Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 06


Valerie dashed out of the foyer as soon as the words “hot tub” had passed through Tony’s lips. She was out the sliding glass door and onto the rear patio before he’d even realized she was gone.

It was cool out on the patio, but the night had actually warmed up since the drive. Like the rest of the house, the rear terrace was built in imitation-mediterranean style, with a lot of stucco arches and red tile everywhere. The terrace was brightly lit by a myriad of sconces and lanterns that were well-spaced to provide coverage of nearly the entire area. Much of the rear terrace was taken up by a large, heated pool where about half dozen high school seniors had gathered to lounge around, sit on the edge and occasionally even jump in and swim a few strokes. A few more older teens were scattered around here and there, lounging on deck chairs, retrieving age-appropriate beverages from the cooler or conversing jovially around the stereo. All in all a fairly low-key party for someone with Tony’s reputation.

“Can you believe Tony carded me before he let me into the party?” Tasha overheard one guy saying as she walked past.

“Yeah, he carded me, too. I guess he’s really serious about not letting anyone into this party unless they’re definitely over eighteen,” replied the guy’s friend.

“There is definitely, absolutely no chance that anyone at this party is under eighteen years old,” agreed the first guy.

“Word.” The second guy tapped the corner of the first guy’s juicebox with his.

The hot tub was located on a raised terrace in the back corner of the terrace that adjoined the pool. It was fairly large, big enough to seat ten people or more. Steam rose from the surface of the bubbling water and several girls were there enjoying a boisterous discussion that often broke into fits of giggling and outright laughter.

“That’s not what you said!”

“It is!”

“That’s not what you said!”

A dyed-blonde girl in a red bikini shook her head and asserted “No!” Holding up a protesting finger.

“You did!” retorted an athletic-looking black girl, holding out her hands to frame her statement. “You said you’d sucked more dicks than me!”

“No!” the blonde protested again. “I said I’ve sucked more dick than you!”

The black girl rolled her head back and grinned, trying to hold back sardomic laughter.

“Oh my gaaaawd what is the difference?” she chortled. A couple of other girls in the tub murmured agreement. They didn’t see the difference, either.

“I’ve sucked bigger dicks than you have,” explained the blonde, holding her palms apart to indicate the size of the dicks sucked. “Bigger dicks equals more inches of dick. Yeah, I may have sucked fewer dicks than you have, but if you’ve sucked twelve four-inch dicks and I’ve sucked seven eight-inch dicks, I’ve sucked more inches of dick total—” And here the blonde stuck out her tongue in a “duh” face and twirled her fingers in the air for emphasis. “—than you!”

The black girl rolled her eyes and threw her hand in the air.

“Bitch! What makes you think I’ve only sucked four-inch dicks? I’ve sucked eight-inch dicks!”

“How many? One?” the blonde retorted, skeptically.

“Uhhhh,” the black girl grunted mockingly and began to count on her fingers. “Let’s see: Mark Gillingham, Amos Toby, Dante Breshawn, Jessica Greely, Fitch McWhortier—”

“Fitch McWhortier does not have an eight-inch dick!” objected the blonde.

“Yeah he do!”

“No he don’t!” The blonde laughed. Several of the girls nodded their heads in agreement. Fitch McWhortier may not have had an eight-inch dick but however big it was he sure got it sucked a lot.

“Jessica Greely’s dick is only like seven inches, too,” interjected another girl. “It just looks bigger because she’s so short.”

The black girl had opened her mouth to launch a rejoinder but the words died on her tongue when she noticed Valerie walking up. The conversations between the other girls in the tub evaporated like so much steam as they, in turn, caught sight of Valerie. Specifically, her fourteen-inch anaconda bouncing back and forth in its custom-fitted cocksleeve as it was batted between her muscular thighs in time with each step.

The two girls looked at each other and knew the way to settle their argument had just walked up to them on a silver platter.

“Hey, ladies.” Val grinned. “Mind if I join you?”

The girls looked at each other, briefly consulting on the psychic frequency reserved for when a clique of mean girls is deciding how to fuck with someone.

Acting on their unspoken plan, the blonde girl spoke up. “Um, not with that thing.” She pursed her lips and pointed at the general volume encompassing Val’s cock and balls.

Val looked down, uncertain what the girl was talking about. Were they talking about her dick?

“This is a bottomless hot tub,” said another girl when it became obvious that Val wasn’t going to get there on her Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort own. “You can’t come in if you’re wearing a bottom.”

