Valentines Day_(2)

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Valentines Day ’07

My wife, Pam, and I wanted to do something fun last year, so we each picked an activity. You might not believe it but I picked lunch at the park, so we could play with our remote control monster trucks, and a walk along the lake near our house. Pam on the other hand, always wants to out do the average woman. Her choice… “Lets got o the strip club, after dinner!” This made for a wonderful and sexy night.

Pam is 5′, 128Lbs with 34DD’s. She loves to dress up and look sexy when we go out. She loves to have guys (and girls) look at her. This night was no exception.

Pam was wearing a green shirt that is loose and open almost all the way down to her waist, and a short tight black “Hustler” mini skirt with a black thong and her tall leather boots. She was dressed to kill in that outfit. I love this shirt, it makes for easy access to her beautiful tits. When we got to the club we sat in the back row. We like to start back there and see what girls are working. Pam was very excited to see our favorite little lady walk onto the stage. Shannel is a beautiful five foot tall, black girl with a nice rack and a great ass. We moved up to the seats next to the stage. Shannel recognized us right off the bat. She slowly worked her way across the stage so she was kneeling right in front of us just to let us know she remembered. After her set she came and sat down in Pam’s lap with her arm around her. They gave a little hug and a kiss on the cheek. We sat and talk for a while until Shannel’s next set. Pam and I watched intently as this sexy little lady danced and stripped on stage. During this set she came over and reached down to Pam’s shirt and gave a soft caress to her now exposed breast. This got the attention of everyone in the room. After her set she came back over and sat with us again. After a few minutes of talking, Shannel, again, reached over to flash Pam’s rack to the crowd. This time she also sucked on Pam’s nipples for the entire room to see. I’m sure the dancer on stage was none too happy with this, everyone was watching them and not the dancer. Pam was really enjoying the attention and asked if I minded if we got a few lap dances. She knows I love to see her with another woman, so I jumped at the chance.

We went back to the VIP room and sat on the large sofa. Shannel sat on a chair in front of Pam and went to work. They kissed a few times and did a lot of rubbing and caressing of each other. It was one of the hottest tings I have ever seen. At one point Shannel licked and sucked on Pam’s panties while caressing her tits. We even got a little “talking to” by the bouncer for too much touching. There was one other couple in the room at the same time. Pam told me later that she loved every minute of her time with Shannel, but what made it even hotter was the fact that the guy across to room was also watching her. Turns out it was the same guy she had been eyeing all night long. She played up all of her actions in the VIP room to make sure this young navy guy got quite an eyeful of her. Pam had her skirt pulled up and both of her tits hanging out while she and the smoking hot dancer were grinding their bodies together. I had a major hard-on watching this. Pam leaned over and gave her a little kiss then told me she wished she could take her home.

Pam LOVES kocaeli escort cock, but just can’t wait till the next time she gets to taste the sweet taste of pussy again. But as we all know, you get to watch and they get to touch and you never get to take a stripper home, too bad for Pam. The night was NOT a waste after what seamed like the most sexually intense 15 min of our lives. Once that little red light went out we knew we had to leave the room.

On the way back to our seats with Shannell, Pam caught the eye of the other guy in the room. Pam had noticed him when he first walked into the club a few hours ago. I needed a cold shower but knew that a cigarette in the parking lot at midnight was about as close as I was going to get out here, so I went outside for a few and left Pam to sit and watch the girls on stage.

When I walked back in I noticed that the guy from the other room was now sitting next to Pam, so I sat on the other side of her so they could continue to talk and I could watch the show. We sat there for a few more hours watching the naked girls and flirting with this young Navy guy next to us. Before the night was over we talked Mike into coming over to our place.

He had arrived with a friend so he let him take his car back to the ship while he left with us. We have a ’04 Tahoe with a nice lift. Mike got in the back and I helped Pam up into the front seat. I squeezed her ass as I help her into the truck. I gave her a kiss and caressed her breast a little before heading over to the drivers side.

It was late and there was almost no traffic on the highway. We talked a little, then Pam leaned over and started to rub my hard dick through my pants. She then turned her attention to our guest in the back. She turned around and asked for a kiss. As she gave him a long deep kiss she slid her hand down to his large bulge. Then she did what I was hopping for…. she climbed in the back with Mike. I adjusted my mirror so I could keep one eye on the road and one on them. They continued to kiss as she guided his hand to her breasts. He quickly removed them both from her sexy green shirt. She allowed him to fondle them for several minutes before she said “Ok, I want some dick, can I suck yours?” with a sly little smile he said “sure, if it’s ok with your husband.” I told him she can do anything or anyone she wants, as long as I get to watch and help”

She leaned over and gave me a kiss and told me thank you and that she loved me, and then turned right back to Mike. They continued to kiss as she undid his jeans and released his rock hard cock. She then lowered her mouth down to his head and began to lick it softly. He moaned with each swipe of her soft tongue. She then took him all the way into her mouth, all the way to the base. She may have a small mouth but she has no gag reflex, so sucking cock is one thing she is VERY good at. As she did this over and over, licking and teasing his head a little then taking him deep for a few strokes, I kept a good eye on the action. I did have a hard time staying in my lane but with the late hour I didn’t mind. It was so hot watching my sexy wife sucking some guy’s hard dick right in the back seat of the car. She continued to suck and tease him while also taking turns kissing him and I for the rest of the trip home. As we pulled onto our street darıca escort she added to his torment by putting his dick back in his pants saying “Ok were home but you can have more later”

We all unloaded and walked into the house. After a short walk through to show Mike the place, we all sat on the couch. I wanted to keep the mood up so I said “How about some porn for background noise”, Pam laughed and said go get some. I went to the back and picked out a couple of our favorite DVD’s. When I got back to the living room she was already on her knees on the floor in front of Mike sucking his cock again. Damn that woman loves dick, and I love her for it.

