USB – Unwanted Sexual Behavior Ch. 02


Chapter Two – Katcha Kovalenko

Author’s note: If you haven’t read chapter one of this story, you really should for it to make sense. If you are just looking for wank fodder by all means read on

Taylor had not started menstruating; she had torn her hymen when she lost her virginity. There was in fact little bleeding, just a small dried patch on the inside of her left upper thigh and a few spots on the sheet.

She went back to sleep until around nine and then got out of bed and went for a run, had coffee and played with some code. At eleven she showered, did her hair and fixed her makeup. She decided to wear a short grey pleated-skirt with dark mauve opaque tights to keep her legs warm, a light-pink knit sweater with plain t-shirt under and her tan suede ankle-boots. She accessorised with a white wool scarf, gold earrings and bracelets.

Just as she had finished dressing she received a text from Bradley Freeman: ‘The Gage 1230’.

Taylor took the Blue Line ‘L’ which took about forty minutes to get to the Loop and during that time she thought about the previous evening. Was having sex with Bradley a good idea? Did it imply that she was easy and available to him whenever he wanted? Did he think that, despite her objections to the contrary, she expected him to favour her business proposal in return for fucking him?

She didn’t regret losing her virginity; it was a memorable experience but had it come at a cost to her integrity? She would soon find out.

It was a five minute walk from Monroe Station to The Gage restaurant on South Michigan Avenue located just across from the Crown Fountain. The place was busy and she told the hostess at the door that she was meeting Bradley Freeman and was directed to a booth where Bradley was sitting with Veronique Pascal.

“Hello Kmart,” Veronique gave her a bright-red lipstick smile displaying her perfect white teeth.

“Behave Veronica. Hello Taylor, please join us,” Bradley greeted Taylor by standing and kissing her cheek.

This gesture was not lost on Veronique.

“So we are saying hello the continental way? Very friendly Bradley,” Veronique said cynically.

“Hello Bradley, hello Veronica,” Taylor replied, a little miffed that Veronique had joined them for lunch.

Bradley scooted over so that Taylor could sit and he sat beside her, opposite Veronique.

The waitress arrived and as Veronique and Bradley were ready to order she allowed Bradley to order on her behalf. Veronique ordered a farmer’s salad and Bradley ordered a crab Louie sandwich. Veronique had a Sauvignon Blanc and Bradley and Taylor agreed to share a pitcher of IPA.

“I don’t normally drink at lunch but you need a cold ale to wash down a good crab Louie, besides we have something to celebrate,” Bradley beamed.

Taylor looked a little bewildered. She thought that she was joining Bradley for an informal lunch.

“I’ve decided to fund your startup,” Bradley beamed.

“You are?” Taylor was delighted but a little dumbfounded that FreeCom had made the decision so quickly.

“I worked the financials this morning and Veronique consulted with some of our big retailers and they all reacted positively. What do you think Taylor do you want to come on board FreeCom?” Bradley asked.

“Sure. I mean yes. I mean of course,” Taylor stammered.

“Congratulations Kmart; now you can buy some clothes,” Veronique quipped but she was smiling.

“But seriously; the retailors and vendors I spoke to this morning are very excited,” Veronique patted Taylor’s hand affectionately.

Drinks arrived and toasts were made. The sandwich, as promised, was delicious although Taylor figured she’d need to double-distance her run the next day to work off the calories. Bradley’s hand strayed to her legs under the table and he stroked her knees a little. It was nothing overtly sexual, Taylor knew he had a thing for nylons and his fingers softly circled her inner thigh, it was more comforting than sexual and she quite liked it.

“Ok, so what do you say we finish up and go back to the office and commence this venture?” Bradley announced as their plates were being cleared.

“I’m hardly dressed for work,” Taylor protested.

“I’ll give you a dispensation, just this once,” Bradley joked.

They walked the couple of blocks back to FreeCom and took the elevator to the eighteenth floor. Bradley cheekily squeezed her butt in the elevator. He was standing beside her at the back of the car as it was crowded with employees returning from lunch. Taylor brushed his hand away. She was flattered by Bradley’s little gestures but wasn’t sure if it was genuine affection or if he was taking liberties.

Did he think that because he was funding her startup that he owned her body or that she was obliged to let him fondle her whenever the fancy took him?

Bradley had texted ahead and one of the small conference rooms was set up for them.

