Vacation in Lockdown Ch. 04

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This chapter is an epilogue to the LockDown saga of Calvin and his parents, Barry and Catherine.

Natalie, Calvin’s girlfriend, is the central character in this part of the story.

To soak in the characters and their depth, I strongly recommend reading the complete story before picking up this epilogue chapter. I do hope you all like it.




“Calvin, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas….” Mom sat with me a day after we had returned from Vegas.

After a two-week lockdown, there was neither any relief nor any improvement in understanding of the virus. If anything, it only got murkier. The world went into a tizzy, what with lockdowns and quarantines becoming household phrases everywhere. Panic overtook way more than actual loss, as was natural. Without a doubt, there was large-scale loss of life and severe health crisis everywhere, yet nowhere close to the collective imagination of all and sundry.

After many months of panic, things started to return to normal, a ‘new normal’ as we started to call it. All through this while, people started behaving strangely…. many stupidly. Eventually, came the Vaccine and along with it, a huge bout of relief for many.

By the time it was Christmas, even though there was a lot of hue-and-cry everywhere, things had started to normalize, by and large.

I had been told off by Mom, as soon as we got back from our Vegas vacation, to forget about any liberties that I had gotten away with. If I was expecting any different, I’d be a fool.

It was Thanksgiving weekend when I first introduced Natalie to Mom and Dad. The fact that Natalie was a spitting image of Mom, was not lost on any of them, Natalie included.

Neither Mom nor Dad mentioned anything, not at least to me, about the enormous resemblance between Natalie and Mom, but it was apparent that they noticed it.

Natalie had poked me many times about it subsequently, Once even while we were making love. Seconds before I was going to shoot my jizz in her, Natalie asked, “do you imagine fucking your Mom when you make love to me?”

It was like pressing a raw nerve. Her timing was intentional. My dick hurled the strings of cum an extra few inches deep inside her. My exults gave away any secret fantasy my mind was hiding.

It had been quite a few months since I had made love to Mom. The exuberance of having made love to Mom might have come off, but I was craving for it every single day. Inexplicably, I loved her like crazy, and I wanted to make love to her. Natalie had been a great way to compensate for that.

I was in denial that my face hadn’t really let out my inner desires, and maybe Natalie has not caught on to it.

It was extremely stupid of me to think no one would catch my drift. I had been outed. What was left now was an open discussion about it. Little did I know, Natalie would be the one taking the opening shot.

Dad first saw Natalie on Thanksgiving day when he opened the door for us. I picked Natalie, and we came home late in the afternoon, a couple of hours before supper. Inadvertently I was out of his line of view, but the shock on Dad’s face was like a thousand bolts had hit him. Suddenly he was seeing a younger version of Mom at the door.

Dad hastily recovered when I walked behind Natalie and introduced her, “Dad, this is Natalie,” and then added, “Natalie, this is my dad.”

They exchanged soft pleasantries and shook hands before Dad made way for us to come in. I had missed the shock on Dad’s face and had failed to capture Natalie’s confusion at Dad’s reaction.

As we walked in, I moved in to hastily introduce her to Mom, who was waiting for us in the living room.

Mom’s expression of shock gave away the surprise of seeing Natalie, but I still could not gather the reason. I ignored it as if it was a minor digression of how she expected Natalie to be and was surprised to see how nice and good-looking she had turned out to be.

Natalie and Mom hit it off instantly, but Dad conspicuously remained distracted and quiet.

After I went back to drop Natalie off back at her home, Mom and Dad must have spent an hour talking about the similarity between Natalie and Mom. Eventually, they decided to not bring it up with me; not as yet.

Natalie, too, was caught up in it all. That night, she cut me off and sent me back home dry, saying she had a headache and wanted to rest.

Over the next month, things had thawed, despite my ignorance. Natalie must have visited us about once every week until Christmas. She took time off from work and went to her parents for Christmas in Wimberley, Texas.

After she returned from around mid-January, Natalie’s visits became more frequent, to everybody’s pleasure. If anything, Mom and Dad were happier to see her around and welcomed her on every occasion.

It was on one of these visits when we were going at each other heavily in my room, she popped this question at me, “do you imagine fucking your Mom when kaçak iddaa you make love to me?”

