Two Halves of a Whole: Part 1

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There are two women that have defined my life as a seventeen-year-old boy: my twin sister, Ally, and Patricia. Ally and I have known each other since we were in the womb, sharing heartbeats and kicking rambunctiously into our pregnant mother’s insides. Everyone knows how close identical twins can get, and Ally and I were no exception. Those twins you see on TV that finish each other’s sentences? Yeah, we’re one of those sets. The insufferably adorable, and kind of creepy pair of look-alikes that seem to share a single mind. But we don’t share a single mind; at least, not Ally and I. No, my mind is shared with another: Patricia. And Patricia is closer to me than Ally ever will be, because Patricia is me.

That’s right folks, I’m a schizophrenic. Half of me is Jake Bronston, shy and average, and the other half is Patricia (Trish for brevity’s sake), adventurous and bold. When we were children, Trish and I were a symbiotic organism. I’d be in the driver’s seat during most of our conscious state, and Trish would take the wheel when daring action was required. I, Jake Bronston, would never stand up for myself, but Trish…Trish would kick Jordon Christianson square in the balls. Ally loved Trish and I equally during our youth. She’d share adventures with Trish, and then confide in Jake when she was feeling the need for a softer friend. It was all great, and my duality never posed a serious problem. That was, until puberty hit.

I am a man, goddamn it! A red-blooded, American piece of testosterone-driven violence and insecurity! But, I share this hormone-fueled body with a woman that is (to put it nicely) a complete slut. Trish hit puberty like Wiley Cayote hit a brick wall painted as a tunnel. One night, she’s planning an adventure of a lifetime through the Michigan backwoods, the next, she’s finger-fucking my asshole and moaning the names of the middle-school basketball players! One hour, I’m chatting up Jenny Laughton on messenger, the next, she’s looking up sex-change operations in Mexico! Do you see my predicament?! The symbiosis stopped, and my mind became a battleground for the two personalities that desired control of it. We were no longer partners, but rivals.

Ally, bless her heart, has always taken my side of things. Ally pulled Trish back from the brink of a lot of situations that would have ruined me. She stopped Trish from going to a gay bar glory-hole stall, she stopped her from asking out boys in school, she even stopped Trish from doing the unthinkable with a paring knife in the garage. Yeah…it’s been a rough couple of years. I finally had to cave to my unknowing parents and seek help. I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to betray Trish, but this horny bitch wanted my genitals gone, and I’m very much attached to them. With extensive shock therapy, daily meds, and the threat of a lobotomy, me, and a team of psychiatrists, managed to lock Trish up in the back of my mind. I’m the only one in control now, but I can feel her testing my defenses. Not only is Trish relentlessly daring, she’s cunning as hell. And now, she’s pissed off. All it will take is one slip-up by me, one missed dose, one missed session, and Trish will be out of the box.

This is the story of Trish coming out of that fucking box.


Yeah, Ally’s a witch. I didn’t mention that in the prologue, because a skitzo boy with a self-mutilating counter-personality seemed like enough of a pill to swallow in four paragraphs. Speaking of which, I need to take my meds.

Anyway, in my modern-day America, magic is rare, but not unheard of. In my America, the Salem Witch Trials were justified, the Spanish Inquisition was legitimate, and burning at the stake was practiced regularly in the nineteenth century, (mostly in Alabama). Witches managed to latch themselves to the feminist movement of the fifties, and became a protected class in the late half of the twentieth century. Ally was fortunate to be born during the open-minded year of 2000, where being magical didn’t automatically mark you as a freak.

Ally’s power is transformation; she can alter the structure and appearance of organic life. One day, when we were eleven, a drunk BMW driver almost hit me. Were it not for Ally’s quick reflexes and magical powers, I would have died. Ally trimmed the legs off the driver, sending him skidding to the side of the road and into a nearby tree, killing him. Using magic against another person is a serious crime, even if it’s self-defense, or the defense of another. Our parents had enough clout to get a great lawyer and a sympathetic judge, but it wasn’t enough to exonerate her completely. Ally was forced to put on regulators, which are magical inhibitors. She was crushed when they did it. Her identity as a sorceress was stripped from her, and she became just another person. She never admitted it, but I always got the sense she resented me for it. I didn’t know how much it had driven a wedge between us until that fateful August morning, when the regulators came off…

“Oh, fuck.” Ally said in a dismayed murmur.

The regulators fell from her temples and dropped with a metallic ping on the kitchen floor. The wired devices cracked upon their downward impact, sending valuable government property spraying its circuit board-guts all over the white tiles.

“I was just adjusting my headband,” Ally said as she stared at the pieces of her court-ordered mental handicap, “I didn’t do it on purpose! Jake; they’ll think I tore them off!”

“Just sit tight and we’ll call your parole officer,” I said calmingly as I picked up the pieces, “I’m sure this kind of stuff happens all the time; they’ll understand.”

“I need to get out of here!” Ally cried, her panic rising as her mind ran through the consequences for regulator removal, “Only a specialist is supposed to be able to take them off. They’ll think I did it on purpose! Jake, you gotta get me the fuck out of here!”

“Ally, calm the fuck down,” I said, laughing, “if they came off from just adjusting your headband, then they’re definitely bullshitting you when they said it’s that hard to take them off.”

The house phone blared out its obnoxious ringing tune. Ally and I both jolted upright, a sense of dread filling the air as the speaker announced the incoming caller: Federal Bureau of Sorcery. Ally’s already pale face grew paler. I put a calming hand on her shoulder and gave her a confident smile before picking up the phone.

“Hey,” I said in my best everything-is-fine voice, “this is Jake Bronston, I bet you guys are calling about the-”

“Ally Bronston, you are charged with the tampering and sabotaging of Class B Inhibitor Regulators,” the authoritative automated voice said, “this is a felony with a mandatory twenty-year sentence. Remain in your home while local authorities secure the premises. Local and federal personnel have been issued an auto-warrant to search and seize any and all property and/or persons pertaining to your violation. Nonviolent compliance will be met with leniency. I repeat: nonviolent compliance will be met with leniency.”

“Let me talk to a person, please,” I said, my voice still calm but my eyes darting nervously to Ally, “can I talk to Parole Office Shanahan?”

The phone speaker droned a dial tone for a few seconds, and then the clicking sound of someone picking up.

“Sergeant Carrie Shanahan speaking.” Ally’s parole office spoke.

“Sergeant Shanahan,” I said, “I just wanted to say that Ally’s regulators came off on their own, and she’s freaking out. I told her this must happen all the time, and I’m assuming the automated voice message is just-”

“Jake, I suggest you leave the premises immediately,” Shanahan said sternly, “we don’t want a hostage situation on our hands.”