I quietly put in the DVD’s and hit play. I then walked up behind Pam and began to caress her nice ass as she was leaned over into his lap. I took off her short skirt and slipped her out of her thong and shirt, as well. I played with her naked tits and started to finger her dripping wet pussy. Mike just leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed enjoying every moment of my wife’s amazing dick sucking abilities. I leaned over to give her a kiss and took the time to give his cock a nice lick up his shaft on my way to her mouth. She gave me a deep passionate kiss. I could taste the sweet pre-cum Mike had left on her soft lips. I then moved behind her and laid on the floor behind her, I slid my head under her to get access to her wet pussy. I spend the next 30 minutes giving her one orgasm after another. Every time she orgasmed she gave Mike a hard deep suck and screamed with delight with muffled tones. It’s hard to scream with a big dick in your mouth.

When my tongue and jaw finally got tired I moved out from under her and gave her a big kiss so she could taste her pussy on my lips. After having to leave that sexy little stripper at the club, I knew she would love to, at least, taste her own sweet pussy. She licked all her juices off my lips and gave me one more loving kiss. “See, I told you she loved the taste of pussy”, I said to Mike. He just smiled and told her not to stop sucking his dick, so Pam did as she was told and went back to work on his cock. She would lick it up and down and suck on his balls. Sometimes taking both of them in her mouth at once and gently sucking on them as she stoked his shaft with her hand. I didn’t want to waste anytime so I moved in behind her and slowly pushed my dick into her dripping wet pussy. I held her hips with one hand and caressed her breast with the other. I pounded her hard and deep for as long as I could but I finally gave into her and exploded my load into her tight pussy.

Mike, being a 20 year old guy, was still going strong so Pam said it was time for him to fuck her. With her pussy still dripping from my cum she stood up and turned around so her back was to Mike. She then lowered herself onto his hard dick and began to rock back and forth with increasing speed. Then she started to bounce up and down on his shaft. This is always a good way for her to get off. She began to once again have several orgasms in a row. Once her legs started to get tired of the up and down she went back to grinding her pussy on him. I loved watching this so much that my dick was hard again and I want to eat so more pussy. So I told her to lean back a little. I started to lick her clit while she was gölcük escort riding his hard dick. I did this until I gave her four or five more orgasms.

Now I wanted to mix things up a little, so I had her turn around so Mike could kiss her and play with her big beautiful tits while she fucked him. I kissed her all over and worked my way down to her ass. I smacked her hard on the ass and she moaned and said “Harder”. So I smacked her a little harder on one cheek then kissed the red spot. I then began to lick her ass and tongue fuck her ass hole while she continued to slowly fuck her new boy-toy. After working her ass for a few minutes I reached for some lube and applied a large amount to my cock and her very tight ass. I then applied a little pressure to her hole with the head of my dick and let her slowly push her way down onto my cock. As my head entered her she squeezed Mike hard around the waist. This was the first time she had ever been DP’ed and needed to get used to the pressure. Once she relaxed a little she began to rock slowly up and down until she was well used to the new and exciting sensation of having too hard dicks in her at one time. Mike started to move up and down faster and faster shoving his dick deep inside her. As he did I started to slide my cock in and out of her ass in a very slow smooth motion. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her. The more she got into it the fast she moved until Mike and I were both pounding her pussy and ass as fast as we could. I didn’t last long after this and once again exploded a load of hot cum, but this time it was deep inside her now well fucked ass. I slowly slid my cock out and crabbed a towel to clean off. She was very tired and felt like she had had the hardest fuck of her life. Mike to our surprise was not done yet. Oh, to be young again and go all night…

Pam never stops until all cocks have cum so she wanted to go back to sucking on his dick. She moved him so he was lying down across the couch. She was on her knees next to it. She asked me to grab her small vibrator from the bedroom. After a fuck like that she was glad I could even walk. She took the vibrator from me without ever taking Mike’s dick out of her mouth. She then held it against the side of his shaft and let the vibration and her talented mouth go to work. That must have been just the thing he needed because it only took about three minutes for her to make him cum. When he was ready he tapped her on the head, as if to let her know he was cumming so she could move. Pam would have none of that. I told him “she loved to have a guy cum in her mouth so let it go” and boy did he. He filled he mouth with his hot cum as his whole body tightened up and he almost past out from the release. He came so much she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth. As some started to drip from her mouth I came over and started to kiss her and lick his cum from her lips until we had cleaned off every drop.

We all fell asleep together in our cal-king bed with Pam in the middle and both of us with one arm around her till early afternoon. After lunch we took him back to his ship and gave him our number. Pam said she couldn’t wait to play again and for him to call us anytime. Pam is usually the shy type in public, but gets a little wild once you get to know her. The self described “Lady in the Parlor, whore in the Bedroom” type. This was the first time she had ever taken someone home she just meet, but after a night like that we were hoping it wouldn’t be the last…..

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