Two Heads are Better Than One

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My roommate, Sophie, must have been crazy to leave me alone with her boyfriend, Brad, in the apartment. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trustworthy; I was a great friend, honestly. But Brad and I had dated before he’d fallen for Sophie, and while our personalities didn’t work out as more than friends, the sex had always been amazing. I’m sure she didn’t realize there was still sexual tension and outrageous attraction between us, and she probably figured that my newest conquest, Steven, was on his way over, so she didn’t mind taking off with the two of us sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching an old movie.

I, however, was very attuned to the situation, and Brad tensed visibly in his seat next to me as the door closed behind Sophie. He gave me a boyish grin, nervousness playing across his features. He was definitely eye candy, tall and lanky with deep brown eyes, long eyelashes, shaggy brown hair that fell in long locks almost to his shoulders, and a day’s growth of beard on his angular face. I knew what he looked like under his clothes, too, and that was even better. His stomach was flat, his chest muscles prominent in his thin frame, and he was better endowed than most of the men I’d ever known. Just thinking about it made my mouth go dry.

I tried to smile back at him as he said, “I hope you don’t mind me hanging out and waiting for Sophie to get back.”

I shrugged at him, trying to play it cool while the warmth between my legs grew hotter and wetter, just imagining what we could do while we were alone. “When the hospital calls, Sophie runs. It’s no big deal, she’ll be back in a couple of hours, and I’ll be on my way out with Steven. You’re welcome to stay.” I felt like I was babbling, but I was trying to remind myself how inappropriate it was to fantasize about unzipping his pants and taking his penis in my mouth. It wasn’t working very well.

I told myself carefully to stop it, that nothing was going to happen, and that I had a date tonight and would get fucked later on. Steven was pretty amazing himself, and I tried to picture his short, spiky blond hair, his emerald green eyes, and the dimple in his right cheek when he smiled that thousand-watt smile at me. I tried to undress his body in my mind, closing my eyes and thinking hard about his broad shoulders and narrow waist, all atop muscular legs. He wasn’t small, either, but he was longer and not quite as big around as Brad.

And just like that I was back to Brad, imagining what lie under those jeans. And I blushed, realizing I was looking straight at his groin, wishing that I could see the outline of his cock hard against the denim. He cleared his throat, and my gaze shot up to his face, my face burning with embarrassment. He didn’t say anything at first, just took the bowl of popcorn I was holding and set it on the coffee table in front of us.

The look in his eyes was like that of a predator about to go in for the kill, and it made my heart race, my pulse pounding in my ears, drowning out the sound of the television. I couldn’t seem to see anything but him, and suddenly he was leaning toward me, his hand outstretched and tangling in my straight blonde hair. He caught me by surprise as his lips locked onto mine, his tongue pushing its way between my lips and darting in and out, a shadow of the way he used to pound inside me. I breathed into his mouth, sighing heavily and feeling the moisture build between my thighs. I wanted him, just as I always had.

“Kayla?” He made my name a question, spoken with anticipation and the strain of holding back.

I nodded, his hand still fisted in antep escort my hair, and I managed to look down, the imprint of his dick in his pants more than obvious now. That satisfaction stole what was left of my breath, and I barely managed to whisper, “Yes.”

It was all the encouragement he needed. Suddenly, he was on top of me, my back pressed against the arm of the couch, and my tank top was pushed up to my neck so that my breasts were bare. His mouth closed over my left nipple, sucking at it and rolling his tongue around it, the flicking it, making me moan with pleasure. “Oh, god, Brad.”

It wasn’t enough, even when he moved to the other nipple, leaving both of them wet and hard. I wanted more, and I intended to get it from him. I shoved my hands between us, forcing enough space so that I could get to the zipper on his jeans. I yanked at it, then tugged his jeans and boxer briefs down around his thighs so I could grab his shaft.

The smooth skin and the heat of his groin made me smile, and I arched my back with pleasure as he groaned with the sensation of it. I began to run my hand up and down the shaft, caressing over the head in swift, graceful motions. We’d spent little time during our brief dating actually talking and most of it fucking, so I knew very well what he liked. As I played with his dick, it grew harder and throbbed beneath my touch.

