This is as true a story as my memory will allow. It’s been quite a few years….15 or so, come to think of it. However, all of the actions are burned into my memory, and what I write of is what truly happened. The dialog, not so much. I remember the gist of what was said but, except for a few specific parts, not exactly what words were spoken. So, I’ll ask your forgiveness in advance. I’ll convey the gist of the dialog, but not the true words spoken.

I was 33 or so at the time. My wife (at the time — we split up for reasons other than sex) had discovered I was bi, and she encouraged it. We did some threesomes with other guys, but her sex drive started to die off due to a thyroid condition that neither of us were aware of until it was too late. As she became less interested, I started going out solo with her blessings.

Being a nerd and not into the bar scene, my main source of meeting guys was computers. The internet was just beginning, with only services like AOL available, but there were plenty of bulletin board systems — other people’s computers that you could dial into. Most BBS software would allow you to leave messages back and forth, but there was seldom the ability to chat.

I frequented a local matchmaker-type BBS. It catered to all types: straight, bi, gay. I had an ad on there, and it generated a few meetings but nothing long-term. Usually it was straight married guys that needed what their wife wouldn’t give them anymore…a good blowjob or someone riding their cock. I was happy with what I was getting, but I wanted more.

I didn’t run across Vic’s ad, he ran across mine. The first message he sent me wasn’t anything like any of the others I’d gotten. Normally, it was “Hi, you sound hot, wanna get together?” His was blunt and almost rude: “How do you like cock pushed into you, bitch?”

I almost didn’t answer his message. He came across as rude and, to be honest, a bit frightening. I didn’t answer it for a few days, but kept going back and re-reading it. Finally, I answered with: “I love to suck and like to get fucked.”

His response was almost immediate: “Then get your ass over here and I’ll put my cock in you.”

I thought about whether to respond or not for a full 10 minutes. I was curious as hell about what kind of guy this was. He actually scared me, but it was fear tinged with intrigue and a little bit of excitement. Finally, I responded: “How do I get there?”

It was an hour before he replied with directions. I let my wife know where I was going, a safety precaution that she insisted on and that I followed more often than not.

Vic didn’t live too far from me, maybe a 15 or 20 minute drive. I parked on the curb in front of his house, and double-checked the address he gave me. Knowing that I was in the right place, I walked up and knocked on the door.

Vic answered the door wearing only an open robe. He was in his 50’s….if I had to guess, I figured 55 or 56. He was lean but muscular….not a body builder, but not much fat on him. He shooed me into the house and closed the door behind me. Then he reached out and grabbed my head and planted a kiss on me.

It wasn’t a kiss like I ever experienced before. It was an ownership kiss…he pressed his lips against mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. It was a kiss that said he was in charge, and I’d damn well better get used to it. I was startled, but my only reaction was to put my hands on his sides for balance.

He broke the kiss as suddenly as he started it. He stepped back and said “Get undressed.” He dropped his robe to the floor, his cock semi-hard and dangling.

I stripped, piling my clothes against the door. I wasn’t bad to look at in those days…5’10”, 160 pounds or so, decent body, and (if I may brag) one hell of a cute bubble-butt. One thing that I’ve always had and has always been an embarrassment was that I have really big nipples for a guy.

Vic’s eyes lit up when he saw them, and immediately reached out with both hands and pinched both of them, hard. It hurt, and I flinched away. I tried to pull his hand off, but he slapped it away. My dick, however, liked it….as soon as his fingers were crushing my nipples, I started to get hard as hell.

“NICE nipples,” he said, rolling and crushing them between his fingers. He then leaned over and put his mouth on one. His tongue flicked it several times, then his teeth clamped down on it. That hurt worse than his fingers, but I didn’t want him to stop. My dick was throbbing by then.

He released my nipple from his teeth, then shoved me down onto my knees without a word. I opened my mouth to take his cock in, but he slapped me lightly on the face.

“Don’t suck my dick until I tell you to, bitch”, he growled. He started rubbing his cock over my lips, up and down my cheeks, and across my nose.

After five or six minutes of his wiping his cock all over my face, he finally said, “Suck it.” I happily took his cock into my mouth and started giving him the best blowjob I knew how. God, I was so incredibly turned on. He definitely had a nice dick….6 istanbul escort or 7 inches, kind of blubbery with a big head.