“I gotta take a leak; shouldn’t have had that second glass of beer. You ladies go on and I’ll catch up,” Bradley peeled off towards the men’s.

“I’ll levent escort take a restroom break too,” Taylor had gone at The Gage but the brisk walk through the cold Chicago streets had done its job.

Veronique followed Taylor into the ladies and they took a stall each. They finished at the same time, washed their hands and stood shoulder to shoulder at the mirror fixing their lipstick. When Taylor turned to leave Veronique suddenly turned her around and pressed her against the wall and leaned into her.

“Be careful of Bradley. He’s a charmer and a pretty good lay but he’s a ruthless businessman. He didn’t get where he is by sharing all his toys,” Veronique’s bright-red lipsticked lips had formed the kind of sneer that only European women seemed to be able to master.

Taylor just nodded and turned to leave.

“I’m serious Kmart, be careful. You write good programs but you are not business savvy,” Veronique stepped back and let Taylor leave the restroom.

They were joined in the conference room by a serious looking young man who it turned out was from FreeCom’s legal department and he ran Taylor through the contract. His name was Hugh Fleetwood and he rambled on for what seemed like an eternity.

“Look, most of it is just boilerplate but the gist is: PostPay, which is described in these documents as a company wholly owned by Taylor Averille, becomes a subsidiary company of FreeCom but you maintain control of your company,” Hugh Fleetwood explained.

“What this means is that as a subsidiary of FreeCom you get to use all of FreeCom’s resources to promote and implement PostPay’s business model and to carry out the daily technical, economic and financial undertakings of the company. Profits made by executing this business model are shared equally between FreeCom and PostPay,” Hugh extrapolated.

“I also have documents here ready for you to sign in order for you to copyright your software and system architecture; I can’t believe that you haven’t done so already,’ Hugh said in an admonishing tone.

Taylor blushed.

“That’s why I never disclosed the whole program and architectural hierarchy and only provided samples to potential backers,” Taylor said in her defence.

“So anyway… You’re going to want to take most of this to your own legal counsel to have it reviewed and revised before you sign it, except for the copyright registration which I suggest you sign right now,” Hugh Fleetwood finally stopped to take a breath.

“Wow that’s a lot!” Taylor, whose expertise was in coding and programming, had never realised how complicated the corporate and legal side of her product would be.

“Look Taylor. It’s not that hard. In simple terms I give you two hundred and fifty thousand dollars up front as a goodwill payment. PostPay becomes a subsidiary of FreeCom but you maintain the controlling interest and we split the profits fifty-fifty,” Bradley gave Taylor that boyish grin again.

“Well that sounds good to me. Where do I sign?” Taylor returned the grin.

“Wait!” Veronique interrupted.

“As much as I want to get to work selling PostPay to my clients, promoting the product and making us all lots of money, I think we need to ensure due diligence is done here. We are offering Miz Averille a good deal I’m sure, but this is all happening very fast and Miz Averille is not effectively represented. This could lead to complications down the track if, and I doubt it will come to that, but it will become an issue if Miz Averille challenges the deal later. Let’s all meet our legal and moral obligations,” Veronique put her expertly manicured fingers on top of the documents.

Bradley’s smile morphed into a scowl but his demeanour changed back to one of pleasantness almost instantly, it was like watching some therianthropial being.

“Of course you are right Veronica, I think we all got caught up in the moment,” Bradley nodded sagely, but it was obvious that he was hoping to have the contract signed today.

“I’ll sign the copyright registration now because that protects me,” Taylor tapped the document in front of her.

Everyone around the table agreed.

“And I’ll deposit the advance into your account as a gesture of goodwill. It’ll give you a little stipend to start with,” Bradley patted Taylor’s hand.

“Ok we’re done for now,” Hugh Fleetwood gathered the documents together, put them in a binder and handed them to Taylor.

“As soon as your legal counsel has reviewed the documents, send me any proposed changes and we’ll nut it out and get this deal signed. I want to start making money,” Bradley stood and the rest of them followed suit.

Bradley escorted Taylor to the foyer.

“Dinner again tonight?” He smiled at her.

“I don’t think so Bradley. I’ve got a lot to get through here,” Taylor nodded at the files that she was clutching to her chest.

“Ok, I get it and call me Brad please,” he leaned in and kissed her cheek chastely.

All of this was witnessed by Veronique who was standing in the doorway of her office watching beyoğlu escort intently.

