Under the Thumb

Group Sex

They had been out once and he was beginning to find her more alluring. At only 24, he was 6 years her junior. She was in his sister’s year at school, although they didn’t hang around together. She enjoyed her job as a librarian and even at school had always been a demure character, never revealing too much of herself.

They walked back to his flat and she agreed to stop off for a short time. Leading her to the lounge, he fixed her a drink then joined her. He was thanking his lucky stars when she let him kiss her and then touch her stunning legs. It had taken him ages to get a date with her.

He was in the library a lot and after 8 attempts she had finally agreed to go on the date. It had seemed to go well. Her light brown hair was shoulder length, over her usual attire of cardigan and skirt or skirt suit. Her legs were simply stunning. She rode her exercise bike daily and it showed; quite often she didn’t wear tights as her legs felt comfortable without them.

As his hands wandered over them, she adjusted herself on the couch and he was gliding lower. Without thinking, he had ended up on the floor and her skirt had ridden up her legs, almost to her waist.

Becoming more bold, he kissed the inside of one thigh and then his mouth was kissing her mound through her panties. She parted them with her fingers as his tongue gently tasted her sex, delicately tracing a line over her lips, then taking more bold sweeps of his tongue up and down. After a few minutes she put her hand on his head.

“Take them off” she said and he slid her knickers down.

She adjusted her position again, slipping her thighs over his shoulders as his mouth came back into play. Parting her lips, his tongue tasted inside her. He swept up again to her clitoris and boldly sucked the little nubbin before licking it forcefully.

“Slow down a bit” she quietly said and he let her hand on his head push it down again.

This time he concentrated on fucking her with his tongue, driving it into her. She shifted almost imperceptibly, leaning back a little and sighing as she looked up at the ceiling. His mouth moved upwards and captured her clitoris again, as one hand came down to grip his hair vice like.

“Fuck, don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” she yelled and as she climaxed, her thighs tightened, clenching his head.

He softly brought her down from her plateau as she sat with her eyes shut. In post orgasm bliss, her thighs had began pressing down on his shoulders, forcing his mouth lower. It glided over her pussy lips before approaching the thin separation, then it tickled her arsehole.

“Mhhmm” she murmured and he guessed she was enjoying that.

It seemed almost instinctive the way her legs lessened in pressure now. His tongue lapped insistently, before her anus relented, almost welcoming it in. Then he felt her hand on his head again, pressing it in. He tried to move upwards but her legs increased in pressure again.

“Keep doing that” she said and he mentally shrugged and continued. Time ticked by and her hand occasionally pressed on the back of his head, driving his tongue in deeper.

Then when he thought it would drop off with exhaustion, his tongue received a break as she adjusted to let him lick her out again. He attacked the task with almost gratitude, using evey trick he knew. She prevented him from reaching her clitoris but seemed happy to let him fuck her with his tongue. At last, the excitment became too much.

“Up a bit, I’m going to cum again” she groaned and her firm grip descended to his hair again as she thrashed against his tongue.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour on the floor, she relaxed her grip and smiled down at him.

“Thanks, I needed that. Now be a dear and call me a taxi will you?” she said.

“Um, but well….” he began, surprised and disappointed it wasn’t going further.

“That was fun, but I’m tired and besides, the best things come to those who wait” she said to him matter of factly.

He had no choice and called a cab. Soon, she was at the door, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“You can call me during the week and I might see you next weekend” she said. Then she was gone.

He soon retired to bed, intending on lying on the mattress but dozing off. Waking up some time later, with the smell of her still in his nostrils, his hand went around his cock, soon cuming to an image he couldn’t get out of his head. The sight of her quietly but coldly regarding him as he fucked her with his tongue.

By Tuesday, he had called her and she had asked him to pop by her work that Friday evening.

Arriving, the customers were gone as were the staff. She let him in, although she appeared a little moody.

“Is everything okay?” he ventured.

“Oh, bother. I’ve got to sort these damn books out, it’s frustrating!” she snapped and with that she walked to an aisle with him following.

Her mood didn’t improve any as her skirt was very tight and she couldn’t walk fast.

