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The night was silent, but for her slow steady breathing. The full moon casting a silvery glow across the face of our little universe, bathing everything in shades of gray except for the vast bluish black star dotted sky above. Her eyes fixed on my every movement. One button undone and then two and then…

The first time I met Callie I was twelve. She sat two seats ahead of me and one row over in seventh grade science class. If we hadn’t been lab partners, I may never have spoken to her. Yes, fortune had smiled on me or at least that is what I believed at the time. She was kind and accepting at a time when most of my other schoolmates vacillated between teasing and ignoring me. Small, skinny and awkward has never gone over well on the playground. Although I looked the part, I wasn’t even that smart. I just sort of existed in a state of goofiness passing through junior high unpopular and virtually unnoticed. Through all of it, Callie was my friend. I mean a real friend, not just a pretty girl who felt sorry for me. We hung out together between classes, during recess and even after school. She even attempted to set me up with a couple of her girlfriends, which didn’t work out too well.

I opened her sleeveless red blouse exposing the flimsy almost transparent fabric of her bra to my breathless gaze. A fine mist of perspiration covered her chest and abdomen making her skin appear to twinkle in the wash of late July moonlight. My hands grazed intently over the smooth softness of her tummy, every so often glancing up for approval. She gave none for her eyes never moved from the motion of my hands crawling determinedly toward her slowly rising and falling breasts.

The clasp was in front. She gave no resistance as I unfastened it and glided my hands upon each of her lusciously firm globes. I caressed her supple breasts tenderly, letting her erect puffy nipples slide between my fingers. A short breathy moan escaped her. I stared amazed at her lovely face, anxious the moment might end before it really began. Those big dark brown eyes focused on my touch; innocent but intense. Her long curls of brown hair cascaded over her shoulders becoming wet where they clung to her dampening skin. I leaned forward and kissed her full moist lips; her tongue welcoming me, swirling around my own drawing me closer. She smelled marvelous. I breathed in her clean fresh sweet scent deeply. My lips kissed their way over her chin and down her long elegant neck settling in the cranny made where her neck met her collarbone.

High school came, bringing with it a better social lot. I stretched up reaching six two by the start of my sophomore year. I lost most of my clumsiness and became a decent basketball player. Callie and I remained good friends despite the fact she was rarely without a boyfriend. Freshman year it was Max Wheeler, a senior and three sport star. He and Callie dated for almost two years until he dumped her late in his first year of college. Next was David Brodeur, another senior jock and all around dickhead. The one quality Callie seemed to like in a guy was arrogance and a keen sense of superiority to the rest of the human race. Their romance took us through the majority of our junior year before she found out he was cheating on her with several other girls.

I was there through all the tears, the proverbial shoulder to cry on. I was actually delusional enough to believe I was winning her affections by comforting and supporting her through her pain. What a chump. Less than two weeks passed before she took up with my best friend Mike Davey. He was perfect for the sexy little beauty queen. Handsome, athletic and exceptionally self-absorbed, Mike was just the guy Callie needed to fill the void left by the last arrogant glory boy. Don’t get me wrong, Mike was a great guy, if you were a guy. He was fun loving, cool and crazy enough to keep life interesting.

Callie fell hard for Mike. He was all we ever talked about. I was constantly reminded what a great athlete he was and how handsome and funny and perfect. Mike on the other hand treated her as a possession. He ordered her around, put her down and isolated her from most of her friends. Insanely jealous, Mike nearly came to blows with any guy who even looked at her; every guy except me that is. Many would see it as a sign of our close friendship, but I knew the truth. Mike didn’t care if I hung around with Callie, because he never saw me as a threat. He used me to keep tabs on her, constantly badgering me about where we went and who she talked with. This persistent distrust of Callie was most likely fueled by his penchant for cheating on her with any attractive and eager beauty to come across his path. However, the hypocrisy of his waywardness never seemed to occur to him. I was tempted on several occasions to rat him out, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Although, I thought she needed to know what kind of guy Mike was, I was fearful of being the one to tell her.

