Twelve Hours Pt. 13

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5:00 — 5:30

I went to the kitchen area of the room to get a drink of water. I also took the opportunity to wash my face. All the eating pussy does make one’s face sticky with it.

I took a good few gulps of water. A chance meeting on a train leading to this — an idea was beginning to percolate in my mind: was it all really chance? All this felt well planned — too well planned. Do they have end game to it?

I didn’t have time to consider this any further. Looking across the room to the sofa, I saw them talking to each other about something. Clearly, at this stage, not for my ears. Their voices were hushed up, although they were giggling and laughing a bit. Lily beckoned me with a finger seeing I was looking at them.

I put the glass of water back and rejoined them on the sofa. Lily looked at the other two as if to ask “Are you definitely sure?” before she spoke to me. They nodded in a rather excitable manner.

“Okay, then!” she laughed, and then turned back to me. “Okay, mister. We want to play a game.”

I frowned.

“You like deep-throating?”

I nodded, bewildered. Does sun rise in the east? I thought to myself.

She chuckled. “Well, we want you to deep throat us. One by one.” She paused, studying my reaction. She lowered her gaze long enough to see that my cock was rising again. It didn’t take much with them. “You know us by now. No holding back, no worrying about how we feel.”

Sofia added, “We want you to humiliate our faces. We will take it all.”

Alyssa added, “You tell us how. We are your slaves.”

I smirked. This was beyond exciting. I did not know why they wanted this, but didn’t care. Who would?

“One by one. At the end, you tell us who was best,” Sofia explained.

* * *

I chose Sofia to go first. Go figure. Alyssa and Lily sat on kitchen stools, watching.

I told her to lie down on the sofa and her head was the hang off the edge of the sofa. Obediently, she opened her mouth wide. I crouched over her and leaned slightly forwards stretching and supporting my arms on the sofa cushions.

The dick was already hard and ready, of course. Impossible to be otherwise around Sofia. Slowly, I pushed it in first as far as it would go, completely plugging her. She stuck just a tip of her tongue out sucking it hard. I pulled it out swiftly, all shiny and glistening. She panted.

Now we’d start pumping. Moving my hips slowly, I started thrusting, each time hitting the back of her throat. She was gagging, but took it perfectly, and would suck hard on it all the time. Five slow deep thrusts. When I took it out, she opened her mouth and — oh so hot! — my cum overflowed from her mouth down her cheeks on both sides. Her thin gentle lips completely covered in my cum and the view of the inside of her mouth similarly cum-sticky. Oh fucking heaven!

I gave her 3 second relief before going back in. Three thrusts, not so deep this time, just to get going again. I pulled it out, traced a line around her mouth with it, all lubed-up with the cum now, and back inside, this time deep again. Fuck, the teen bitch was really taking it all in! They really meant what they said — they were ready for total humiliation! I kept my dick fully inside her mouth now. She was washing it over with her tongue, that wet snaky thing just driving me even crazier. I looked closely — her lips were wrapped around it just at its base — she really took almost all of it in. Staying immobile for just a few seconds, I looked at her tits — nipples engorged — the call of wild. I spat down on them and used one of my hands to move spread the spit over them, and squeezed akkent escort them hard. A choked muffled moan tried to get out of her mouth, but couldn’t.

I got back to the face-fuck. Began now to make very small thrusts, pushing the cock in even further and grinding my groin into her lips. Fuck! That cock was never this far deep inside anyone’s mouth. It felt incredible. It felt her gagging reflexes, saw her eyes tightly shut, but didn’t care. Ignored it — it felt so fucking good! — and the bitch wanted it. When I pulled it out, all of the cum — a stream of it, came out with it, streaming down her cheek, inside her ear and onto her hair. She panted loudly, her tits heaving.

I was on fire, beyond being an animal now, though. She was my bitch to fuck now and I was an animal, yet again that night. The cock went back in in seconds, this time for a couple of deep thrusts. To get a better angle, to get that dick in a more vertical position, I put one knee on the sofa now and grabbed the base of the cock, just next to my balls, to push it in tightly. Take it deep, bitch! She tried to gargle the cum out, but I just pushed harder. Instinctively, she grabbed her tits. I moved it out and as much cum spilled out of her as last time. She was now a real whore — cum spilling everywhere and being dick-humiliated like she’d asked for. Romantic is good — but what is behind this for us men is treating them like bitches, getting that cock into their pussies and mouth — and being in control. And them asking for it.

