Valentine’s Day

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Big Tits

We had talked about what you wanted for Valentine’s Day, I just doubt you ever thought we would do it. And usually when we talked about these things you were on your belly with your fingers working busily on your hard clit. I left you on the bed after work (who would plan Valentine’s Day on a workday?), face down, with the covers pulled over you. Peaking out from under the blanket are three ropes, two attaching your feet to the corners of the footboard, and one pulling your left hand towards the headboard. I left your right hand free to wander, trusting that you won’t pull the blindfold off.

I kiss you on the cheek, and whisper that I’ll be right back. You pass your free hand up to my lips so I can taste how wet your pussy is already.

“Hurry, I’m not sure how long I can keep at the edge.”

I slip out, locking the door behind me, heading to the bar.


The bar was crowded, full of couples out celebrating Valentine’s Day. There was already a lot of groping in the corners. A bunch of men were gathered around me, their girlfriends scattered at the bar and tables. I hadn’t met them before.

“She’s hot, right?”

“Fuck yeah, she’s hot! She’s my girlfriend, for Christ’s sake. Big tits, lovely ass, full lips, amazing hair. And she loves to fuck.”

“So, we get to fuck her, right?”


“And what do you get out of this?”


“Mine what?”

“Your girlfriends. All of them.”

“Really, you think you can fuck all of our girlfriends? All ten of ours? ‘Cause I know all ten of us can fuck your girlfriend”

“I’d like to give it a try.”

There was general murmuring and then silence in the bar. The men dispersed to their women and the volume raised. Many hard glances were thrown my way, some appraising ones. I looked a little deeper into my scotch, trusting in the power of a totally spontaneous, idiotic idea. A lot of shit that makes no sense whatsoever sometimes happens in situations like this.

Pair by pair they trickled over to me, all agreeing, with different degrees of enthusiasm, some curious, some hungry, some I would have to keep an eye on. All types, all types. Checking me out, checking the competition out. Warming.

“OK, let’s go. It’s nearby, and we’ve been keeping her too long.”

We gathered our coats, pushed into the February night.


You had been busy while I’d been gone. The sheets and blankets were in a sweaty knot at the foot of the bed, and back and ass were flushed a deep red. The puddle beneath you had spread beyond your hips. Somehow you had gotten the little dildo out from the bedside table drawer and into your ass. I turned to look at the group behind me and faced their broad grins.

Your order came, muffled by the pillow and strained by tension, but clear enough.


And then there was an eager clatter of zippers, buttons, dropped jackets, sweaters, shoes, pants, shirts, bras, underwear, panties.

I lean down next to your ear.

“There are a lot of them, I hope you can handle them all. You’d like them, but you’ll never see them. You’ll never know them, you’ll just feel them. They’re big – you’ll definitely feel them.”

“I won’t send our guests home disappointed. Just as long as you do your share, too.”

I look at the women undressing, and add my grin to their men.

“I’ll do my best, but I may need some help.”

A couple walked to the bed, hand in hand, smiling, naked. He’s tall and slight, black with a big cock, starting to swell. She’s white, big tits, nice big ass and a dirty sway to her hips. She licks her lips looking at us, and I can’t tell which one she’s looking at. He swings a leg over your head, pressing his cock against your lips, while she drops between your legs, pressing her face against your wet cunt.

“Oh yeah, she’s more than ready,” she says for the room to hear. Her right hand starts working the dildo in and out of your ass. Her man lets out a long moan as you take his cock between your lips, feeling it grow, getting it ready for your own pussy. He starts thrusting deeply into your mouth, too fast, too excited. You handle it with your free hand and tell him to fuck your cunt. “Now.”

He moves behind you, the girl lying back next to you on our bed. Her legs splay open, showing her trimmed pussy, and she gives me a wicked inviting smile. ateşli gaziantep escort His cock slides easily into your cunt, but you give a little grimace as it stretches you. You reach back to fondle his balls, but she leans over and grabs your hand. She’s surprisingly strong. With her other hand she takes my cock and guides it up to her mouth, sucking me just long enough to get me hard and wet. Pressing her lips against your ear she whispers, “Oh, no, you just take it tonight. You just get fucked. You just make all these cocks cum, and you’ll get off, trust me.” She reaches over and ties your free hand down with the extra rope dangling from the bed post.

I move down her body, pausing to fuck her tits a couple of times before moving my cock into her cunt. We gasp together, you and I, and start fucking, you thrusting your hips at the mine behind you, and I’m stroking my cock into the girl spread before me. I know I have to go easy, or there’s no way I’ll be able to fuck all these women. Behind us, the crowd is getting restive. Hands are wandering over cocks, cupping tits, pinching nipples, fingering pussies. Women drop to their knees, sucking cocks they’ve never met. Another man crowds onto the bed (I think disjointedly that we should have gotten the king-size), pressing his cock against your mouth. You suck it in, mid-groan. He’s not as big as the man fucking you, and you take it deeper in your mouth, balls slapping against your clit and your chin. A small Asian woman pushes her head between my belly and the cunt I’m fucking. I feel her tongue flickering around the clit, slipping up and down my cock as I slide into the gripping pussy. I reach over her back to finger her ass and pussy, finding the other woman’s fingers already there. This is too much and I have to pull out.