“That feels nice,” she cooed placing bahis firmaları her own hands on mine.

Gently, she guided me over her body, eliciting soft moans from her lips. Around and around we went from her shoulders over her breasts and down her belly right to the edge of her short white denim skirt. She was in control, pleasuring herself with me as her sex toy. Her doe-like brown eyes gazed innocently up at me. She was biting her lower lip and slowly rolling her upper body into my grasp. With a grin that could only be described as wicked, she pushed my hands down over her skirt, pulling them back up and under her hem.

The denim material rose exposing the sheer black panties beneath. I was sure I could see traces of her pubic hair even in the dim light. She lifted her buttocks allowing me to lift her skirt above her waist. I slipped a hand into the waist band of her panties and inched my fingers down until they cupped her very wet mound. My middle finger slid delicately across her widening slit before easily penetrating her slick puss. Her head rocked back eyes closed as she pressed her hips forward into my hand.

“Yeahhhhh….Uuuhhhh,” she gasped, “You don’t know how often I fantasized about this.”

The whole summer before our senior year the three of us were nearly inseparable. We spent our days lounging on the beach or flitting about town getting into trouble. At night we’d hang out at the Notch drinking, laughing and just being with the gang. Mike would usually brawl with some guy dumb enough to talk to Callie. This always resulted in her getting angry and running off sobbing. Of course it was my job to go after her and make things better between her and Mike. Isn’t that what friends do?

Senior year was much of the same. We hung out, partied and caroused like the idiots we were. Just before Christmas, first Callie and then Mike celebrated their eighteenth birthdays about a week apart. Her present to him had been her virginity, which eventually led to her thinking she was pregnant. I spent three whole days listening to her, letting her cry and basically being there for her. I was so fucking jealous. I wanted it to be my baby. I would have proposed in an instant. All Mike did was give her a few hundred dollars and tell her to take care of it. After all, he had a football career to think about. In the end it was a false alarm. Callie was right back at Mike’s side as if nothing had ever happened.

The great insult came shortly before graduation. I was sleeping over Mike’s house while his parents were away for the weekend. On Saturday night Callie told her parents she was staying at a friend’s house, but came to Mike’s instead. The two carried on like cats in heat, kissing and groping each other all night. I fell asleep on the livingroom sofa while we watched a movie. The sounds of moaning woke me several hours later. Mike was fucking Callie doggie-style on the carpet right in front of where I was lying. She was stark naked on all fours whimpering for him to fuck her harder. I felt extremely awkward and sat up intending to go upstairs. Mike laughed and told me to sit back down and enjoy the show. Callie’s tits were swinging back and forth between her arms. Her face fixed straight at the floor, as Mike pumped her ferociously from behind.

“You don’t… mind… if…my boy… Craig…stays… do you baby…it is his birthday?” he huffed between thrusts.


I sat. I was paralyzed with lust and fear and loathing. The guy who beat the piss out of anyone showing the slightest interest in his girlfriend let me watch him fuck her. How pathetic was I? I barely recognized Callie. She was mad with lust. A constant stream of grunts, groans and profanities poured out of her sweet mouth. She fucked Mike with such abandoned and wantonness, so unlike her normally mild innocent demeanor. Mike continued his rear assault for several minutes before flipping her onto her back splaying her legs to the side and driving into her with renewed vigor. Callie wrapped the back of her knees around his elbows and parted her legs into a near split.


Mike came with an enormous grunt, shaking his cock in her until it went limp and slipped out. Callie lay breathless on the floor. My eyes were transfixed on her prone naked form. A hint of embarrassment flushed in her face. She rose quickly and went into the bathroom.

“She is a sweet lay,” he trumpeted once she’d left the room, “A real horny tigress for sure. The girl can’t get enough of my cock.”

I normally tolerated his incessant gloating, but not that night. I shook my head in disgust; disgust at him, her and mostly at me. Mike knew how much I liked Callie. He knew I’d pined for her since forever. Yet it didn’t stop him from asking her out, from taking her away from me. And now kaçak iddaa he fucks her right in front of me and then gloats about it.