Not waiting for all the cum to drip down, I pushed back into that hungry mouth. She kept spitting some cum out, of course, but lots remained — each new visit to her throat meant more cum and more lube. Meant greater filth and arousal. The vertical angle of my cock meant going even deeper down her throat — and all I needed to do was just some hip push-ups. When her gagging reflex came this time, I still pushed in harder against it first before withdrawing. The blonde cunt this time coughed — the cum covered her entire mouth. There was a lot of it — I used the dick to push it down her cheeks, ears and hair.

Gargling still, she might have thought this was it, but no such luck. Not if she wanted to “win”. One final assault came on her. This time, not only did I go inside as deep as last time, but I also pushed her head up towards it and waited 5 seconds through her gagging reflex. Being this deep in is fucking awesome — feeling that amount of wet and that mouth and throat clenching and vibrating around you! And knowing that the bitch is there for your bidding… I pulled it out, letting her gargle and cough it out, watching that cum drip off her face down to the floor. She was wasted, panting and wheezing.

I turned around to the others, watching this with crooked smiles from the kitchen stools. “Lily, you’re next.”

* * *

With Lily, I wanted her on her knees for the entire time. I wanted the feeling of her grovelling like an actual slave, with me standing up. We used the kitchen space for that. It was large and allowed for lots of movement. We’ve done a long journey since that original meeting on the Hull train. What started as an attraction and romantic lovemaking was to be, for the rest of this night, hard fucking and owning her.

There she was, kneeling, her legs slightly apart, her tits grazing against my thighs, taking it in. This was to be forcible and she knew it. I grabbed her head and pushed her onto me, brutally. The cock instantly filled her mouth and went to the back of her throat. I kept her there. She went briefly up for air and akkent escort bayan went back instantly. Again, I pushed her head onto me. This time, holding her head, I started moving my hips, fucking her face, hitting that back of the throat, gagging her again and again. She used her tongue well sucking against it as much as the speed allowed her to. I let her out after several thrusts — the cum was already dripping down her chin and on to her neck. Now she was getting to look real whorish!

And take that dick back in! “Oh fuck!” I moaned. I grabbed her by the hair, pumping in mercilessly. “Yeah, fuck her throat!” Sofia was just coming back to life. Lily was superb — able to take several thrusts, all of them now deep inside, that cock just growing in her mouth if that was even possible. I was shoving it in, not letting that head to move back. Her sucking was strong, getting out tons of cum out of me. When she came for air, definitely more cum got out. But hell, she was better at swallowing than Sofia, I had to admit, licking that cum off her lips, too, like she was drinking mango juice.

It was her now that went in deep again, her lips now pressing against my balls — all the way in. I grabbed her head at the back and matched my thrusts to pushing her head on. This time we got more cum, dripping down to her tits. She was panting now and moaning loudly. I found those tits and slapped them — hard. She was back to the cock soon, sliding that mouth along it, strings of cum dripping from her lips and my balls. That cum was somehow making it hotter, filthier and nastier and I mounted a fierce assault now, every time filling her up, getting those gagging reflexes out of her. She tried to gargle that cum out again, but it was getting too much now and she just slurped the stuff back in. I slapped her cheek at this — it was just too hot, too fucking whorish.

She ducked down to lick my undershaft all the way down to my balls, pulling one after another in hard into her mouth. “Slap me!” she groaned. I didn’t need to even ask and landed a harsh slap on her ass, sending it echoing across the room. “Again!” she barked and another one, even harsher was delivered. She took the cock back in now all the way to the back of her mouth — I slapped her more while face-fucking her before focusing back entirely on her. Pressed her real hard against my balls achieving fucking amazing friction against her throat. Her hair, entire face and her neck was all covered in cum now, all dripping to the floor. My groin now completely on fire, holding her head in place, my hips were moving on their own — fucking her face fast and fiercely and without abandon. This was merciless and merciless, like some barbarian in a cave. She was choking, gagging, but the dick kept coming until I was satisfied. I let her go, her mouth completely filled with cum this time; she choked it out in spurts going down her tits, abdomen and pussy.