“A hostage situation?!” I laughed, “Look, Officer, Ally’s regulators just came off, I was there when it happened.”

“Is Ally Bronston with you now?” Shanahan asked, a hint of concern filtering through her stoic voice.

“Yeah,” I said, glancing at Ally, “she’s here right now, and she’s scared shitless. I’m telling you, Shanahan, she didn’t-”

“Jake, listen to me, and do not react at all to what I am telling you,” Shanahan said through the phone, the concern in her voice now readily apparent, “our diagnostic team tells us that Ally has been subtly tweaking her regulators for months now. This was not an accident, this was premeditated. I don’t know how she knew how to do it, but-”

But I know how, the sultry, seductive voice of my counter personality spoke in the back of my mind, how ya doin’, Jake?

I hadn’t heard that voice in four years, and it chilled me to the bone.

Hey, Trish, I replied nervously, nice to hear from you. Long time, no see.

You’re always so good at hiding your fear, Jake, Trish smirked in my mind, but you can’t hide it from me.

How did you…how the fuck did you…

“Trish is a telepath, Jake,” my sister’s voice said behind me as I felt the cold rim of my dad’s pistol pressed against the nape of my neck, “she’s magic, like me.”

But you’re not, Trish laughed, I truly am, your better half.

“Turn around, Jake,” Ally said gently, but sternly, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

I slowly turned around, the sound of Sergeant Shanahan’s voice still crackling from the phone speaker. Ally stood before me, her straight blonde hair brushed behind her ears, her pale face flushed at the cheeks, her pointed nose dotted with a few freckles, her big, blue eyes staring steadily at me, and her full, pouting lips pursed together, with the hint of a frown creeping from the corner. Her chest heaved beneath her t-shirt in adrenaline-induced breaths, her amble bosom expanding with each inhale. Her legs were spread in the stance our father taught us when we were aiming a gun, and her thick thighs flexed in preparation, forcing her supple glutes to protrude vulgarly from the outline of her figure. The barrel of the gun stared into my right eye, unwavering in its regard for me. Ally meant fucking business.

“Ally,” I said, trying to keep my composure, “what are you doing?”

“Trish can explain it all to you,” Ally said, “get in the car.”

“They’ll catch us,” I said, “Ally, there’s no way we’re getting out of this.”

“Jake,” Ally said as she hammered back the slide, “you know me better than anyone, so you know when I’m not fucking around. Get in the fucking car.”

I stared at my sister for a long moment. The look in her eyes was telling me she was right, she wasn’t fucking around. Did I think she’d kill me? No, but I suspected she wasn’t opposed to putting one in my shoulder. With her regulators off, she could put hole after hole in me, and then just change the molecular composition of my bullet wounds until they were healed.

“I’ll get in the car, Ally,” I said as I slowly backed up and took the keys off the counter, “I’ll drive you to where you want to go, but I want you to put the gun down. I love you more than anyone, and if running away is what you think you need to do, then I’ll help you escape.”

Oh, Jake, Trish laughed, You’re coming with us, you know that, right?

What the fuck!

I jolted upright in surprise and was blinded by the muzzle flash before the bullet plowed into my shoulder. Blood splattered against my face and I went down in a scream of agony.

“Why the fuck did you do that?!” Ally yelled at me, “You knew he would freak out! Why the fuck did you tell him!”

I couldn’t resist, Trish howled in pain and mirth in my mind, I wanted him to get a taste of the hell he put me through over the past four years. How does it feel, Jake?! Do you feel helpless and alone? Are you scared and in pain?! How do you think it felt to be stuck in the darkest corner of your mind for four years?!

“C’mon,” Ally said as she pressed her hand to my wound and helped me to my feet, “you still need to drive us.”

“You fucking shot me!” I screamed, welcoming the sounds of approaching sirens.

“Trish made me do it!” Ally yelled back, “I told you I wasn’t fucking around, and then all of the sudden you jumped up…no sudden movements, Jake! Haven’t you watched television?!”

All I could do was groan as Ally’s hand healed the hole in my shoulder. She dragged my limping body out to the driveway and half-shoved me into the driver’s seat. She wheeled into the passenger’s seat and leveled the gun to my shoulder.

“I don’t want to shoot you again, Jake,” Ally said, “but right now, we’ve got the cops, and soon the feds rushing toward us. I’m not spending twenty years in Baraga Maximum, so put your foot on the gas and become an accomplice.”

“I’m your hostage!” I spat.

“Half of you is,” Ally smiled back, “but I’m hoping you’ll come around with Trish and I.”

“You know this is the end of us,” I snarled as I put the car in reverse, “you know I’ll never forgive you.”

“Yes, you will,” Ally said, “you’ll fucking thank me when it’s all over. Explain it to him, Trish.”

Are you ready for an exposition dump? Trish asked me as I floored it down our cul-de-sac.

Give it to me. I grunted mentally as I screeched around the corner and through a nearby alleyway.

When you put me through hell by casting me back here, Trish said with a venomous tenor, I was lost and alone. I was left in the darkest corner of your mind, where only the truly strange, violent, and perverse thoughts you carried dwelt. Needless to say, it changed me. The only glimpses of our mind that I caught were the feelings you kept locked away. Feelings about murderous revenge, feelings about nihilistic indifference, feelings about your twin sister, you perverted little boy, you…

What the fuck are you talking about? I yelled back at her as I swerved past a tan coupe and merged onto the county road.

Oh, just the occasional thought of bending your twin sister over and shoving it into her ass, Trish said nonchalantly, Sometimes, it’s a little romantic diversion, but most of the time, it’s an anal rape fantasy. Maybe you get these late at night when you’re watching that BDSM shit on your laptop. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re frustrated with women because they pay you no heed. Whatever it is, you can’t handle these thoughts, so you stick them back here, where you think they’re forgotten. But they’re not forgotten, Jake, you had these thoughts, and now I have them. They’ve manifested themselves as part of who I am, and it’s corrupted me.

Look, Trish-

Don’t worry about that now, Trish said, the point is, you fucked me. I used to be just a horny little schoolgirl, but now, I’m a perverted psychopath with murderous tendencies and a sadistic disposition. If you take a wrong turn on Garfield Lane, I’ll know you’re going to the precinct. I’ll tell Ally to put one in your balls, and she’ll do it. We’ve gotten very close, her and I.

I locked escort you up! I screamed mentally as I veered off my course to the precinct and continued passed Garfield Lane, You shouldn’t be able to talk to anyone! Not even me! Tell me how you did it!