His mouth was on my neck, biting, nibbling gently, and that wasn’t enough either. “Harder, please,” I begged with barely enough breath to speak the words. He bit down hard on my collar bone, and I let out a scream of delight.

His hands were on my shorts, tugging them down from my waist, panties and all. I let them go, raising my hips to give him easier access as he pulled them down. I saw them land on the table, in the bowl of popcorn, and I chuckled. “The popcorn’s ruined.”

“Who cares?” he growled at me, and as soon as his finger snaked up inside my pussy, I agreed. He used his finger to tickle me inside,to moisten me further and to stretch me out so I’d be ready when he wanted to shove himself inside me. I squirmed and moaned, clawing at his shoulders, alternately begging him to stop and to give me more.

I hadn’t heard the door open, and suddenly, standing above me, looking down, was Steven. His look of surprise should have made me feel guilty, but staring up into that beautiful face, all I could think was how much I wanted him, too.

As Brad kept finger fucking me, I reached up with one hand, fisting it in his red T-shirt, and I pulled his face down to me, crushing my lips to his with bruising force as I drank in the taste of his kiss. When I released him, I looked straight across. His groin was at eye level, and between my kiss and the sight in front of him, his penis was a clear, long outline behind the cloth of his own jeans.

I pushed at Brad’s shoulders to get his attention, and he withdrew his finger from me, looking up in puzzlement at me and Steven. I smiled seductively and told him, “Let me turn over.” He rose up onto his knees, and I got on my knees facing away from him, resting my hands on the arm of the couch.

I motioned for Steven to stand in front of me. He hadn’t said a word, and he seemed to be having trouble breathing. I glanced over my shoulder at Brad, who seemed to be at a loss for what to do. I wasn’t. “Fuck me, Brad. Fuck me until I pass out.” I wanted that big hard cock inside me, and I didn’t want it gently either.

I felt him scoot toward me and turned back to Steven just as the tip of Brad’s penis pushed antep escort bayan against the warm, wet opening of my pussy. I shuddered and had to close my eyes for a moment to control the pleasure. I gazed up at Steven and said, “Drop your pants. I’ll give you a blowjob.”

He obeyed, dropping his jeans and his boxers to his ankles, leaving the firm, hard cock standing at attention against his lower stomach. I reached one hand up and began to caress it, drawing my hand up and over the head, then back down the shaft and around again. He made a sound low in his throat that could have been pleasure or pain but I assumed it was pleasure. I was having fun at least.

It was at that moment that Brad shoved into me, and I let out a cry of ecstasy at the feeling of him pounding deep into me, the pain almost too much to bear and yet exciting all at the same time. With him firmly inside me, I closed my mouth around Steven’s cock and began to bob up and down on it, in rhythm with Brad’s thrusts. His hand was on the small of my back, and he kept us going at a fast, hard pace that was shoving Steven deep into my throat over and over, nearly gagging me.

It was fantastic, and my moans of pleasure were muffled by the fullness of Steven’s dick in my mouth as his hands came up to either side of my heand, holding it steady as I sucked and licked at him. Brad would thrust in, deep and hard, smacking against my ass as he did, his balls swinging against my clit for added sensation, and as he did, my whole body would shove forward, forcing Steven deeper into my mouth.

I was on the verge of orgasm when Brad stopped moving, buried deep inside me, and I wanted to cry. We couldn’t stop now. I tried to turn and look at him, but Steven’s hands held my head facing forward, and my eyes were slightly unfocused from the passion of it all anyway.

When Brad spoke, his voice was low and hoarse, and I realized he wasn’t talking to me. “Wanna trade?”

My eyes popped open in surprise, and I gazed up at Steven, fighting to see his expression. His cock was still in my mouth, not far, just the head, and he looked like he was fighting not to fill my mouth with cum. He looked almost appreciative as he pulled away from me and let go. “Definitely, man. Her mouth is something else.”

Brad slid out of me, chuckling in that oh-so-male tone that said he knew what Steven meant. “If you think that’s good, wait till you fuck her in the ass.” Brad stepped down from the couch, and I wanted to protest that it wasn’t fair to talk about me like that right in front of my face. Then I realized it was a compliment and smiled at him.