Natalie, at that moment, was riding me cowgirl – and had been for twenty minutes. She squeezed my cock inside her pussy softly. Her sudden question caught me off guard.

That I was looking up into her face and imagining Mom was riding me made me wonder if I had involuntarily blurted ‘Mom’ while making love to Natalie.

The look on my face, the spontaneity of my response inside her pussy, and a woman’s instincts gave away my secret.

Natalie exclaimed her orgasm not much later.

As we lay side-by-side in each other’s arms, in a post-sex embrace, she broached it again with a lot more confidence and found a prepared resistance from me.

“So, for how long have you been fantasizing about making love to your Mom,” she asked me bluntly.

“what the hell was that, Natalie?” I asked feebly, adding, “in the middle of us making love no less.”

“come off it, you asshole,” she saw through my response and said, “I’m not an idiot.”

After some haggling, I gave in a little, “which boy hasn’t thought of making love to his mother, especially when one is so beautiful and smart. But that was then, and now I am with you.” I led her to believe that it was all in the past -decades ago.

After that day, whenever we made love, every other time she did it. Either by way of referring that “imagine If I were your Mom….” or by addressing me, “Cal…” just like Mom calls me. It got me going on every instance, and I gave her a few extra strings of cum or thrust heavier in her than I already was.


Variants from Britain, South Africa, and Brazil continued to threaten us in the USA. But we survived.

Mom and Dad got the first Jab done in February. The Second was due in April.

Around April, we saw some horrifying pictures from India and the delta variant wreaking havoc in South Asia.

Even though Natalie had to attend the bank as an essential service regularly, she could not get her first jab done because our age bracket hadn’t opened up.

Beyond the news of the delta variant, we carried on with our lives. Natalie was frequenting us often and increasingly started to stay over as well.

Natalie was dad’s buddy for all things business. Thanks to her business degree, and her career in a bank, her mind worked very well in business and finance. They spent long hours discussing business administration and financial matters.

On her Birthday in May, Mom gifted her a diamond necklace from Cartier. She kissed her on the cheeks as well and cried out of happiness. Dad gifted Natalie a brand new Tesla. She jumped on him and kissed his cheeks ten times. Then she cried a lot.

As luck would have it, Natalie got affected by the virus – mainly because she was going to the office, every day of the week, despite the threat of the spread.

It was decided Natalie would quarantine in our guest bedroom. We all took turns masking up, wearing PPE trying to help her and feed her. She seemed fine physically. She had a mild fever on days 4 and 5, but then she started to recover very well.

By day 12, Natalie was fine as ever but anxious. She was very keen to get out of the quarantine.

After she got out of quarantine, she tried to get back in shape and up her energy levels. Occasionally she would join Mom in her morning yoga routine.

As luck would have it Dad got infected within the next few days. Natalie felt very guilty as if it was her who had given the infection to him. Dad took the same guest bedroom for his quarantine. With natural immunity, Natalie stepped up and helped Dad as much as he needed. She didn’t need to mask or PPE.

On day 4, Dad’s situation deteriorated. His oxygen levels dropped, and his lungs were not pumping enough. Natalie could almost relate to it. On day 5, instead of coming back to my room, she stayed right next to Dad throughout the night. I was waiting for her in Mom’s room but she never came. I must have dozed off on the Dad’s recliner in my parent’s bedroom.

On day 6, he barely showed signs of improvement. Natalie stayed back in his room through the night and took a corner of the same bed to rest. On day 7, Dad’s lungs started to improve, but his fever stayed. Natalie increased her attention and took extra care, almost like a nurse.

Mom and I were worried sick, and I spent a lot of time waiting in Mom’s room until Natalie would return to my room in batches to freshen up, change or rest.

I stayed back in my parent’s room a lot. Mom and I realized company helped ease our nerves. For two days in a row, I had slept on the recliner. The next night, Mom asked me to rest on the bed as I waited. Natalie didn’t come out through the night.

By day 8 of Dad’s infection, I slept in Mom’s bed, and we hugged – praying and worried. The news from Natalie the next morning was reassuring.

By day 10, Dad seemed completely out of danger but had a mild-to-low fever, and there was no kaçak bahis problem with his breathing, and he looked good.

Late in the night on day 11, Natalie must have decided it was good to return back to my bed even though she had spent the entire day with Dad.