One drunk night in April, you forgot to take your pills, Jake. Trish laughed, You were blacked-out, but I wasn’t. The shock therapy kept me in my cage, as it does now, but I was able to see through your eyes for the first time in years. And what did I see, Jake? Connections. Billions and billions of streaming connections burning from the tendrils of your irises. That’s when I knew I was special. That’s when I knew I was a telepath, a witch, like your sister. I don’t know what caused it, or how I could have this power and you couldn’t, but I seized the opportunity (something you never seem to do, you useless coward), and sent out a message to Ally. Ally was shocked when she heard my voice in her head, but that shock soon turned to euphoria. You see, Jake, Ally loved us both equally, and when you put me away, she lost half the person that she loved. And when she lost her powers to save you, she resented you for it.

I stole a glance at my sister and wondered if Trish was broadcasting this to her. God, I hoped not. I didn’t recall any of the fantasies, but I knew Trish wasn’t lying. You can’t lie to someone who shares your mind, and Trish was beginning to seep back into mine. My pills were sitting idly on my dresser right now, and my shock therapy session was due tomorrow. It was only a matter of time before Trish finally got out.

So, Ally and I made a little deal that night, Trish continued, I told her I’d figure out a way to take off her regulators, and she’d shave off a few milligrams from your pills. This gave me a one-hour window where I could talk to her while you were asleep. She was so glad to have me back, Jake. She apologized for taking your side all the times I tried to express myself. She said it was wrong that you should lay claim to a body we shared equally. She agreed to help me come back, if I helped her find a place we could be safe.

But how did you do all this? I asked as I merged onto the interstate, How did you find out about taking off regulators, and where the fuck are we going?

I’m a bit more resourceful than you are, Jake. Trish laughed cruelly, You can find any number of things on the dark web. As for where we’re going…don’t worry about it just yet. All you need to know, is that we’ll be safe. Take exit 171 for Ann Arbor, and then a left on South Street. Pull into the public storage lot, and then put it in park.

I did as Trish asked. The sounds of sirens still blared, and the metallic patter of a chopper cut through the Michigan air, but these sounds were distant and fading in the direction of our house. Trish had guided us to safety, but I was afraid to what end. This was the woman who deemed my genitals too useless to keep when she was sane. Now, she was infected with the waste of my subconscious, and more dangerous and unhinged than ever.

Don’t worry about that pathetic thing you call a cock, Trish said, I’ve decided to keep it.

Despite everything else, a sense of relief washed over me. I was certain that Trish’s first order of business was to remove the symbol of my masculinity…of our masculinity.

Ok, Trish, I said as I put the car in park at the storage lot, You’re the one in charge, what now?

Ally’s going to show you where to go from here, Trish said, and you better fucking do as she says.

If it means anything to you, Trish, I replied, I’m sorry for what I did to you.

To us, Jake. Trish replied coldly, it wasn’t just me you hurt. You’re an introverted pussy who’s too afraid to take what he wants. All the daring and excitement left your life the moment you shut me out. But that’s all going to change now. Like Ally said: you’ll thank us when we’re done.

Trish’s voice faded into the dark recesses of my mind as Ally’s voice grew louder in my ear.

“Jake, get out of the car and follow me. I don’t have to keep this gun on you, do I?”

“No,” I said to Ally as I got out of the car, Trish’s stinging words still etching their way into my soul, “no, Ally, I’m in this shit with you now.”

“Good,” Ally smiled for the first time, “I didn’t mean to shoot you; it was just reflexes. I don’t think I could do it again, no matter what Trish says.”

“You still pulled a gun on me and shot me,” I replied, shaking my head, “you forced me into a car and made me a fucking fugitive. If you think for one moment I can forgive this-”

“I saved your life!” Ally yelled angrily, “I sacrificed so much of who I was for you, because you matter that much to me. Can you sacrifice anything for me, Jake?!”

I stared at her rage-contorted face with a level expression. Her upper lip trembled in a half-snarl, setting her flushed cheek into a protruding oval baring a cute dimple. God, she looked hot when she was mad. Oh fuck, that wasn’t a subconscious thought. Oh shit…

“Ally,” I asked nervously, my level expression falling in shame, “did you hear any of that little conversation between Trish and I?”

“Every bit,” Ally smiled coyly, “but I already knew about all that other shit. Trish told me about your…darker thoughts a while ago.”

My face flushed red and beads of stinging sweat formed at my scalp.

“Ally, I don’t remember having those thoughts, it was just my stupid brain making connections with stimuli and relationships and…”

“We don’t have time to worry about it,” Ally said as she took my hand, “if someone dissected my thoughts, I’m sure there’d be all kinds of weird shit in there. The brain makes connections we can’t control. C’mon, let’s get to the wardrobe.”

“The wardrobe?” I asked as Ally led me across the storage parking lot.

“Trish made contact with a transporter on the dark web,” Ally explained as we neared the orange door to a storage unit, “She’s apparently a C.S. Lewis fan, and put a portal inside a wardrobe. She left it here for us so that we could beat the heat.”

“And it goes…where?” I asked nervously as Ally punched in the locker code.

“Vegas, Baby.” Ally smiled back.

The metal garage door creaked up and stopped in a clang of rusted metal. Ally and I ducked beneath the door before she clanged it shut behind us. I pawed for the light switch and flipped it when my blind hand found it. Fluorescent lights crudely illuminated the room in a white glow. Behind boxes of junk and old car parts, stood a wooden wardrobe that looked ancient and out of place. The dark oak monolith loomed over everything else, its doors beckoning and warning simultaneously.

“Alright,” Ally said, her fingers linking with mine in a shaking grasp, “let’s do this.”

“Are you scared?” I asked her.

“Terrified,” she smiled, “but terror is better than boredom.”

“You really have been talking to Trish,” I grumbled as we stepped toward the wardrobe, “she’s a corrupting influence.”

“Yeah, she is.” Ally agreed with a chuckle, “But she’s so much fun.”

We opened the door to the wardrobe and stepped in, hand in hand. The door closed behind us without our doing, and I caught the last glimpse of Michigan I’d see for the rest of my life.


The wardrobe opened to a well-lit hallway. Deep red paint covered high walls, with a faux-marble trimming decorating the bottom. A sign with a clown hovering over a large tent read: ‘Slots-o-Fun at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.”

“Jesus,” I said as I examined the inside of the corridor, “whoever your meeting could have at least set us up in Caesar’s Palace.”

“I never said we were meeting anyone.” Ally replied.


“…bullshit a bullshitter, I know, Jake.” Ally laughed, “We’re going to a convention here, but we’ll be meeting only a select few.”