Hmm, this isn’t going at all how I planned: I’d pictured a line of men fucking you and me fucking a line of women. It’s totally breaking down, and everyone is fucking each other, pulling out blankets to lie on the floor, pushing couch cushions together as a makeshift bed, and just laying across each other, fucking. Hell, I’m gonna put aside my retentiveness and just go with this, ‘cause my cock is so hard it’s pointing at the ceiling.

I move back to the bed, but see that my spot’s been taken by a built South Asian man, who’s fucking hard. The men fucking you have switched, and a third has pulled the dildo out of your ass. He’s fingering your ass with three of his fingers and is working on a fourth.

A hand grabs my cock and pulls me to the floor. A black woman smiles from over her shoulder, running a hand down over her ass, tugging my cock into her cunt. I grab onto her tits and push myself roughly into her. She gives me a “yes” and then a “harder”, taking my hands and moving them to her throat. I wrap them around her neck and her eyes roll back into her head as her lips spread into an ear-to-ear grin.

“Yeah, she likes that,” a soft voice whispers behind me, “do you like this?” she asks, spreading my ass and running a finger over my asshole. I bite my lip and nod, embarrassed and incredibly excited. Her finger disappears for a moment and returns slick, sliding around my rim. She puts a little pressure behind it and slips in, a little.

“Oh, this will never work,” she sighs and drops down my back. I feel her firm hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks, and pressing her tongue against my asshole. A sharp gasp in front of me reminds me to loosen my hands.

“Oh, sorry,” I mutter.

“’S okay.”

The woman behind me has wormed her tongue into my ass and is rimming me deep. She pulls her tongue out and replaces it with her fingers. Two, then three. Oh shit, this is getting to be too much. I pull out of the woman I’m fucking and lay back against the woman fucking me. The one in front of me spins around and takes my cock back into her mouth, licking my cock clean of her pussy juices. Then she gives me a little pout and moves on to more likely prospects. Soon she’s getting fucked hard by two guys holding her down.

On the bed, the two guys fucking you take turns cumming, one in you, one on you. A hot little red head, short and all curves, immediately moves over and starts eating you out, digging her tongue deep into your cunt. Your pussy twitchs around her invading tongue, pushing ateşli gaziantep escort bayan the cum into her mouth. She swallows it greedily and moves up over your ass, licking the cum that has dripped down the crack and gathered at the base of your spine.

You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve cum tonight. Many with the first guy, more with the second, and once getting your pussy cleaned of cum. More men move in around you, cocks dripping. One of them, with a long, thin cock, spreads your ass and starts lubing up his cock with the KY that’s being passed around. And then adds a healthy dollop to your asshole, working it in with two, three, and then four fingers. You’re completely relaxed from cumming so many times, and your ass opens up for him. A man moves in front of you, and you take his offered prick into your mouth. Behind you, you feel the cock lining up against your tight hole and then start to slide in. He’s narrower than what you’re used to, but long, and he knows what he’s doing. Slowly and gently he works his cock deep into your ass. You breathe deep around the cock in your mouth, and you can feel a talented fingernail tweaking your clit.

The woman behind me whispers, “You want to get closer right? You want to see your girlfriend fucked in the ass, right,” punctuating each point with a little deeper thrust of her fingers into me. I still haven’t seen her, but can feel her small tits pressed hard against my back. I don’t answer and don’t need to. She propels me to the bed where I lie next to you, head near your ass.

He’s fucking you smoothly now, deep into your ass and you’re thrusting back against him. Your hips are going to be bruised tomorrow from his grip on you, but that’s tomorrow. Right now you’re emitting a long wail that wavers just in and out of human hearing. The cock you’re sucking on has shot off on your face, and is dripping onto the pillows. The man behind you isn’t going to last much longer in your tight ass, and you start bucking hard against him, chanting under your breath, “cumcumcumcumcum, Now!” And he does, deep inside you, setting off another orgasm in your pussy, soaking the hand working your clit.

“Now, right?” asks the woman still working my ass.

“Yeah,” you reply, exhaustedly.

Hands grab me suddenly, while I’m lying there, and I see you stand up, loosened from your bonds.

“What the fuck,” I get out as my hands and feet are quickly and expertly tied to the bed. The last thing I see is a big smile on your face before the blindfold is slipped on. I can’t fight it, so I joined it.

I feel you pressing against me, sticky with and smelling of cum and pussy. You kiss me and I taste the other men on your tongue.

“My Love, you are so trusting. I mean, really, think about it,” I can’t reply because a wet pussy settles on my face and I’m busy sticking my tongue into it. “Didn’t it occur to you that it was pretty easy to convince ten hot couples you just met in a bar to come up here and have sex with somebody they had never met?”

I paused mid-lick. A good point.

“We had an agreement, me and the group. If you couldn’t figure it out by the time I got fucked in the ass, they would get to have their way with you. And me. And here we are.”

