Underneath a Hard Exterior


It all started when Ryan first got a job at a theme park. He was going to be working in one of the busiest stores around. There wasn’t anything special about Ryan. He was an average male, in his early 30’s, with short brown hair and deep brown eyes. There was something about him that drew him to Megan. It could have been that he was quiet and didn’t say much, and Megan was someone who needed to know everyone and their story. Megan had worked in the store since it opened. She basically ran it with her eyes closed. Megan was 22 years old and just 4 feet and 11 inches and tiny, with brown long flowing hair. Her eyes were a glowing hazel that turned green when the light hit them just right.

Megan would try and talk to Ryan whenever she could, but she would never get much out of him, which led her to pushing harder. Finally she broke his shell and he started to open up. They started working more and more together and she would pick on him all the time. After a late night work shift, Ryan gave Megan his number and they would text every now and then. And then one night everything changed.

Ryan texted Megan one night after work, “Hey Megan, do you think we could meet tonight after work, I really need someone to talk to?!”

Megan being the kind hearted girl she was couldn’t say no, “Of course, just let me know when!”

Ryan replied “I get off at 7, and we can meet at the park and hang out, how’s that sound?”

“Perfect!” replied Megan smiling to herself, excited to see Ryan and that Ryan wanted to see her.

Megan started to get ready picking out the perfect outfit. She slid into tight, dark blue skinny jeans and a tightly fitted yellow tank top that perfectly shows off her 38D boobs, and brown sandals. She fluffed her hair in the mirror, double checked her make-up, and spritzed herself with some smell goods, before heading out the door.

She pulled up and parked and saw Ryan standing there waiting for her, looking hotter than ever, wearing light torn up jeans, and a nicely fitted grey v-neck tee and black Nikes.

She got out of her car and walked towards him. Once he saw her, his face light up with a smile. Megan smiled back and reached out for a hug. They hug tightly for a while, like neither one wanted to let go. Megan loved the way Ryan felt against her and his smell was even more intoxicating.

“So how is everything, why did you need to talk?” Megan asked breaking their hug.

“Everything is fine; I just really wanted to see you. I miss you” Ryan said smiling and getting a little flustered.

Megan felt butterflies in her stomach and her heart start to race. She didn’t know if she should feel this way considering the age difference so she was hesitant to reciprocate.

“I’ve missed you too,” she finally said Bostancı Escort back.

“Should we start walking?” she asked pointing towards the park.

Ryan followed behind watching her every movement, the way her hair flowed as she walked and the way her ass swayed back and forth. He wanted her but wasn’t sure how she felt about him. She was so young and innocent compared to him.

A couple hours passed of them riding rides and shopping and talking.

“Oh the fireworks start in like 5 minutes” Megan squealed, grabbing Ryan’s hand and dragging him to a good spot to watch the fireworks.

“Haven’t you seen these enough?” Ryan teased Megan as he stood next to her with his arms crossed against his chest.

Megan just stared at him, “It’s different when you’re not working and you have someone to watch them with” she snapped back.

As Megan was watching the fireworks, Ryan found himself watching something more beautiful. The glow from the fireworks on Megan’s happy face was a sight he couldn’t look away from.

A cool breeze blew through and Megan shivered. Ryan took this as an opportunity to put their bodies together again and wrapped his arms around her from behind. They stood like this until the grand finale of the fireworks.

As the fireworks were going crazy, Ryan spun Megan around, stared into her eyes and then leaned in for a kiss.

Megan had many thoughts in her head and this moment.

“Oh my God this is happening…God he’s so hott…but wait he’s so much more experienced than me…” Finally all thoughts left and she accepted the kiss, melting in his arms and his tongue found its way into her mouth.

As the fireworks ended, their kiss was just heating up. Megan wrapped her arms around his neck and wove her fingers through his hair. Ryan’s hands started up in the middle of Megan’s back and slowly made their way down to her ass where he carefully placed them in her jean pockets so he was cupping her ass.

Something brought both of them back to reality and they both stopped kissing, but stood there smiling and staring into each other’s eyes not saying a word.

Megan finally broke the silence, “Wow,” was all she was capable of saying before starting to giggle like a little school girl.

Ryan stepped back “Wow good or wow bad, the laugh doesn’t sound to promising.”

Megan finally pulled herself together. “Wow good. That was amazing; I still can’t believe it happened!”

“Believe it baby,” Ryan said pulling her close again and giving her one last kiss before grabbing her hand and walking back to the cars.

Ryan walked Megan to her car, “Thanks for coming to see me” he said as they approached her car.

“Thanks for inviting me” Megan said back, smiling her Anadolu Yakası Escort big smile. “But it doesn’t have to end here. Both of my roommates are out of town and it’s really lonely back at my place,” Megan hinted.