Whether he was impressed with my cocksucking ability or not, I don’t know. However, after a few minutes of my mouth sliding up and down his cock, he took over. His hands were already resting on the top of my head, and he grabbed a double-handful of my hair and started pumping his cock into my mouth. My hands grabbed his thighs to keep from falling over.

He pounded my mouth, shoving his cock deep and making me gag. I was getting truly face-fucked, and not being in control was exciting the hell out of me.

Finally, he yanked his cock out of my mouth, released my hair, and started jacking his cock in front of my face. Within seconds, long strings of hot wet cum shot out of his cock and splashed across my face. It was in my hair, in my eye, on my cheeks, across my nose, and running down my chin.

I started to wipe it off my face, but he slapped my hand away and told me to get dressed. Not understanding why, I did what he said.

He picked his robe up and draped it across his shoulders. Rubbing my shoulders brusquely, he said, “Leave it on your face until you get to your car,” then opened the door.

Confused, I stumbled out of his house and covered my face with my hand as I walked back to my car. Vic watched me as I started up the car and drove off.

I was so horny, though, that I left his cum on me until I got home. It was cold and sticky by then, but luckily I had some napkins from a fast food place in the car and cleaned it all off in my driveway at home.

When I walked in the house, my wife was already in bed reading. I climbed in bed, lust burning in me hotly, and fucked the shit out of her. She was surprised at how much I needed to get off.

Afterward, as I laid there gasping, she laughed at me and asked, “Get some good dick? I’ve never seen you this horny.” I just nodded.

I got another message from Vic a few days later. It was a simple message: “Come over tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, I told my wife where I was going. She gave me a kiss, told me to enjoy myself, then paused.

“Uh…should I be naked in bed when you get back?” she asked.

I said, “Probably.” She laughed.

Vic answered his door the same way he had previously, in an open robe. I didn’t know what to expect, but I stripped as soon as I walked in without being told to. He just smiled and told me “Good boy.”

He dropped his robe and grabbed one of my nipples between his fingers. Using it as a leash, he pulled me into the living room by it.

In the living room, he sat down on the couch and indicated that I should kneel between his legs. Again, my mouth reached out for his cock, but he slapped me away.

“Not until I tell you that you can suck it, cunt,” he warned me.

I was feeling and acting very submissive, and my eyes flashed to the floor. He pulled my head closer, and again rubbed his dick all over my face. I could feel his cock harden as it went across my lips and cheeks.

He grabbed a pack of cigarettes from a table, lit one up and motioned to his dick. I greedily leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth again. It felt good to have him in my mouth again, and I almost felt rewarded by being allowed to suck him.

As my mouth ran up and down his cock, I glanced up at him. He was sitting back casually, smoking and watching my mouth work over his dick in almost a clinical way. His cock throbbed when I looked up at him, so I know he liked the sight of me looking up at him with his cock in my mouth.

He hadn’t even finished the cigarette before he got close. Cigarette still between his fingers, his hands grabbed my head. His hips started bucking, pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. A hot ash from his cigarette rolled down my back.

He shoved my head down on his cock as it started spraying his tangy cum. I choked on it, recovered, then started swallowing his seed. I sprayed a good bit of it out when I choked, but managed to get the rest.

One of his hands kept my head pressed down, his cock wilting in my mouth, while he put his cigarette out with the other. He didn’t let me up until his cock had softened entirely, then pulled my head off his crotch and told me to stand up. As I did, I saw the cum that I had coughed out when I choked drying on his thighs.

Vic took my hand and led me to the bathroom, and told me to get on my knees facing away from the shower. I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I did as I was told. Once I was in position, he turned the water on cold water cascading all over me.

It was such a shock to my system that my cock went from being hard and throbbing to soft and trying to crawl back inside me in a heartbeat. Vic, still standing outside the shower, watched me for a few moments, then stepped inside, out of range of the cold water. He stood, facing me, his cock dangling tantalizingly close.

“Do you want Daddy’s piss to warm you up?” izmir escort he asked.

I’d never done anything like that before. I kneeled there for a few moments, trying to decide. The idea was nasty…but somehow very very erotic. I nodded.

“Ask for it,” he commanded.

“Will you piss on me?” I said, meekly.

“Will I piss on you, what?” he asked.

“Will you piss on me, please?” I asked.