I knelt down and French kissed her, tasting my cum on her — a quick, saucy, nasty kiss.

“Next!” I yelled getting up.

* * *

With Alyssa, it was back to the sofa, although we started with me standing up and her kneeling down.

She started by simply taking me in; gradually taking me in until I fit completely in her mouth. Then she pulled out, panting, gasping and spitting on my thick dick.

I now stood with one of my legs on the sofa; she was still on the floor. I pushed her head on me again; this time I wanted deeper, though. “Open your mouth more,” I told her and now we were talking! The cock went all the way to the back of her throat. She was escort akkent gagging, but that was a good tight throat! Gradually, we went deeper and deeper. I pulled it out, strings of cum dripping off it and slapped her lips with it. “How about going truly vertical?” I thought.

She sat on the floor with her head lying and facing upwards on the sofa with me crouching over her. She opened her mouth — the cum off my dick was already dripping onto her. From her — I could see her throat easily; it will be a fantastic seeing that dick face-fuck her. All I needed to do was to just bend my knees down for that.

She opened her mouth and I stuck it in. Moaning into it, she instantly reached for her pussy — so easy in this position. Seeing my dick slide in that mouth from above was so powerful. I pushed in, just bending my knees lower — took no ‘no’ for an answer, feeling how that mouth widens and opens further stretched out by my cock — gravity helps!

I withdrew and she panted heavily, gasping out, “Fuck!!—” I grabbed her head, put it into position and went in again. This time, I didn’t move in slowly, but did it in proper unrelenting thrusts. She was trying to moan but poor bitch had no space in her mouth for that. Keeping pumping, I bent down and found her pussy — this position allowed me very easy access, so did some clit rubbing and fingering before pulling out again. This time, she had to cough out some cum. I did love humiliating Sofia and Lily, but this position was the best yet.

I fed her my balls to suck on for a moment, jerking myself off. She might have needed some breaking-in a minute ago, but now she was full on and she sucked those balls hard and deep into her mouth putting her tongue into amazing vibrations over them. But we needed that cock back in — this time, I tested how far it would go in — slow, insistent sliding it in, holding her head in place. It went pretty fucking far into her throat. She choked eventually, coughing out cum, but it was impressive!

“FUCK THAT THROAT!” she roared. She was enjoying it and we were soon back to it, just as deep as before. Now, her throat relaxed to it and I could pump at that depth, going deeper and harder than before. What an incredible bitch! “Swallow it!” I ordered her on extraction. She gasped and gulped it all down.

I stepped down from the sofa and crouched over her facing her now. That gaping filthy mouth was already open for me. She knew what I would do — hard pumping down her throat, but holding that head, pushing it against my dick. Slurping, wet sounds followed. Her tongue moving around my cock was beyond blazing hot, but I felt like I was going in even deeper — I was all the way up there to my balls. She was gagging, but didn’t seem to mind for a good while. I was pumping her mouth hard — just getting my pleasure, just my dick and her mouth. I would give her just seconds from time to time to gasp for some air and then move back in for that hot mouth around me. She functioned like my sex toy now — and I loved it. She was getting it hard — not just deep — these were fierce, ruthless thrusts. She was gagging, choking and trying to gargle the cum out, but nonetheless kept being humiliated and destroyed. She had her hands wrapped around my thighs, holding her place and I held her head in place. She was a clear winner of this game — superb sucker, able to take it all in for many seconds at a time, drinking cum like it was milk and with tightness in all the right places.

And she brought out the total control side of me — eventually, I went around her back onto the sofa, wrapped my hand round her throat and then went back to pump her face. That feeling of control, another girl being my slut to fuck — so drugging.

When we finished, her face, neck, tits and pussy were all dripping with cum. I moved in to lick it all off that salacious wild body before eventually making the announcement.

“You’re all hot, but the winner is no.3 hands down.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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