Unexpected Mistress – Finale


This is the finale of Unexpected Mistress. I had a blast writing it, and hope you all have a blast reading it!

Unexpected Mistress Finale

In the weeks following our first slave/mistress encounters, Deb and I both discussed our feelings.

“Paul, did I go too far with turning you into ‘Tiffany’? Is it something you would like to continue? Did you enjoy anal sex with the dildo?”

“As you know Deb, I always had a panty fetish, and never really thought about being feminized. But you turning me into ‘Tiffany’ opened up endorphins that I never knew I had. It’s like I’m stepping out of my body into someone else’s. I am totally turned on that you are able to make me dress and obey any command you give me. I was surprisingly aroused when you penetrated my ass. It hurt a little at first, but I must admit I loved the entire scene…being dressed like a slut and getting fucked by my Mistress Wife! Are you sexually aroused by ‘Tiffany’? Do you like fucking my ass?”

“The power I possess as your Mistress, stimulates my libido to a high degree! I never dreamed about fucking my feminized husband, but having you at my beck and call dressed as ‘Tiffany’ brings out something inside of me that I never fathomed. I ‘m relieved you are turned on, because I have no plans of dismissing ‘Tiffany’. She will slowly be turned into the slut she wants to be.” Deb laughed in a mischievous way.

“Deb I give you total control… Go for it! The only thing that gives me very mixed emotions is the cuckold threats. In one way, it heightens my submissiveness through the roof, and in another way has me jealous and angry. I know you can attract any man alive, and it’s a turn on when I see how guys lust after you. I even like when you flirt! But please don’t fuck another man. I would go crazy!”

“Paul, the fact that you are asking me that is a turn on. You are asking me not to fuck somebody else! Not demanding it…but asking! I think I will keep that door open to give you something to wonder about.” She was good at this, and she knew it.

It was Friday, and my slave week was scheduled to begin the next day. Meghan was also due to arrive from Arizona, and I had no idea how all this would play out…Until Deb and I spoke Friday night.

“As you know Meghan is coming in tomorrow, and you are also my slave for the week. Normally I would not give you a choice, but this time I will. Meghan knows about your submissive desires, and I have told her a bit about our ‘Adventures’ last month…not everything, so don’t worry. I think it would be fun to introduce Tiffany to Meghan. She is very open minded and would not be shocked. But it’s up to you, I understand if you refuse.”

I immediately got hard thinking about it! I had nothing to lose…Meghan already knew about Tiffany, but Deb didn’t know that. But I paused for awhile, before answering.

“Do you think Meghan will think I’m gay or a weirdo?” I didn’t want to sound too eager.

“Not at all Paul… Meghan has a very kinky side to her, and would be impressed by our openness. I know you are very attracted to her, and it might be hot for all three of us!”

“Would I be expected to serve her too?” I got the answer I was hoping for.

“Yes. You would serve her as you serve me. You will not be fucking her, but everything else is on the table.” There was a large tent in my pants, and Deb grabbed hold of my cock. “So what do you say Paul yes or no?”

“Deb, I didn’t think anything would beat last month. Tiffany would love to meet Meghan!”

“That cock of yours gave you away! You didn’t cum all month right? Did you learn how to give pedicures, like I told you to? It will be so erotic watching you serve another woman, I’m getting wet talking about it.”

“I haven’t cum since I fucked your ass! I not only was tutored on line about pedicures and manicures, I also bought myself a kit.” I was proud of myself.

“Oh yes, I remember. So the last time you came was when you licked your own cum from my ass.” She was giggling. “I haven’t told Meghan about all this, but we could surprise her tomorrow night.”

“This will bring me to mega levels of humiliation, and I thank you in advance.”

“Don’t thank me yet Paul, I have a feeling Meghan will be a wild Mistress, and I have a few new toys to try.” She patted my ass, and left for the gym.

I did fifty push ups and sit ups, to ease my anxiety. Deb brought home some Chinese food, and we spent a quiet night together. It was like the calm before the storm. Later that night Deb got a call from Meghan. They were talking for a few minutes.

“Meghan will not arrive until early evening. She wants to go out dancing tomorrow night at a new club she read about. I told her I would ask Abby too. She is so excited about being in New York.”

“Should I pick her up at the airport?” I was hoping Meg and I could talk privately.

