Vessa Ch. 02


We decided to play it cool for the rest of the flight. Vessa laughed it off but I could tell she was very embarrassed about our restroom escapades being made public knowledge. She hid in my shoulder almost the entire flight and tried to sleep. Though she was pretty restless, she managed to sleep for the rest of the flight.

I woke up when the seat-belt announcements were made but my wife was still fast asleep. She looks so lovely when sleeping so I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. I fastened her seat-belt for her with some difficulty but managed to not wake her. In fact, only after nearly everyone was off the plane did she even wake up.

Alex was combing the plane and came over to us.

“I apologize for disturbing you two earlier. I didn’t intend to embarrass either of you.”

“Oh, no worries,” I said.

“You were drawing quite a lot of attention with the noise you were making in there.”

“Really? I thought we quieter than mice in there.”

She shook her head and looked at Vessa. She couldn’t get out of the seat without help and was looking at me with the cutest pitiful expression. I took her hands and pulled her up.


“I take it you two are here on vacation?”

I nodded. “Sort of a surprise trip really. And a celebration.”

“Oh? Anniversary?”

Vessa and I shared a knowing grin.

“Not really, just a celebration.”

“Anything planned?”

“That’s a good question. Anything planned Honey?” My wife thought she was being clever.

“Gonna wing it.”

“Oh you can’t do that! You need a plan. Trust me. I go to a new country every day but I never have a chance to step out of the hotel. It’s a waste if you don’t take advantage of all the different things a new place has to offer.”

“You must be an aspiring travel agent,” I said with a grin.

“No, I just hate to see a vacation go to waste.”

“Alright then, what do you suggest?”

“How long are you here for?”

“Two weeks.” I said.

“Oh that’s plenty of time. You can see most of the good stuff then. If you don’t mind walking that is…”

Vessa grinned, stroked her stomach and said, “Don’t be fooled by the tummy. I still run a seven-minute mile…”

“Great! Let me get you a brochure.”

Alex went back into the kitchen area of the section and came back with a small pamphlet.

“I’ve circled all of the best locations on the back.”


“But I’ve got to tell you, I’m still finding new places all the time.”

“Oh, you were born here,” my wife asked.

“No, about an hour away but I moved here some years ago.”

She stopped to think for a second and took our brochure back, then said, “Tell you what, my next shift isn’t for a few days. How about I show you two around the city until then?”

Somewhat surprised, I looked at Vessa but before I could say anything she exclaimed, “Sounds great!”

Which surprised me even more…

We left the plane with our new tour guide and she gave us her info so we could meet back up in a few hours. I grabbed our luggage and we found a hotel.

“Strange turn of events, wouldn’t you say?”

“You should be more open to meeting new people. Besides, I think she read us like a book,” Vessa said.

“How do you mean?”

“Whenever we go on vacation, we always end up spending so much of it in the hotel.”

“Yeah and you know why…”

“But when these three girls come, we won’t be able to afford the time to travel for a while…”

I have to admit, it was a good point.

“I suppose you’re right.”

She walked right up to me, snuggled into my body and whispered, “Always am.”

Then I realized something. “How were you able to come on this trip in the first place? You don’t have anything scheduled for next week? No surgeries?”

“I had to cancel them.”

“You did?! Why?”

“I’m too big! My belly’s in the way all the time now while I’m operating. They wanted me to go to general care but I decided to take another opportunity instead.”

“What opportunity?”

“Remember that woman we met at my conference a few weeks ago?”


“She invited me to participate in a cardiovascular research project and I accepted. I took my early maternity leave from the hospital just yesterday.”

“That’s wonderful babe! When does it start?”

“Three weeks.”

“That’s great news Honey. Congratulations.”


I gave her a hug and then she reminded me that we had to buy her some things before we met Alex. We left the hotel and went shopping for all the stuff Vessa needed and then went searching for some clothing stores.

We found one that Vessa liked: a little red dress with a low neckline. Like everything new that she buys these days, it hugs her body pretty desperately but this one ended right above her knees which actually made it a somewhat more modest dress than the usual as strange as that might sound. But like usual, I’m never one to complain as long as it shows off her heavy rack and stuffed belly quite nicely.

