Uncle Ben Has Taken My Wife Ch. 02


Some of you might have read my previous story ‘Uncle Ben Has Taken my Wife’. This is the second part of that story.

Readers might recall that Uncle Ben is not the benign American Rice vendor. Rather he is an overweight, lazy fat slob.

Picking up from where I left off in Part 1 its fair to say that Uncle Ben had completely taken over our lives, or at least that is what he liked to think. While he took over Fran and used her for his sexual pleasure in any way that took his imagination I was cooking cleaning and assisting him as he pleased.

Fran was so turned on by him and would do anything he said. At his behest she humiliated me in the most imaginative ways.

However, submission is a double-edged sword. Whilst they enjoyed their perceived control of me I, in turn, was able to subtley influence them into behaviours that suited my sexual desires. If I wanted Uncle Ben to anally fuck Fran I would just beg him not to. If I wantd to suck him I would beg him not to make me and he would. This simple paradox worked wonders. Essentially he and Fran were my performing seals. It’s just that they didn’t know it.

Basically despite their extreme humiliation of me I loved watching them perform. I know it sounds perverted but I loved licking them both and cleaning them with my tongue. I even enjoyed drinking their urine. Of course I begged them not to make me.

The only bit I didn’t enjoy was Uncle Ben’s mean temper. Often he would often beat me up. He would also trash the house after I cleaned it and make me clean it all over again.

His problem was alcohol. He was a major drunk and at a certain point he would get violent with it. He never beat Fran, however.

Perhaps not unexpectedly Uncle Ben had a major heart attack and died. Fran was gutted and became depressed for some time. I basically had to look after her and nurse her through it. We became quite close during that period. I think she truly realised that I was there for her.

Personally I was quietly pleased at Uncle Ben’s untimely demise although I did miss the sexual stuff. Fran on the other hand could not bring herself to think about sex. She seemed instead to enjoy the emotional intimacy we had found

It did help her when we learnt that Uncle Ben had left us his house and possessions and a goodly amount of money. Actually it helped me as well.

Over the months we completely decorated and furnished the house. We made it our home. Fran lost weight and tidied herself up. She looked a picture and more than that I was proud of her. Over time we began to explore each other sexually. I loved the feel of her body.

I knew, however, that no matter how I tried I couldn’t fully satisfy her sexual needs. It was also the case that she couldn’t mine. The trouble is that we are both submissive and at least Uncle Ben took the lead.

Eventually we talked about it. Fran said my little penis didn’t satisfy her. She said that she knew that in reality the vagina adapts to suit to the size of the penis but she felt that on a psychological level she needed to feel a very large penis in her. She was Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort so pleased when I told her that I enjoyed seeing her pleasure when she fucked with Uncle Ben. I told her that whilst I am not gay I do have a bisexual side and got as much pleasure from looking at and touching a large penis as she did.

In the end we agreed to find a replacement for Uncle Ben. We worked out that we wanted an older man with a very thick penis. We wanted him to make us submit to his every whim. Of course he had to be at least as dirty minded as us.

We found Tony via the Internet. We told him what we liked and he said we fitted what he was looking for. He had only one demand and that was that we would do anything that he demanded or he would walk away for good. We accepted this because it actually gave us a way out if we needed it. I told Tony that the only demand that we had was that he should not be emotionally intimate with Fran. Rather we wanted lust not love.

Tony is a big guy, balding and in his early fifties. He is married but his wife was not interested in what she saw as his sexual perversions. He is a powerful man who exudes confidence. Clearly he is a man used to getting his own way.

We finally arranged to meet. He was to come to our home. He told us by email that he wanted us to be naked when he arrived. He insisted that Fran be wet and ready for him. By ‘ready’ he meant that Fran was to be bending over holding her ankles when he came into the room.

When the evening finally came Fran and I were really nervous. We stripped off just before Tony was due to arrive. Fran lay on the carpet so that I could get her cunt ready with my tongue. Soon her nerves were forgotten. Her juices were flowing and her hips were thrusting as if they had a mind of their own.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door and Tony barged in. He ignored my proffered hand and my greeting.

He looked straight to Fran who had assumed the required position. We could see her open cunt. The lips were shiny with moisture and there were droplets on her luxurious bush. Above that we could see her little puckered anus. Without a word Tony stood himself behind her. He worked two fingers into her. Fran moaned.

After a few minutes of this he turned to me and ordered me to get his cock out. We had seen pictures of it but they had not really done him justice. It was like an iron bar. It was incredibly thick and about eight inches long crowned by a large mushroom shaped purple head. The shaft was gnarled with veins and the base was the thickest part. He reached down and pulled his balls out of his trousers. They were clean shaven and the size of two large plums.

He lined his penis up with Fran’s cunt and without warning pushed into her with one long smooth lunge. Fran just exploded into an orgasm. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck.” She cried in ecstacy.. I saw saliva hanging from her mouth.

I looked down at their union and saw her cunt lips were distended around his thick shaft. Her lips were taut and red. His shaft already had collected a ring of thick cream like juices. Kadıköy Çıtır Escort

Fran’s legs were wobbling with each deep thrust that he made. I had the impression that his cock was holding her up.