“No, one of her perks is a private limo service. I think Tiffany will have to wait until Sunday to meet Meghan. It will give me time to prepare her while we are out. Tomorrow you will make sure Kadıköy Fetiş Escort the guest bedroom is prepared for our guest, and clean the house from top to bottom. You will wear my pink panty girdle, and after your enema, your pussy plug. I have some shopping to do, after my massage at nine.” Deb then inspected my legs and ass.

“I am feeling a bit of stubble…You should be hairless and smooth by tomorrow.”

“Yes Deb, I will take care of that tonight.”

“I know you will sweetie. This will be quite a weekend!” We then tongue kissed, and grinded our bodies together. I put my finger to her pussy through her yoga pants, and she grinded into my hand. Deb had an orgasm in two minutes! The thought of Meghan being part of our play, turned her on as much as me! “You will have fun sniffing these panties Paul; they are filled with sweat and cum.”

“You read my mind baby.” We both laughed, and went up to bed. I showered and made sure my body was smooth and hairless.

Part Two

In the morning, Deb left out a lacy pink panty girdle for me to wear. After my enema, I inserted my butt plug and immediately got hard. I prepared Deb’s breakfast, and at nine sharp massaged my Goddess with coconut scented oil.

“Oh it smells so good! I feel like I’m at the beach. I have missed my morning massages…Tiffany you have magic hands.” I rubbed her down from head to toe for almost an hour. “You look pretty in pink Tiffany…you may prepare my shower then wait for me downstairs.”

“Yes Mistress, breakfast awaits you.” I really missed being her bitch. Deb came down in ripped tight jeans, a peace sign tee, and high wedged open toe shoes. While she sipped her tea I stood next to her. She rubbed her hand over my legs, and pulled down my panties and inspected my cock and balls, teasingly touching my cock in the process. I turned around and she felt for my ass plug.

“Very nice Tiffany, you follow instructions perfectly. I would like to show Meghan how well trained you are. You would not want Mistress to look bad would you?”

“I will make you proud Goddess.”

“I know you will Tiffany. I am going shopping for a new outfit to wear tonight …something a little sexier than usual. You don’t mind do you sweetie?”

“No Mistress, I will give you my credit card.”

“How nice of you darling! As a reward, I will let you help me dress and get ready tonight. Would you like to help Mistress get ready for a night of drinks and dancing without you?”

“It will be an honor Mistress Deborah.” She pulled my panties up and said.

“You have a lot of cleaning today…Get to it.” She sashayed out the door.

The first place I went to clean was our bedroom bath. Deb left her tan worn bikini panties hanging on the sink, with a note.

“Enjoy! There will be many more this week” I held them to my nose and sniffed them like a dog. I licked any traces of skid marks or pee, and rubbed the gusset all over my face. It was a great start to my slave week!

The guest bedroom was put into pristine condition. I made sure all the laundry was cleaned and dried, and after I inspected all of Deb’s panties and yoga pants with my nose, I hand washed them. All floors were vacuumed or washed and waxed. Deb got home late in the afternoon empty handed.

“Tiffany, bring the bags in from the car. Then you can rub my feet, they are killing me from shopping all day.” She made no mention of how clean and fresh smelling the house was. I sort of crept to the car in my panties, and managed to grab all the shopping bags, and boxes. When I got in the house Deb was sitting on our lounge chair, and pointed a finger upward, indicating she wanted the bags upstairs.

When I came down, I immediately got on my knees and slowly undid the straps on her shoes. They actually left slight indentations on her arches. I kissed them gently, and got lost in their heavenly aroma.

“How long must I wait until I am served a cold drink??” I sprung to my feet and brought her seltzer on ice. “Continue.”

I rubbed, kissed and licked her feet for half an hour, while she sipped her drink. No words were spoken, and all you could hear was my slurping mouth. She held out her glass, and I rose to take it from her. Deb walked to the stairs saying,

“Bring my shoes upstairs, and carry them on your knees and in your mouth.” I felt like a well trained puppy. When I crawled up the stairs, Deb was on the phone. I knelt next to the bed, and she petted my hair as she spoke to her phone.

“It’s a new club called ‘Silver’, its very expensive but Meghan will put our tabs on her expense account. We will pick you up in the limo about ten…me too…luv u!”

She had me kneel there with her shoes in my mouth for fifteen minutes. She went into the bathroom, and I heard her peeing.

“Tiffany put my shoes down and crawl to me.” When I approached her on my knees, she stood over me, with her jeans around her ankles.

“You know what to do…clean Mistress.” I picked my head up, and lapped away droplets of her golden nectar. Kadıköy Gecelik Escort When she was satisfied she pulled her jeans up and walked out, telling me to flush the bowl. Deb was picking up her game and I loved it!