Taylor took the L back home and dropped the documents on the bench next to her workstations and did a little dance. She knew that if anyone saw her doing her little jig she would be terribly embarrassed but she was just so excited. Female Taylor had been able to achieve in three days what her male alter-ego was unable to accomplish in two years. The oracle in the USB was right!

There was a knock on the door which surprised Taylor. She seldom had visitors, especially at this time of day. It was late afternoon.

“You live here like this Kmart?” Veronique looked disparagingly around the apartment.

Veronique had barged into the apartment as soon as Taylor opened the door.

“It’s Walmart! I bought my clothes at Walmart!’ Taylor stamped her foot indignantly.

“Tomayto – tomahto. Tomorrow we will go shopping and I will dress you like you own your own company. I need to be able to sell you Taylor; you are part of the PostPay brand now,” Veronique continued to look around the little apartment with distain.

“We’ll find you somewhere decent to live, you can’t stay here,” Veronique waved her hand dismissively.

Taylor’s high spirits dissipated instantly and she stepped up to Veronique, standing only inches away and stared into her icy blue eyes.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Taylor glared at her.

Veronique didn’t flinch. She searched Taylor’s face, and then she bought her hand to her cheek and softly stroked it.

“You are a very stunning woman; not a classic beauty by any means but any bimbo can be pretty. You are far better. You are interesting… intriguing. You behave like a woman who is not sure of whom she is, like you are new to being a woman. Your behaviours seem almost rehearsed,” Veronique smiled at Taylor.

Both women were tall and they stood eye to eye, only inches apart.

“You don’t have a dick under that skirt do you Kmart?” Veronique put her hand under Taylor’s skirt and grabbed her between the legs.

Taylor refused to be intimidated and she stood still, glaring at Veronique while she felt her pubis through her satin panties.

“Well did you find one?” Taylor glowered.

“Did I find one what?” Veronique tilted her head questioningly.

“A dick,” Taylor hissed.

Veronique slipped her hand inside the waistband of Taylor’s tights and found her sex. She slipped a finger inside Taylor’s labia and stroked her sex.

Taylor trembled.

“No. I found something better,” Veronique removed her hand and bought the offending finger to her lips and licked it.

Veronique leaned in closer to Taylor, her lips actually touching Taylor’s earlobe, sending shivers down her spine.

“You taste good. I’m sorry for doubting you,” Veronique took a step back.

“But we don’t have time for this mischief. I know a boutique law firm that specialises in corporate law; I use them myself and they have no affiliation with FreeCom or Bradley Freeman. I took the liberty of sending copies of the contract over to them for review,” Veronique was suddenly all business.

Taylor’s shoulders drooped and she suddenly felt exhausted.

“Why are you doing all this Veronica? Helping me with legal assistance, finding me a new apartment, shopping, what the fuck?” Taylor was confused.

Veronique stepped back into Taylor and but her hand on her upper arm in a comforting gesture.

“Because it’s my job. I have to sell PostPay and I have to sell you along with it. I can’t have some gangly computer coder accompany me to business meetings. I need a smart sassy executive who looks like she can kick ass and take names; someone who looks the part; someone who looks like they own a successful finance technology company.”

“You are part of the brand, whether you like it or not,” Veronique explained.

Taylor nodded; it made sense now.

Veronique leaned even closer, her body pressing against Taylor’s.

“And also because for some reason I like you Taylor,” Veronique gently kissed Taylor on the lips.

The kiss was fleeting, Veronique’s lips felt like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, her breath tasted like sweet like nectar but tinged with spice like cinnamon. Taylor stood stiffly with her arms by her side, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted.

Veronique turned away and picked up her handbag from where she had tossed it on the couch.

“Be ready tomorrow at nine. We have a viewing at nine-thirty then we are going shopping. Check your account; the advance should be in there by now. We are going to deplete it a little tomorrow,” Veronique’s heels click-clacked on the boards as she walked to the door.

She let herself out.

Taylor still stood stock still with her hands by her sides.

“She called me Taylor,” Taylor whispered and then she smiled.

Taylor had a quiet night home alone, she fielded calls from Brad Freeman pestering her to go out for drinks, then later for dinner and finally he offered kağıthane escort to come around to her apartment. She respectfully declined each invitation despite his insistence.

