Tutoring Lucy


It has been a while since I tutored, most of my time lately had been taken up with setting up the business with my partner and dealing directly with clients. The next step in growing the business was to take on new staff either as employed or contract depending on where they were. My partner was only a business partner but she had carried out deep tissue massage on me a few times and her hands knew exactly what they were doing with my body. That was the message I was trying to get across when I was tutoring a prospective therapist. Most of them I felt were too young, not experienced enough to know how a body feels and how to deal with the different body types.

I received an email from a woman who was interested in becoming a therapist, her email was brief but I thought it would be a good idea to meet her, at least for a coffee, to discuss what I had in mind and to find out a bit more about her.

We arranged that she would come to my office after work as she had a class of some sort in the afternoon, everyone would had left for the day and I had some paperwork to catch up on so it did not bother me.

On the day all had gone and no sign of Lucy, time was ticking on and I thought that she had had second thoughts. This would have been a career shift for her and its perfectly understandable, however, contact would have been nice. I just got on with my outstanding paperwork. Then while I had my head down, the chime sounded and there was someone at the door, I asked who it was and the voiced answered Lucy, so I let her in. I had no real idea of the time or how late she was but as I was busy anyway it did not bother me. She came in a bit flustered and introduced herself and apologised that she was late due to her class overrunning and her then missing the tube connection. No signal on the underground to message or call me. I said not to worry and would she like a tea or coffee, she said no thanks and just asked for a glass of chilled water.

So we sat, she explained that she too was a tutor and she was taking a dance class, I let her explain and carry on a bit about the lesson and this seemed to relax her nicely. The more we chatted the more her eyes caught my attention, they were vibrant green in colour, mischievous and they seemed to light up when she got excited about when she spoke about what she had done in the past. Of course I was interested, she was long and slender, not overly tall, she would have made a wonderful dancer I thought. I did loose myself in her a few times, particularly when she laughed and her long red hair shook against her shoulders.

I asked what made her come here and in an instant the light of her eyes went out. Ankle ligament damage and also an overload syndrome or chronic fatigue were Lucy’s problems. These issues meant she had to give up what she loved doing most, performing, and was restricted to now only tutoring and the occasional show. This was Kadıköy escort bayan no good for me she said, so she needed to take her mind off elsewhere. She explained that she loved the human form, both male and female and wanted to continue with some form of physical contact. Lucy has a good understanding of the human body I said to myself, and without thinking I offered her a head and shoulder massage to relax her. I told her it would be good for her to understand what was required, but I must admit that that was a little white lie…

Lucy said that she was unsure as she did not have time for a shower and that she might be a bit sticky after her class and then the tube ride. She did have a change of clothes with her so she said okay as long as she could get out of her dance class kit. She had just taught jazz dance and had on a black leotard and matching black leggings. They were tight on understandably and complimented her quite lovely figure, which I was noticing more and more. She went off to get changed and this gave me time to think what on earth was I doing. I would never normally offer to teach or even give massage treatment at a preliminary interview, but there was something about this woman that drew me in.

She came back after what seemed an eternity dressed in light vest top and what looked like booty shorts, both loose fitting around her body. I asked her to sit down on the chair in front of me and I stood behind her, her hair was still down and I asked her to put it up in a clip or a tie. So she gave her head a shake, her hair brushed across my face which took me by surprise a little and pulled her hair up to a high messy bun and revealed the most beautiful neck that I had yet not noticed. I was taken aback slightly, I have seen many necks, many of which had been beautiful, but not like this, the muscular tone was to perfection and I knew that it would be a pleasure to work upon.

I started by placing my hands lightly on Lucy’s bare shoulders and asked her to breathe in and out gently but deeply three times in unison with me. I had already put on a CD of relaxing music to set the mood. Her top was loose and I could tell that Lucy was not wearing a bra, with each breath her breasts lifted and then fell as she let her breath escape. I found myself already captivated and was hoping that Lucy was not thinking about how she was revealing herself to me, or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing, either way I did not want it to stop.

The music took over me as it always does and my hands moved to the rhythm, starting at the base of her neck and moving outwards across her shoulders. The first pass was only gentle pressure, then again but pressing a little deeper then finally once again this time with firm pressure from my fingers and thumbs. I caught the strap of her top jarring her slightly as my hands moved outwards. Schoolboy error, I cursed Escort Kadıköy myself. I apologised and she said that’s okay and then pulled the straps of her top along so that they fell past her shoulder allowing full access across her back. Her top fell slightly revealing more of her breasts, she giggled quietly but left the top where it was.