I‘m neglecting my licking duties, and the pussy begins to grind against my face. I get back to it as the woman reached back and, grabbing my hair, pulled me deeper into her cunt.

“So,” you say, grabbing my cock for emphasis, “you’re going to get fucked. Ready? Don’t bother answering.”

Something hot and wet engulfs my cock, and I can feel a vigorous tongue running up and down the shaft. Whoever this is knows what they’re doing.

“Oh, Babe,” you continue, “you should see this – your cock is really stretching his lips, but I think he’s going to take it all.” He? Something else we had talked about, but I didn’t realize this was the night. OK, can’t fight, so then enjoy. And he’s really good.

“Excuse me for a second, Love, but there’s this really hot pussy in front of me that I’m going to eat out now. I’d tell you what she looked like, but then you didn’t let me see who was fucking me, right? She’s hot, though, and dripping, and…” You get cut off and I can just hear the sounds of your licking over the moans of the girl.

The mouth ateşli escort gaziantep on my cock pulls away and the cunt on my face moves away. I take a deep breath and lick my lips, collecting the taste of her pussy. I feel legs pressed on either side of my hips. Someone leaned down over me to speak into my ear. A pair of large tits pressed against me, making my cock grow another notch.

“Your girlfriend tells me you like ass-fucking.” I nod. “Here’s mine. Enjoy.” And something amazingly hot and tight stretches around my cock. Oh my God. This girl is good, and she works my cock expertly in her ass, keeping me from cumming.

“How’s that feel? How’s your cock feel in my ass? Mmmm, I love an ass fucking.” Oh, God, you know how helpless I am when women start talking dirty. “I think your girlfriend likes it, too. You should see her next to you taking it in the ass from two guys, one after the other, while she eats that pussy. Speaking of which, here’s some for you.” I open my mouth to start eating the expected pussy, but a hard cock passes through my lips instead.

Hmm, so this is what it’s all about. OK, let’s see where this will go (where do you think this will go, Idiot?). I go for it and start sucking on the cock, sucking it like I always wanted to be sucked. It does the trick, judging from his insistent thrusting.

“Oh, shit,” gasps the girl fucking me with her ass, “that’s what I like to see,” as she slips into a long and loud orgasm. She pulls off of me, leaving my cock twitching angrily in the air.

“OK, you liked her ass,” I hear you say after taking your girl to a throat wrenching orgasm. You’re kind of hiccupping, though, with the alternating thrust of the men taking turns in your ass. “Now try his.”

Another incredibly hot, tight ass slips over my cock, and I can feel his balls pressing against my belly as he bottoms out on my dick. Hard to saw which felt better, which turned me on more. I always dig a hot woman, but then again I’m not above doing something just because it’s nasty, you know.

The cock pulls out of my mouth, and he whispers gruffly in my ear, that was good, and now I’m going to fuck your girlfriend with it.” A moment later I hear your tell-tale moan as he shoves his cock into your cunt. The men fucking your ass move on to one of the other willing partners scattered around the room.

Suddenly there is more weight on my belly when a woman slides the cock of the man I’m fucking into her pussy. She leans backward onto me, stretching her body the length of mine. She stretches her arms up around my head and she twists her neck around to kiss me. He tongue tangles mine and then I feel a third join us. Yours. You lick around my ear, whispering as you go.

“You like that? How is his ass? Which do you prefer? Did you like sucking the cock fucking me? I liked licking the pussy fucking the man you’re fucking. Are you ready for more fucking? Are you ready for me?”

“Oh, God yes,” I gasp from among our lips.

The ass on my cock is gone; the woman on his cock is gone. And then you’re there. You’re tight cunt pushes on over my cock and your beautiful tits press against me. I feel the people gathering around us. You’re pulled upright and gasp as mouths attach to your nipples, a third mouth nuzzling down onto your clit. Slim fingers invade your ass, followed by the little purple dildo you like so much. Your moans are muffled suddenly by a hard cock in your mouth. Your fingers are pressed into a pussy with one hand and closed around a cock with the other.

A hot, wet cunt drops onto my mouth, and my legs are pulled apart so someone can get into my ass. A cock is placed in my left hand, and another pussy in my right. And your cunt is fucking me, fast and hard, and I know this is it.

A strong hand grips my cock tightly at the base, preventing me from cumming, whispering, “wait, wait, don’t you know it’s ‘Ladies first’?” Ah, yes.

One by one the people exploded around us, cumming on my face, in your hand, my hand onto your tits where it’s immediately licked up, and all around us on the floor.

This is getting to be torture for me, I need you to cum so I can, and finally I feel the flutterings in your cunt, the hard thrusts against the mouth latched to your clit, and then you are over and I’m following.

It’s never been this good. We have good sex, all the time, but this is another level. I feel your cum dripping down my hips, mixing with my cum seeping out of your cunt. And one-by-one my muscles relax, completely, and I can’t move. You drop onto me, as our various partners move away, gathering their clothes, showing themselves out. Muffled goodbyes, muffled thank yous. We’re alone, again, and you’re untying my bonds.

“So,” you say, “what did you get me?”

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