Taylor checked her bank account online and was delighted to find it had swelled considerably. There was an accompanying email from her bank requesting she come into the branch and talk to their manager about opening an investment account rather than the savings account she currently held with them.

She slept soundly after pleasuring herself. During the act her mind kept vacillating between images of Brad Freeman fucking her hard and Veronique Pascal kissing her deeply whilst she used her fingers on her sex. She imagined she could feel Veronique’s finger still inside her cleft.

She was ready to go at nine and just as well. Veronique texted her and told her that she was waiting in a town car outside. Taylor was wearing the same outfit she had worn yesterday only with a fresh t-shirt and yellow tights this time.

Taylor clambered into the back of the car to find Veronique wearing her usual dark designer short-skirted power suit and Christian Louboutin’s. She winced when she saw how Taylor was dressed but said nothing.

“Good morning Veronica,” Taylor used her abbreviated name.

“Good morning Taylor,” Veronique leaned in and kissed each of Taylor’s cheeks.

Veronique smelled wonderful. Taylor appraised her sharp cheekbones, full lips and severe black bob and had to admit that she was envious. She was wearing black fully-fashioned stockings and Taylor thought that she might like to try them… once she had the clothes to match of course.

The driver stopped outside of the ‘Millennium on LaSalle’ located at 29 South LaSalle Street right on the Loop; it would be walking distance to work. An impeccably dressed and attractive real estate agent met them in the foyer; the agent and Veronique exchanged air-kisses whilst Taylor settled for a handshake.

She was shown to a one bedroom apartment which she immediately fell in love with. It was modern and impeccably furnished; 745 square feet and open plan. She could take it for $3,300 per month or $4,300 furnished as is.

Taylor signed the lease then and there, taking up the agent’s offer of letting the apartment furnished.

“Ok Taylor, you have somewhere to live, now let’s get you a wardrobe,” Veronique said when they climbed back in the limo.

Taylor and Veronique spent four hours shopping, taking time out for a quick lunch. The raided every high-end shop on the Magnificent Mile and managed to fill the town car with boxes, shopping bags and suit-carriers. They took it all back to Taylor’s new apartment and Veronique helped Taylor put away her purchases in an ordered fashion so that she could easily coordinate her wardrobe.

They went back to Taylor’s old apartment and dropped Taylor off. They agreed to meet for drinks and dinner that night.

“Are we friends now Veronique?” Taylor asked her before alighting from the car.

“I don’t know what we are Taylor, but we are something,” she kissed Taylor’s cheek in farewell.

Taylor packed up all of her male clothing into boxes which she labelled ‘store’. Taylor probably wouldn’t keep most of it anyway when she transitioned back into a man; male Taylor would need a corporate image when he reappeared. She packed her personal possessions, which were meagre to say the least. Except for the lingerie and hosiery, the Walmart wardrobe went into boxes labelled Goodwill.

She had purchased all new cosmetics and toiletries so except for the computers, there was nothing in the apartment she needed or wanted. She took her personal possessions and two suitcases full of necessities and was ready to leave; her town car would be here soon. No more Ubers for Taylor. A moving company would come and put what she needed to keep into storage and drop the remainder at Goodwill. Some tech wizards from FreeCom would relocate her computers to her new apartment. She was ready to leave her old life for good.

“Shit!” she said when she was on the apartment stoop.

She gave her things to the driver and rushed back inside. She opened the drawer where she kept the plethora of computer peripherals and accessories and took out the magic USB drive.

“I can’t lose that now can I? Don’t want to be stuck in this body forever,” she smiled to herself and dropped the USB into her purse.

Taylor put away her things and stood in the middle of her new apartment and pinched herself. This had to be a dream. How could this have possibly happened? It wasn’t a dream but it was certainly a miracle. She took the matte-black USB device out of her purse and stared at it. It remained dull and lifeless.

“Eighty six days to go. I need to get PostPay established and think of an exit strategy. Somehow female Taylor needs to disappear and male Taylor needs to reappear. Plenty of time to think about that,” she said to herself and headed to the bathroom, she was keen to try her new rainfall shower.

Taylor stripped and luxuriated under the warm water for thirty minutes, dried herself and brushed her teeth and her hair having put on a fluffy bathrobe. The central heating in the apartment kept the temperature at a comfortable 78 degrees. She clutched a gin and tonic and looked out the full-length windows at the cityscape watching the night begin to fall.