Tutoring Is Hard Pt. 01


At the end of a long week, I opened up my email to find a message in my inbox with the subject “Feedback.” I clicked it open. It was from someone who called themselves “DeLuxious.”In the message, DeLuxious introduced herself as an admirer of my erotic short stories. She said she was an English and art major, and she wanted to know if I could help her with a story she was writing for one of her classes. I had never thought of myself as a tutor, much less an accomplished wordsmith, but I didn’t see any harm in it.Coincidentally, the university she said she attended was less than an hour away from me. I replied to her message, telling her I’d be happy to help out with her story this Saturday and that we could do it online or in person. She responded with the address to her apartment.The next day, I made the drive to her place. I knocked on the door, excited to meet this heretofore anonymous admirer. After a few seconds, the door opened.I was greeted by a dude. He looked nice enough, but I could’ve sworn I had been talking to a woman. Maybe it was wishful thinking and I read what I wanted to.He must have seen the disappointment on my face because he smiled and said, “I’m not who you’re looking for, am I?””Oh, uh,” I stammered, “To be honest, I’m not exactly sure who I’m looking for. Were you looking for help on your story?””Ah, you’re the tutor,” Bostancı Escort he said. “No, I’m just a friend of hers. I was just leaving.” He looked back over his shoulder and announced, “Your tutor is here…””Let him in,” a female voice responded from deep within the apartment.The man stepped out of the doorway and waved me in. As he left, he said with a hint of sarcasm, “Enjoy your…study session.”I nodded, said thanks, and turned my back to the door as he shut it. I scanned the living room and kitchen, looking for my…student. No one was there.Then the voice called out again from a room down the hall, “You can come back.”I ventured to the room the voice had come from. The door was open just a crack, and when I pushed it open the room was so dark that it took my eyes a few moments to adjust.It was a windowless room lit only by some candles on small tables scattered around its edge. The heavy aroma was almost overpowering at first, but it became sweeter and more pleasing the longer I breathed it in. On my right, there was a television and video game console. Shelves stacked with books and knick-knacks lined the wall directly across from me. A large, plush bean bag lay in the center of the room. Against the wall to my left, there was a long, black sofa with thick cushions.She was sitting on the couch, reclining Bostancı Escort Bayan against one of the thick armrests with her legs tucked underneath her. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I was pleased with what I found, very pleased.The first thing I noticed was her big, adorable eyes. They were excited as if anticipating a sweet surprise. Her long eyelashes fluttered over bright, blue-green irises. Her thick, reddish-brown hair was up in pigtails and a tiny ring pierced her delicate nose.She wore a tight, pink tank top that showed off her flat midriff. Her protruding nipples betrayed the absence of a bra to support her perky tits. She wore a light sea-green skirt that barely came down to her upper thighs. The thin, salmon-colored straps of her underwear rose from underneath her skirt to hug her hips. Her fair skin was covered in strange tattoos.The combined effect of all this charged my imagination with lustful thoughts. I wondered what those big, beautiful eyes would look like rolled back into her skull as she shook with pleasure wrapped around my cock.”Hello, Professor,” she said sultrily, shaking me from my daze.”Hello, uh, DeLuxious,” I replied.She giggled. “Lux is fine.””Ok…Lux.””Come have a seat,” she said, patting the cushion next to her. I complied.”So,” I said to break the ice, Escort Bostancı “How’s the story coming?””Eh,” she shrugged, “Not as good as yours. I’m curious. Are they true stories?””Not really,” I answered. “I guess you could say some of them are ‘inspired’ by real events, but most of it is made up.””Oh,” she said, slightly disappointed. “Well, you should try some of them sometime. They seem like a lot of fun.””Yeah, I’d like to. But, you know, you gotta find the right person to do some of those things with.””So, if you found the right person you’d do them?””Yeah,” I confirmed. “I don’t write about anything I wouldn’t be willing to try.””Good,” she said with a smirk. “What do you think of my painting?” She said, pointing to the wall opposite where she sat.I looked away from her, scanning the wall to find what she was pointing at. I didn’t see anything.Then I felt a sliver of cold, hard steel against my neck. Slowly I turned my head to look at Lux. An evil smile spread across her adorable lips as she held the long blade to my jugular. Holding it there, she climbed to her knees and leaned in to press her lips against my ear.”You can stop me, anytime,” she whispered. “The safe word is ‘raven.'”I could have said it right then and there, could have stopped this whole thing before it even started. But I didn’t. The feeling of being at the mercy of a drop-dead gorgeous stranger was intoxicating. Of all the things I thought about saying at that moment, “raven” wasn’t even on the list.The blade remained pressed to my neck as Lux ran her tongue over my ear. She took the lobe between her lips and sucked. Then she whispered, “Kiss me, Professor.”