“What’s your problem?” he said noticing the look on my face, “Most guys would be thanking me for letting them watch.”

“Right there,” she sighed with delight.

Her panties were off and my fingers were working there magic in her velvet folds. She spread her legs wide giving me unfettered access to her succulent hole. My thumb made little circles on and around her erect clit as my index and middle fingers flicked in and out of her soaked cunt.

“Where did you learn how to do that,” she sort of squeaked and moaned at the same time.

“I learned a lot in California,” I grinned.

My other hand caressed over every bare inch of her sweaty trembling mass. Her heels dug into the floor board for leverage to hump against my fingers.

“Ooohhh…that feels divine…don’t stop…Yeah right there…do that over and over,” she said breathy and cute.

Her body was responding to every touch and movement of my fingers. Moans grew louder and the praise more effusive. I lowered my mouth onto her right nipple and bit down gently. She groaned deep and needy, pressing her body into me. I had stripped her naked except for the white skirt. Her body was curvy and soft accentuated by her well tanned olive brown skin all beaded with sweat. Her scent was quickly evolving from sweetly clean to musky and sensual. I licked the skin around her nipples reveling in the salty wetness. My ring finger found her tight anus and began probing.

“Stop…I can’t take anymore,” she whined, “Pleaseeee…just fuck me.”

Things weren’t the same after that night. Callie could barely look me in the face and seemed to be avoiding me. Mike was pissed at me for not being more appreciative of the favor he’d done me. That and the fact I’d called him a fucking prick. Graduation came. Mike had a full scholarship to play football down South and Callie was joining him. It seems Mike had asked her to marry him and she had accepted. Everyone was congratulatory and genuinely happy for our class couple. They were off to glory on the gridiron and to live happily ever after.

It was the final straw. I confronted Callie two days later at her house. I told her about all the other girls. I told her Mike was a dick. I told her I loved her. I was desperate and emotional. I’m not sure to this day what I expected her to say. I know I wanted her to say she loved me too, but that only happens in fairytales. I’d never seen her so angry in all my life. She cussed me out screaming and crying.


I tried telling her the truth, but she refused to believe it. Somehow I ended up being the bad guy in the tale. She vented on for nearly ten minutes telling me how much she hated me and if I had been a true friend I would have been happy for her.


Tears flowed in gushers down her cheeks. She looked so hurt and crushed; I found it hard to be angry. I cried all the way back to my house. I spent the next two days in my room and most of that summer alone before boarding a plane for California.

Her hands ripped at my pants unfastening the top button and yanking them open. Her long red-nailed fingers wrapped around my cock and freed it from my underpants.

“Big, hard and meaty,” she cooed giving it a squeeze.

“I’m glad you approve,” I said silkily.

She was glaring straight into my eyes lustful and fiery. I pressed in to kiss her hard on the mouth again. Her hands worked feverishly to remove my clothing. We broke our embrace and she descended onto my chest running her hands through my hair and sucking on my nipples. The temperature in the car had to be over a hundred as sweat flowed off our entwined bodies.

The passenger seat was fully reclined allowing me to crawl over on top of her. She kept a firm grasp on my rod positioning me between her smooth tanned thighs. My bulbous cock head pushed hard against her wet cunt. It entered with a swoosh and then an “ahhhh” from her open mouth. I lunged into her with thrust after thrust, purposefully stroking my cock in and out of her gloriously lubricated puss.


Her voluminous praise was highly arousing. Buoyed by her encouragement I thrust on with greater and greater force and speed. She continued grinding back and writhing beneath me. At one point her feet were pressed against the roof of my Cadillac as she nearly lifted me off my feet with her hips. God it was hot. Buckets of fluid dripped off soaking the leather seats kaçak bahis and making it difficult to keep our balance.

Her cunt was wide sucking every inch of me into her. The only other sound beyond her cries for mercy was the rhythmic slapping of our bodies together. A sudden searing pain caused me to arch my back. She had buried her long sharp talons into me in the throes of orgasm.