“This cryptic bullshit is wearing me thin, Ally.” I said, “Just tell me why the fuck we’re here, and what Trish has to do with it all.”

“Let’s wait until we get to our hotel room,” Ally said as she rummaged through her purse and pulled out a keycard, “where prying ears can’t hear us.”

“If the feds were on to you,” I said as I pushed the ‘up’ button on the elevator, “they’d have the room bugged.”

“I’m not worried about the feds anymore.” Ally said in a half-whisper. Her grave expression worried me, but I kept my mouth shut. The elevator door dinged, and we stepped inside.

Ally pressed the twenty-fourth floor on the west tower elevator, and pushed the ‘shut’ button as a flustered Chinese man tried to race to the closing doors.

“That wasn’t very nice.” I frowned down at her.

“I don’t want to be in a confined place with strangers,” Ally said, “Jake, the people I’m afraid of…they’re everywhere.”

“You have some filling in to do,” I said to her, “I’m being left in the dark, and Trish has receded to her cage for now. I need some information, Ally, or I’m taking a Greyhound, and you can shoot me in the back as I leave.”

“Hotel room,” Ally reaffirmed, “hotel room, and I tell you everything.”

I looked at a sign that advertised the events at this once-great Vegas hotel. “August 30th 2017: Witches Convention, all magic beings of all classes mingle and seminar about the future of our kind.” That explained the convention at least, but who were we meeting, and why? The elevator door opened with a ding, and we stepped onto the twenty-fourth floor of the west tower.

“She couldn’t afford a two-bed room,” Ally said as we walked passed the vending machines and turned to the corridor, “so we’ll be in the same bed.”

“Does that bother you?” I asked, obviously thinking about the fantasies of my subconscious.

“No,” Ally said, “we used to sleep in the same bed when we were kids, I don’t see how it could be different now.”

She slipped the card into the slot of our room and opened the door. It occurred to me as she closed it, that we didn’t have any traveling supplies with us. Fortunately, someone had stocked the room with bags of clothes.

“We’ll be staying here for the duration of the convention,” Ally said as she pawed through the clothes left for us, “and we’ll be doing it under assumed names. I’m Becky Larson, and you’re Brian Larson.”

“We’re in the hotel room, Becky,” I said with an impatient twirl of my fingers, “explain what this is all about.”

“I was hoping Trish would tell you,” Ally (now Becky) frowned, “but it seemed all she did was rant at you for a while.”

“She had a lot to get off her chest,” I sighed, “and I suppose I deserved some of it. Get to the point.”

“We’re both witches, you and I,” Ally said, “well, at least the female half of you is. But we’re not normal witches. There are three classes-”

“And you and Trish are Class Three,” I said, finishing her thought, “which means people want you; I’ve seen this movie before.”

“Actually, Jake,” Ally said, looking up at me gravely, “it’s you they want.”

“Because…?” I asked, feeling my nerves stand on edge.

“You’re a male witch,” Ally replied, “the first ever wizard.”

“Trish is the witch,” I replied, “I’m nothing special.”

“You have a dick and balls, and the sperm that carries magic DNA,” Ally said, “and that makes you worth billions. Trish is female, but she’s stuck in a man’s body. For all intents and purposes, she’s a male witch, and so are you.”

The pieces started to fall into place as my mind made the connections.

“All of this,” I said, gesturing to the hotel room, but meaning the entire situation, “our escape from home, our transportation to Vegas, the assumed names and the cheap hotel room, all of this wasn’t to get your regulators off, was it?”

“No,” Ally said, “I wanted them off like nothing else, but I had excepted my situation in Michigan. Once Trish spoke in my mind for the first time, everything changed. No government protection, no military, could save you if word got out that there was a wizard. We needed to get you underground.”

“Couldn’t we have just…not told anyone?” I asked, “Wouldn’t that’ve been easier?”

“Until you took a drug test, or a blood test, or someone swabbed your cheek,” Ally said, “and then everyone would know, and you’d be fucked.”

“Literally,” I smiled, “they’d have an assembly line of witches just waiting for me to breed. Shit, Ally, I could have just contracted myself out and become the richest gigolo in the world!”

“They would have sedated you, extracted your semen and cloned your DNA,” Ally said, not returning my smile, “and then put a bullet in your head so that another company couldn’t have you.”

“Do these companies know about me?” I asked, my smile fading.

“Not yet,” Ally frowned, “not that I know of, but we can’t be too careful. We’ll be meeting some other class threes tomorrow, and then we’ll get you even deeper underground.”

“Is this going to be my life now?” I asked, “Running from place to place, looking over my shoulder, picking up my tissues so that I don’t leave DNA evidence?”

“Yeah,” Ally said, giving me a sad look, “it’s only a matter of time before someone sniffs you out, Jake. They’ll hunt you forever, and we need to stay three steps ahead of them at all times.”

“You didn’t have to put yourself into this situation,” I said, “you could have just told me what was going on. I’d stop my meds, let Trish out of the box, and then use her cunning and my caution to stay off the trail of those that would hunt me.”

“Bullshit,” Ally laughed without humor, “Jake, I mean no offense, but your caution would never let you free Trish. You’re…kind of a pussy.”


“It’s true!” Ally giggled, this time with humor in her voice, “I don’t mean it in a bad way, but ever since you locked up Trish, all of your daring and bravery disappeared. I still love you, Jake, but let’s be honest: you’re a pussy. I had to shoot you just to make you get in a car.”

I didn’t have a retort for that, and I knew Ally was right. Even if I had believed a word she said, I would have simply barricaded myself in my room, popped my pills, and hoped nothing bad would happen. At least, I knew that much about myself.

“You’re right,” I sighed, and sat down on the bed next to Ally, “I’m a pussy. That’s what happens when you let someone else take control of you when things get hairy. I let Trish take the wheel in every adverse moment of my life, and I never learned how to do anything myself.”

“Well, Jake,” Ally said, putting her arm around me, “you’re in the deep end now, and it’s either sink or swim. How long until your shock therapy and the pills wear off?”

“A few days at the most,” I said, “and then Trish will be back with a vengeance. I’m afraid she’ll try to take complete control.”

“We won’t let that happen,” Ally said, “you two can escort bayan work out your differences. I’ll be the mediator for our little group therapy session, and you and Trish will find common ground.”

“She made you shoot me out of spite,” I grumbled, “I don’t think she’s looking for negotiation. I put her in the darkest corner of my mind, and let her fester for years. She’s not the same Trish we used to know.”

“Give her time,” Ally said, “let her detox from all the shit you shoved back there, and she’ll come around to her normal self.”