“But you’re all wearing—” Val started to say. She was interrupted by a series of splashes and in the blink of an eye all seven girls were tossing their swimsuit bottoms over their shoulder.

The blonde girl raised her eyebrows at Val in a way that said “your move.”

So this is how it’s gonna be, huh? Val nodded. She grabbed her custom, cum-resistant, expandable genital control garment with mesh ball-sling and began to slowly peel it down her thighs. The eyes of the girls in the hot tub followed Val’s hands as they traveled down, down, down her legs, revealing inch after girthy inch of her mammoth schlong. By the time Val’s underwear hit the tiles, the girls’ jaws were practically in the water.

Val smirked in satisfaction at the girls’ stunned expressions. She kicked her cocksleeve to one side before nonchalantly mounting the hot tub and heaving herself over the edge as if she were launching herself into an olympic pommel horse routine.

The splash of Val entering the bubbling water snapped the girls out of their shock. They closed their mouths and tried to resume their looks of snarky indifference. The ones seated closest to her scooched away until all seven of them were huddled on the opposite side of the tub. Several of them squirmed, rubbing their thighs together in sudden, irrepressible awareness of a heat rising in their loins totally unconnected to the roiling waters in the jacuzzi.

Val sighed with gratification as the bubbling water massaged the muscles of her back. She could feel her cold-shrunken cock and balls relaxing in the heat, expanding to their usual flaccid sizes. The end of her cock bobbed to the surface of the water where it was tossed around in the bubbling jets. The tennis-ball-sized glans danced and twisted in the effervescence and for almost a minute the girls watched it in hypnotized silence while Val checked them out.

Six of the girls were teenagers from the senior class at Tasha’s school. Val sized them up and wasn’t particularly impressed. She’d never been into high school girls even when she was a high schooler. She was always much more interested in scoring with her teachers, which she did, often and repeatedly to the point where most of her classes were taught by a revolving door of substitute teachers who she also fucked.

The seventh person in the hot tub, however, was a woman in her mid-to-late forties. She had very, very big, very, very round, very, very fake boobs that were barely restrained by a leopard-print bikini top. The woman sipped a vodka martini from a martini glass with a wide, shallow rim roughly the same circumference as a novelty flying disk. She was wearing a lot of purple eyeshadow and her hair was done up in a large, dyed-blonde bouffant that looked like it was more hairspray than hair. Her dark eyes glinted at Val and she winked mischievously.

Things were looking up! Val had an inexplicable attraction to raunchy, older women and they certainly couldn’t get enough of her.

“Hi! I’m Roxanne! But you can call me Roxie!” the fortysomething introduced herself, leaning across the hot tub and extending a large hand embellished by many gaudy rings and long, press-on nails. The several gold bracelets on her wrist jangled merrily as Valerie accepted the handshake.

“Valerie Song,” said Valerie. “Pleased to meet you!”

“Likewise!” Roxie’s smile crinkled the crow’s feet around her eyes and Val felt her cock lengthen incrementally. Roxie reminded Val a lot of her friend Lacey Wildd.

Valerie was impressed that through the whole maneuver, Roxie managed to keep her martini glass perfectly level, never spilling a drop, in spite of it obviously being her third or even fourth cocktail of the evening. She settled herself back into her spot between two teenaged girls and pursed her collagen-enhanced lips to take a dainty gulp of her drink, almost finishing it in a single swig.

“So do you all go to school with Tony?” asked Val.

Roxie answered before any of the other girls had a chance.

“These girls do. I wish I did! That boy’s got a hot body, and from what I hear, he does pretty well in the pants department, too, ain’t that right?” She winked at the girl next to her, who smiled and winked back. “I’m actually Tony’s next door neighbor. I saw he was having a party and hopped over the wall —I’m kidding!—”

Roxie broke into a husky laugh that betrayed the accumulated decades of smoking. She grabbed the knee of the girl next to her with her free hand and shook it back and forth like a car gearshift.

Val forced herself to laugh as well. She hadn’t even had time to register what was being said.

“You’ll get to know me, I’m a joker,” Roxie continued. “No, I’m actually Kymberly’s mom. She told me she was going to a party at Tony Renzetti’s house and I said Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort ‘that Italian stallion from your chemistry class? Not without me you’re not!’ Isn’t that right, Kaybee?”

“Damn right!” a broad-shouldered, brown-haired girl with a lantern jaw that would have made Drew Barrymore jealous reached across the group and fist bumped her mom before going back to sipping on a glass of fruit punch.