I then brought my hands back to the base of her neck and traced little circles with my thumbs either side of her spine and just below the imaginary collar line. Lucy’s breathing matched the rotation of my thumbs, each time my thumbs reached 12 o’clock her breasts pushed out and I could see her nipples fleetingly, retreating beneath her top as my thumbs continued round. I had explained at the beginning that the usual therapy time is 20 minutes, but I wanted this to last a great deal longer. I continued with the shoulder massage then said to her to rest and breathe gently before I start the neck part of the therapy. I could see a contented smile form upon her lips and she nodded in agreement. This woman was truly beautiful and I had her almost half naked in front of me, I had never felt so aroused when giving therapy before, it must be her breathing and her gentle sighs as I moved my hands, and now I must go to her neck.

I continued with my thumbs drawing circles moving up from the base of her neck to Lucy’s hairline, I tried to explain what I was doing and why I was doing it, but I gave up on that when I moved to her side to carry out the next stage. I placed one hand on her forehead and the other on the base of her neck, it was then my attention was drawn to her legs. They were parted slightly and her hands were high on her thighs, all that crossed my mind was that this was a position of relaxation for Lucy.

As I started to move my hand up her neck I then noticed that Lucy’s shorts were loose and high up her legs. Her fingers were moving to the rhythm of the music as well, but seemingly moving up her thighs, ever closer to the line of her panties that I could now see. Her eyes were closed, her breathing steady, her fingers reaching and then tracing the line of her white panties as my hand moved up and down her neck, my other hand placed on her forehead holding her steady. Her mouth was slightly open now and every so often her tongue would appear as if she was licking something as well as her own lips. I was now transfixed, powerless to put a stop to what was happening, why on earth would I.

I positioned myself behind Lucy again, cradling her forehead, I gently lifted her head back once more and this time her top fell, revealing her small but perfect breasts, Lucy’s nipples now quite erect. I so wanted to cup her breasts as they rose and fell, but I daren’t ruin the moment solely for my own pleasure. I began to massage her head, gently caressing and pulling her hair, little tugs of her hair brought little moans from her mouth Kadıköy Rus Escort as her fingers moved up inside her panties. The music was still playing and every so often there would be a pause and I could then hear her fingers stroking away beneath her panties. I could hear she was nice and damp by the sound her fingers made. I was trying so hard not to interrupt or change anything, I was praying the CD would not finish or skip.

I then started to pay attention to her face as it rested between my neck and left shoulder, my fingers gently placed against the various pressure points around the outline of her face, this woman was beautiful. What defines beauty, where is it written down what true beauty actually is? Here I was tracing a wonderful jawline and chin, moving up to geometrically perfect stunning cheekbones when the music stopped. Time stood still for a moment. Lucy shifted in her seat and opened her eyes for the first time since we started. I did not know what to say or do, then all Lucy did was lift up slightly from the seat, slide her shorts and panties off completely and then spread her legs further apart and nod towards the CD player.

I pressed play for a second time and returned to Lucy, I stood behind her as before, she placed her head in the comfort position and continued. I knew at that point that the only part for me in this perfect moment in time was to cradle and caress, nothing more. For a moment I felt disappointed that I could not take this further then annoyed at being selfish because then I realised that I must have brought Lucy to a place where she felt totally free and without any inhibitions.

I looked down at her and for first time saw her fingers play inside her pussy, I think she knew I was looking as she then began to trace her fingers around her pussy lips. She was hairless around those perfect lips and I longed to kneel before her and place mine own lips on her forbidden ones, but I was in control of myself now. When my fingers moved from Lucy’s brow line, to trace her eyes, I could sense she was closer than ever to orgasm. My fingers then moved from her nose to her lips, she moved to kiss both my palms then as her breathing quickened she pushed her breasts upwards as if gesturing me towards them. I did as instructed and placed my hands on her breasts and caressed her nipples as she reached her orgasm.

Lucy let out the most intense moan I have ever heard as the orgasm convulsed through her body. I stopped pulling her nipples as she sank back in the chair with her hands covering her pussy. We remained motionless, her head against my shoulder. I could see the gleam of her sweat all over her statuesque body, I could smell the sweet scent of her juices just as I had felt her perfect body with my hands.

I am not sure how long she lay there against me, time was irrelevant. Then Lucy stirred, I wished she would not, but she rose from the chair, gathered her clothes, and then dressed, all without saying a word. She then faced me and gave me the tightest hug and the longest kiss, said thank you and walked out the door. I just stood there and pondered what had just happened and whether or not I would ever see Lucy again.