Deborah opened all the bags that I had put on the bed. I was standing there as she showed me her outfit for that evening. She held out a short silvery dress, open toe black pump with thin silver straps, sheer black thigh high stockings with fancy lace tops, and a very small see through panty.

“I also have a bra to match the panties! After trying on ten dresses, I fell in love with this one…and the straps on the shoes go all around my ankles. What do you think Tiffany…Will Mistress look hot??” My mouth was agape in awe.

“You will look like the Goddess you are, my Mistress.” Deb had her hair done during the week, and her blonde hair was short and sassy.

“I knew you would love it… and perhaps you can borrow my dress sometime. It cost you a small fortune, so it’s only right that you get to wear it too.” I recognized the box her dress came in and its one of the most expensive stores on Fifth Avenue!

“Thank you for thinking of me Mistress.”

“I had a bite to eat while I was out, but you should prepare a few snack platters for Meghan, she will be hungry after her long flight…and a bottle of Moet champagne. I will take a nap now; close the door when you leave.”

I threw on sweats and a tank top and walked to the deli. They had nice platters of different cheeses mixed with crackers and appetizers. The Moet cost me $60, it was an expensive day! I was wondering how Deb wanted me dressed when Meghan arrived. I found out about an hour later. Deb called me up to the bedroom…

“Tiffany, I was thinking about you and Meghan. When she arrives you can wear your sweats over your panties…Say hello, and take her bags up to the guest bedroom. You will then dress in what ever I leave out for you, and wait upstairs until called. It will give me time to prepare her. Is this under stood??”

“Yes Mistress Deborah.” Wow this was really happening… I will be serving two beautiful women!

While waiting for Meghan, Deb laid on the couch with me standing beside her. She pulled my panties down, and made me keep my hands behind my back. She intermittently stroked my cock and balls while she looked through a magazine.

“Control your clitty Tiffany; I want you to impress Meghan with your obedience.” Pre cum was leaking, and Deb scooped it off my cock, she turned me around and pulled out my butt plug and smeared it inside my ass hole…then put my plug back in.

“Stroke your clitty, and bring yourself to the edge, then stop. Continue that until Meghan arrives.” I did as I was told, and thankfully about the sixth time, we heard a car pulling up. I put on my tented sweat pants and tank top, and met Meghan at the door.

Meghan was wearing tight leather pants, with high heeled black ankle boots. Her top was orange and black leopard skin. Her red hair was a more amber color, and curls fell to her shoulders. Her blue eyes were much prettier than I remembered, and her make up impeccable.

She looked me up and down, and must have noticed the tent in my sweats.

“Paul, you seem happy to see me.” She laughed and we hugged. Her and Deb kissed and hugged, and told each other how great they each look. She had two small bags.

“Paul, take Meghan’s bags to the guest room.” I said ‘yes’ with a smirk.” “Paul before you go, pour us all some champagne.” I poured it in flute glasses, and Deb made a toast.

“Here’s to a wonderful and memorable weekend!” We clicked glasses. After I drank mine down, upstairs I went.

On our bed was a pink satin and lace garter slip, with a pink thong, and black fishnet stockings. My high heeled shoes were on the floor, and pink lipstick on the night stand. As I dressed, I almost came thinking about how much of a sissy I have become. I looked in the mirror and played with my stocking tops, which framed my swollen cock peeking out of my panties. Meghan would certainly get an eyeful tonight!

I heard them talking and giggling down stairs, and after forty minutes, I heard Deb call. I was nervous and hoped I wouldn’t fall in my heels.

“Tiffany…we would like to be served our food now.” I heard more giggling. When I came down they were both sitting on the coach with their legs crossed. I stood before them.

“Meghan this is Tiffany…she will serve us in any way we choose…you are free to use her as you wish. Meghan held out her hand, and I bowed and kissed it.

“It’s an honor to meet you Mistress Meghan.”

“The honor is mine Tiffany…you are so pretty in your heels and lingerie. Are you trying to seduce us???” she was smiling.

“Tiffany, serve us our snacks and pour us more champagne. It’s getting late and your Mistress’s want to bathe before getting dressed.” I heard Meghan tell Deb what a sweet ass I have as I walked away…they were snickering.

I served the platters bending at the waist and Kadıköy Genç Escort they both took a long time in selecting food. My cock was sticking up to the sky, until Meghan grabbed it.