“Will I piss on you please, what?” he asked again.

It dawned on me what he was waiting for. “Will you piss on me, please, Daddy?” I said.

“Open your mouth,” he said, taking his cock in hand.

Instantly, yellow piss streamed out of his cock and sprayed into my waiting mouth, across my face, and all over my chest. He directed the stream mainly at my face, but would take a moment and piss on my nipples too. I didn’t swallow the piss that went in my mouth, but let it dribble out down my chin. I don’t know if he was disappointed in me for that or not.

His stream slowed, then died. Grabbing my head with one hand, he pulled me over to his crotch. I licked up the last few drops.

He reached around me and turned the water warmer. I stood up, grabbed the soap, and washed him, then washed myself. He entertained himself by pinching my nipples and grabbing my small male tits painfully during the shower.

He turned the shower off, and we stepped out and dried off. Leading me back to the living room, he told me to sit down and then disappeared into the kitchen. He returned a moment later, holding two sodas. He sat down next to me on the couch and told me to sit on his lap.

I moved over onto his lap, careful not to crush his dick, and put my arms around his neck. He set the sodas down, grabbed his cigarettes and offered me one. While we smoked and drank the sodas, we talked.

He fingered the wedding ring on my hand. “Does your wife know?” he asked.

I nodded, and said, “Yeah, it used to turn her on.”

He said, “Too bad. It’s always more exciting when there’s a risk of being caught.

“Well, I know what I want,” he continued, pinching my nipple hard. “What do you want?”

I replied, “Probably the same thing that you want.”

He shook his head, almost angrily. “No….if you could have any sexual experience that you wanted, what would it be?”

Almost immediately, I replied “To be tied down on a bed and gang-banged by a group of men.” It had been my fantasy since the first time a man slid his dick into me.

“I don’t share,” he said, not seeming to care that he’d dash the hope of my fantasy.

I shrugged. “I don’t know, then. I love sucking cock, and love getting fucked. What else is there?” I said, not understanding that I was sitting on the lap of a very dominant, inventive man.

He put out his cigarette, gave me an evil grin, and slapped my ass to get me to stand up. I sensed that he was done for the day and put my cigarette out in the ashtray next to him. He walked me to the door and I dressed. As I reached for the door to leave, he stopped me. He pulled me over and his mouth went to my neck. Sucking noisily for a minute, he left a huge hickey. He pulled back, admired his handiwork, then patted my ass as the door opened and I stepped out.

When I got home, my wife was in the kitchen. I had a low-grade roar of lust built up, but not the raging case I had the first time I came home from Vic’s, so I didn’t haul her into the bedroom.

“Holy shit!” she said, as I walked up to her and kissed her.

“Is it bad?” I asked, knowing she was referring to the hickey.

“It’s fucking huge!” she exclaimed, laughing. She looked at me for a minute, then said, “You must have told him that I know you like guys, too.”

I nodded.

“Then I’ll bet that hickey is him telling me that he knows that I know.”

“Maybe,” I said, thinking it was more of an ownership challenge than a casual message.

“Well, either that or he’s in love with you,” she chuckled.

“Nah…all we’ve done so far is that I’ve sucked his dick and he pissed on me in the shower,” I replied.

“Ewwwwww, gross,” she said, her face scrunching up in distaste.

I shrugged. “It was ok,” I lied. I’d loved it, but I didn’t want to admit it.

I took her to the bedroom and we made love, truly made love, for the first time in a long time. I felt a little bad about enjoying Vic so much, and I think I was trying to make it up to her.

At work, I got razzed by the guys at work about the hickey. The catcalls suggested that I either drugged my wife into compliance, or had gotten a girlfriend. I laughed along, wishing I could correct them and say “BOYfriend, not girlfriend”.

I didn’t hear from Vic again for almost a week. I was nervous, worried because I hadn’t heard from him and was about to email him when his email appeared. He told me to come over Friday night. The door would be unlocked and I was to come right in. Also, I was to tell my wife that I’d be home Saturday morning.

I was anxious as hell in the days before izmit escort Friday. My wife noticed my anticipation, and teased me about it. “You’re as bad as a schoolgirl going on a date,” she laughed.

Friday, I kissed her and told her that I was heading over to Vic’s. She waited until I was almost at the door, then called me back. She gave me a matching hickey on the opposite side of my neck from Vic’s.