He slapped me on the ass and told me to flip back over. I started to, but Steven made a small noise of protest, and I turned to him in question. “Lay on your back, but I want your ass on the arm of the couch and your legs in the air.”

I shrugged, not caring, as long as one of them was inside me soon. My pussy was so wet and wanting that I could hardly stand it. I positioned myself as requested, and Steven wasted no time, grabbing my ankles and holding them to his shoulders as he plowed his dick into me with brute force. It made me scream, a mixture of pleasure and pain that was oh so sweet, the length of him enough to meet the end of me and pound so hard it felt like it would bruise.

Brad stood and watched for a minute, stroking himself absently, and I reached out to help. “Damn,” he muttered, sounding as though his mouth was dry. I kept one hand on his shaft and reached the other out to him, taking his hand and escort antep pulling him toward me. I started to turn my head to the side, my tongue reaching for the tip of him, but he shook his head.

While Steven kept shoving into me, bringing me back to the brink of orgasm, Brad placed a pillow under my head and then straddled me, his hips just above my breasts, his dick right in front of my face. “Open up,” he growled at me in that low, sensual voice. I did, and he shoved his cock inside my mouth, letting Steven’s rhythm rock me back and forth, taking him deeper into my mouth, then drawing him back out.

It was harder to suck Brad’s cock because it was wider, but it tasted so good, between the taste of his own soft skin and the juice from my own wetness still coating it. And the inside of his thighs brushed against my nipples with each of Steven’s thrusts, making them hard and taut and heightening my arousal with each touch.

My hands found Brad’s firm ass, squeezing it, my nails digging in just a little so that it brought a hiss of air through his gritted teeth. “Damn, girl,” he groaned. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

My mouth opened wider on a cry as Steven shoved particularly hard and deep, and the orgasm burst over me. It made my back arch, shoving my breasts against Brad’s legs and tossing my head back so that Brad’s dick was no longer in my mouth.

I screamed and moaned and writhed beneath the two of them until Brad shoved his cock back in my mouth, like a giant pacifier and began following Steven’s thrusting motions with thrusts of his own, fucking my mouth. I saw him turn to glance at Steven and heard him ask, “Are you ready to finish this?”

“Oh, yeah,” Steven answered through gritted teeth. He spread my ankles wider, opening my pussy even further, as if he could shove more of his cock in that way. Another wave of orgasm hit me with that motion, and I clawed at Brad’s back, trying to get a grip on the pleasure that was riding me so hard, causing me to lose control.

As my nails dug into him, Brad’s body began to spasm, and he grunted as cum filled my mouth, squirting over and over again toward the back of my throat, thick and hot and salty. With his penis still in my mouth, I couldn’t swallow, and there was so much that it began to leak from the corner of my mouth, dripping down my chin onto my throat and chest.

Seeing both of us in the throes of orgasm pushed Steven over the edge so that he began to shudder, and a scream erupted from his mouth as his cum spilled into me, hot and heavy and exciting. It made me squirm again, which made Steven shoot more, until he was completely spent.

As we all finished, Brad collapsed on my chest, and Steven collapsed on Brad’s back, resting his forehead against it as we all tried desperately to catch our breath. We were all soaked in sweat, and it was glorious. I could still feel the remnants of Brad’s hard on against my chest, and Steven was still inside me.

Brad sighed heavily, breathing out, “Damn.” It seemed to be the best description he had for things today, and it made me chuckle, which tightened the walls of my pussy and pushed Steven’s dick out of me.

We stayed still for awhile, and that’s how Sophie found us. She stepped into the room, calling out, “They called and told me not to bother, they found someone else. I was already halfway there and…” She dropped off, staring at us all open mouthed.

Again, I should have been embarrassed to be caught with two men, one of them her boyfriend, but I was so lazy with sexual satisfaction I couldn’t blush. I gave her a half-hearted, “Oops.” I couldn’t do any better than that.

She shook her head, and a smile played across her face. “Next time, maybe you could invite me to the party.”

I looked up at her in amazement, and the two guys’ faces mirrored my own before we all broke out laughing. I shrugged again. “You’re welcome anytime.”

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