Up The Ass Ch. 01

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Up The Ass 01

By: DickThePimp

Totally Fake Fantasy… Anal Sex Based Shenanigans And Fuckery

A series all about me and my girlfriend Nadia and our sleazy anal sex adventures

It’s been a smooth ride back from New York on the plane. My girl Nadia (Porn Star Nadia White) and I have had a couple of drinks, and we smoked a little in the bathroom. It was cramped, but fun. Really fun. I jizzed her pussy from behind while we watched it all in the mirror. All cramped up in that small-ass bathroom. Nadia filming it with her phone, grinning away in the mirror as I pumped away at her delicious snatch. Those big, enhanced titties of hers jiggling like crazy the harder I banged her slutty snatch.

“That guy keeps looking over here at me, baby.”


“The fat guy over there.”

Nadia whispers to me. She points over to the middle aisle… we’re on the right side, next to the window… over at a dude that looks like he’s in his late 50’s. Fat guy. Real fat. Bald on top. Brown and gray hair on the sides. He looks kinda messy looking. Dude’s rockin’ a yellow Hawaiian shirt that’s unbuttoned to his humongous belly. He belches. Still not looking over at Nadia, but still rubbing himself in the seat.

He’s smirking. Not looking at Nadia at the moment. He’s rubbing his bulge and looking straight ahead as he drinks what looks to be a scotch.

The weird, obese older guy calls the stewardess over and tells her something. He hands her what looks like a note, and points over at Nadia. Dude smirks straight ahead as the hot black stewardess walks over to us.

She tells Nadia that the guy over there wanted her to give her this. She hands her the note and smiles, then goes back to her duties.

Nadia reads the note and giggles as I drink my rum and coke.

“He’s a big flirt. He says that I’ve got the nicest titties he’s ever seen, even though he’s never seen them. Haha. He asked me for my number so he could text me.” Nadia looks at me and grins. Naughty thoughts are flowing freely through her very-kinky brain. I grin too. I also have a very-kinky brain. I decide to let this play out a little.

“Give him your number. Go over and tell him. Flirt with him a little… if your up for that.” I smirk at my chick. She smirks back. Nadia is most definitely up for it. We love to play cock teasing and flirting games with others. It’s a huge turn-on for us both.

Nadia kisses me and smiles. “Be right back.” She playfully bites at my lips. Then, she stands up and adjusts her gorgeous knockers in her tight, black, Misfits tee shirt as well as her black leather jacket. She casually walks over to the fat guy, winking back at me as she turns around. Damn, she’s got a great ass. Those skin-tight black leggings really show it off too. I shake my head and keep on grinning. So fucking turned-on by my dark-haired, busty slut chick.

Nadia talks to the older guy for a few minutes. Laughing and flirting with him. Really laying it on thick. Making sure to lean over and rub her big titties on his big arm as they chat.

I sit back Taksim escort in the chair and grin. Drinking my drink and thinking dirty thoughts.

About five minutes later, Nadia walks back to me and sits down. Smiling. She leans in and kisses my cheek, then very-heatedly licks my neck. Playfully biting it too. Purring away. So fucking turned-on herself.

About three seconds after that, she gets a text from the fat, older guy. He’s smirking his fat ass off over in his middle aisle seat near the bathrooms.

“Ohhhh. Haha. He sent me a pic. A very nice one.” Nadia laughs, showing me her phone. It’s a dick pic. She playfully bounces her eyebrows and purrs some more as we both check out the dude’s thick, uncut dick. It looks to be about nine inches long and curved upwards slightly. Very pale. The foreskin covering the entire head.

“I guess I should return the favor. Haha.” Nadia pulls up her tee shirt and black sports bra and takes a pic of her gorgeous, enhanced boobs. They look natural, but they’re implants. Perfect ones though. Well worth the money. Sexy veins running down them. Perfect areolaes and nipples. She smiles real wild and kisses me again, then sends the pic to her fat new friend.

Nadia looks over at him and grins flirtatiously. He gives her a pervy-grinning thumbs up, and writes her another message.

“Ohhhh…” Nadia pauses when she reads the text. “I’d love to fuck them… and your butt.” She tells me his exact words. We both chuckle. Seems like the dude is pushing the envelope.

I kiss my chick. Teasing the guy, who I can tell out of the corner of my eye is watching our every move. Very-closely. Nadia very-heatedly sucks my tongue, draping her arms around my neck as we passionately kiss. My hands roughly groping those amazing titties. Squeezing and kneading them thrillbilly silly. Damn, I love her tits!

The fat dude is licking his lips, and excitedly playing with his bulge as he watches us, not caring at all who can see him doing it.

Nadia gets another text. “Please let me fuck you. Please! You’re so fucking sexy! Please!” Dude’s begging, big time. He’s got it pretty bad for my chick. Nadia and I laugh, and get back to making out.

After about ten minutes of that, things cool down. We had some turbulence so the stewardess asked us to buckle up, so that ended the make-out session. After we passed through the turbulence, I decided to take a short nap while Nadia texted the fat older guy some more. I chuckled at how into it she’s gotten. She’s really turned on by the whole situation.

“I’m going to the bathroom, babe. Love you.” Nadia wakes me up with a sexy whisper and a soft kiss and lick on my neck and cheek. That makes me smile. I watch her get up and wave back to me as she strolls to the bathroom.

I see the fat guy watching her too. Grinning deviously as Nadia greets him. He watches Nadia all the way into the bathroom, then he gets up and looks around. The stewardess asks him if she can help him with anything and they start chatting. I nod back off to sleep. Relaxed and thinking Taksim escort bayan about my woman.