“Would Kadıköy Esmer Escort you believe it shrunk in the wash. It’s bad enough having to get all the books back tonight but it’ll take me ages walking at this pace!” she declared.

“Why don’t I put them back for you?” he offered encouragingly.

“You would take even longer, you’d have to know where everything is and you don’t” she snapped again.

“Well, um, if it’s just you here and the library’s double locked by you anyway, why don’t you um, take it off?” he blurted out.

The faintest hint of an amused smirk crossed her face but was quickly supressed. She didn’t say anything but instead, undid the zip, removed the skirt and folded it over the back of her chair. Picking up a pile of books, she walked to the biography section, giving him the image of her perfect legs and ass retreating. Then she stopped.

“Well? Are you going to stand there or keep me company?” she said without turning round.

He trotted after her and had the pleasant view of her stretching to reach a higher shelf, her taut legs looking stunning.

“Can I help?” he asked.

“I can’t reach this damn shelf, I’m fairly positive this is the right section but I’m not 100% and you wouldn’t know if it was right or not. Okay then, if you want to help, you can give me a shoulder high up there” she declared suddenly.

He approached her and knelt down, letting her swing her legs over his shoulders then rose gently so she could reach the shelf. She seemed to take ages; by the time he lowered her to the ground, his shoulders were feeling it.

“Stay there, I think I’ve forgotten a couple of books” she said and swung her legs back over his shoulders.

He could feel her sex against the back of his head as he held her steady, his hands on her thighs to make sure she stayed still. At her command, he lowered her down again. She backed up a little as he was about to speak, bringing one asscheek into contact with his lips.

“Mhhmm, you know that might me relax” she said and he realised she assumed he meant to kiss here there.

Hoping this might make her turned on, he kissed her intmately on the other cheek while she busied herself with checking where another book went back. Then he approached the cleft and parted her knickers at the back.

His mouth moved closer to her asshole and he felt her lean forward, just a little, but enough to allow his tongue to reach her properly. Her opening resisted at first, then he was through and beginning to spear her. He continued until after 5 minutes, she moved back, dislodging his tongue.

“C’mon then, keep up” she encouraged him and went to the next aisle.

He did the same again, rimming her as she replaced most of the books. At one stage, his tongue ran down a bit to caress her slit, causing her to shiver.

“Not yet, wait until I’ve finished the books” she chided and he went back to her ass.

In half an hour she had put all the books back and his tongue was becoming tired.

“Now that made it a bit easier. Follow me” she said and walked to her desk.

She indicated he should position himself in front of her, then hooked a thigh over his shoulder and welcomed his tongue against her soaking pussy. He attacked it with relish, taking long slow tongue strokes up towards her clitoris, back to the bottom then scooping inside to scoop out her juices. Her hand came down to grip his hair and he moved up to flutter against her clit as she came hard against his face, muffling her sighs as she did so.

When it was over, she simply walked to her skirt, quickly zipped it up then turned to him.

“Right then, shall we?” indicating the exit. They left and walked to her car.

She had a dreamy smile on her face as he drove her to her flat.

“Thanks, that was nice. Now, I’m free tomorrow if you want to come round. I’m a bit tired tonight, it’s been a long day” she said, smiling.

“Look, I really fancy you and well, I hope I’m not being forward but I was hoping we could take things further” he said gingerly.

She stopped smiling and looked offended. He was about to try to say something when she held her hand up.

“I don’t sleep around. I’ve told you I like you but remember, you persuaded me to go on a date with you, I didn’t ask you. I’m not saying I don’t want to have sex with you, but if you really like me enough to want to date me, to have sex with me, then you have to……..you have to know what’s going to really get me hot for you” she said finally.

“Please, I don’t want to offend you, I mean every time I look at your legs, I’ve never saw a girl with a pair of legs I find as attractive. And I don’t want to lose the chance to date you to someone else” he added quickly.

“I don’t know, maybe I should think this over” she said and got out of the car.

Then she stopped and coming round to the driver side, she looked down at him.

“If you can avoid bringing up fucking, asking to fuck me or making Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort out you are dying to fuck me, then I will let you fuck me. I told you, I’m a complicated girl but I’m confident if you break down my barriers, you’re going to love the end result. I’m still going to get frustrated though” she continued.