“Craig Sweetly?” came a familiar voice.

I turned to see a beautiful brown eyed creature smiling broadly as she approached.

“How have you been?” she beamed hugging me.

“Good,” I replied, “Yourself?”

Callie stood gazing up at me; her gorgeous brown eyes happy and sincere. She was as lovely as ever with the same shapely curves and great ass. After all these years she still took my breath away.

“I haven’t seen you in ages. It has to be…,”

“Close to ten years,” I finished.

“Your mom told me you’re a big volleyball star out in So. Cal.”

After leaving for college in Southern California, I took up volleyball. I was a bit of a late bloomer adding three inches and fifty pounds of muscle over the next few years. I was a walk-on to the volleyball team my junior year. I was able to turn that success into a decent professional career on the beach circuit. It had given me purpose and not a bad amount of money.

“Retired,” I said, “What about you? What have you been up to?”

I already knew she and Mike had three kids. He’d never made it to the pros and they moved back home shortly after they graduated. Mike went to work at his Dad’s car dealership; made quite a success out of it as I was told. Everything was going along swimmingly until she caught him in bed with a blonde from work.

“You probably heard Mike and I split?” she said looking momentarily distraught.

“That’s too bad,” I said trying to sound like I cared.

“You’ve changed so much,” she said switching the subject, “So big and tall and handsome…Not that I didn’t think you were handsome before.”

I smiled at her sudden awkwardness. We stood there silent for a few moments; our eyes searching each other. I felt the stabbing pain of needing her again. It was duller and farther away than the open wound it had once been.

“You look exactly the same…beautiful,” I returned sounding too much like a cheesy pick up line in an old movie.

Callie blushed and looked down at her feet.

We were out of the car. I bent her over the hood stomach down. Her sweaty tits squeaked as they skated over the smooth black surface. I was taking her doggie-style and she was wriggling like a worn on a hook. My cock pistoned in and out or her sloppy sex with more speed and grace than I thought I possessed.


My hands grasped hard to her hip bones digging my finger tips in her luscious flesh. She braced her hands firmly on the hood desperate for control. Slick with sweat they slid uselessly from side to side. I kicked her feet out farther apart ramming her more snuggly onto my erection. Thump, Thump, Thump! Our bodies beat together.

“FUCK ME…FUCK…FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK,” she cried breathless.

“Would you like to get a drink and catch up on old times?” she asked.

“I’d love to get a drink, but I’d rather talk about the present,” I answered with a wink.

We got a booth toward the back of the bar and ordered drinks. It was a dimly lit place and rather confined.

“So what’s brought you back to town?” she inquired, “Tired of all the sun, sand and bikini clad blondes?”

I smiled. I definitely detected a hint of jealousy in her last cheeky remark.

“Homesick mostly,” I said, “My brother Dave and I are opening up a sporting goods store in Fredricksville and I got a job at the college there teaching English and coaching volleyball.”

“Wow, it sounds like you turned out alright.”

Her face was warm and seemed happy for me. We sat for several quiet yet relaxed minutes without talking. Her expression became suddenly sorrowful and tears welled in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“For what?” I asked confused.

“For all the terrible things I said to you.”

A sob escaped and she put her hands over her face. I reached out and took her hand. Pulling it gently back I wiped the tears with the back of my hand.

“Don’t cry,” I whispered, “I hate when you’re sad.”

She smiled then chuckled sweetly.

“You must think I’m a fool. I should have believed you. You were such a good friend and I was so embarrassed by that night at Mike’s house…”

“Don’t,” I interrupted, “water under the bridge.”

Callie turned her eyes from me to the dance floor and then looked back at me. She sighed and motioned as if she was going to say something, but didn’t.

“I’ve missed you,” she said finally, “When I found out about Mike I cried for days. I wanted so desperately to call you, to apologize for all those hurtful things I said.”

I tried to tell her it wasn’t important, but she insisted on finishing.

“No, Craig. I have to say this.”

My cock was pulsing, ready to blow. I held her by her knees slamming deep into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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