“Maybe.” I said, not believing for a second that Trish would be merciful on her return. And that night, I found out I was right.


Hey reader, it’s Trish. Guess what I’m looking at right now? Ally Bronston, in her bra and panties, sleeping right next to me. Every dark fantasy Jake had about his sister is flying through my head right now, and it’s making me randy. This is what you came for, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve been reading this far, waiting for Jake to finally plow is hot, curvy, blonde, teen sister, haven’t you? Well, Jake is too much of a pussy to fuck his twin sister, even if he subconsciously wants to. He thinks it’s too depraved, too disgusting, too taboo, and it is. And all those reasons he won’t do it, are the exact reasons I’m going to.

Do I still identify as a woman? Yeah…mostly, I guess. I want tits that will give me back problems, I want an ass that causes distracted driving fatalities, I want lips that were made for sucking, eyes that only beckon, and cheeks flush with color and life, but I also very much like this cock. All those thoughts Jake had, all those dark, disgusting thoughts that have become a part of who I am, all revolve around his precious penis. And now it’s our precious penis. So yeah, I want to be a woman with a dong. I want a cock eight inches up my ass, while I’m balls deep in some pussy. And what do we have here? Some prime, virgin, incestual pussy.

I can feel myself gaining control of Jake’s sleeping body. The nerves are dull now, but every second they become more alert. His breathing becomes my breathing, his heartbeat becomes my heartbeat. I feel the muscles gaining strength between their tendons. I can feel blood rushing through me. Just a little bit more…there it is. Hello, world. Hello, Ally.

“Ally,” I whisper in her ear, “Ally…”

“What?” she groans back, her narrow shoulders shifting sleepily.

“It’s me, Ally; it’s Trish.”

Ally’s body jerks in surprise. Her shoulders pinch together for a moment, and then she whirls around in flurry of blonde hair. She faces me, her face smiling excitedly, her eyes gleaming.

“Holy shit, Trish!” she squeals.

“I’m back.” I smile, but not Jake’s awkward, nervous smile. No, my smile is warm and confident, and full of the wickedness that soaks teenage panties.

“How do you feel?” Ally asks me.

“Honestly?” I chuckle, “Jake’s got morning wood right now, so I’m feeling a little frisky.”

“Oh, my god!” Ally laughs, not at all getting the implication, “Trish, promise me you won’t go to a gay bar. Jake would never forgive me!”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I smile, and shift myself closer to her, “c’mon, Ally; you know about all the thoughts Jake infected me with.”

Ally still holds her smile, but I can see the hint of fear behind her eyes. That’s what I was looking for. Reader, you can thank Jake for having rape fantasies; it’s not my fault this is what gets me off now, it’s his.

“Trish,” Ally whispers, “you need to just…bathe in Jake’s purer brain for a while. Let all those thoughts detoxify.”

“Ally,” I whisper back, “you’re still a virgin, and I’m still a virgin, and we’re not getting any younger.”

“Channing Tatum could’ve said that to me and it wouldn’t work,” Ally laughs, “Trish, this isn’t you; take some time to let yourself return to normal.”

“This is me,” I say with my smile still stretched across my cheeks, but my eyes leveling in a threatening stare, “this will be me forever, Ally. There’s no detoxing your soul; you are who you are, and you are the sum of your experiences. And for the past four years, all of my experiences have been the sickness of Jake’s mind. Ally, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Trish,” Ally smiles back, now her eyes full of threat, “you’ll have a hard time doing that as a quadriplegic.”

I see the telepathic connection between us. I see the line that draws her mind to my own. What’s this thought she’s having? This is interesting: ‘oh my god, please just take me.’ Well, if you insist.

I shoot up from beneath the covers, my body whipping in a feat of athleticism Jake could never have mustered. My cock protrudes from the cloth of Jake’s boxers, staring rigidly into Ally’s widening eyes. I see the gears in her mind start up, the incantation she’s concocting to send a concussion blasting through my skull. Sorry, honey; too slow. I send a mental wrench into the mechanizations of her arcane mind. I see the expression of pain strewn across her face. She’s dazed for a moment, and I seize the opportunity. My hands clench around her wrists, the knuckles whitening as I push my weight forward. Ally’s face twists in a mixture of fear and defiance, but there’s something else: arousal.

“You know,” I pant as I wrestle with her, blocking her testicle-kick with my right thigh, “I can see part of you wants this. You thought Jake was fucked up, Ally, but when I told you of his little rape fantasy, I saw you perk up just a bit.”

“Get the fuck off me, Trish, or I’ll finally perform that surgery you so desperately wanted.” Ally growls as she twists beneath me.

“Ally, you want to fuck your brother, you little slut.” I sneer at her as I pivoted my knees together between her legs.

“Just a passing thought,” she grunts as she breaks her wrist free and plants a punch into my groin, “a little ‘what-if’ fantasy; nothing more.”

I reel back from the pain in my testicles, but manage to stay in control, and grasp the flailing fist that was looking for pay dirt. Ally twists beneath me, but I keep her hands sealed in my fists, allowing her to rotate freely onto her belly in her attempt to wriggle free. Her hands crisscross behind her, her wrists locking together in the cuffs of my straining fingers. Her shoulder blades protrude in protests, her glutes flex about my cock in defiance. I got her, and I can tell part of her hoped I would.

“Ally,” I whisper in her ear, “did you just get on your belly for me?”

“Fuck you, Trish!” Ally screams. There are tears in her eyes. I can hear the panting nature of her breathing. I can see the flush of her cheeks and the mess of her blonde hair in the moonlight. Her skinny arms flex against my fixing grasp. I manage to secure both her wrists in one palm, and then briskly rope them together with Jake’s leather belt. She protests, her arms straining to free themselves, but to no avail. The strap of her bra is tight around the soft flesh of her back. I relieve her of it. Ally whimpers beneath me, realizing what’s about to happen, knowing Jake was right about me the whole time. Despite the domineering nature of our foreplay, I want Ally to enjoy this as much as I will. Jake’s incestual rape fantasies always ended with Ally begging for it, her mind corrupted with lust, her body bending to his prowess. Fortunately for Jake, I am a woman, and I know exactly how to please one.

“Don’t worry, babe,” I whisper to my restrained twin sister, “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“I’ll kill you, Trish,” Ally whispers hoarsely through her tears, “I’ll kill you slow.”

“Such threats, such rage,” I taunt gently as my fingers caress the line of her spine, “but I believe you, Ally. I can see the thoughts burning in your mind. But what’s this thought right here, hmmm? ‘Eat my pussy?’ Ally, is that a request?”