Tony began to thrust hard and harder. “Take that you slut,” he chanted. “I havn’t cum for a week so you are going to be full of it bitch.”

With that he held her hips and gave one final lunge and began to ejaculate in her. I could see his sperm as it oozed out around his cock. He told me to kneel between them and catch his sperm when he pulled out. It was incredible. Her cunt lips clung to him as he withdrew. Finally he was out and there was a long rope of thick white cum hanging from her lips. I got my mouth under it and let it drip in. The smell of their combined juices was incredible. Eventually I worked my tongue in and licked out their juices. Fran orgasmed again filling my mouth to the point of overflow.

Eventually Tony told me to get up but Fran to stay as she was. I knew that she was finding it difficult to stay in that position. From where I stood, however, I could see just how stretched and distended her cunt was. She was still quietly moaning.

I then noticed that Tony had undressed himself. He looked so menacing with his still erect penis pointing upwards. In his hand he had a broad leather belt. He walked towards Fran and softly almost gently said “You spoke when I was fucking you and I didn’t give you permission my little slut. Now you have to learn a lesson.”

Tony turned to me and handed me the belt. He said that I should give her ten hard lashes across her buttocks. He went on to say that if I didn’t do it hard enough he would give her ten more and do the same to me. That was difficult. It is just not in my nature to inflict pain. To my way of thinking that was Tony’s role.

Tony turned to Fran and told her that he did not want to hear a sound from her during the punishment.

I stood behind her. My own little penis was rock hard but that didn’t stop me feeling queasy. I swung the belt hard but at the last second slightly softerned the blow. I couldn’t bear to hurt my Fran. Tony said nothing so I carried out the lashing in this manner. I tried to minimise her pain. Even so after the tenth stroke her buttocks were bright red and crisscrossed with welts. I could hear her heavy breathing but she did not cry out in pain. I hoped that she would know that I tried to soften the punishment.

Tony, however, certainly knew that I had. He screamed at me that my softness was going to cause Fran even more pain. With that he swung the belt like a whip. It whistled through the air. This was followed by the loud report of leather on skin. “That is what I mean by punishment.” He hissed. When he finished Fran fell forward onto the floor. There were tears streaming from her eyes but she made no sound. She rolled onto her back as if to hide her buttocks from Tony. However, he simply pushed his toes into her open cunt and within seconds she orgasmed. I had never seen her cum so hard and powerfully. I could see that his game was one Kadıköy Elit Escort of simple punishment and reward.

When she calmed down from her orgasm Tony stroked her face and said to her that it was my fault that she got a second beating. She looked at me with disdain. Tony offered her the belt and said it was time to get her own back. She smiled and told me to bend over and grip my ankles. With great trepidation I did so. Fran obviously didn’t experience any qualms. I could hear the belt whistling before it lashed me. I couldn’t help it and screamed with pain. After the ten lashes were completed Tony told Fran that ten more were needed because I had screamed. She again set about her task with great vigour until I finally collapsed onto the floor. Even in my pain I was able to recognise that Tony, had with ease, been able to set Fran and I against each other.

Although I was still smarting and writhing Tony pulled me up by my hair into a kneeling position. My face was inches from his massive cock. He pulled me towards it. His intention was obvious. I didn’t have to be told. I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock head. Tony took over and held my head whilst he fucked my mouth hard. After a while he bade me to lick his balls and rim him. The scent of his masculinity was overpowering. I regained my erection. I went to town on him.

After some time he told me to suck his cock again. When I took his cock head in his body tensed and strained. I knew what was going to happen and it did. At first it was just a trickle of bitter tasting urine. Then it became a gush. Fortunately he stopped mid flow and called Fran to him. He inserted his penis in her mouth and did the same. It was dribbling from her lips onto her big breasts. When he finished he wiped his cock on her face.

Tony then told us to take him to our bedroom. He said that he was going to fuck Fran silly and I was going to watch him pleasure her in a way that I never could.

Dutyfuly Fran Lay flat on the bed with her knees drawn back to her breasts and her thighs parted. Without further ado Tony clambered between her legs and ordered me to insert him into Fran. When I did he said: “What kind of man puts another mans cock into his wife?” With that he began to slowly, almost lovingly slide in and out of Fran. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide. I stood behind them and could see that he was withdrawing most of his cock only to slide all the way in again. His shaft was glistening with her juices. I could see a wet patch forming beneath her.

At first I loved to see her pleasure. Then I noticed a subtle change. They were gently kissing and stroking each other. They were being intimate. This was not simple emotionally detached fucking. They were making love. This wasn’t the plan.

Tony took her to heights she had never experienced. He took her in every position. Finally he came. They just clung to each other in the aftermath. I could see it all again. Punishment followed by love. She was eating out of his hand.

Nevertheless when he told me to lick them both clean I did not hesitate.

When he was leaving Tony told us that he would be in touch and to expect something even more extreme next time.

After he had gone I confronted Fran about the intimacy between them. She didn’t deny it but said that she still loved me but needed him. She said that she felt she would do anything he wanted.