer an apology, but she hushed me by saying, “It’s all right, I don’t mind. In fact it’s quite a compliment to be wanked over.” She laughed, “What am I saying? Gosh, that’s just put some delicious images in my head.

“If I’m honest,” she went on. “I’ve fantasised about you too.”

My mouth had gone very dry all of a sudden. I downed the rest of my coffee in one go and managed to splash it down my shirt.

“Oh, my! Now look what I’ve made you do. You’ll have to take that straight off and put it in soak or it will stain.”

Kerri started to unbutton my shirt. Once she had taken it off, she moved across to the sink and ran it under the tap to soak it. She left it in the left hand bowl of the double sink and came back to me.

“Mmm. Very nice,” she said and gently caressed my chest with both hands. Her touch instantly sent my cock into a raging hard-on. Kerri hadn’t missed this development and pursed her lips. “I think I’d like to do something about that. Would you let me?”

Once again I was left mute. I think that she took my lack of protest as assent and moved her hands down to the front of my trousers. She slowly unzipped the fly and then pushed the opening apart. She reached her hand in and fumbled around until she found the opening to my shorts. Looking down, I saw her reach in and pull my cock out into the open.

I thought I was going to come simply from her touch. It felt wonderful to have a woman holding my penis. She began to rub it slowly with long, languorous strokes. I was really struggling to contain myself. She must have sensed this, because she dropped to her knees in front of me and kissed the tip. I could feel my ejaculation swelling up through my cock, just as she opened her mouth and took the head into it.

I came in her mouth. She continued sucking and rubbing me until I had finished pumping. She got up, walked over to the sink and spat my come out and then flushed it away by running the tap. She gargled with a little water. “Coffee,” she said afterwards. “I prefer my men to have been drinking fruit juice or beer.”

I wasn’t sure, but she seemed to be saying that what I had been drinking affected the taste of my semen.

“Well, I’ve got to go. I’ve got some shopping to do for a party on Friday night.”

She held her head on one side and said, “I’m not sure if it would be your cup of tea, but your welcome to come, if you would like? I’d like you to.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’d like that.”


Chapter 2

I was still struggling to come to terms with not having to go to the office. I watched some TV, but the daytime shows were boring. I read a little bit, but never more than a dozen pages at a time. I surfed the Internet, but eventually found myself looking for porn. Of course, the moment I saw an image of fellatio my mind leapt back to Kerri. I’m too embarrassed to admit just how many times I masturbated while thinking about her.

Kerri hadn’t told me what time the party was starting, but as I only lived next door all I had to do was watch for visitors arriving. They started to arrive at about 8pm. I noticed that the guest list consisted mostly of our neighbours from the cul-de-sac.

I grabbed a bottle from my wine store and headed out of the front door. I had dressed fairly smart / casual, which seemed to match up with those people that I had seen arrive already.

Kerri opened the door and said, “Steve, hi. You look great. Good enough to eat!” she winked. As she turned to lead the way in I was able to appraise her. She was wearing a black dress with a very low back and very thin straps. Clearly she wasn’t wearing a bra. My eyes were drawn to her bottom. The way it moved was hypnotic. It made me want to take hold of her cheeks in both hands and squeeze.

When she led me into the lounge and introduced me to the other people there, I had difficulty taking my eyes away from her breasts. As she had answered the door she had been mostly hidden behind it, so I’d only seen the rear view as she walked away. Now, her substantial cleavage was on show. This in itself was a magnificent sight, but the thin material of her dress was totally unable to disguise the hard nipples beneath. It was so thin, that not only the pointed part was visible, but also the surrounding aureole seemed to be standing proud of the surrounding flesh.

The doorbell went, so I was forced to drag my attention back to the other people. They all seemed very friendly and were very interested in me. They asked what I did, and why I was absent form home so much of the time. They were all older than me, but I was made to feel at ease and not at all out of place.

The women were dressed nicely, similar to Kerri. I found myself admiring them all and having difficulty preventing myself from ogling each one. I felt a not unpleasant stirring in my trousers that, fortunately, were quite loose fitting and therefore hid my potential embarrassment.

There was soft, pleasant background music, and drinks and nibbles were served continuously. Some time after I had arrived, Kerri eventually introduced me to her husband John. He was the caterer in the family and had been in the kitchen all this time. As she put it, “A good wife is supposed to be a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Me, I’m a whore in the kitchen, but I’m the world’s greatest chef in the bedroom.” Everybody laughed although it sounded as though they had heard it before.

I don’t usually drink much, so the wine started going to my head after only three glasses – even though I’d made them last a couple of hours and tried eating to soak it up. When Kerri came across to where I was sitting to offer some more canapés, I couldn’t stop from leering at the expanse of breast on show. As she bent forwards I swear that I could see all the way down to her knickers. I’m sure that she noticed me looking, because her tits seemed to jiggle from side to side as I watched.

“If you’re not careful you’ll fall in,” she whispered.

I managed to snap out of the trance. “Sorry,” I said. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“I know.” Again, that arched eyebrow and a look down at my crotch. I hadn’t noticed, but she had. Even with plenty of room to hide in my trousers, my erect cock was obvious to her. “Be patient. We’ll start the games a little later.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but as more time passed people seemed to be talking more and more about ‘the games’. I assumed that this was part of the entertainment. Maybe we were going to play poker or something. Not much was making sense to my alcohol-addled brain by now and I probably wasn’t even capable of holding a conversation. So when we were ushered through to the kitchen, I just followed dumbly.

It was a bit of a squeeze for all of the guests in the one room and I felt hands fondling my backside from time to time. I swear that I even felt a hand ‘accidentally’ brush across my crotch. Eventually Kerri came back in.

“Right folks, the game is very nearly ready. You need to take a number from the hat and that will be the order that we go in – except that I will go last and Steve will be just before me as it’s his first time. Don’t forget to take your shoes off.”

I vaguely recognised that she had mentioned me.

The door opened and people left one at a time. At first I couldn’t see anything for the crowd. But eventually I could see what looked like one of those kids plastic play tunnels. Except that this wasn’t the usual length, it seemed to disappear off round the corner. From it’s movement I could tell that people were crawling along inside. All but the hall light had been turned out.

I couldn’t understand why adults would want to play with a silly kids toy, but nobody was objecting and everybody was taking their turn.

As it came close to my time to enter, I asked Kerri how long the tunnel was (I’d seen all these people enter but they had seemingly disappeared since).

“Oh it’s very, very long. It travels all around the house.”

And it really did. What I hadn’t realised straight away, was that as I entered the tunnel at one end, Kerri pulled the other out from a room just behind me and having climbed in herself, then joined the two ends together, thus creating an endless loop. Some of the turns were quite tight, and where the tunnel went up or down steps it was a bit tricky, but this enabled it to be so long.

Kerri had turned the last of the house lights off before she followed me inside, so I found myself fumbling in the dark. I’d only gone a short distance when I came a cross a woman’s foot. I stopped waiting for her to move, but Kerri (behind me) said, “Just keep going Steve. You’ll get the idea soon.”

I very carefully began moving past the prone woman beneath me. I was trying desperately not to kneel on her, or put my hands in an embarrassing place. She, however, was determined to do just that and her hands seemed to be wandering all over my body as I passed, paying particular attention to my crotch.