“There,” she said smiling, “that’ll give the two of you something to talk about.” I just rolled my eyes and headed out the door.

As promised, Vic’s door was unlocked. I stepped inside then undressed, leaving my clothes in a neat pile by the front door.

“Daddy?” I called out. I didn’t want to just walk in, not knowing if it was because I felt it was rude or because he didn’t tell me to.

Vic walked out of the bedroom, naked. He laughed when he saw the hickey my wife had left, then took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Taking a strip of cloth from the nightstand, he blindfolded me and then shoved me onto the bed.

He directed me by touch, making me move up on the bed with my head on the pillow. I felt a rope around my left wrist cinched tight, then my right wrist.

“Can you see?” he asked.

“A little bit, out the bottom” I replied.

He slapped my thigh hard. “A little bit, what?” he demanded.

“A little bit, Daddy,” I gulped.

He reached up and adjusted the blindfold.

“Can you see now?” he asked again.

“No, Daddy,” I answered.

“Good. Open your mouth,” he directed.

I opened my mouth, expecting his cock to slide between my lips. I was mistaken. It was some kind of gag, tasting of plastic and filling my mouth. He pulled my hair to lift my head, and secured the gag.

I was as excited as I’d ever been in my whole life. Secretly, I hoped that he had four or five more guys hidden and I was finally going to get my gang-bang. But,no…it was just him.

He moved between my legs and lifted them up on his shoulders. I felt his cockhead nudge against my asshole, then push against it.

“Shit,” I heard him grumble. My legs jostled as he leaned to one side, then I felt some lubricant being smeared over my asshole. I assumed he was lubing his cock up when he pulled back for a second and I felt him move around. Then he leaned back into me, and I felt his cock return to my ass.

I groaned in the gag as his cock split my asshole and slowly slid inside. I wasn’t fond of this hurt more and took me longer to get used to a cock in my ass. Plus, I had no room to pull away from him if I wanted to. Actually, I preferred being on top, but it had to be this way to partially fulfill my fantasy.

I moaned louder as he gently but solidly slid his cock into my ass. It HURT, and it was difficult to relax. With the restraints and the gag, there was no way for me to tell him to slow down or back out a bit. I was helpless…and despite the pain, it excited me more.

He finally had his entire cock in my ass. Straining against me, he kept it there for a long while, then said, “Ready?”

The pain in my ass had subsided, and I was enjoying being filled by him. I nodded, eagerly, and he wasted no time pulling his cock back until it was almost out, then slamming it back into me. I grunted with the force of it.

There was no slow build-up. He started fucking me hard and fast right away, and never let up. I moaned and groaned, loving every single thrust. I wanted to fuck back, pump my ass towards him as he shoved himself into me, but I couldn’t move. It was delicious.

I don’t know how long he fucked me. Honestly, I had no concept of time. All I knew and felt was his cock as he pounded me.

I could tell he was getting close when he started fucking me like jackhammer. One of my legs slid off his shoulder and was caught by his arm. He never let up or broke his rhythm.

I moaned loudly in protest as he yanked his cock out of me, then I felt his hot cum spray across my face and chest. I heard him grunting with every spurt.

He subsided, and let my legs fall. He wiped his cock on my thigh, then moved away from me. I expected him to untie me, but I was wrong. Instead, I felt something huge and hard press up against my asshole. Something plastic, a plug or a dildo, stretched me as it slid into place. There was a pause, then I heard him walk out of the bedroom.

I don’t know how long I laid there, my mouth and ass filled with plastic. It might have been an hour, it might have been four or five. My ass had become accustomed to whatever was shoved in there.

Eventually, I heard him walk back into the bedroom. He slowly removed whatever it was from my ass, but quickly replaced it with his hard cock.

I groaned as he fucked me for a second time. My ass hurt a little now, but there was no way to tell him that. He gave no mercy, fucking me the second time just as hard and furious as the first.

I remember thinking, “He just likes to get off. He’s not as much interested in the fucking, he just wants to bust a nut.” Somehow, the thought that he was using me just to orgasm excited me.

As with the first time, his pace grew maniacal as he got close to cumming. Also like the first time, he yanked himself out of me and sprayed his cum on me. The hot, wet load melded with the cold sticky one already on me.