“If that’s what it takes, then I won’t indicate I’m ‘gagging’ for it, as you say. And I won’t let you down either” he assured her – and he meant it.

“Well okay, lets see how it pans out then. I’ve been honest with you – I mean, there aren’t many guys that get to see my most intimate parts – although I am pleased at that part. I know it might seem selfish, but I, well, I just don’t feel I’m being selfish when I’m being pleasured, quite the opposite in fact. Anyway, you did a good job of convincing me you weren’t a lot more immature despite being younger and I’ll give you that, you’re a good conversationist. Call me on Sunday. It’s probably best we have a night off tomorrow. If you’re serious about winning me over completely, then you can try next week” she said and entered her apartment.

He watched her perfect legs walking away and resolved he would not let her down. On Sunday, he called her, but it went to answerphone. He left a message, telling her he would try calling the next day and he thought she was sex on legs and a dozen other compliments. The next day he phoned her at work, telling her he would be the luckiest man in the world if her was under her desk while she had her fun with him.

“Promises promises, you little charmer. Sorry, I was at my friend’s last night watching a movie. I walked home after – my feet are killing me!” she exclaimed.

“Maybe if you let me one time, I could massage them for you” he offered.

“Mhhmm, that would be good. How about tomorrow night?” she offered.

He could barely stutter a yes before she laughed and told him to be around at 7 sharp.

The next night, he arrived with a bottle of wine and chocolates, traditional but she appreciated the gesture. He followed her to the lounge and took a seat on the sofa, while she opened the wine and poured 2 glasses in her kitchen. Coming back through, she clinked glasses with him and made herself comfortable on the sofa, grinning as she opened the chocolates and took one.

“Mustn’t have too many, I need to watch my figure!” she said jovially.

“You don’t have to worry about that, you look amazing” he ventured.

“Compliments eh?” she said.

“So then……..” she said and left it hanging.

“You, you want me to massage your feet just now?” he asked.

“Hang on, you asked me did you not?” she said.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to make sure you were happy for me to do so” he said quickly.

“Oh, alright. If you’re any good, you can have a chocolate” she said, smiling a little to herself.

He got down off the sofa as she extended one leg out a little, letting him take it in his hands. Her legs looked amazing from this angle and although he tried not to make it obvious he was stealing glances, he was sure she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Concentrating on the task at hand, he began to kneed the ball of her foot with his knuckles, taking care not to hurt her. She picked up a magazine, occasionally taking a sip of wine as he continued to gently massage her foot.

Her other leg came down and he was treated to a bit of thigh as she presented the other foot to him.

“Would you like a chocolate?” she said.

“Yes please” he replied, his breathing a little more rapid as the excitement of the situation began to arouse him.

Not missing a beat, she picked a chocolate, swiftly leaning forward and placing it in between her big toe and the one next to it.

“There you go” she said matter of factly and watched with more intensity as his mouth bent this time, using his tongue and teeth to prise the chocolate from her foot.

His saliva caused it to melt a little and when he finished, he began to clean the excess chocolate off with his tongue. Moving to her other foot, he took each toe in his mouth, sucking gently on them as she went back to her magazine. She stopped reading it again and taking her wine glass, she very carefully and skillfully tilted her wine glass so that the wine trickled down the side a little but didn’t cascade off.

It caused a small trickle on one leg, then she did it to the other. Soon, both had small rivulets of wine running down them.

“Clumsy me” she said without smiling and he needed no hint, as first his tongue and lips slid up one of her calfs. He did it to the other one, then moved to her knees. She made sure each leg was easily accessible until she pushed his head away gently.

“Now for dessert” she said, her own breathing a little more charged as she anticipated the next course of events.

Her glass allowed the trickle to slide along the inside of each inner thigh, until it reached her carefully preened Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort cunt. Her kimono was at her waist now and she looked down at him.

“I really don’t want any of this to get on my sofa” she said pointedly to him and he moved swiftly to close his lips along each thigh.

