Unforgettable Ch. 02

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Thanks for the feedback on my first story! Here’s part 2. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Don’t forget to leave feedback. Please let me know how I’m doing.

** ** ** ** ** **

I can’t explain how my heart started racing at the thought of sharing Malik’s bed. Maybe it was because of all the teasing he did in the limo. The one image I kept coming back to was that of me spread open for him to taste, my hands in his dark curls as he controlled me with his fingers and tongue. Or maybe it was the immediate attraction I felt when we were introduced. I guess it could be a combination of all of it-the teasing, the lust, the alcohol serving to lower every inhibition I usually keep in place. Whatever it was, I liked the idea of spending a few nights with him, making him live up to all his whispered threats from the last few hours.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I put a little extra swing in my step as I inspected the rooms. Knowing Jason would get the best bedroom, my aim was to get to the best bathroom-and a bed big enough for the man behind me. After finding the master suite with its huge California king-size bed, sitting area, and walk out access to the beach, I knew I could freely search the rest of the rooms until I found one I wanted. But it was so hard to stay focused with him there. RIGHT behind me. Every time I walked into a room and turned to walk out, Malik was there. Studying me. Okay, maybe not studying. Stripping me is more like it.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” I gasped. “Look at this!!!”

We were in the fourth bedroom, with its king –sized bed, and beautiful bathroom. There was a stand-up shower big enough for five, with dual overhead spouts and an array of vertical sprayers built into the wall. Opposite the shower was the vanity with mirrors going to the ceiling. Perfectly positioned to watch what was going on in the shower. For anyone who was so inclined. Like myself. I had my own little shower fantasy going on involving me and Malik. I wondered if I could convince Jason to join in.

Across the room was a sunken Roman tub with a candle-perfect ledge and a bay window overlooking the beach. I prayed to baby Jesus I would get to use the tub before the weekend was over. I knew the shower would be used before the night was done.

“Dibs,” I shouted. I had to lay claim in case any of the guys thought they would have a chance with this room. There would be bloodshed before I let it go. It was my perfect fantasy for what a bathroom should be.

Grinning, I turned to head back into the hall and ran into Malik. He was right behind me. Catching my hips, he pulled me tightly to him, letting his hands take possession of my ass. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I leaned back against his hands, loving how I felt in his grip.

“Mmmm. Tell me. What do you think?” I asked.

“Gorgeous!” he whispered before leaning down to kiss my shoulder.

“Thank you, darling. But I wasn’t talking about me. What do you think about the room? Can you handle it for the weekend?” And just like that, I had accepted I would be sharing space with this man. I had only known him a few hours but had somehow become perfectly okay sharing with him.

I had not heard him really laugh before now. He let loose porno izle with a dark, rumbling laugh that was so sexy it made my toes curl. And my stomach clench. Other parts of me reacted as well. Watching him laugh at me, his beautiful teeth a stark contrast to that amazing olive complexion, I felt myself falling deeply in lust. I wanted to jump him and play out the wicked fantasies he had already mentioned.

“I guess that’s a ‘yes’,” I teased, enjoying his amusement even though it seemed to be at my expense.

“Sweetcheeks, I can ‘handle’ anything, as long as you’re with me.”

With those words, he slid his hands up to cradle my head and consumed my mouth with a slow, mouth-watering kiss. Pulling him closer to me, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I needed to seduce him. With a slow brush of my tongue across his lower lip, I gently sucked it between my lips, running my tongue across it again before catching it with my teeth and sucking harder, then releasing it. Our mouths fused, tongues sliding against each other, our hands holding each other in a grip not meant to let go.

Pulling back, I watched my hands slide down his neck, across his shoulders and back to his chest, rubbing at the patch of skin peeking through his shirt. It wasn’t enough. I undid a button then another to give me enough room to really touch him. Still not satisfied, I took a step back and slowly undid the rest of his buttons while he caressed me. His hands would not stay still, moving to cover my breasts, then my ass, up to my waist and back to my breasts.

Reaching the last button, I ran my hands up his abs to his chest, spreading his shirt and letting my fingers run through the sprinkling of hair covering it all. With my eyes on his, I leaned forward to swirl my tongue around his nipples. First one, then the other. His reaction was obvious-I felt it beneath my tongue as his nipples pebbled, against my fingers as the muscles in his chest tensed and saw it on his face, as his jaw clenched and all the air swooshed out of him before he took a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“It isn’t obvious?” I laughed. “If you don’t know, maybe I should try someone else.”

Letting my hands graze lightly across his skin, I stepped back, first one step then another, my eyes on him. Malik followed, his hands not losing touch with my body. He growled his displeasure with my statement and bent down to take my mouth in his again. This time it wasn’t slow. It was hard. Total possession, as he ravaged my mouth beneath his lips, letting his tongue run over mine. His lips returned my previous teasing kisses, claiming my lips between his. Sucking and biting them before letting go and starting over. His hands covered my body, constantly moving. As if everywhere he touched wasn’t enough, he needed more. His hands were gripping my ass, stroking the back of my legs, caressing my waist then moving on to my breasts.

Getting redressed in the limo, I only put on my bustier, leaving off my bra. Malik took advantage of the access and slid his fingers down to caress my breasts, pinching my nipples as he laid kisses down my neck. All this time, he had been pushing me backward until I found myself with the bathroom amatör porno vanity at my back. Sliding backwards onto the vanity, I sat and then took a kneeling position. This put me at just above eye level with Malik. It also gave him better access to my body.