We met Kadıköy Olgun Escort Alex at a restaurant not far away who was already there waiting for us. I don’t think either one of us recognized her however…

Alex’s dress was a two-piece that only showed a sliver of her tight abs but left almost nothing to the imagination. It was all white and clung to her chest and ample ass as much as it could. The striking thing is how short it was. When she sat down, I’d be surprised if it didn’t show off her panties to everyone around her. Must be a Brazilian thing…

When she greeted us, she kissed us each on the cheek which was strange to us being from Norway but welcome. She didn’t remind me at all of the girl we met on the plane.

Out of courtesy to Vessa, she didn’t drink anything just like both of us which I thought was a kind gesture. Mostly we talked about Rio and Brazil and what Alex likes to do on her days off.

“Are you two hikers,” she asked.

“Of course. You have to hike in Norway. There’s so much to see,” Vessa said.

“Same here. I just went on my favorite trail a week ago actually.”

“Oh? How was it?”

“Beautiful. You can see the entire city from up there. And the mountains. I might go again soon. Just talking about it makes me want to. Do you see up there?” Alex pointed to the top of a small mountain in the distance.

Vessa nodded.

“It takes you up there and quite a ways further. It’s a long hike but it’s worth it.”

Then Vessa turned to me and gave me a look. I knew that look and she wasn’t going to get what she wanted. Not this time…

“Don’t even think of it, you,” I said.

“Think of what,” Vessa asked.

“You know what. And no, we’re not going on that hike.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’ll put you into labor!”

“Oh Honey, don’t be silly. These babies aren’t going anywhere. Trust me. I think we should go.”

“Alex. Can you talk some sense into her please? How difficult is the hike?”

“Um well it is a class three hike. But I’m not really an authority on things like – “

“Class three is so easy!”

“If your belly is too big for you to perform surgery, it’s too big for you to hold onto rocks.”

“Oh you’re no fun. Come on Alex, help me out here. Am I too big to hike?”

Alex gave my wife a good analysis.

“I think you should do what you want to do,” she said.

“Then it’s settled. We’re going tomorrow.”

“No. You’re in no shape to go.”

“That’s nonsense. All I do is exercise. Sure I’ve tacked on a minute to my mile but believe it or not, my heart rate has gone down. I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in. The only difference is that now I’m carrying three of your baby girls inside me.”

At this point I knew she wasn’t going to let up.

“Besides, you’ll be there to protect me.”

And with that card on the table, she practically forced me to go. I pretended to give it a good long think then said, “Fine. But I go first, you use ropes whenever I say you do and if I think you can’t go any further, we turn back.”

“Deal! Can you come with us Alex?” asked my wife.

“Probably. I think we could have a lot of fun tomorrow.”

“Wonderful! Maybe you can tell us where we can find some gear too.”

“Sure, there’s lots of places though I don’t know if any of them sell, you know, maternity gear.”

“That’s alright. I’ll make due.”

“When are you – due that is? Are you really only a few months?”

Vessa nodded eagerly.

“Wow. It’s really amazing how big you are. I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“No, no. I take that as a compliment.”

“Can I feel your belly?”

Vessa took Alex’s hand and rubbed it over her belly.

“Oh my. They’re kicking!”

“They’re always kicking. Especially after a meal.”

“That’s amazing. I’ve never felt that before. What’s it like? Being pregnant…”

“Well it’s different for every woman but personally, I love it. In fact, I think we’ll have more as soon as I’m done baking these three,” she said with a smile.

The waiter came over with the check and when he did, Alex took her hand back like she was embarrassed. I paid the check and he left.

Alex looked nervous. She said, “Please excuse me. I’m going to run to the restroom before we leave.”

“What’s gotten into her?” I asked.

“You haven’t noticed?”

“Noticed what?”

“She’s been giving me the eye since we met. And you.”

“Is that so?”

“I think she wants us pretty bad. I bet you she just ran in there to give herself a good rub.”

“You think she’s got a thing for pregnant women?”

“After the way she just rubbed me, I know she does. Besides, I think she’s really sexy. Don’t you?”

Sure enough, Vessa was right. The three of us took a cab to our hotel and the entire way, the two of them were making out like they were sixteen years old. Not even the cabbie said anything. Probably got off on it like I did.

When we got to the hotel, Alex took Vessa’s hand and led her through the lobby Kadıköy Sarışın Escort and I led them to our room. Shoes came off, panties were thrown and hair came down. I watched as Alex crawled onto the bed and sat up against the headboard. I saw just how big her ass was as she crawled and got a great view of her puckered asshole.