Ryan smiled and opened the driver door to Megan’s car and raced over to the other side and got it.

“I can’t have you sitting at home all alone” he said with a wink and a smile.

Megan started the car and they were off, talking the whole way there about anything and everything. They finally pulled into Megan’s driveway and got out.

“This is my place,” she said as she unlocked the door and turned the light on.

Megan sat down on the couch and Ryan followed,

“Wanna watch a movie?” she asked turning the TV on.

“Yea we can put one on,” Ryan said back, knowing they wouldn’t watch it for long.

Megan picked out The Hangover and put it in, then joined Ryan back on the couch where he wrapped his arms around her and they cuddled under a blanket.

About five minutes into the movie, Ryan started softly running his fingers up and down Megan’s arm. He pushed one of the straps of her tank top down off her shoulder and laid soft little kisses starting from her shoulder to her neck.

Megan melted into his body as he inched closer to her neck, loving the feeling of his soft lips against her skin. Her heart started racing and her breathing got heavy.

Ryan got close to her ear and whispered “Did you really want to watch this movie?”

Megan shook her head as a soft moan left her lips.

Ryan smiled and got up from behind her and laid her down on the couch, positioning himself between her legs. He kissed her lips softly before moving back to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to her chest. His hands slowly moved from her hips, up her stomach, to her right tit and squeezed it. Megan moaned as she arched her back allowing him to get more in his hand. Ryan took this as an opportunity to take her tank top off and throw it on the floor next to them, followed by his shirt.

They laid there, skin on skin, making out and exploring each other’s bodies.

Ryan pulled down Megan’s bra strap and her right tit popped out. It was pink and hard and begging to be sucked on. He leaned down and licked it before blowing on it softly, watching it grow even harder.

Hearing Megan moan made his cock jump, and push against his jeans. Ryan leaned down and sucked on Megan’s nipples until she stopped him.

“Before this goes….any further,” Megan said in between catching her breath, “I just want you to know, I’ve never done this before.” She said and she got embarrassed.

“Hey there’s no need to be embarrassed, if you want to stop we can, but I would love to be your Ataşehir Escort first” Ryan said and then softly kissed her lips.

Without another word, Megan undid the buttons on Ryan’s pants and pulled everything down and smiled as his cock sprung to life.

“I take that as a no” Ryan said laughing and standing Megan up between his legs so he could unbutton her jeans.

He slowly pulled them down and sat back looking at the beautiful sight in front of him. Two big tits, red from being sucked on, and a bald pussy right in front of his face. He could smell her already and wanted, no needed to taste her.

He smiled and pulled her down onto the couch, getting between her legs. He slowly spread them wider and he carefully brushed her pussy lips with his two fingers, feeling her jump in his arms.

He parted her lips and found her clit, massaging it gently with his thumb. The moans coming from Megan was almost enough to make him cum right then and there.

He continued to massage her clit as he brought his tongue to her pussy and started to slowly tongue fuck her.

“Oh my God Ryan” Megan moaned, coming close to an orgasm.

Ryan stopped right in time though. “Are you ready?” he asked smiling up at her.

“Fuck me!” Megan practically begged for his cock.

Megan was wet enough for the both of them. Ryan stood up and started rubbing his cock against her pussy lips, inching closer and closer to her hole.

Finally he stopped at her hole and slowly started to push in, inch by inch.

“Holy fuck, you’re so big!” Megan cried out and she felt his cock filling her pussy.

“Just relax” Ryan soothed her as he continued pushing in further.

He finally got as far as he could and he slowly started going back and forth in her pussy. Moaning with every thrust as Megan’s tight pussy was grabbing his cock.

Megan had a rush of emotions she didn’t know how to handle, a tear fell from her eye and she started to hold her breath.

“Breathe baby” Ryan said going a little slower.

Megan let out a big breath and just melted into the couch moaning with every thrust.

“I think I’m about to cum” she screamed, gripping the couch.

“Go baby, cum for me” Ryan said picking up his pace, and starting to massage her clit again.

That was enough for Megan; she let out a loud moan as she fell into her first orgasm.

Ryan kept thrusting into her over and over again getting faster and he built up. He wanted them to cum together, so he continued rubbing Megan’s clit until he saw it in her eyes.

“Are you ready Megan, we’re going to cum together!” he whispered in her ear.

She moaned and she arched her back, giving Ryan just the spot he needed. He rammed into her over and over again until they both fell into an orgasm together.

“FUUUCCCCKKK,” they both cried out, before falling limp into each other’s arms.

They lay together catching their breath and drifted off to sleep, naked, in each other’s arms.

This is definitely not the end of Ryan and Megan.