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I am a woman with convictions. I don’t believe in equal rights for women, I believe woman are dominant and superior. It is perhaps this opinionated outlook that has got me in so much trouble. I am the type of person who feels I, or any woman can do anything a male can do as well, if not better. I will now relate to you how this thinking has backfired on me.

It started the summer I graduated from college, and I decided to take the big step and buy a new car. Everything was overwhelming, and the smart ass salesman wasn’t helping any. His first mistake was calling me “little lady”, then patronized me by steering me towards the “cute” cars. In ten minutes, he had broken every rule in my mind, and I left. After several dealership nightmares, I talked to some of my friends, who also had the same bad experiences.

By the end of summer, I was working as a car sales consultant in a male dominated market. I still had to take shit from them, but I was slowly working my way to the top. I had to play their game in order to be accepted, so I put on the girlie act, and flirted with whomever I thought could get me closer to the top, after all, I would teach them not to fuck with us women.

The owner decided to have one of those stupid “midnight madness” sales, and, of course, I was one of the ones chosen to stay late. Ned, who was lead salesman, also worked it, and he was beat by the time we closed up. I found him on the couch in the courtesy lounge, starting to nod off.

“Hey, Ned, how you holdin’ out?” I asked, as I sat down across from him with a cup of coffee.

“Hey honey.” I hate it when he calls me that. “We sure sold a butt load of cars tonight!” I could tell he was trying to peek up my short dress, as I sat on the edge of the overstuffed chair. He had the perfect view from where he was slumped, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I turned to fiddle with my coffee, and made sure to spread my thighs just enough.

“Hey, darlin, why don’t ya join me over here.” he said as he patted the vinyl cushion next to him. “We can discuss your promotion!”

“But if I did that, then you couldn’t look up my dress anymore!” I said coyly. He didn’t seem to mind that I caught him peeking, and I figured flirting with a married guy would be safe, so I picked up my coffee cup and plopped down next to him. He suddenly didn’t seem so tired now, as I found his hand on my bare knee. At this point, I would normally kick the crap out of him, but since this was my idea, I played along. I would let him grope me to about mid thigh before I stopped him, at least that’s what I had planned. But my pussy deceived me, pushing my legs apart and providing lubrication for his quickly approaching fingers. They found their mark, and without consulting me first, my pussy decided to have an orgasm. Ned stood and pulled out his friend, Dick and introduced it to my pussy. They had a great time sex izle together, but Ned pulled out in only a few minutes, standing in front of me with his chubby cock in hand. I knew what he wanted, my damn pussy wouldn’t milk him dry, it left that job for my mouth. Oh how I hated to give head, but I concentrated on my new promotion as I slurped away. Before I knew it, he gushed his salty load into my mouth, and like a good little girl, I swallowed it all. Yuk.

The next day, true to his word, Ned talked to the boss about me. He winked at me as I walked past his desk, when the big guy called me to his office.

“Julie, come in, sit down!” he was rocking back and forth in his leather chair. “It has come to my attention that you may be due for a promotion. I have reviewed some of your past performances, and I am impressed.” This is a good thing, I thought to myself. “But one performance stands out above the rest, and that is the one that I am basing my decision on.” It had to be the “midnight madness” sale, I sold twenty two cars that day. He leaned forward and picked up a remote control, and the TV in the corner came to life. I was confused until I figured out what I was watching. The security tape caught me doing Ned, and it was at the part when Ned was spewing his load into my mouth. Because there was no sound, it appeared that I seduced him all the way. But I should have been fired, why was he handing me a promotion?

“Tonight, after hours, we will have a special meeting to discuss your…a…new position.” he turned the TV off and pivoted away from me. “It would be in your best interest to attend.”

Damn, he wanted a little of the action as well. I figured one more blow job, or a quick fuck would be worth the promotion, and of course, the domination I would soon have.

I ran home at lunch to grab some clothes, and hurried back to work. The day seemed to drag as I waited and planned my seduction. A few minutes before closing, I snuck into the lady’s room to prepare. I put on a short and sheer mini dress that buttoned up the front, a lace thong, no bra, and thigh high spike heeled boots. I put my hair up on top of my head, it made me look taller, and it kept it out of my face when I gave head.

Poking my head out the door, I could see the place was deserted, and the showroom lights had been dimmed. I made my way to the conference room, and confidently swung the door open. You could have heard a pin drop, as I stood there before almost a dozen smiling salesmen. Shit, we ARE having a meeting. Oh well, I might as well sit down, now that everyone has seen me.

“I’m so glad everybody could make it tonight.” The big boss said as he casually strolled around the room. “I will make this as quick as possible, so you may enjoy the rest of your evening. One of our sales consultants is being considered for a new position, but before she is given this alt yazılı porno new position, she must be approved by her peers. Julie, are you ready to accept your new position?” He now stood directly in front of me, as I crossed my legs nervously.