Alex beckoned Vessa over to her. Now’s when the real show started. I decided to take a seat in a chair by the corner to watch. Vessa crawled ever so slowly on the bed on her hands and knees to where Alex was sitting. She crawled right up to her, straddling her body along the way and stopped when her hanging belly fell into Alex’s lap. They kissed hungrily, and with need for a few minutes. Then Alex pulled on one of Vessa’s nipples through her dress.

They stopped and began undressing Vessa. Vessa just sat there on her knees and enjoyed being unwrapped by Alex like some pregnant Christmas present. Alex did it slowly, stroking her legs as she pulled the fabric up and kept rubbing her body all the way up until the dress was over Vessa’s head. They kissed while Alex was groping my wife until she felt one of her breasts over her bra.

Alex looked at Vessa and said, “You’re lactating?”

I looked at the bra which had a small wet stain on it and Vessa nodded.

“Can I have some?”

Vessa smiled devilishly and pushed Alex on to her back. She slowly unclasped her bra and wiggled while taking it off. Her breasts bounced happily when they came free of their confines and Alex’s mouth drooled.

Vessa crawled again over Alex’s body until their bellies touched and their breasts mashed together. She gave the stewardess a kiss then crawled a bit further until one of her tits was hanging over and eager mouth. It was amazing to watch the Brazilian beauty suckle desperately yet tenderly from my wife’s full tits. Her head moved forward with each suck and she rubbed the pregnant woman’s clit with her free hands. She stayed on one nipple for a while and I watched a smile form on Vessa’s face. She put a hand to the girl’s head and said, “That one’s been empty for a while, baby.”

“I know,” replied Alex.

“Give the other one a try.”

“I don’t think I can. One was too much. I’m really full now.”

“But I need you to finish me off. It hurts so bad. I need your lips, baby.”

“But it’s so much. I don’t think I can handle having any more.”


She said that word with so much longing that Alex looked deeply at Vessa and took the other breast in her mouth. She sucked away but now they locked eyes the whole time. Alex moved her hands away from Vessa’s clit and instead started rubbing her body. Vessa gave her a bottle of oil from a table nearby to put on her hands.

So Alex sucked and sucked and sucked on my wife’s hanging breast all the while rubbing her down with slick oil until any skin Alex could reach with her hands was absolutely covered with it. Eventually, Alex’s mouth popped off the tit and she breathed deep as though she were coming up for air.

“Good girl. That feels much better.”

“I’m so full. My dress feels tight.”

“I make lots and lots of milk,” my wife said with a smile.

Alex smiled then looked down at Vessa’s exposed and un-oiled belly. She began to rub oil all over it with a mesmerized look on her face. Vessa just rested on the headboard and enjoyed the feeling and attention.

“It’s amazing. There’s no stretch marks anywhere.”

Vessa looked at me. “He rubs me down every night.”

“Here too?” Alex groped a breast.

“Everywhere you can imagine.”


When Alex had her fill of my wife’s body, Vessa pulled her up and started peeling off the white dress.

“Now it’s my turn to eat you, my darling.”

When she said that, Alex whimpered and her beautiful eyes told me everything I needed to know.

She squealed as Vessa went down on her, her perfect ass in the air, belly hanging down to the bed.

Every now and then Alex would give off a cute “Hnnngg,” and writhed constantly on the bed, gripping bedsheets, pillows, anything in reach. I have no idea how long my wife sucked on that pussy but she was good on me with her tongue and always knew how to prolong a good cumming.

Suddenly, Alex pushed against Vessa’s head to stop her and sat up in bed. She looked confused at the stewardess and went over to her. Alex whispered something into her ear then they both looked at me.

That was my cue.

By the time I was by the bed, I had stripped off my shirt and stood next to Alex. Alex looked up in my eyes and then down at my pants. Slowly, she unzipped me and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down. Inside my underwear was a hog just waiting to get out. Her eyes went wide and just stared at it not even bothering to look up at me. She stroked it over the material of the underwear and reached in through the front to pull it out but as much as she tried, she couldn’t because it was fully erect. Instead, she licked her lips. She was frustrated and started yanking my underwear down like Kadıköy Şişman Escort an impatient teen. After a few amusing tugs, I decided to help her and stripped off everything but my socks. Before I could take them off she was pulling me to the bed. She got on her hands and knees and rubbed her pussy.