“Alright, I’m gonna go freshen up my drink,” announced Roxie. “You girls play nice now!”

Roxie stood up and Valerie had to choke back an exclamation of surprise as Roxie’s steel-hard, erect prick rose into view. The rigid, six-inch shaft stuck out proudly above a pair of balls as large and perfectly spherical (and obviously fake) as her bolt-on tits. Fully hard, her erection didn’t even clear the front of her overstuffed nutsack. She lifted a shapely leg up over the lip of the hot tub and hoisted herself out. Valerie stared at the colorful butterfly tattooed on Roxie’s oversized, silicone-stuffed ass for several seconds as the busty MILF made her way across the terrace toward the house. Her ridiculous, fake balls bobbed comically ahead of her. She seemed completely unconcerned by the fact that she drew every eye on the patio.

“My name’s Mariye.”

“Huh?” Val shook herself back to reality and returned her attention to the girls still in the hot tub.

“I’m Mariye,” repeated the cheerleader girl.

“Hi.” Val smiled.

“And this is Jessica, Vivica, Veronica H, Veronica R, and of course Kymberly,” Mariye introduced the girls from right to left. They each waved or nodded in turn.

“Together we’re half of the Woodsbury Academy Cheerleading Team,” continued Mariye.

“Woodsbury! Woodsbury! Rah! Rah! Rah! Goooo Bushidos!” the girls simultaneously launched into a cheer routine complete with choreography. It ended with them all giving each other high fives.

“Vivica here is the captain,” Mariye added.

Vivica, the blonde who’d been trying to claim she’d sucked more dick than Veronica R, nodded and preened. She looked every bit the part of cheer captain. As befit her rank, her boobs were the biggest in the tub (now that Roxie was gone, anyway) weighing in at a sizable but still mischievously-perky D cup. She was slim, toned, and athletic. Tons of training had tautened her tummy and trimmed her legs to a deceptive slimness.

Most of the other girls were built along similar lines. The closest contender for boob-size was Veronica R, a bright-eyed black girl with a charming smile and long braids down past her shoulders.

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re all cheerleaders,” said Val, sarcastically.

“All of us except Kymberly,” Mariye amended after the girls had settled down. “But she’s cool. We let her roll with us.”

Kymberly saluted with her glass and flicked her head back in a “wassup” motion.

“And Kymberly’s mom of course,” Mariye shrugged. “But she’s like the team mom so we all love her.”

“So where’s the other half of the team?” asked Val.

“Probably off getting railed,” laughed Vivica. “You don’t get to be on the Woodsbury Academy cheerleading team unless you’re a huge slut.”

Mariye nodded. “Really huge.”

“We were actually having an argument before you got here,” said Veronica R, the black girl.

“Oh?” said Val.

“About which of us had sucked the most dick,” said Vivica.

“Most dicks,” Veronica H corrected.

“Whatever.” Vivica rolled her eyes. “And it came down to me and Ronron here,” said Vivica, gesturing to Veronica R. “By our count we’ve both sucked the dicks of thirty-seven different people.”

“And we were trying to work out a way to break the tie,” said Ronron.

“Rock paper scissors?” suggested Val, not sure whether she liked the direction this conversation was headed. It had been a long day and she’d already fucked like a hundred people. She really just wanted to relax and already felt pretty creepy going bottomless in a hot tub full of strange teenagers even if they were all eighteen.

Vivica smirked. “We were thinking something more like… cock paper scissors.” The lanky cheerleader reached out with a long, toned leg and grasped the end of Val’s cock between her toes.

Val grunted uncomfortably.

“Could we uh… leave out the paper and scissors?” asked Val, chuckling nervously. “Especially the scissors?”

“Uh… yeah,” agreed Veronica H. “What’s up with the scissors?”

“Uh huh.”

There was a general murmur of agreement.

“We’re not cutting her dick off are we?” Mariye asked, her voice trembled in near panic.

“That’s just creepy!”

Vivica blushed as the volume of objections continued to increase.”Okay! Okay! Forget I said scissors! I was just trying to— Never mind!” She waved them all quiet then turned back to Val. “So, what do you say? Just a friendly blowjob contest. Big girl like you; people Kadıköy Vip Escort must be lining up around the block to suck this beast.”

She tugged on Val’s cock again with her toes and Val felt a stirring in her shaft.

Oh, what the hell. Thought Val. “Sure.”