Natalie came looking for me in my parent’s room. She found me in a deep embrace with Mom in her bed.

From Natalie’s line of view, my head was nestling in between Mom’s breasts, outside of Mom’s nightgown. Mom picked up the movement in the room and opened her eyes, unaware of Natalie’s intent to invite me back to our bedroom.

Mom and Natalie exchanged glances. She silently mouthed, “good night,” and slowly stepped out – back into Dad’s room.

Late in the night on day 12, when Natalie strolled into my parent’s room barefoot, I was sucking on Mom’s right tit.

Mom must have dozed off because Natalie stood and gazed at the marvelous incestuous make-out session between Mom and me.

Every few seconds, I would suckle on her tit, only to rest thereafter for a few seconds without letting Mom’s nipple out of my mouth and then start again slowly pulling on her nipple between my lips – a routine I repeated tens of times. Natalie gaped at us open-mouthed and admired my impudence in pulling it off.

She stood there for a long while before stepping back silently after determining that Mom was indeed asleep. The bear hug that we were in was perhaps with her approval but the suckling quite possibly not.

Instead of getting agitated, Natalie was anxious, worked up, and horny. She returned to the guest bedroom. As she lay back, fingering herself – her mind numb – she didn’t realize when had she slept.

All through the next day, Natalie eyed Mom and me to notice if we were behaving any differently. We weren’t. I did realize the extra attention I was getting, but I could not figure out what was it that was bothering Natalie. I guess Mom could not either. With so much happening in the house, we ignored it as something irrelevant.

On the thirteenth day, Dad had been up and about, but within the room that he was quarantined in. He caught up on some exercise with stretches and small rounds of walking within the confines of the guest room.

Late in the night, was a repeat. My sucking on Mom’s breast was slightly more overt. As a matter of fact, on the previous night, she had indeed realized I was sucking her bare tit – much later into the night, long after Natalie had left us alone. She hadn’t bothered to wean me off and had, instead, pulled my head inside her bosom to let me have some fun – possibly to help calm nerves. As a reflex, my arms around her waist only tightened.

On this night, I joined her on the bed only a short while after she had settled in. I went in without hesitation and snuggled into her bosom, and pulled my arms around her waist. She accommodated me, welcoming me with her arms around my shoulders and her hand behind my head.

Almost instantly, without any delay, I peeled off the gown and uncovered a white, smooth, and firm breast that I had grown so fond of. And without looking up towards her face – to ask permission – I pulled the nipple in my mouth. Her hand landed behind my head, and her hesitation lasted no more than a couple of seconds before letting me have my way on her breast.

I started with some earnest sucking and laid a thick layer around her areola with my tongue. Then I sucked on her nipple as if it was about to produce milk. Even though I was unsuccessful to get milk out of her nipple, I did manage to get it hard as rubber.

I slowed my attack on her nipple and settled in to slow action. Lick, flick, suck and stay. And then repeat.

Our arms flew around each other on auto mode and we got into our all too familiar bear hug. My thigh rode up between her legs all the way to her pussy and her thigh rode high on my hip, providing enough room for my thigh to go in.

It must have been an hour or, maybe two, I relentlessly and diligently kept on sucking on Mom’s tit.

We were squirming every few seconds into each other’s groin. Both unwilling to relent and give up the hug. I was too scared to make any more moves, lest she cut me off again. I was using a trait very difficult to master in such circumstances – patience.

When did our numb minds give up and we slept, I can’t say. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I felt a hand on my cheek. I would have missed the extra caress altogether, but I stirred and as a result Mom too stirred a little.

Natalie was bending over my face and caressing my cheek with her knuckles tenderly. Mom’s eyes opened, and they exchanged glances. if Mom wanted to pull back on impulse, it was halted by an intuitive exchange between Mom and Natalie’s eyes.

I stayed where I was, in heaven, lost to the world. In my mother’s bosom, I restarted sucking as I stirred back a little. I had no clue Natalie was in the room and on the bed with us.

Natalie stood up and slowly walked out of the room without illegal bahis looking back.

On the fourteenth day, Natalie and Mom exchanged knowing glances. They could not get alone time, because Natalie was in and out of Dad’s room with just one more day left of his isolation. He seemed to have recovered almost completely and looked much better.