Having rained kisses and tongue strokes down each side, he approached her dark mound. Carefully kissing it, he sucked each drop of wine from her pubic area, before dipping down and then up again, along her slit. Each time he rose up, her legs again prevented him from exciting her too quickly. His tongue slowed it’s pace and he took each angel wing in turn, sucking gently on them even as she flicked on the tv.

For her part, the gentle slowing down of his oral stimulation was helping her to last longer. At each upward flick, she kept her legs positioned so he couldn’t rush to stimulate her excited clitoris too soon.

As she put the wine glass back on the table again, he looked up. She was eating a chocolate, looking relaxed as she regarded him below. Despite the stylishness of her flat, it did not disguise that he had been on a wooden floor for some time, while she was completely relaxed on her sofa. Suddenly, her legs eased on his shoulders, until her feet were tucked up on the edge of the sofa. His mouth hadn’t left her sex and it brought her ass into direct contact with his mouth. Boldly moving on, he found her juices had made her orifice pliant enough to let his tongue slip in immediately.

Her hand came down again to hold his face against her, forcing his nose into her slit. He fucked his nose into her slit, while his tongue fucked her asshole. This was the sexiest girl he’d ever met and he was desperate to reach the stage where she would fuck him. Thinking back to what she had said about being turned on at his eagerness, he decided he would prove it to her.

“This is so amazing, I adore doing this to you. You taste amazing. I’d do this to you anytime you wished” he said in between rimming her.

“Mhhmm, you sexy fucker, I love that sort of language. You really mean that? We might have to do this more often” she said, her voice full of lust.

Her hand pulled his head up to let him lick her pussy again, until she couldn’t take any more.

“Fuck, don’t you stop, lick my fucking clit, ah, I’m going to cum, so hard, ahh!!” she yelled, her now familiar grip holding his head to her.

A little later, after he had licked her to another orgasm, she pulled him up, one hand on his head, the other around his neck.

“Fuck me” she said simply; he was so hard by this point, he could have bored a hole through a wall. His only fear was that he would cum too soon.

He threw her on the sofa lay on top of her on the sofa, entering her finally. Her gorgeous legs came around to grip his midsection, both of them crying out with lust as he drove into her again and again. She held onto him, only letting go as he shouted he was about to cum. Withdrawing, he splashed in spurts onto her breasts, the kimono a forgotten garment on the floor. Then he heaved a sigh of pure joy and opened his eyes to find her giggling at him.

“Go get a tissue then” she said and he grabbed one, hurrying back to clean her up.

They retired to her bed and he rose early at 5.30am to get back to his flat in time to change and head off to work. He also had to rise at 5.30 in order to wake her with an orgasm, courtesy of his mouth. Once she was satisfied, she told him he could head off and he left quietly.

On the friday, she informed him she was going out for a drink with some of the girls.

“If you want to see me, you could pick me up if I give you a call later” she said.

“Sure, I’d be happy to” he replied, then realised that meant he could only have 1 drink at most if he was driving.

Around 11pm his phone went.

“Hi loverboy, get your ass downtown and pick me up” she said mockingly, clearly a little drunk.

After getting directions, he arrived to find her saying goodbye to her friends. Even in her business suit, she was stunning but still demure. She didn’t say much to him on the way to her flat, but once in, she asked him to get some water and bring it to the bedroom then get in the bed and wait for her.

He did as she bid and a few minutes later, she came in. Her clothes were uncerimoniously disgarded as she approached, wearing just a baggy t-shirt to sleep in. He didn’t realise her intention until she was in position, as her thighs quickly appeared on each side of his head, her crotch sinking down until it was poised above his mouth.

“You said you wanted to do it more often, well now’s your chance” she said, almost as if she were granting a favour.

There didn’t seem much room for debate as she sank down and let his tongue begin its work. A tiring half an hour later, she finally reached a tipsy orgasm and rolled off him, falling asleep soon after.

He was out with some friends of his own on Saturday night, then he asked if he could cook her dinner on the Sunday. She arrived, wearing a sleeveless top and light trousers. His scallop salad seemed to meet with approval although she had indicated she did not want to drink anything.

“Lets go through to the bedroom” she said suddenly and he almost tripped up, following her eagerly in.