“Beautiful 36DDs,” he muttered.

Laughing, I had to ask him to repeat himself. I couldn’t believe we were talking about my bra size.

With his mouth grazing across my top, he whispered, “You have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.”

“But how did you know what size I wear?” Looking back, I wonder that I didn’t totally ruin the mood. Who the hell discusses their bra size in the middle of such a hot session?

“Because you threw it in my face,” he reminded me.

It was my turn to laugh as I recalled flinging my bra at him while getting finger-fucked by Jason.

“Perv. I didn’t know you’d be scoping out the size of my boobs.” Laughing, I shimmied my boobs in front of him, reminding him where we were.

With a low moan, he wasted no time, burying his face in my cleavage with his hands on both breasts, lifting them to him. Sucking, licking, nibbling my skin, I knew he was marking me. Reaching behind me, I loosened the clasps and pulled the lacy barrier away. My breasts filled Malik’s hands as he ran his thumbs across my nipples before pushing them together and taking both nipples in his mouth.

Feeling his tongue sweep across them before biting and tugging them, I was on the edge. Leaning into his neck, I lightly bit him and did a little sucking and marking of my own. Moving up to his ear, kissing and nibbling his ear lobe, I told him what he was doing to me and what I was doing to myself.

“You’re making me so wet, Malik. I’m going to cum if you keep sucking my titties, baby. I’ve got my fingers buried where I wish your cock was right now. I’m so fucking close!”

At those last words, he hurriedly undid his belt and jeans, shoving them down until his cock was free. The need was too strong for me to take time to admire him. Pulling my skirt to my waist and ripping my g-string loose, I wrapped my legs around him, sliding onto him, my pussy meeting his cock in a hard bounce that didn’t let up. Holding onto him, I had to taste him again. Our mouths met, frenzied, matching the pace below. He gripped my hips, trying to hold them in place on the counter as he slid in and out of me. My hands were on my breasts, pinching and pulling, as my legs flexed to bring Malik closer to me. Reaching down, I took his ass in my hands, letting my fingers caress them, reaching through to graze his hole. Teasing, I pushed one finger against it. Malik didn’t let up.

I massaged his ass, into his hole, meeting his thrusts as he pumped into me with his cock, filling and stretching me. My nipples were so sensitized, grazing against his chest, I thought I’d come just from that contact. Then, for a minute, he slowed the pace, almost tortuously.

“Are you ready to cum yet?” he asked, grinning. In the same tone someone would ask how you like your tea. Okay, maybe not quite the same tone but it was a shock to be going so fast and suddenly stop to have a chat.

Knowing it wouldn’t take anal porno much to get me to cum, I thought I could play his game. Massaging my finger in and out of his ass, pressing against that one little inside sweet spot, I turned the question back to him, as I started to slide up and down his shaft, clenching my pussy to grip him tight. While his tone had been conversational, mine was low and seducing.

“Are you ready? I bet you want to shoot your hot load, don’t you? You feel how tight I am against you? It feels like I’m going to melt on your cock, Malik. Pound my pussy, baby. Do me harder, let me feel you explode.”

My voice was husky with need as I begged him to fuck me. It got more ragged as he did what I asked, sliding back and forth against me. His own voice was filled with need as he described just what he felt.

“You’re so hot. And tight. I don’t think I can hold on much longer, baby,” he whispered.

One of his hands was pinching my nipple while the other was holding my hip with his thumb stretched down to cover my clit. With each thrust, I felt a jumble of sensations. The pull in my breast that seemed to go straight to my pussy combined with the curl of his thumb over my clit and I was over the edge. Bucking against his hands, I came apart. Through it all, he didn’t stop. I didn’t want him to. His pace slowed again but he didn’t stop.

Reaching up, pulling his mouth to mine, I picked up the pace, making him go faster and harder. Moaning into him, raw with the need to be filled by this man, to have him come apart for me, I kissed him. As he pushed harder, I loved his mouth with mine, sucking his tongue, caressing it, teasing his lips before letting the passion take over. It really did feel like we were going to go up in flames. I had never experienced something this intense.

Between the hot kisses and the pumping of his hips and the effect his hands had on my body, I was ready to explode again. My sighs and moans got louder, and my pleas for him to make me cum became more frequent. Finally, Malik leaned down, kissing and sucking my neck, his cock sliding to the edge of my pussy before he thrust back in again, pushing me over the edge. It was all he needed. With a low groan, he thrust again, coming inside of me. Four, five more thrusts and he was finished.

We stayed together for a few more minutes before realizing where we were and that anyone could walk in on us. The doors to the bedroom and the bathroom were wide open. There was no telling who got a peek at what just happened.

“I’m going to hop in the shower. Do you want to go find out what the plan is for tonight?”

Malik grinned when I mentioned a shower but it faded when he realized I didn’t ask him to join me.

“You can go find out and come let me know. I’ll probably still be in the shower.”

And just like that, the grin returned.

I rummaged through my luggage to get what I needed for my shower before heading back into the bathroom. With my hair pinned up to preserve the curls, I reached in, adjusted the sprayers so they wouldn’t hit my hair and turned on the water, waiting for steam to rise.

Standing in front of the mirrors, I stripped off my skirt, boots, and thigh-high stockings. Turning this way and that, admiring myself and checking out all the marks on my skin from Malik’s hands, I grinned. He certainly knew how to leave a girl wanting more. Happy with what I saw, I turned to the shower and stepped into absolute bliss.

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