Natalie, Mom, and I had lunch together at the dining table.

I asked her, “Natalie, do you think Dad is fit and ready to come out of isolation?”

An ideal response to this innocuous question was a ‘yes’. Yet, Natalie started to think and then gave a belated answer, “I don’t see why not.”

After a long pause, Natalie added, “let’s decide later in the evening to see if he has fully recovered.”

I looked at her, and she silently kept eating her food without looking up in my direction.

As was her habit, Natalie would usually wear a t-shirt and jeans. On that day, she had worn a pair of hot pants, reasonably high on her bum. A strange choice I’d have thought. But Natalie was comfortable, And I knew she wasn’t staying over with lots of clothes at our home.

Around lunch, she carried the tray inside for Dad. She laid it on the bed and checked his temperature and his oxygen level on the oximeter. She harumphed to Dad’s surprise.

Then she handed him the bowl of spaghetti and a bread slice. She watched him eat and made small talk. He smiled and ate his lunch. Intermittently, they laughed at some small jokes together – loud enough for us to hear in the sitting room.

Halfway through Dad gave up and left the bowl of food on the tray.

Natalie would have none of it. She insisted that he finish it to get his energies back up. When he resisted, she held the bowl in her hand, dipped the fork in, and started to feed him with her own hands – one bite at a time.

Later in the evening, Mom and I sat on the couch in front of the tv for some tele-series. Natalie joined us a short while later, having come out of Dad’s room.

Mom tried to get up to make room for her, next to me but she insisted, “Please keep sitting, I might have to get up soon again to check on him.”

Natalie sat on the sofa near ours, with her view perpendicular. Mom and I were watching the tv, and Natalie leaned on the sofa armrest to see the tv.

Mom insisted, “Natalie, you’ll sprain your neck. Please come sit here with us.”

Natalie reluctantly got up and sat next to me, squeezing. The three-seater sofa was large enough for the three of us, but after Natalie joined in, I was sitting right next to Mom touching thigh-to-thigh on one side and with Natalie on the other.

After some initial tension, I eased up and kept my right hand on Natalie’s bare thigh. It took me less than ten minutes to start rubbing her thigh up and down.

Far in the background, we heard Dad cough a little.

Natalie lifted my hand from the wrist and parked it on Mom’s thigh, before getting up. She didn’t look back and briskly walked towards Dad’s room as if he needed immediate first aid. He needed nothing of the sort.

I left my hand on mom’s thigh and rubbed it up and down as if it was necessary. Mom was wearing a dress so my hand remained above the fabric, moving it along with my upward and downward motion.

Like Lunch, we ate dinner at the dining table before Natalie left with Dad’s tray with her.

Dad smiled at her, and happily ate his dinner halfway through and left it, suggesting he was full.

Natalie again grunted her disdain and forced him to eat. Again feeding him with spoonfuls, with her own hands.

Mom retired into her room, after bidding good night to Dad from the doorway.

Dad said, “good night,” to Mom. Natalie gave Dad company, both reading a book each.

I went to my room, changed, brushed, and checked in on Dad and Natalie. When satisfied that the chance of Natalie coming out was low, I trudged toward my parents’ room.

Light from the attached bathroom dimly lit my parent’s bedroom. Mom had half-covered herself with a sheet, and her top half-revealed she was wearing a pastel green silk nightie. The straps were made of just embroidered fabric. She was half turned into the bed, and I couldn’t make out if she was awake, but clearly, she could not have slept so quickly after we turned in.

I entered the room making minimum noise and first decided to pull off my t-shirt. Before getting in bed, I said to myself, ‘hail mary’ and pulled my lowers down and got in with just my boxers on me.

I drew the cover slowly and with that got Mom to stir a little. She rolled onto her side from her forward-leaning position. Without thinking much she opened her arm and I snuggled into her chest. My head rested on her arm that rolled on behind me to pull me in. At first, I nestled in and dug my face between her breasts and let her hold me with both her arms and hands behind me.

A short while later, I pulled my hand from behind her shoulder and dragged the embroidered strap from her shoulder to bare her breast. She released the pressure by loosening her hand from behind my head and seconds later I was latching on to her soft, and warm tit. My lips enveloped her areola and my tongue licked her nipple.

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