“No,” Ally cries, her face a mosaic of fear, shame and a hint of approval, “it’s just my body; it’s not me.”

“So, it’s your body that wants your brother’s tongue inside you,” I coo to her as my knuckles curl and my fingertips find the elastic waistband of her panties, “there’s some duality to you, it seems. Glad it’s not just Jake and I that have conflicting voices in our head.”

I drag my fingers down, bringing my sister’s panties with them. My knuckles dig gently into the soft flesh of Ally’s ass, her supple glutes welcoming me with their warmth and give. I reveal the divide of my sister’s backside, and stare unabashedly at the prize beneath her cloth. Jake had watched a lot of porn in his time, but he’d never laid eyes on an ass like this before. Pale, soft skin formed over two perfect domes, their bottoms creasing delectably at the thigh, forming the protrusion of her womanly apple. My greed takes me, and I hurriedly rip Ally’s panties down to her knees. She cries a muffled sob into the pillow, but then she looks back. I meet her gaze and smile. Her face is still a portrait of loathing and fear, but the curiosity and desire is gaining traction. Part of her wants to see what I’ll do. Part of her is begging me to go further.

My fingers sink into the soft domes; her pale, warm skin protruding from my gripping knuckles. I spread her wide, and my heart races at the sight of her. She gasps, sobs, and cries out her protest, but her body can’t lie to me. Beneath the perfect, puckered rim of her anus, Ally has prepared herself with a waxing job. Not a single hair can be seen along the tight petals of her womanhood. Her folds are neat and orderly, forming two pale lips that barely reveal the flush bud between them. And it’s soaking for me. Her nectar is running through her crease and spoiling the sheets. I lick my lips, and give my sister one last look. Her eyes are wide and trembling, her blue irises baring dilated pupils in the dark. Her pointed, freckled nose gleams with her rosy cheeks in the moonlight, and her luscious lips are parted in a panting, frightened gape.

“Please,” she begs, her eyebrows raising in her sorrowful plea, “Trish, don’t do this to me.”

I just smile back, and lower my face between her spread cheeks.

Her warmth encloses about my face as I dip my nose against the bottom of her slit. My tongue snakes from my mouth and tests the dripping fluid of my sister. I hear her gasp as she’s touched for the first time by another. The gasp is followed by a sob, but nothing else. She’s waiting for more. My tongue moves again, this time parting her petals, and sliding along the sweet crevasse. She froths in response, her nectar flowing freely from her. Another gasp slips from her lips, but the sob does not follow. My tongue lingers along her folds, exploring her every crease, gently parting the tender flesh of her. She tastes delicious. My movements become more deliberate and less tentative. I slide my tongue through her with confidence, ever teasing the bottom of her clit, but not quite reaching it. I’m listening for her while I’m savoring her flavor, listening for the crack in her defenses. A gasp, a whimper, and then…a moan. Muffled; she tried to hide it in the pillow, but it escaped her virgin mouth nonetheless. I reward her for her unwilling tenor of approval. My tongue reaches the engorged bump of her erogeneity. I curl it about her, and then flick once across. Her legs tremor slightly, and another sobbing moan seeps into the pillow. Another flick, and a similar reaction. I smile at the responsiveness of her body, and then step things up. Playtime’s over, honey.

My lips wrap around my sister’s clit. My fingers slide between her cheeks, stopping for a moment to graze her rim, before creeping to her oozing womanhood. Two digits glide into the tight depths of my sister, and my wrapping lips suck and rotate. She can’t help herself. Her head flings up from the pillow, her blonde hair flailing in an arc. Her mouth trembles for a moment, and then opens to yield a moan of pure delectability. No more pretense is left in her voice, only the carnal sound of her pleasure. My fingers slide deeper into her, gently parting the tightness of her womanhood. I feel the clenching resistance of her depths, and push through her chastity. She cries out in pain and pleasure as the blood of her purity flows onto my invasion. I soothe her pain with the ardent sucking of my lips; pulling her clit all the way into my mouth and stretching the loose skin of her vulgar lips. Another tremor runs through her thighs, this one stronger than before. Her glutes clench around my face, hugging me in a welcoming embrace. My fingers search her depths until they find what they’re looking for: the spot on her ceiling that drives a woman crazy. I press against it and slowly slide my prying members back and forth. My lips seal and rotate, my spit leaking from my mouth and onto her stretched vaginal flesh. Ally can’t hide it, can’t stop herself from singing out. A soft, desperate cry comes from her mouth, and her restrained arms tremble in gratitude.

I play with my twin sister like this, increasing the depth of my invading fingers, increasing the ardency of my sucking lips. She isn’t just moaning anymore; she’s squirming in delight and crying out. Her mouth is curled at the corners in a pleasure-stricken smile, and though the tears still flow from her eyes, the windows to her soul are gleaming with ravenous want. She looks back at me, and I look up at her. I pull my lips from her nectar-soaked slit and smile.

“You’re enjoying this!” I tease softly, my fingers placating her blooming defiance, and replacing it with subservient pleasure, “You like having your brother eat your pussy, don’t you?”

“N-n-no!” she manages to stammer out, though her back is twisting in in response my invading hand.

“In Jake’s fantasy,” I continue, the pace of my fingers still forcing my sister to reel in delight, “he eats you out, he fingers you; do you remember what I told you he wants after that?”

Ally’s eyes widen in fear. Her pleasure-stricken mouth still parts in gaping awe, but the luscious lips that rim it, are quivering.

“That’s right, Ally,” I muse with a smile, “Jake takes his cock,” my other hand joins in and begins caressing her taint, “and he forces it into your virgin asshole.”

Another incantation forms in Ally’s mind. This one isn’t a knock-out shot; this one is lethal. I stop the hemorrhaging spell in its tracks, sending a blast of pain into my sister’ skull.

“You just tried to kill me!” I laugh cruelly, “All that effort you made to get me here, and you were going to throw it all away for some rape?!”

“If you…” Ally pants, “If you touch me again-”

“You’ll do what?” I smirk, “Ally, I’m going to fuck your asshole now.”

Ally thrashes and screams for help. I silence her with her own panties, and revel in her humiliated expression. Her pale face is flush with rage, her blue eyes staring their fear into my own, her mouth escort bayan gaziantep puffed at the cheeks as she’s forced to taste the contents of her womanhood. I grin down at her, and once again, part the soft, pale cheeks that are making Jake hard as a rock. I straddle Ally’s thighs, and slide my counter-part’s rigid member between his sister’s glutes, relishing the feeling of her warm softness surrounding me. Her juices froth from her slit without her permission, her body betraying the defiance of her mind. Her asshole is puckered, pink and clean, and it twitches as my shaft glides over it. Through the muffled sobs and pleas of my sister, I hear the murmur of an approving moan escape from her chest. I push down on my throbbing cock, pressing the tip against Ally’s tight, perfect sphincter. She whips her head around, her eyes giving me one last pleading look. I smirk at her fear, getting even harder in its expression. I spread her wider, force my way in.

