Visions Of Things To Cum

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The time of day was early morning. I had gone out for my three mile jog as I do every morning. However this morning it looked like rain. Rain is one thing but lighting is an all together other thing. To me it looked like thunder clouds building in the east and I wanted no part of that so I cut my run short. I turned back after I had reached the Valley road by cutting across the pasture and heading for the old church. I heard the first loud crack of thunder as I reached the back of the church. Coward that I am I dashed into the covered area at the back of the church. The door was ajar so I stepped in.

I had only met Pastor Kenneth Green and his wife Patty once as I am not a member of this church or any church for that matter. The rain was really coming down and the lighting was striking about every twenty seconds. This storm was a bad one and I was thankful for the chance to get inside and out of it. After a few minutes I started to look around I thought it unusual for the church to be open this early in the morning. I moved down a long hall some what cautiously as I felt both uneasy and that I was in fact trespassing.

I heard a noise coming from a room ahead and off to the left. The door was ajar as was the back door. I looked in. I took a deep breath and gasped all that the same time. There on a day bed was Patty Rouse the pastors wife naked and she was kneeling between the wide spread legs of a tall dark haired girl I recognized as Ann Norris. Ann was naked also lying on her back with the legs high in the air spread wide so that Patty could get her mouth over that young sweet pussy. Ann was making sounds of pure delight and Patty was moving her head from side to side running her tongue over Ann’s clitoris. Both it seemed to me were having a great time. For one short second I thought I could enjoy either position.

I was about to make my retreat when I heard a male voice. Walking up to and behind Patty was a tall wide shouldered boy that I knew was Betty Green’s son Allen. He was naked and I was in total shock when I saw the size of the boys cock. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in my thirty six years. He looked at Patty broad ass and quickly took hold of her plump hips jerking her back into him plunging his cock up to the hilt in her. Patty only gave out a little squeal of pleasure as he started to fuck her hard and fast.

The rhythm between his banging Patty’s ass and Patty licking Ann’s pussy was a thing of beauty. All three came together and apart at the same time as if this was not the first time the three had done this. I was so excited by what I as watching I soon found myself reaching up under my running shorts and fingering my own clitoris.

Ann cried out, she was cumming and so did Allen. I watched the three jerk widely and collapsed in a heat as I felt myself reaching a climax of such proportions that I was not so concerned about hiding any more I just wanted to bayan escort have a long climax something I had not had in a long time. But I did manage to get back down the hall before I let out my own scream and flooding my hand with a creamy warm substances.

I staggered and fumbled my ay out the door into the storm running like a crazy person toward home.

Once in my back door I fell into a chair in my kitchen. Breathing heavy I could not get the picture of what I had seen out of my mind. That was when I remember a shadow on the wall behind the day bed. Out of my sight but there just the same was a fourth person in that small room of joy and pleasure. I wished now I had taken the time to get a better look at who might have been watching that three way party.

As editor and only star reporter for the Weekly Valley Town newspaper I had to have some fun with this. Besides myself there were two others that made a meager living from the newspaper. Mr. Howard Cord, age (Old) he came with the newspaper. Then there was my young office go-fer Wilda Kane. She had not been in town long when I hired her to run errands and deliver papers to the drug store, 7-11 store and the gas station. Wilda had moved to town with her older sister Penny who was a teacher at our new high school.

Wilda had a nose for news and wanted to try her hand at reporting. I promised her she could start doing just that if she graduated school, which she did with honors. Wilda was a pretty blonde with a pair of boobs that turned the heads of every man in town married, single or gay it made no difference she was as they say a “knockout” besides she seemed to have an eye that let her notice the strange and unusual. She also seemed to enjoy getting the local dirt on our most proponent citizens. She lived in the old King house that had been turned into apartments. There seemed to be enough news from the other tenants to keep me in business every week.

So while I wrote up a story that had plenty of innuendo in it to create a lot of interest this week. I let enough facts fall by the wayside so that it would also let the four payers in the church know that they were seen by some one. I of course put in the line where it stated that (Some unknown person had informed this paper). As for the rest of the town they would know that something was going on but not just what was going on.

It had not been thirty minutes after Wilda delivered the papers around town when I got my first visitor to ask about the church story. Much to my surprise it was the father of Ann Norris. Burt Norris was a very handsome man and I got a little tingle when he approached my desk and held out his strong hand. I had heard he was seeing the widow Green and it was her son that was involved in the fiasco at the church.

I wondered just how much this man may know about the little get together and could it possibly escort bayan have been his shadowed on the wall I saw. If that was true then he would have been there with his own daughter.