I wake up about twenty minutes later and Nadia still hasn’t come back to her seat. I look around, but I don’t see her. Or the fat older perv, or the hot black stewardess. I shrug my shoulders and nod back off to sleep again.

Thirty minutes later, I wake up just in time to see Nadia walking back down the aisle from the bathroom. She’s adjusting her tee shirt and leggings. Grinning very-mischievously as she walks back to me. She looks back over her shoulder and waves at the fat dude. He’s walking back toward his seat from the bathroom area too, grinning wickedly from ear to ear, with the hot black stewardess right beside him. She buttons up her tight, while silk blouse and grins also. She waves at the older perv, then she starts making her rounds again.

Hmmm. Seems like something’s up. Ha.

Nadia sits down beside me and smiles such a sexy, naughty smile. She kisses me and softly caresses my face. Purring away. Fucking sexy bitch. Her black hair is messed up so she brushes through it with her hands, smirking away. I watch her. Chuckling at her naughty look and nonchalant demeanor. She’s got a story to tell… a real naughty one.

Nadia looks at me and starts laughing. Kissing me again, then playfully rubbing my face as we both laugh. I can read her mind. And, she can read mine.

“Here…” Nadia shows me her phone. Smirking away. It’s playing a video she shot in the plane bathroom.

She’s on the toilet, pissing. Grinning too. She hears a knock on the door and opens it without even asking who it is. She already knows.

The fat, older perv walks in and immediately jerks his baggy brown sweatpants down, letting his super-fat, uncut dick spring out and bounce freely in front of Nadia’s naughty-smiling face. He shuts and locks the door. Pervertedly grinning from ear to ear.

Nadia reaches out and tickles the very thick, uncut, very pale shaft. She laughs as it frantically bounces up and down. Precum pouring out of it.

Before she can decide what to do next, the older guy grabs Nadia’s head and shoves his leaking dick in her mouth. Ramming it down her throat immediately. That makes my chick gag and cough. Spit flying from her mouth. Hanging down to the floor.

The fat perv laughs a very mocking laugh and fucks Nadia’s mouth and throat even rougher. She keeps on gagging and coughing… but also sucking. She fucking loves rough, messy sex. Nadia loves being taken forcefully. It makes her cum so fucking hard.

You can hear her moaning around that fat old dick and you can also hear her masturbating her pussy. The fat dude just rams down her throat harder and harder. Grunting and growling away.

The video stops, then another one starts. Nadia is standing. Facing the mirror. The fat guy is behind her, Banging her pussy nice and rough as Nadia bites her lips so the other passengers can’t hear her screaming in intense, sleazy, sex-crazed ecstasy. She watches herself in the mirror. Her big Escort taksim titties out of her bra. Her tee shirt pulled up to her shoulders so her tits can jiggle around furiously as she gets fucked senseless. Her lipstick and spit smeared face looking so fucking sexy. She watches the fat old dude take her pussy. Forcefully dominating it. She’s oozing submissive slut energy. Her face is flush with carnal fury. Her nipples are thumping hard from her being so turned-on.

That video stops and another one starts again. This time, the black stewardess is also in the cramped bathroom. She’s on her knees, sucking on the older guy’s dick as he grabs a bottle of lotion that’s on the counter. He’s smirking and laughing. Sounding so filthy and sleazy.

Nadia playfully grabs his fat face and squeezes it. Sticking her tongue out at him. Spit still hanging from her face.

The older guy pulls his dick from the stewardess’ mouth and squirts a handful of lotion into his right hand, smearing it all over his excitedly-bouncing dick. He’s laughing again. Smirking mightily. In charge and fucking loving it.

The black stewardess smiles at that greasy, fat white rod. She licks at the tip of it and bites it, making the fat perv growl with delight.

Nadia closes her eyes, knowing what’s coming. They pop open quickly though when she feels that extra-thick dick slide up her ass. Nadia’s well-trained booty happily welcomes it in. Her ass is tight, but perfectly tight. I fuck it all the time with my huge cock, so she’s used to having a big, fat dick up there as much as possible.

Nadia smiles at her phone and at the mirror as the fat perv starts fucking her ass. Slowly at first, but very-quickly he just starts slamming his dick up there. Pounding the fuck outta that beautiful butt. Growling and grinning away. His huge, jiggly belly totally covering Nadia’s beautiful butt.

The black stewardess sucks his huge white balls. Slurping deep and messy on them. Spit everywhere.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! GOD DAMN! IT FEELS FUCKING GREAT!!! UHH!!!” Nadia finally screams out. Cumming as she does. Squirting all over the fat guy’s legs as he bangs her booty rough, hard, and nasty.

Again, the video stops and another one starts. This time, Nadia is on her knees with the old pervs dick between her big titties while he furiously fucks squeezes and fucks them. His big belly bouncing around, making Nadia laugh. She rubs it too. She pushes her gorgeous tits tight around that fat pick as it plunges in between them at hyper speed.

When he starts grunting and shaking like he’s ready to cum, the black stewardess grabs his fat white dick and hurriedly swallows it, taking the fat greasy load of jizz erupting out of it right down her throat.

Nadia smiles and shakes her titties for the guy as the black chick very-thoroughly sucks him clean.

The old dude reaches down and roughly mauls Nadia’s perfect breasts, laughing and smirking again as she wickedly licks her nipple when he holds one of her awesome tits up to her mouth.

“So?” Nadia asks my opinion of the footage. Grinning mischievously and rubbing her hand all over my crotch. She knows my answer. I grin back real wide. We both laugh again and kiss. Both of us so in tune with the other. We’re kindred sexual spirits. Ha. God, I’m in love. Haha. Peace.

By: DickThePimp

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