It’s difficult to describe this feeling. Ally’s sphincter resists me for every inch, clinging desperately closed as I drive harder. Her neck is twisted unnaturally, her head shaking fervently in the final pleas for mercy. I’m not in yet, but I can feel her beginning to expand. I give her a courtesy spit, and watch as the string of saliva descends perfectly to her opening rim. My head eventually breaks through, and Ally’s back begins to flex concavely, her stomach pressing into the bed as her ribs and breasts lift from it. I push deeper, and then…I’m in. Her rim encloses about the crease of shaft, sucking me into her greedily. A muffled scream erupts from Ally’s occupied mouth, her eyes widening, pain mixing with the fear that’s already written across them. I push deeper, savoring the feeling of her tight, warm insides enveloping me, twitching around me, hugging every curve of my girth. Ally’s thrashing beneath me, her back twisting and her legs kicking. Her spine continues to arch with every inch I push into her, as though my cock were a lever for back. Slowly, gradually, I continue my descent, watching in amazement as her shit-hole gapes about me, as her rim thins to a white circle, as her glutes flex and twitch around what remains of my exposed shaft. I push the last inches of myself all the way in, and marvel at the feeling of her gripping asshole clinging to every bit of me. God, it’s the best feeling in the world.

“The hard part’s over, Sweetie,” I tease my screaming sister as I caress her arching back, “it’s all good from here. You did so well.”

Ally isn’t listening to me. She’s thrashing and screaming in agony, her restrained arms flexing to be freed, her wet eyes writhing in their sockets, looking back at her anal penetration in horror. I smile into those eyes and slowly withdraw, laughing at her expression as she sees her inner-flesh come out with me, her anal skin sheathed to my cock. She almost prolapses right there, but I push back in before she does. Ally jerks forward, her head whipping upward in a painful wretch, her back flexing so that every muscle stands up. I pull out, and push in again, increasing my pace and force with each thrust, marveling at the feeling of her tight insides constantly constricting about me.

I shift myself backward and push Ally’s ass up. Her thighs slide out from beneath me as her knees bend. I take a grip of my sister’s blonde hair and force her upward, making her bound arms and back press against my torso. She looks back at me, her eyes still wide in pain and fear, but the pleasure is beginning to show. The pleading stare no longer begs for reprieve, but for continuation. I can see the stream of thought seeping from her mind. ‘Rape me harder, Trish; break me open.’

“Ally,” I smile at her as I begin to thrust deeper into her defiled gape, “do you like this?”

Ally shakes her head.

“Don’t lie to me, Ally,” I whisper in her ear, and then lick the side of her face, “I can taste the truth on you.”

Ally turns her face from me, but I grip her chin and force her gaze back to mine. Her face is contorting deeper into the throes of her ecstasy. The wide-eyed stare she gives me is now seeped in pleasure. Her muffled tones no longer bare the screams of protest, but the ardent pants and moans of a woman in the jaws of ecstasy.

“I’ll stop if you want me to.” I smile, knowing the lines of her mind, “I’ll pull out, untie you, and we can pretend it never happened. Do you want me to do that?”

Ally nods her head; she thinks I’m bluffing.

“Ok,” I say, and pull out of her ass, her exhausted sphincter prolapsing, and forcing a sharp cry of delight from my sister, “we’ll stop.”

Ally’s face falls in dismay. Her eyes look at me pleadingly. She bows her head and muffles something.

“I’m sorry,” I smile, and pull her panties from her mouth, “I didn’t catch that.”

“I…” Ally says, her voice soft and faint, “I…don’t want you to stop.”

“What was that?” I smile.

“I want you to rape my ass.” She grumbles.

“Come again?” I tease.

“I WANT YOU TO RAPE MY ASS!” she screams, her voice etched in desperation, her eyes pleading-no-begging me to do so.

“Ally,” I laugh, “I was wondering about something: was I supposed to wake up tonight?”

“No,” Ally confesses, a coy smile forming across her lips, “you were supposed to stay dormant for two more days.”


“But I shaved off fifteen more milligrams from Jake’s doses,” Ally grins, “so that you’d wake up tonight.”

“How long have you wanted to fuck your brother?” I ask her.

“Jake? I wanted to fuck Jake since we were fifteen. You? A bit longer than that.”

“And this whole thing…”

“I got a bikini wax and a bleaching two days ago,” Ally said, “just for this occasion. Ever since you told me about Jake’s anal rape fantasy, Trish, about how you wanted to do it so bad…I’ve been fingering my asshole every night thinking about it, about how I would react, how I should stay submissive, what thoughts I should let you see.”

“Let me see?!” I asked, completely dumbfounded.

“I learned how to block you out almost instantly,” Ally laughs, “I just drop a few hints, a few subtle inklings of my mind. Lead you on a bit.”

“Ally,” I laugh, shaking my head, “you’re just as-if not more-fucked up than me.”

“I know,” Ally smirks, “Tomorrow, Jake’s going to take my pussy virginity; I knew he couldn’t handle this fantasy.”

“But I could,” I smile as I press my cock between her glutes, “and I played right into your hand, didn’t I?”

“Does it make you angry that I manipulated you?” Ally smirks at me, “Do I need to be punished for it?”

“You’ve been such a naughty little slut.” I whisper in her ear.

“Yesssssss,” she hisses, “demean me, degrade me.”

“You’re a sick little whore,” I snarl as my hands reach around her and grip her full, pale breasts, “who wants to fuck her brother.”

“I am!” she moans, “I’m a shameless skank who wants to be raped in the ass!”

“I’m going to have to hurt you, Ally,” I say as my thumb and forefinger pinch a nipple in each hand, “I’m going to have to teach my new whore a lesson.”

“Teach me, Master!” she cries, “Punish me for being such a little slut!”

I angle my cock against her puckered sphincter and give her what she wants. She cries out in delight, her eyes still brimming with tears, her lips agape in part of ecstasy. Her warm insides welcome me with their clinging embrace, her prolapse internalizing as I push back in. Her head whips back until it’s resting on my chest, her panting mouth breathing her breath into my nostrils, her begging eyes staring her pleasure into my face. I grin down at her as I pump harder and harder in her destroyed anus, my fingers stretching her nipples from her body, her ample, pale bosom deforming to conical spheres. Her brow furrows, her mouth screams, her back arches and her glutes flex about my cock. Her ass presses against my pelvis as I drive in, and her rim stretches from her pelvic floor as I pull out. Her body gyrates; her bound arms struggling behind her back, her thighs contracting, her hips grinding, her chest heaving as her breasts bounce in my pinching hands.