My God I was letting my mind run-a-muck. But I took his hand and noticed that he held my hand a bit longer than need be. However it felt good to have his strong hand on mine. He asked me to take a walk with him and we headed for the coffee shop down the street. Burt was an easy going kind of man and he seemed to have presences that made me and I assumed many women feel warm and close to him. I wondered if he was doing the deed with the widow Green. If he was I bet she was a happy lady. I smiled as he pulled out a chair for me at the rear of the coffee shop. If in fact he was the shadow and he was there with his daughter and Widow Green’s son would that mean the widow Green may also be involved in this sexy little group. I blinked and thought I was just letting my mind play tricks on me.

Burt and I talked about his hardware store, his farm and his plans for the Valley. It seemed to me that this was turning out to be more of a review of him than what had gone on in the church. So I came out and asked him about.

Burt’s smile was broad and friendly. He asked me to take a little walk with him so I followed him out he back door of the coffee shop and across the alley to his store. As we entered through the back door of his store he guided me to a stair way that lead down into a well lighted basement. There sitting at a large table was his daughter, Pastor Rouse and his wife, Allen Green and his mother Betty . Pastor Rouse stood and came to me. Kenneth took me by the hand and led me to the group. I neither felt threatened or in any danger but more like I was about to be questioned and maybe co worsted into reveling my teller of tails. But this was not the case. Instead I was told by Pastor Rouse that they knew it was me that had come into the church basement and watched the party there. They asked me if I would like to join there little group and be in on the fun and games which they enjoyed from time to time. They were all standing now, in kind of circled around me but in a friendly manner. It was Burt that came up close and put his arms around my shoulders and said that he thought I would really enjoy being part of their group.

After a glass of wine I admitted I had in fact watched them in the church. I also admitted it had turned me on and I had masturbated before running out. I really don’t remember how we all got naked but I do remember watching Allen and his mother moving off to a large recliner chair where she sat across her son’s lap. I watched as that wonderful cock disappeared up into her. I was feeling it and thinking how it must feel in her.

Then I was hugged and kissed by Ken and his wife. They helped me to a fold out sofa and we three lay down side escort bayanlar by side. Ken was kissing me and I was rapidly getting excited and hotter by the second. I guess this is when I realized I was a voyeur. I wanted to watch the others almost as much as I wanted Patty to kiss my pussy as she did Ann’s in the church. Patty did kiss down my belly and was working some kind of magic with her fingers as Ken started to suck on my nipples. I was really enjoying the Pastor and his wife but I was getting turning on by watching Burt standing near the wet bar with his daughter holding his cock in her hand. She was just holding it and kind of fondling it.

I was so hot I wanted to get a cock in me. I pushed Patty away and pulled Ken over on me. He was quick to respond and hooking my leg he pulled it high up as he forced his way into me. It felt so good to have a cock in me Patty was now up by my face kissing me on the mouth. I kissed her back. For the moment I forgot about the others and concentrated on my own pleasures.

Ken gave me what I had been lacking in my life for many months. He brought me to a climax and I let it flow freely as I felt him pump his own warm sperm into me. Releasing my leg he rolled off me. Patty quickly placed her mouth over my cunt and started to suck his sperm and my climactic fluids out of me.

This gave me once again a few of the room. Allen was still fucking his mother but how he had her bent over the arm of the chair and was doing her doggie style. Burt had his daughter sitting on a bar stool and he was licking her pussy. His back was to me and I could see his balls hanging down, they were huge and heavy. I wanted so much to touch them and feel his scrotum. Just then Betty let out a whimper and jerked wildly as she gave up a climax to her son. He joined her by jerking and pumping her hard finishing off deep in her. I thought she had to like that cock in her.

Ann was pulling her father by the hair to make him get his mouth tighter up between her legs as she climaxed for him. As far as I could see Patty and Burt were the only ones in the room that did not reach a climax.

However it was not long before we were all at it once again. We had taken a short pause and cleaned up some. Burt had once again passed around the glasses of wine. I was sitting on the foot of the bed as Burt walked over and stood before me. Is handsome erection was once again in full bloom and I did not hesitate to take it into my mouth. Ann his daughter was now doing the same for young Allen while he sat in the large recliner. Betty was under Patty licking her pussy as Ken stood in front of his wife getting his cock sucked. I had my hands full of Burt’s heavy large balls which I wanted to drain of every drop.

Before the last drop of sperm and the last drop of sweet pussy nectar was given up this day I had one more thought. I wondered if Wilda my young go-fer just might enjoy joining this wonderful group. I could see her naked with those large tits bouncing as either Burt or Allen fucked her doggie style. I also had a vision of me licking her sweet young pussy to a magnificent climax. Visions sweet vision of thing to cum were filling my head as Burt had filled my mouth with his hot salty cum…

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