“Y…yes sir, I think so.” I need to remember to act more confident.

“Very well! Let me begin by telling you your new position comes with a private office, and you will be paid a salary, so there’s no pressure to sell cars any more.” This sounded too good to be true, I almost felt sorry for the other guys.

“Actually, your new assignment consists of several new positions.” That’s more like it, I thought, I will be replacing several people. “Your main position will be on your knees, but occasionally on your back, and sometimes on all fours.”

“Huh?” Did he just say what I thought he just said?

“I think you heard me correctly, you will be providing stress relief to the salesmen, who will be paying your salary. And I can see you have dressed properly for the occasion, so if you would like, you could start right away.”

“I don’t think so.” I shot back.

“Before you make any bad decisions, remember I have a tape of you…let’s see…were you seducing a married man, or were you trying to bribe a superior?” He had that smirk on his face that said “I won”. “Either way, it wouldn’t look good to certain people, if you know what I mean.”

“Then I’ll just quit.” I said smugly.

“Maybe we’ll have a special sale, every car comes with a free video, Ned’s face would be altered of course. Or maybe anyone who calls to check your references might want a copy. Heck, maybe I can sell it online to one of those porn sites.” He spoke softly, yet confidently.

The bastard had me by the short hairs. I didn’t see any way out of this, unless…

“Oh, and by the way, if your performance isn’t up to par, well…just make sure it is.” He was now standing back at the head of the table. “The meeting will be adjourned as soon as Julie finishes with you all. I’ll be in my office, thank you.” And with that, he left the room, as twenty two eyes descended upon my body.

I figured that many of these guys were married, and would turn me down, and a few would be too embarrassed to perform in front of the others. If my calculations were right, I would be done in just a few moments, so I confidently strode up to the closest guy and began to unzip his pants. Hmmm…this is odd, he’s not even trying to stop me. Actually, I was rather impressed with his cock, as I ran my tongue up and down the length of it. I was so busy trying to think of some sort of revenge, that I lost all track of time, and was snapped back to reality when he unleashed a massive amount of cum deep in my mouth. It was salty, but not disgusting, as I swallowed it down. OK, I know this next guy is married, as I scooted altyazılı sex izle over to him and ran my hands up the front of his pants. But again, I was met with no resistance as I pulled his cock from his Haggar double knit slacks.

Over the next thirty minutes, I sucked on six cocks, without a single turn down. My body went numb and my mind went blank as I just turned into a sucking machine. It was now painfully obvious that no one would stop me, and before leaving I will have swallowed eleven loads of cum, some sweet, some salty, some bitter, and some in copious amounts.

It took me just over an hour to complete my task, my jaw ached, and my knees were bruised, but at least it was over. As I left the conference room, I felt a little woozy from all the cum I ingested. I thought about going into the bathroom and throwing it up, but then I would have to taste it all over again. I could feel the thick fluid sloshing around as I walked, and even felt it running down my leg. Hey, wait a minute…how could it be running down my thighs when I swallowed every drop? Shit, it was my cum flowing. My damn pussy was enjoying this way too much.

“Julie!” My train of thought was interrupted as I walked past the bosses office.

“Yes sir?” I acted as if it were just another night at the office.

“Come in, close the door.” He was sitting behind his massive desk with a slight hint of a smile. “It appears you have done your job well.” I followed his glance to see that he had recorded the “meeting” and was playing it back on the TV. “Another tape to add to my collection.” he said as switched the VCR off. “Come around here.” he motioned me to behind his desk. As I walked around the end, I could now see that he wasn’t wearing any pants, but sat there in his boxers. I knew what I had to do, before he ever told me, and I dropped to my knees before him.

I was a bit surprised when I reached in and pulled out a massive cock, nine inches in length, and quite thick. Not at all what I had expected from this old coot. I gave him the special treatment, even though my jaw was killing me. The spongy head alone nearly filled my mouth, as I wrapped both hands around his shaft and pumped. Soon his legs began to tremble, and with a mighty grunt, he came. He had more spunk than any of the other guys, so much in fact, I couldn’t swallow it all, and a thick trail ran down into his forest of gray. Not wanting to leave him with a sticky mess, I slowly lapped up the remains, much to his delight.

“Ahh…thank you. My wife doesn’t believe in oral sex, and she says I hurt her when we fuck, so my sex life at home is almost nonexistent.” he sighed as he casually zipped up his pants. I almost felt sorry for him, but at the same time, wondered how that massive meat would feel stuffed into my tight pussy. Somehow I knew that I would find out.

These guys think I am their slut slave, but I know that I am in control, and have the power to make them cum at will. This arrangement might just work after all. Maybe someday I’ll let you know how the new position is going. I just heard the boss might be buying two more dealerships! Thanks for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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