“Oh god, Trish,” Ally screams, “I’m coming!”

I let her breasts fall from my hands. They bounce in delightful jiggle, and then bob to the increasing cadence of our lust. I grip my sister’s thick, pale thighs, and push them forward. Her legs fall out from beneath her as I lean back into a sitting position. I continue pulling her legs up until her knees are in line with her ears. I slide my elbows beneath the backs of her knees and lock my fingers together behind her head, forcing her face to look down at what I’m doing to her. She squeals in delight, her anus contracting and convulsing, her abs flexing as her ankles dangle helplessly above her head. Her pelvic floor stretches from her body with each pull; my girth bringing her insides out of her, sending spasms shooting up her spine. She’s screaming now, an endless, unbroken note that fluctuates to the chaotic cadence of my thrusts. Her entire body is shaking with the speed of our sex; her breasts jiggling wildly, her ass rippling in delicious waves of flesh, her hair flailing in a mess of blonde. Her scream turns to hoarse sobs, “oh, my god, oh my god,” is all her mouth can say.

I turn my sister’s face to my own. Her lips are quivering and agape, a permanent expression of shocked euphoria strewn across her pretty face. I gaze into her pleasure-warped eyes and bring her mouth to my own. It’s the first time either of us has been kissed. Somehow, I know exactly what to do, but Ally is obviously a novice. I guide her through it, opening her mouth and sharing her tongue with my own. Her flavor permeates inside me, her wet member entangling and wrestling with my own. Our lips suck gently about each other as we express the pleasure of our bodies. She breaks from the kiss to yield another screech. Her anus convulsing wildly, her pelvis shooting contracting spasms up her spine. She stares at me, her eyes wide and brimming, her brow furrowed, her lips parted wide, her cheeks flushed and her skin glistening with a sheen of sweat. Then she flings her head back and screams louder than ever before. The muscles in her abdomen flex and twitch wildly, her asshole clenches around me in a lusty vice. Lecherous tones erupt from her chest as her chaotic breath mingles with her soprano note. I feel the quaking in Jake’s nethers, the tell-tale sign that the end is near. Ally’s head wrenches forward, her shoulders pinning back, digging their blades into my chest. A stream of feminine juices erupts from her pussy, showering us with her sweet stink. Her back arches in a violent return, sending her head flailing back, and jutting her breasts forward. My hands leave the back of my sister’s head, and greedily sink their fingers into her flailing breasts. She’s no longer screaming, but mouthing soundlessly to me, her mind completely gone in the wake of her first sexual orgasm. I feel the last of me give way to the building sensation, and I roar out in Jake’s voice, thrusting my sister into the air as I unload into her ruined gape. She finds her voice and joins my own in a harmony of lust, our bodies rising in crescendo as the last beats of our sex smack skin-to-skin.

We fade down together, our breathing heavy and panting, our bodies wet with the strain of our lust. I fall backward, and she collapses on top of me. We lay there for a while, recovering from the intensity, regaining control of our minds. The dopamine rush kicks in; evolution telling me that I did good. I finally find the strength to unbind my sister, and she rotates on top of me and plants a passionate, thankful kiss on my lips. I tangle a hand in her blonde hair and return it. We part, a string of saliva bridging our mouths, and we stare into one another’s eyes.

“That’s a hell of a way to lose your virginity.” I laugh.

“I’m still a virgin,” Ally smiles, “the ol’ poop-hole loophole.”

“You’re saving it for Jake, huh?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Ally says, rolling to her side and nestling her head on my chest, “a romantic, gentle first time.”

“Mmm, I don’t think that’s how you really like it,” I smirk, “you little anal slut.”

“Shut up, Trish,” Ally giggles, “there’s more to my sexuality than just a hard fuck. With you, I want to be violent and aggressive, but with Jake, I want to be loving and tender.”

“Jake still thinks of you as his sister,” I say, “you’ll have a hard time convincing him to do anything.”

“And you?” I ask, “Are you not my sister, and am I not yours?”

“Well, yeah, I see you as a sister, but that just makes it hotter for me,” I laugh, and fill my hand with her supple ass, “you and I are a set of depraved twins. I didn’t know how fucked up you were though.”

“I spent too much time in my own head after they put the regulators on me,” Ally says, “I had…a lot of dark thoughts go through me; mostly aimed at Jake for stepping off the side of that curb without looking. I killed a man, Trish; that changes you.”

“And somehow, murder turned you into a masochistic, incestuous deviant,” I smirked, “who planned out her own rape days in advance.”

“I’m a mess, I know,” Ally sighs, “but I think we’ll need a couple of damaged women in the days and weeks to come. Things are going to get bad, Trish; people are going to die.”

“And we’re going to kill them,” I say, bringing her close, “we’re going to kill them all.”

“Have you made contact with Sydney?” Ally asks me.

“I have,” I say, “we’ll meet her and Ashley at the convention tomorrow.”

We were silent for a moment, and then Ally spoke what we were both thinking.

“How the fuck are we going to tell Jake about this?” she asks me, “I told him I’d mediate between you two when you were supposed to come out. He’s going to wake up tomorrow with memories of anally fucking his sister!”

“Eh,” I shrugged indifferently, “he should just be happy I didn’t try a complete take-over.”

“Would you?” Ally asked.

“Not if you live up to your side of the bargain.” I reply.

“That…” Ally trails off, “I have no idea how to tell him.”

“It’s easy: ‘hey, Jake, you know how I saved your life that one time, and how I’m currently saving your life now? Well, in exchange for saving your life, you have to become a she-male.'”

“And then Jake tucks his dick between his legs, and high-tails it to Michigan.” Ally responds.

“Where they’ll catch him, experiment on him, and kill him…kill us.” I reply.

“Do they know about you yet?” Ally asks, referring to the companies that would pursue us, “Can you see them?”

“Representatives from Enhanced Engineering are at our house right now,” I say gravely, “they suspected Jake and I for a while, but now they’ve got government clearance to enter a crime scene. Ally, I can spy on them for a while, but once they find out what I am, they’ll put jammers on, and then we won’t see them coming.”

“Time is short,” Ally says, “we’ll need to get out of here soon.”

“After we meet up with Sydney and Ashley,” I say, “then we’ll go deeper.”

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