Veronica R won the rock, paper, scissors match for who got to go first (nobody had a coin to toss). She maneuvered nimbly across the tub to Val’s cock and took it in her hand. Her eyes went wide when she realized she couldn’t get her hand all the way around.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed. She looked up at Val. “This thing is huge!”

“So I hear,” Val smiled.

“Is this soft?” asked Ronron in disbelief. “No way this is soft.”

“It’s pretty much soft,” Val chuckled.

Ronron tried to stretch Val’s cock to the full extent of its elasticity. The more she pulled, the wider her eyes got.

“Guys? Remember Allen P?” Ronron asked over her shoulder.

They all remembered Allen P.

“Allen P.” Ronron pulled Val’s cock to one side so the other girls could see and positioned her hands along the shaft to indicate how large his cock had been compared to Val’s. If Veronica’s measurements were to be believed, “Allen P’s” dick had been roughly a foot long, just over half the length of what was visible above the churning water.

The other girls all crowded around.

“No way!”

“Is this real?”

“That’s way bigger than Tony’s!”

“It is! I can feel her heartbeat!”

“It’s so warm!”

A dozen pairs of hands poked, prodded and tugged at Val’s humongous hosepipe. Val giggled and squirmed as the multitude of digits explored every inch of her colossal shaft.


Val yelped as somebody squeezed her right testicle.

“Holy shit! Her balls are huge, too!”

Several more hands reached down to cup and grope her fabulous, fat nuts.

“They’re like grapefruits!”

“This one feels like it’s getting bigger…”

Val’s balls were swelling quickly. The relaxing warmth of the water and the stimulation from the bubblings jets and so many curious hands was working them up something fierce. An excited tremor reverberated through her hyper-productive orbs like the revving of a car engine.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Roxie. “I leave for two seconds and you’re all over this poor girl like a pack of piranhas!”

The startled teenagers scattered to the edges of the hot tub and tried to look innocent, leaving Val alone and exposed on the opposite side. Her soda-bottle-thick cock jutting a good twenty inches above the bubbles, its fist-sized glans bobbing around Val’s eye level.

This time Roxie really did spill her drink. She almost lost her grip on the glass itself, but the sound of precious alcohol splashing on the ground brought her back long enough to stabilize it. Then she went back to staring.

“Jesus H. Christ!” Roxie gasped. “Look at that thing! Is that your dick or are you sitting on a baby elephant? I dunno whether to give it a blowjob or a peanut! Hang on, I gotta get a closer look at this thing.”

Roxie’s cock had softened on the chilly journey to the house, but it was rock hard by the time she made it back to the steamy waters of the jacuzzi. Val got an up close and personal look at every blue vein on the stretched-taut skin of Roxie’s silicone-enhanced balls. The huge globes slapped her across the face accidentally-on-purpose as Roxie maneuvered herself back into the tub.

“Whoops!” Roxie fake-apologized. “These things have a mind of their own sometimes!”

She managed to drag each 4000cc orb across Val’s face several more times before squishing herself between Veronica R and Mariye. The whole time, she couldn’t take her eyes off Val’s towering flesh pillar. She drank in every detail even while she drank down every drop of her martini in a continuous gulp. She swallowed the last of her drink and smacked her puffy lips.

“So how big is that thing, anyway?” asked Roxie, leaning forward until her face was inches from Val’s glans. “Jesus. Your cockhead is bigger than my whole dick. Look at this thing!”

Val laughed. “Do you mean how big is it now or how big does it get?” She smirked and licked her lips. She enjoyed flirting with the busty MILF. Sure, the naivete and hormonal eagerness of youth could be fun sometimes, but it was always the same. For real excitement, there was nothing like the elaborate dance of two experienced bodies which knew exactly what they wanted.

“It gets bigger!?” Roxie’s eyes bulged. The other girls squirmed lasciviously in their seats. Ronron bit the tip of her finger and smiled at Val.

Val ignored Ronron and the others and shook her E-cup tits at Roxie.

“I guess you’ll just have to find out.” Val bit her lip enticingly and waggled her eyebrows at Roxie, who responded with a husky laugh and reached out to caress Val’s throbbing shaft. She began to pump the monster organ with long, confident strokes that set Val’s toes curling.

“Hey!” Ronron objected. Several other girls chimed in as well. “You’re gonna have to wait your turn; Valerie already agreed she was gonna judge our blowjob competition!”

“Oh yeah?” Roxie looked at Val for confirmation.

Val sighed. “Yeah, I sort of did.”