“You must try to hide your man clit Tiffany.” She playfully pulled up my panties, and pulled down my slip then slowly tongue kissed me. Having Meghan touch me while Deb was present blew my mind. I was in love again!

“Turn around and show Mistress Meghan your pussy plug Tiffany.” I turned and pulled my panties to the side, which exposed my plug.

“She wears it so well Mistress Deborah, it might be time for a bigger size.”

“You read my mind Meg…I ordered one this afternoon!”… Once again laughter.

“Tiffany run along and prepare my bath, then kneel at the side of the tub, with my glass of champagne. Meghan would you like to bathe too?”

“Perhaps Tiffany can bathe me tomorrow; our limo will be here in less than an hour. Ill just freshen up a bit.” I went up stairs and did as I was told. I was kneeling holding Deb’s champagne on a silver platter. Deb undressed, and teased me with her white cotton panties, rubbing them on my face. She got in the bubbly bath, and I handed her the champagne.

“Too bad we don’t have much time tonight. But tomorrow we will have a full day of fun. You can think about it while Mistress is out dancing.” I sponged her feet, and legs, and lathered up her tits. She didn’t want me to get her hair wet. Deb stood up with her ass in my face. I sponged it inside and out. Then she turned, and I did the same to her pussy. She finished her bubbly and handed me the glass.

“Dry me, then you may help Mistress get dressed.” We went into the bedroom, and still on my knees, I held out her panties for her to step in. I slid them up her gorgeous legs, and put them in place. They were black lace that you could see through.

“Does it excite your clitty dressing Mistress, knowing these sexy clothes are to attract other men, they are not for you? Don’t answer… just kiss my pussy” I kissed it. “Now my bra” It matched her panties, and was also see through.

“Look how my nipples show right through this, that’s the look I was going for. You may kiss my nipples…. roll up my stockings. I knelt and slid them over each foot and up her legs, like Deb taught me. They were sheer black, with tapestry designs at the tops. I wanted to throw her down and fuck the hell out of her!

“Shoes Tiffany, shoes.” I took them out of the box, and inhaled the fresh leather scent. They were black with thin silver straps. The stiletto heels were sky high. I put them on her pretty feet, and strapped them around her ankles. She stood, and towered over me.

“You may kiss my shoes.” I bowed and kissed each one. Then I held out her dress.

“No Tiffany…make- up first. I want you to pay close attention; it will be part of your duties soon.” She sat at her table, and methodically, applied eye liner, some kind of dusty brush, and outlined her lips in black before painting them raven red.

“I’m putting on a bit more make-up than usual tonight…I want a touch of a sluttish look. You don’t mind do you Tiffany? Don’t answer… just kiss my ass.” She stood and I kissed both ass cheeks. “Now bring me my dress sweetie.”

She put her arms in, and I zipped up the back. The hem reached just below her stocking tops. The shimmering silver material fit her body like a glove. The front just about covered her breast…Deb was totally on fire!! She looked in the mirror.

“Mistress must be careful sitting; this short dress doesn’t cover much, does it?” Just think Tiffany, you paid for it all…only to have me wear it for other men’s pleasure. She then put on silver and pearl earrings. “I will be right down, see if Mistress Meghan needs your assistance.” I went down to find Meghan tending to her make-up. She had her back to me, and I lusted for her tight leather covered ass.

“Mistress Meghan may I assist you with anything?”

“You sure can Tiffany, but we don’t have time for it. The limo will be here in five. You will have your fill of me tomorrow.” She then fluffed my hair. “I will make up your face tomorrow, and get you a wig…then you can really be our bitch!” Deb came down, and Meghan was amazed by her look.

“Oh my god Deb, you look stunning! It seems becoming a Mistress wife has freed your inhibitions. You will be eye candy for all the men at the club…while your sissy husband stays home and waits for you.” Both girls stood beside me, and Meghan gave a quick rub to my hard cock. “I think Tiffany likes you going out like a single women, look how hard his clitty is.”

“You are so right Meghan; I should have done this long ago.” The limo pulled up, and the girls grabbed their bags. “I don’t know when or if we will be home Tiffany, but make sure you wait for us…we might need a good tongue cleaning.” They both left giggling.

I was in sub heaven, but I was a bit jealous at the same time. For some strange reason, even though my feet were killing me in my heels, I kept them on as a reminder of my place.

Meghan never tried to discuss Abby with me. There wasn’t much opportunity, but I would have hoped she had a plan. Luckily, Abby hadn’t contacted me since my revelation, but I knew it was coming! I thought about the three of them being together, and what a scrumptious trio they made.