“Be inside me,” she said.

I looked at Vessa; we were both confused. I think we both expected her to suck me dry, not this. I wasn’t sure how my wife was going to feel about me properly fucking another woman.

I waited to let her decide because there was no way I was going to let something like fucking another woman come between us. I could tell she was really conflicted about it but then Alex started begging.

“Please… I need that cock. Please let me have it…”

Vessa melted at this and nodded her head at me.

The problem was we didn’t have any condoms. Haven’t needed any for a while now so I mouthed to Vessa: No condoms! and her eyes went wide.

Vessa stroked Alex’s hair and said, “We have no condoms for you baby.”

Alex was getting irritated. I had no idea women got blue balls…

“If you won’t fuck me without a condom, there’s one in my purse! Hurry!”

Vessa grabbed a condom from the purse and pushed it down my shaft. It was a tight fit and didn’t go far enough but I didn’t wait any longer and I plunged it into the girl’s cunt as hard as I could.

God it felt good. She was pretty tight and she let me know how good it felt for her by melting on the bed.

I pounded her hard and she managed pretty well to take a good fucking from me. She made soft noises each time I went all the way in and pushed back into me when I started to pull out. She really needed to get fucked.

I was pretty pent up from watching them for what was most likely a few hours on the bed and I’m sure she was ready to come. So I let her know:

“How are you doing baby. Are you ready for me?”

“Wait! No! Not yet!”

She pulled me out and turned around. It was ridiculous but she yanked the condom right off my cock and turned around again. She ground her pussy on my hips and whimpered again.

“When we come, I want you to be inside me.”

“What?! Why?”

“I want you to impregnate me. I’m ovulating and I want to look like her!”

“You want to have my baby?!”


I was stunned. Vessa was stunned. I had no idea what to do.


All I could do was look at my wife. Here I was fucking two women, one my pregnant wife and another literally begging to have my baby.

She sat up on the bed after I didn’t do anything and said, “Please, give me a big, sexy belly…”

Vessa struggled but she got up to talk to me.

When Alex saw us whispering, she said, “Don’t worry, I’m clean!”

There was no downside for me; I was never going to see the girl again and most likely she didn’t want to see us again, so it all depended on Vessa. She told me she didn’t want me to of course and we’ve never discussed this sort of thing before. It was hard to think, my cock had been rigid for so long now and Alex was putting a lot of pressure on us to hurry.

“Please, I just want to see myself grow like you and it’s so hard to find someone when all you do is fly every day…” Alex said to Vessa.

I saw a different kind of pity wash over Vessa when Alex said that and she sighed silently, patted me on the back and nodded. She whispered, “Fill her up nice and full for me baby.”

I plunged my still-hard shaft inside the girl’s pussy and watched her melt into the bed again. I held my cock inside her pussy for a good few seconds in between thrusts and she spoke after each pounding into the sheets: “It’s…throbbing…so…much…”

I wanted to make the most of this moment so I pulled the girl’s torso up to mine, turned her around to face me and thrust her down onto my cock as hard as I could. She kissed me as I supported her from her award-winning ass and I pulled her body into me.

Vessa started massaging my balls and whispering softly to me, “That’s it Honey. Do a good job. Get her nice and pregnant, just like me. Put all your baby batter right inside that mean old empty belly for her.”

I didn’t last long after that and I spurt buckets of cum into the girl’s womb.

Shortly after, with both mine and my wife’s juices sloshing around in the girl’s belly, the poor girl passed out.

The next morning, Alex didn’t say anything about what had happened other than that she promised not to abort if she were indeed pregnant. She didn’t even mention that she wouldn’t accompany us on our hike after all but of course that would have made for a wildly awkward day. After that, she gave us directions to the trail and a few hiking shops to buy gear from. I had expected her to change her mind of course and I was surprised to hear how committed Alex actually was. After we cooked her breakfast and a bit of awkward small talk, she left but I noticed there was a little more sex in her walk.

I knew that if I didn’t confront the elephant in the room now, it was only going to get bigger later on so I decided to ask Vessa about what happened. “So…are you mad at me?”

She sighed and looked down at the ground for a while and said, “If anyone should be mad, it should be you. It’s my fault for not spotting crazy in time and inviting her back here with us.”